Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bogged Down with Elana

Tonight, Angie got to see the movie.  She and Michelle went to Sicario.  I will let you know when I hear how good it is.  Elana is still in a crabby mood.  Angie gave her some Tylenol.  Soon after, she crashed on my stomach.  I grabbed the controller and watched Tuesdays shows. If you are not watching Fresh Off the Boat, you are missing a good show.  Elana has since woke up and is now doing circles to Laurie Berkner's I Really Love to Dance.  Mia is next to her falling asleep.

Hiring a Lawyer, The New Lottery!

Every morning I wake up to commercials by lawyers.  Most of them are boring or uneventful.  Lately, it is like they are selling the opportunity to hit the jackpot.  Get hit, don't settle for $6,000, I can get you $150,000.  People who fall for this have to be naive.  Every case is different and you can not expect the same outcome.  To me, these commercials are as bad as the pharma commercials promising a happy life by taking their pills daily.  So, remember, save that lottery money, just wait for your  next accident and spin the wheel.

Strange Days Indeed!

When we went to the park in Guangzhou, during our current adoption, we ran into a strange person.  I had ran over to a dining place that was not on the beaten path.  We learned about it during Mia's adoption.  Luckily, they were still in business.  I ordered dumplings, rice, and Chinese Hamburgers.  If you have not tried a Chinese Hamburger, you need to.  It was really good.  Not only that, but it was not that expensive.

I got back from walking and met Michelle and Angie.  We went into the park and had a seat.  This guy with his wife and daughter came up to us.  They started speaking Mandarin.  We did not understand them.  He had a seat near Michelle.  He picked up her fan and started fanning himself.  They he fanned Michelle.  Michelle was getting freaked out.  We tried to be friendly.  Then, he wanted to take a picture of Michelle.  That led to another and he started walking her away from us.  We finally put down our foot and told him we had to go.

It was a weird experience.

Imbalance in China

The growing imbalance of males to females is getting worse in China.  In 2014, males outnumbered females by 33.76 million.  They expect that ratio will soar after 2020.  My daughters will be safe, but I feel for the ones in China.  The chances of trafficking will increase.  They said that also, the money paid to a family as dowry is also increasing.  Check out the story below.

Elana Cranky Pants

Elana was not having a good night.  I don't know if it was because she was not feeling good or if it was because she was tired.  She kept going up to tables and throwing things on the floor.  When I would stop her, she would try to scratch me and scream.  I finally decided it was time to go to bed.  She calmed down some, but it still took her some time to get to sleep.  She has also been having a cough.  Mia is still suffering from her illness.  Angie plans to take her to the doctor.  I hope it is nothing serious.

Joaquin Crosses the Border and Heads North!

If this hurricane or potential hurricane hits North America, do you think Trump will use it for his run as President?  I can see it now.  Trump: You've got this illegal alien coming up north to do damage.  If I'm President, I will build a wall so big that even the tallest and most powerful illegal alien will not be able to cross.  We've got this joker of a President who has done nothing to stop this Joaquin.

Do you think it will happen?  I bet it does.  They will all criticize Obama and say he did nothing to stop this storm.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Godfather: A Parable of Life

The Godfather was a great movie about mob life.  When you watch it, you can gain wisdom also.  The saying "Keep your Friends Close and your enemies closer".  You know, you have to do this in life.  Especially at work.  If you have a problem with someone or just one in general, people can tell.  Today people kept asking if I was okay.  Why?  I realized that I had a sinus headache or at least that is what I told people.  There might have been other things, but it was not something I could talk about.  I took some Advil and am doing better.  Or at least I don't look like something is bothering me.  Even if there was an issue, I don't want the people I have problems with knowing.

A Good Read

Many years ago, I read a book called Child 44.  If you have not read this, you should it is a good book.  I liked how it had a police investigator, who was investigating child murders that the country did not deem as crimes.  Because in Soviet Russia murder is a western thing.  There are three books in the series.

Yesterday, I was looking for something to read.  I discovered Qiu Xiaolong.  He has a series of books called the Detective Chen Series.  The first book is Death of a Red Heroine.  I am starting with Red Mandarin Dress.  I am a couple of pages into it and I think it has me hooked.  

Reece's Rainbow: Meet Elize

Meet Elize!  She is 13 years old.  She is deaf.  She communicates through Sign Language.  She is in the 6th grade and is healthy.  Please check out her page.  Forward it to your friends and family.  Time is running out.  At a certain age, the child ages out.  She will lose her chance of gaining a forever family.

Driving in the Rain

Today was a better day with the traffic.  When you drive in Orlando and there is rain, you have to keep your fingers crossed.  It only takes one accident and all hell breaks out.  These people have a hard enough time driving on dry roads.  You probably have a good idea how driving on wet roads can be.  If visiting, keep that in mind.  People in Orlando are not good drivers on wet roads.  When you factor in the rushing to get to work. . .

Back in the Saddle

My daughters were back yesterday.  Mia's appointment went well.  They are reducing her prescription on her glasses.  They looked at Elana and the same question came up.  That is How did this happen?  I guess it is not something that occurs naturally.  I sounds like some kind of chemical exposure.  We'll never know.  She will see the doctor next month.

Elana was one tired child.  She kept throwing things and crying.  I brought her back to bed at 7:30 or so.  She went to sleep pretty quickly.  We had a downpour outside to help lull her to sleep.  She did wake up at around 2:00.  I changed her and encouraged her to go back to sleep.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Husband Stays Home with Daughters and What He Does Next will Amaze!

Don't you just love those heading on Yahoo or other sites.  I have never clicked on them.  I see them all the time.  Just because of the wording, I stay away from it.  I'm wondering if they have cookies or other tracking programs.  Maybe, it is a virus.  This story is not.  It is just me being me.  The thing that will amaze is that I did many things with my daughters and managed to clean the dishes, 3 to 4 loads of clothes, change sheets, take out garbage and entertain my daughters.

Silence of the Frogs

I got to sleep in my own bed last night.  It was nice, but due to the rain, the frogs were really chirping up a storm.  That is all I heard going to bed and that is what I heard waking.  I think I even heard one climbing on our window.  This morning, I went to move the garbage truck.  I heard some rustling of  the grass and bushes.  I knew it was not a snake.  I got out my flashlight to investigate.  I found an Armadillo.  It was in the corner frantically trying to get away.  I backed away to give it space.

Another day Driving in Paradise!

I had all these great ideas for posts, but I will have to do them later.  Today was one of those great driving days in Florida.  I wish I could say it was all the tourists, but this happens during morning drive time.  I'd be more likely to accuse the locals who are too impatient to get to work and not paying attention.  We had a huge backup due to three cars colliding.  Yeah, I get to work like 5 minutes before start time.  Come back later for some great posts that are still rattling in my brain.  Have a great start to the day!  Just remember to watch for you fellow drivers and lets all get to where we are going in one piece.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Missing the Pitter Patter of Little Feet

It's been a couple of hours and I miss my little ones.  I won't have to feed them or change their diapers, maybe I won't miss diapers.  If my two older ones keep fighting, I really will miss the little oned diapers and all.

Day with my Older Daughters

We got out around noon for a bike ride.  I need to do more of that.  I will be feeling it tomorrow.  Then we did our shopping and library.  Now, they are playing the Wii games we got yesterday.  Soon, we are going gourmet.  I will be getting them Little Caesar's, while we or two of us enjoy Fear the Walking Dead.

Better Morning

I got to sleep last night.  Elana made it until about 6:00am.  I changed her and tried to keep her from yelling out.  I fed her.  Now she is doing her Sun dance to welcome a new day.  Today, Angie is taking the youngest two to Miami.  Mia has her eye appointment.  Later in October, Elana has her appointment.  It will be Michelle, Kiersten and I for tonight.  I might try to do some things with them today.  It depends on the weather.  I want to do some bike riding, food shopping, and maybe the pool.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Summer Movie, Budget Price

Today, I spent the day with Michelle and Kiersten.  I took them to a morning appointment, we had lunch and now we are about to see The Avengers.  The girls missed it when it came out.  Now it is $1.75 a ticket.  At least, it is on the big screen.  We also got 6 Wii games.  A couple of them are dance and exercise games.  Tomorrow, we'll try some of them out.  I am hoping to catch up on sleep.

Elana, my Little Martial Artist

I got home from work last night and found Elana in an energetic mood.  She was twirling around.  If I would grab her she would strike out with her hand.  She has not got around to kicking.  She is still a little wobbly on her legs.  It looked like someone had fashioned nunchucks out of two mini flashlights.  She kept walking around me swinging them like Bruce Lee.  It was as if she was daring me to reach in.  Every once in a while, she would hit the floor with her weapon.  Getting worried that I was next, I took her weapon and put it up.  I was hit with a barrage of hits and a mad scowl.

No Sleep for the Aged

Last night was a rough one.  Elana took her time getting to sleep.  She finally fell asleep around 9:00.  Heartburn started creeping in. I had to get some antacid.  After that, I fell asleep.  About an hour later, Michelle loudly came into the room to go to sleep.  I was up again.  I tried to get back to sleep.  Elana kept twisting and turning.  Every time, she would scream out.  Around 2:00, she had had enough.  She thought it was time to get up and walk around.  I got up and checked her diaper.  Once changed, she did not think it was sleep time. I closed the door.  She eventually fell asleep.  I woke again when Michelle sat up in her bed.  I was worried she was going to fall out of her bed.  I got up and eased her back down.  She mumbled and went back to sleep.  My internal clock woke me around 5:30.  I tried to get a bit more sleep.  Hopefully, tonight will be better.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Backward Thinking

I had a discussion with a person and they talked as if everything that happens with China is a conspiracy of the communist government.  An example would be the dry wall that came from China.  In that, I'd say that it probably was a corrupt business that was cutting corners in China to sell their products cheap.  Then it would be the responsibility of the house builders, who try to build houses cheap, but charge people a lot of money.  I have read stories where the government of China is concerned with the Made in China label being tarnished with shoddy products.  Not only that, but their industries cheat their own people.  They had a powdered milk scandal where companies were putting chemicals in the powder to look more nutritious.

Getting  back to the comments.  It's almost as if the older generation sat in classes being bombarded with propaganda that anything that comes from China or Russia should be viewed with suspicion.  Not only that, but even the people should be looked at as if they were spies.  I just don't get it.  It really makes it hard to talk about your children or where they came from when you have to deal with backwards thinking that came from a bygone era.  Not only that, I get tired of politicians saying that China cheats all the time.  A lot of what they say, this country does also. As for companies being lured by China, it's not their fault.  China is providing workers and an atmosphere that appeals to companies.  Not only that, but our states do it to each other.  Just the other day, our governor announced that a company would be shutting down a business in Kentucky to move to Florida.  Why?  Is it China's fault?   

An Interesting Proposal. . .

I got an email to day that I might have qualified for something.  I can not go into details.  I hope to get picked.  If so, it may give us money to pay for our last adoption as well as the new one.  We do have stock that we can sell.  I am waiting for the right number.  I don't think Disney will be on the chopping block.  They are like the golden goose.  They pay dividends.  I see a very bright future once the Star Wars dollars start rolling in.  If I get the above, I will have to write about it one day.  Maybe the book of our exploits.

Bare Naked Flashback!

Sitting here at my desk and a song comes on that gives me a Bare Naked Flashback!  I worked at a movie theater in Raleigh, NC.  My first year there, we had a promotion for Days of Thunder.  One of the actors made an appearance.  I was working and did not get to see much.  Later, we were fortunate enough to host a mini-concert for an up and coming group.  That group was the Bare Naked Ladies.  They set up the stage in our parking lot.  I guess they picked the area because we were adjacent to North Carolina State University.  We did get to go up on the roof and look down on the concert.  A year or so later, I got to see them in a concert at an amphitheater.

Halloween Predicament

When I was younger, I did not really like dressing up.  I would end up dressing like things I did.  I was a baseball player and then a teenager.  Michelle does the same thing.  She was asking me the other day if I could guess what she was going to dress as.  I said I had not idea.  She throws up and hands and says she is dressing as Michelle.  A chip off the same block.

The Sickness Wave Contiues

Kiersten is the latest victim of this current flu.  She woke late last night with coughing and gagging.  I wish my girls could get over this.  I know if she misses school, she will be upset.  She looks forward to perfect attendance.

Great News for a Friday!

Angie won a Kindle.  She participated in the same Q&A through China Daily.  If you are on Facebook and want to see more about what goes on in China, you should like their page.  People might say it is propaganda, but as adults, you can read a story and figure out what is and is not propaganda.  From the coverage of China's President in America, I would say that our news media has the same problems.  Maybe it is self censorship, but I think it should have more coverage.  I know the Pope is important, but so is the visit of the Chinese President.  China Daily does run a lot of stories about things that happen in China.  Whether it is a storm or earthquake, you see the coverage.  Our news does not always cover it.  I guess if Kim Kardashian were to be caught in one of those, they'd give coverage.  Check it out.

Go Fund Me: Walsh Family Help for Daisy Please Read and Pass it along!

I'm not a big fan of Go Fund Me.  It does not seem to work.  At least,  if you share with friends and family.  I guess I was hoping someone would share our page and it would get out to the public.  That did not happen.  A friend of mine shared this page.  I would like to share it with you.  By all means, share it with your friends and family.  When adopting or even having your own, you always hope for a healthy child.  I read this story and it made me sad.  I wish I had lots of money to donate to their cause.  I pray for her to have a positive recovery.  Please go to this link.  Donate if you can and pass it along.  It takes a village to raise a child.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

We Trust in You

If you ever get to hear this song by the Transplants, you will know how I feel.  I try to help everyone.  I do my work.  I assist as much as possible.  I have a person that seems to have it out for me.  No matter how kind I am to the person, no matter how much I do for her, it always seems like they want to get me in trouble.  I try to look at the bright side, but it is getting hard.  I will turn the other cheek and keep my head up high.

Elana and the Sound of Sickness

Elana was in a very touchy mood yesterday.  When I got home, she kept screaming and swatting at things and people.  I kept trying to hold her.  She would scream.  Eventually, she did fall asleep.  She was sweating the whole time.  By the time that nap was over, my shirt was soaked.  I tried to feed her and she drank some, but pushed it away.  Angie finally checked her and found that she was running a temperature.  She gave her something.  Later, she drank some more.  She did sleep last night and she did not wake.  I hope it was just a 24 hour bug.  We'll find out today.

Families and Adopting from China

When you adopt from another country, it should be a very happy moment in your life.  It is like giving birth to a child and taking them home from a hospital.  I'd like to say that your friends and family will be happy and encouraging, but that is not always the case.  I worked with a guy that every time I mentioned China he would call it Red China.  Even when it comes to raising money, don't be surprised if you are going through this alone.  I've heard comments like "why are you adopting, if you don't have the money?"  I'd like to say to those people giving birth to children who have health insurance "why are you using health insurance to give birth to a baby you created?"  Even when you get home, you need to prepare for the backlash, the looks, and even the whispered comments.  They are going to happen.  Be prepared to hear it from your family.  It happens.  I'd like to think that all families would be supportive of a person who adopts, but that is not always the way in America.  I can't speak for other countries, but I'm sure it exists.

I know that when my girls grow up, I will be supportive of anything they do.  Even if they make mistakes, I will be there to help them or offer support.  I have even heard them say that they would like to adopt one day.  I would encourage that and support any decision they make, unless it is against the law or puts their health in jeopardy.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yelling at the Sun

Elana did her morning ritual.  She went into the sun room to greet the sun.  The sun shifted.  This really upset her.  Angie says she stood there and hit the door.  She also was yelling at the sun.  I guess she was upset that it moved.  Angie took her outside and she was happy again.

First Day of Fall

It is the first day of fall.  In Florida, we have more summer like weather to look forward to.  This morning Angie got answers to questions that she posted on China Daily to people in China.  One of the questions was How do Chinese citizens feel about Americans adopting Chinese children?  She got a couple of responses.  One responder was actually an intern for our first adoption company.  I would post the responses, but I can't seem to find it on Facebook.

I watched the news last night.  I just wanted to see what they had to say about China's President visiting our country.  They did not have that story until the end of the world news.  Of course, the pope led the news, but you'd think that China's President would be the next big story.  We had to sit through more of Trump's insults and the race to the White House, which is a year away.  I heard enough about it on our local news.  They shoehorned the visit near where they would place a fluff story.  I'm surprised it was not a story about Kim Kardashian.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Writing for China Daily

I got an email from China Daily.  They are inviting me to write an opinion piece.  I had done a survey in the summer.  I guess they like my answers.  They want me to write about President Xi' s visit to America and our media coverage.  They say they will translate it and publish it in China.  There may be some compensation.  I guess I will have to do it.

Audra at Reece's Rainbow

Many of you might know Audra.  She is the child we hope to adopt.  If that cannot happen, I will continue to advocate for her.  Please visit her site at Reece's Rainbow.  Donate if you can.  Whoever adopts her will definitely need the assistance.  

Meet Jackie!

Meet Jackie!  She was born with a hand deformity, anal atresia and a heart defect.  She has had surgery for the anal atresia and to correct her ventricular septal defect.  She was born in 2003.  Please check out her site at Reece's Rainbow.  Share with people that might be interested in adopting a little girl.

Another Day of Sickness

Mia woke up with a fever.  She is still having issues after her pneumonia.  She had been going back to school, but the bus driver said she was having some coughing.  She will be home today.  Hopefully, she will not go back downhill.  We have Elana to worry about.  I don't want her to get sick.

Elana is fussy today.  Angie is getting worried that she is also getting sick.  She also was bitten by a mosquito.  It could be a side effect of the bites.  I know when Michelle gets bit, she gets irritable.

The Intern, A Must See Movie!

I went to see The Intern last night.  I thought it was one of the better films that I have seen this year.  The acting was great and it was just an overall fun movie for adults.  By adults, I just mean a comedy that appeals to an older generation than kids.

The movie stars Anne Hathaway as a CEO of an Internet start up that is going through growing pains.  An executive in her company decides to start a Senior Intern Program.  By Senior, I mean 65 an older.  Robert DeNiro plays Ben a man who is bored with retirement and decides to apply for an internship position.  This movie was directed by Nancy Myers.  She also did Somethings Got to Give.

I wan to go on record to say this is a movie worth paying for.  For one thing, if people go see it, Hollywood will continue to make movies like it.  For another, it is a really fun movie.

Monday, September 21, 2015

First in Line!

It is 3:45.  This does not happen often, but I am first in line.  Tonight's movie is The Intern.  It looks like a fun movie.  Wonder when the next person will show.
It is 5:40.  There are now 15 or so people.  Thought there would be more.  Probably had a sneak that others went to.

People came later to this movie.  The theater did fill up.  There were still many seats in the front.  We got the seats we wanted.  Being first has it's advantages.  Our favorite rep was there, so that meant we got to go in early.

Meeting with our Social Worker "Updated"

In about 15 minutes, Angie meets with our social worker.  She will tour the house, check on Elana and talk to Angie.  I am at work, so I will miss it.  I think it should go great.  Elana is very happy.  She is always smiling.  She acts like a toddler should.  She does have a tantrum cycle.  That only comes out when you say no or she is tired.  She is growing.  We have noticed that she has grown since we brought her home.  I'm hoping that we get a great report and China accepts our request to adopt Audra.  She is still listed.  We have not heard that anyone is interested in adopting her.

The meeting went really well.  Angie and our social worker went over Elana's life for the last couple of months.  She got to see how happy she is.  They also talked about Kayla and how well she is progressing.  Next up is a report that will go to the agency and then to China.  After that, we try again for Audra.

Snakes and Ladders

Angie and I have an ongoing battle about the snakes in our yard.  We mainly have Black Racer snakes.  They do not bother anyone and they are not venomous.  Angie always wants to go out in the yard to rid us of snakes.  I had told her that they were endangered.  Our neighbor told us that anyhow.  Today, Michelle was going out to her bus.  She walked near something that looked like a branch.  Angie saw it move.  Now she is on another conquest.  She wants to find the brown snake to get rid of it.  I just hope she does not tear up the plants getting to it.

Flashback Chengdu

Everyday, I look/listen for inspiration to write.  It may come from a news report or just something I witness coming into work.  Today, is on of  those days.  I was waiting in traffic and I had an Audi sitting right in front of me.  That brought me back to Chengdu, China.  No, I did not drive or drive in and Audi.  

A couple of years ago, we went to Chengdu, China to adopt Mia.  We stayed in a Chinese hotel in the middle of town.  Evidently,  this hotel was a favorite of the local government officials.  One day, we went down for breakfast.  In the dining area were a bunch of older men.  I noticed they had pins on their clothing.  Another thing I noticed was that there was only one female on the floor.  Usually, the dining room had mainly female wait staff.  On this day, I only saw the one female.  I figured it was something they had to do for the officials.  When we were done, we left the hotel through their parking area.  In it, there were a bunch of black Audi's.  Some if not all had Chinese flags on the vehicles.  I think since then, they central government has required the local governments to use Chinese vehicles and get away from the luxury vehicles.   

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Waiting for the Cooldown

Another hot day in Florida.  Just leaving our visit with Kayla. She was in a good mood.  I tried to show her her favorite movie, Killer Clowns from Outer Space.  My Kindle kept saying the Internet was too slow.  It was supposed to be on the machine.  I told her I would bring it to her next time.  I did bring her Star Wars Episode 2 and Madagascar.  She asked how I knew.

Where we visit is close to the coast.  It gets so hot down here.  I can't wait for cooler weather.  During the visit, I was playing with the camera settings.  I took a couple of black and white photos.  I got one of Elana and Mia.

6 Month Report: Elana

Time flies when you are having fun.  Elana has been an added joy to our family.  She has a great personality that meshes with her sisters.  Tomorrow, we get a visit from our social worker.  She will check out Elana, the house, etc.  She will come up with a report that goes to agency.  They will evaluate and it will go to China.  In addition to the report, we have to provide 6-8 pictured showing Elana.  Once this goes through, we will try again for Audra.

Middle Night Wake Up

Last night, Elana started hitting my leg.  I moved up my foot and the next thing I know, I have a head under my leg.  I moved her over.  She did not go back to sleep.  I checked the time.  It was 3:00am. That did not bother her.  She got out of bed and started walking around.  I checked her diaper.  She was soaked.  I changed her, but she was not ready to sleep.  I closed the bedroom door and tried to sleep.  When I woke, Elana was back on the futon knocked out.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mr. Fix it? With update

I have written in the past that I am not the person you want fixing something.  Angie is more into tools than I am.  Kiersten got mad at me and pointed out that we had not fixed a bike that she got about a year ago.  The problem is the chain kept falling off.  I thought it might have to be shortened or the back wheel extended.  I don't even know if that can be done.  I pulled the bike into the living room to look at it.  I gathered tools, like I had a clue what to do.  I started going around the back tire.  I could not find any bolts I could loosen.  At one point, Angie looked.  She did not see anything.

Frustrated, I just sat there and looked at the chain.  I placed it back on the spokes or whatever it is called.  I turned the pedals to see if something jumped out to me.  Low and behold I saw exactly what I thought was wrongs.  The main pedal/spoke thing was bent.  The spokes were coming off the chain at a certain point.  I went into the garage to get a hammer.  I pounded on it.  After a couple of times, I think I got it.  I had Kiersten got out to try it.  So far, it has worked.

She has gone out multiple times and it still works.

Arrgh Dress Like a Pirate Day! (now with pictures)

I woke this morning with news that today is dress like a pirate day.  Krispy Kreme is giving away a dozen donuts if you are dressed like a pirate.  I started arranging the materials.  I made a hook hand out of cardboard, i put on a white shirt, sandals, and an eye patch.

The girls all refused to dress up.  That is until they saw how many people did it.  After I got my dozen, Angie grabbed my things and got another set.

Next up is Long John Silvers.  That is if they are participating.  We went to an LJS that was also a Taco Bell.  They were not participating.  We stopped by Sam's, got some school snacks and went to another LJS.  This one was participating.  I got my pirate outfit on.  I went in and got a meal.  They girls got free fish, but not fries.  We did buy a drink, chicken and fries.  That cost 7.00.  I know why we don't eat here often, besides that they fry almost everything.

Chinese Crayfish

We went to Ikea last night for an all you care to eat Crayfish buffet.  Upon arriving at Ikea, we put Elana in a stroller.  We were hoping she would be happy to sit in it.  Once inside, we'd try to transfer her to a high chair.  Ikea does this every year.  We have attended once.  The last time we missed because tickets sold out for the event.  We got our tickets on time this year.

To do this event, Ikea closes off its dining hall to regular patron.  The only people allowed in have to show their tickets.  When we went it, the first thing we saw was lots of Asian customers.  I would say 50% were Asian.  The person seating us thought it would be a great idea for us to sit on high chairs.  We asked another person if we could move.  She said it was okay and just look for a  red piece of paper.  If that was there, it meant someone was already sitting there.

I found a nice table with four chair.  Luckily, another person was moving out a chair to make room for a highchair.  We snagged that one.  We tried to place Elana in the chair.  She did not like it.  So, I sat there with her.  Eventually, she got down.  At this point, everyone had returned.  I got in line.  I returned with my food to find Elana in a high chair.  I knew this was my moment to eat.  I sat down and chowed down.  I knew this moment would not last.  It did not.

After the sun went down, she wanted out of her chair.  I got up and held her in my arms.  She was content.  Some of the Asian families were looking at us and talking.  I don't know if it was because of Elana or all of the children.  I got smiles from some of the same people.  One child started pointing at Elana while talking to her mother.  Angie saw this.  The mother mouthed sorry.  Angie walked over to her and explained Elana's condition. The mother had to translate to her daughter, who only knew Mandarin.

It was a fun night.  The girls loved the food.  Elana and Mia did not like crayfish.  They had Swedish Meatballs and Potatoes.  Everyone had something they could eat.  We left Ikea stuffed.  When I was looking in the food market in Ikea, I saw the frozen crayfish.  The bag said Chinese Crayfish.  

Friday, September 18, 2015



Let the Drama Begin!

Kiersten had her first after school program.  She has decided to join the Drama Club.  I don't know if she will stick with it.  I hope she does.  She always walks around the house showing her drama skills.  She said they did improv together.  I told her that was good.  They are trying to get her to come up with stuff on the spot.  Actors sometimes have to do that.  We will see if she goes to the next meeting.


It's Friday!  We survived another week.  Last night was uneventful.  Angie went to Michelle's open house.  I'm glad I did not go.  It did not sound like I missed anything.  I stayed home with the girls and watched Black Sea.  If you have not seen it, it is a good thriller set on a submarine.  If you see that one and like it, check out Das Boot.  That one is a classic war movie set on a U-Boat.

After that, Angie came home.  I found out that I did not miss anything.  The school was begging for money.  I wish they would put their efforts into lobbying politicians, instead of hitting up parents for money.  We are in a Republican leaning state, so if you want good schools, send your child to a private school.

Tonight, we have a buffet to look forward to.  Ikea is doing an all you can eat craw fish buffet.  We have been to one in the past.  We are looking forward to the buffet tonight.  As for the weekend, I hope to get things done around the house.  But, I say that every weekend.  It has started to cool down in Florida, so there may be a chance of getting things done.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Foiled Again

I am trying to give blood again.  First go around is not good.  Pulse is too high.  I am waiting for my second check.  Sad thing is, they want and need my blood.  It is one of the universal kinds.  Second time worse than the first.

Work for Your Lunch

I talked a co-worker of mine into joining me for lunch.  Of course, it was a free lunch.  I was going to walk from my place of work, but it is raining and my co-worker would not go.  I gave in.  The only place to park for free is on the back end of the park.  We had to walk from one side to the other.  When we got there, we were greeted with a small dish of orange chicken.  I also was able to get some coupons to go back.  My family will love it.  Michelle wanted me to grab one for her, but they said one per person.  My co-worker said that is the last time she lets me talk her into one of my freebies.  I turned and said "See you on Monday for the free screening of The Intern".

App That Pays you to Give Opinion

This morning I was able to buy an album from a group in Korea.  I did not have to use my own money.  A friend at work told me about Google Play Opinions.  They do surveys every couple of days and you earn credit to use in the Google Play Store.  You can buy apps, movies, music, etc.

Earn Google Play credit by answering short surveys. Download Google Opinion Rewards now:

Best of Both Worlds?

I though having younger and older daughters would be the best of both worlds.  People were always telling me that wait until they get older.  Girls are great when they are younger, but as they age watch out.  I would always say, no way.  I think I am starting to see their point of view.  I was trying to get Michelle to do things last night and she kept talking back to me.  When I said I would take something away, it didn't faze her.  At one point, I just walked away.  I asked Angie what was wrong with her.  She said she was probably tired.  I made them go to bed earlier.  I wish that would work with Elana.  She kept laying there kicking the wall and me.  Then she started screaming.   Maybe, it was just one of those nights.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

She Knows What She Wants

Elana is doing great in her new surroundings.  She knows where her food is.  She has shown us when she is hungry.  What she does is to walk up the pantry door and push on it.  Yesterday, she was walking around the house and found one of the cans of her drink.  She picked it up and walked to Angie.  When Angie saw her, she was holding up the can with her mouth open.  I guess we won't have any problem guessing when she's hungry.

Adoption Rejection

As you know, we have adopted children with special needs.  When you make a decision like this, you have to do the research.  You have to ask questions.  Just like our fostering experience, if you don't ask, they might not tell.  It should be no surprise when you go to China to adopt your child.  We have been prepared for all our adoptions.  I don't think there have been many surprises.  If there were, it did not change our minds.

Angie was telling me of a family that went to China to adopt a child.  Once there, they saw the child and found out her needs.  At that point, they rejected the child.  Why?  If they had done the research, their needs should not be much of a surprise.  My guess is they saw her picture and cursory information and then agreed to adopt her.  They did not understand the needs of the child and did not fully vet the information they were given.  Some disorders explain that other issues might exist or arise if present.  At that point, you ask about the additional issues.

The problem with the rejection is that the orphanages may decide to take the child off the adoption list.  At that point, they will remain in an orphanage until they are old enough to leave.  This is sad.  It seems that someones vanity is getting in the way of a special child finding a forever family.  I will go on the record to say this, if you consider adopting a special needs child, it is going to be work.  They are going to have medical needs that need to be attended to.  Some may not have needs that can be corrected.  If you give them love and attention, they will give the same back to you.  In the end, it should be a rewarding experience.  If you cannot handle the extra attention they might need, don't consider a special needs child.  It is not fair for them to get their hopes up, only to have them dashed away.  On top of that, the orphanage not giving them another chance at a family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meet Fanny!

Fanny (2)

Meet Fanny!  She was born in 2008.  She has Ear deformities, and strabismus.  Strabismus is the crossing of the eyes.  I know from experience that Strabismus can be fiexed.  Kayla was born with it and they started by trying to do strengthening exercises.  She would not work with it.  They ended up doing surgeries to tighten up the eye muscles.  Please go to this site and try and donate.  All children deserve a family.  I am just trying to get their information out there.  Share the site with someone that might be adopting or looking to adopt.  

I would not change a thing about the children we have adopted.  They bring happiness into our lives everyday.  We thank God for having them bless our lives.  

Sisterly Love

We shared the information about Audra to Michelle yesterday.  She still wants us to try and adopt her.  I feel the same way.  I just want to give her a family.  I believe ours would be a great one for her.  She will have sisters that love her.  She even likes trampolines.  She will love ours.  Her sisters can show her their tricks.  They shower Mia and Elana with love and attention.  Evan Kayla shows here sisters that kind of attention.

Father of Mine

If you have not heard the song by Everclear it is a good one.  When I listen to the lyrics, it reminds me of my father.  My father was not always there for us.  At birthdays, we were lucky to get anything.  I have said that he would take us to the movies and he did bring us to an amusement park once.  He encouraged me to go an a roller coaster and had a loop.  After that I got over my fear of coasters.

I plan to be there for my daughters.  I take them to the movies, amusement parks and even travelling.  I hope I am turning out to be a good father.  I guess I will have to wait until they are my age to see how I turned out.  I hope that I make some kind of difference in their lives.

Crazy Night!

I went to see Black Mass.  The usual crowd showed up for the movie.  Sometimes, I think that these people live at the theater.  I guess that is why one of the promotional groups gave out shirts to their friends.  They probably go to the sleep at the theater and change into their new shirts for tomorrows screening.  

As for the movie.  I found it to be a great movie.  It is an actor's movie.  It is not non-stop action or violence.  There is violence.  It is just fascinating to see an actor like Johnny Depp immerse himself in a character like he does.  Benedict  Cumberbatch is another great actor.  It will be interesting to see what happens at Oscar time.  

When I left the theater, I ran into construction right outside the theater.  I had to maneuver the car into another lane to avoid sitting through another light with no guarantee that I would be able to turn on the next one.  As I approached 436 from I-4, I saw a bunch of emergency lights.  I thought it was on the overpass, but I found that it was in the lane I needed to turn on.  I was forced in another direction.  It turns out, a car had collided with another and flipped.  That accident was not going anywhere soon.  

Upon arriving at home, I found everyone still awake.  Elana was having a hard time sleeping without her security father.  I quickly got ready for bed and we wen to sleep.  Half way into the night, I kept smelling pee.  I got up and changed Elana.  Unfortunately, Elana saw this as an opportunity to wake up and walk around the room.  I did not want to stay up, so I closed the door to the room.  When I woke, I found her on the futon asleep.  So much for my crazy night!  

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Return to the Theater

Tonight I get to see Black Mass.  I have been waiting for this one.  It is Johnny Depp's new movie.  He looks evil in this one.  Stay tuned for my review.

Child Abandonment and China

I was reading on Facebook and I found an interesting article about child abandonment and China.  It goes into detail about the number of kids that are being abandoned and why.  The government is trying to come up with solutions, so that the children are safe.

Audra Update, Decisions, Decisions

We got our answers about her conditions.  It looks like she is deaf or slightly so.  She communicates through sign language.  We will have to learn to sign.  I don't have a problem with that.  I just wonder how hard it is to do.  Her extra digits do not get in her way.  She does have a condition that might have to be researched.  It's called Anal Atresia.  It has to do with being born with an opening for the anus.  At that young age, a doctor should make a hole for excretion.  However, I wonder how that surgery went.  From what they have told us, she does not have feeling when pooping.  From what I have seen from my other daughters, I don't know what could have happened.  These are things you have to consider when adopting.  Once she is over here, she is our daughter.  Nothing will change that.  We have already been through bathroom issues with older children.

A Brush in the Mouth

Angie pointed out that I forgot to put Elana's toothbrush up last night.  I acknowledged it.  I meant to grab it and put it up.  I was distracted by Elana.  I just had to get out before she got too mad that I was leaving.  I'm sitting here, at work, and I get an email that Elana is walking around the house with her toothbrush in her mouth.

Weekend with Elana

We went out to breakfast yesterday.  I thought that Elana could sit on my lap and she would be content.  I was wrong.  Like a lot of times when we eat out with her, I had to stand.  If I did not, she would continue to scream.  At one point, I tried to hand her over to Angie.  That lasted for about a second.  I asked Angie to hand her back.  As she did, Elana's hand or leg took out my water glass.  I had to stand while waiting for the food.  When it came, I tried to sit and eat.  I gave Elana some food and she spit it out.  Then, the screaming started.  Quickly, I ate my food and stood up.

After that, we went over to Wal-Mart.  I did not want to carry Elana in my arms, so I pulled out the baby carrier.  She was so happy.  She did not scream.  I had plenty of looks at my cute baby.  Of course, I did not see their reaction if they noticed her eyes.  It was a fun time for her.

This morning, as I was getting ready, Elana comes strolling into the living room.  She was so happy.  She had a smile.  I took her in my arms for a couple of minutes.  I thought she would be okay with that time with me.  I was wrong.  As soon as I put her down, she started crying for me.  I found out later that her sisters woke up to hold her.

Slow Down, Take Your Time!

Driving into work this morning, I came across an accident.  Unfortunately, it was right in the intersection blocking the road I was on.  I had to turn around and backtrack to get to work.  I really wish people would slow down going to work.  If you take your time, you might make it without getting into an accident.  Once that happens, your whole day is ruined.  You have to wait on the police, maybe go to the hospital, call your insurance, and find a way to get your car moving.  I made it to work with a little time to spare.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lazy Days

I was getting ready to go shopping and Elana comes walking up.  She crawls into my lap.  Just before I get up, I turn to Angie. "She's asleep, isn't she?"

So much for Yardwork!

Today is a rainout.  I was hoping to get outside and cut the yard.  It is pouring out there.  I thought it would just be drizzling, but once we went inside, it came down hard.  We were in no rush to leave.  Looks like I will do cleaning inside or resting.  I will have to drop by the library.

A Day of Accomplishments

I was able to achieve some of my goals yesterday.  I cleaned Michelle's room, I rearranged Mia's food, cleaned the pantry, cleaned some clothes, washed Elana's hair (without streaming), and cleaned a bathroom.  I don't know what I will do for an encore.

We still have plenty to do.  The yard needs cutting, I have a little more to do with clothes, the kitchen needs work, and there is food shopping to do.  I may get to some of these things.  Kayla is going on an outing, so we will be seeing her next week.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chinese Children and Allergic Reactions

Michelle was our first child to really show an allergic reaction to bug bites.  She got bit by fire ants at her day care.  At first, we thought it was a food allergy.  We took her to an allergist and had her tested.  She was very allergic to fire ants.  Our biggest problem with her is she likes to wear flip flops and play in the grass.  She will even take them off.  Ants seem to love her.  We have shots if she gets bad enough.

Mia has also shown some sign of allergic reaction, but not as bad as Michelle.  That also might be because she does not run around in the grass as much.  We'll have to keep an eye on her.  She did have one contagious allergic reaction.  I think the doctor called it Molluscum Contagiosum. It is like pimples that form on the body.  When itched, it will expand its coverage.  Eventually she grew out of them, but it got close to her eyes.

Now, Elena broke out today.  I noticed that her neck was raw from itching.  Then I saw bumps starting to form on her body.  Angie noticed what looked like a fire ant bite.  We will have to keep an eye on that.  Also, Angie mentioned the Molluscum Contagiosum.  

Michelle revealed this morning that she got bit at the birthday party.  Today will be an irritable day for her and us.

A Ride with the Girls

I got my air fixed.  I can now drive in comfort.  That is what we did.  With Michelle at a birthday, I decided to take the rest of the brood for a ride.  Before I left, I found out that Michelle had an overdue book.  I had to drop that off and pay the fine.  I wish my daughters liked reading as much as I do.  I think Michelle just checked the book out and tossed it in her room.

Fine paid, we made our way for some lunch.  Mia actually ate some solid foods.  Didn't have to worry about Elana. It is now time for her to nap.  Wish me luck!

Work to Do

The car is on the way to the garage.  Angie will be calling me to let me know how long it will take.  Elana and I are watching Project Almanac.  I am also thinking about what needs to be done.  We need to get this house clean, but how is the issue.  I don't want to just put things up.  I want to get rid of things.  I think if we approach it from the angle of moving, that might help.  What things would we want to bring to our new house or store if we have no room.  That would help getting things for the fall yard sale.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Leaving Harbin on a Jet Plane!

The day we left Harbin, we met in the lobby one last time.  I was dragging two to three suitcases, plus trying to carry Elana.  Our guide came in shortly after and we got into the van.  Driving to the airport was a chance to see Harbin during the day.  When we arrived, it was dark.  There was not much to look at.  Lots of trees and some buildings.

At the airport, we got to see the mess that the construction was causing.  Cars were everywhere.  We were dropped off at the entrance.  Our guide accompanied us inside.  She did this to set up our check in.  Who knows if the clerk would have spoken English.  Inside was the normal madhouse you'd expect from an airport.  I looked around and saw a Burger King.  I was so tempted to go over to it.  If I knew we were going to have to wait as long as we did, I'd have gone there first.

Once our check in was set, we said our goodbyes and head for the security line.  That was long also.  It was smooth sailing through it.  Angie did not even have to do a strip search.    We wheeled our things down the hall to our waiting area.  At first there were not many people, but as we waited so did the amount of people.  The only places to eat were a Chinese restaurant, that looked expensive and some gift shops.  We thought we would be getting on the plane soon.

After a couple of hours, we started to see activity.  Eventually, they made an announcement.  It was in Mandarin.  We did see them taking out boxes with canned drinks in them.  We went up and got some drinks.  Two of them were really good.  They were a pear drink and a lemon tea.  The third was a canned sweet tea.  It was not as good.  As soon as they passed out the drinks, they made an announcement.  Everyone started to get in line.

On the plane, Elana started to cry.  She did this for about 3 hours or it felt like it.  We did not take off instantly.  She was in my arms screaming and thrashing.  It was not a fun experience.  I could feel every ones eyes on me.  When we did take off, they had to tell a woman to sit down.  She was just standing there staring at Elana and I.  I was worried they were going to kick us off the flight.  We told the crew what was going on.  They helped us out.  

A Good Start to the Weekend

This morning I woke up to find that I have won a Kindle.  This is probably the biggest thing I have ever won.  I won it through China Daily.  They were holding a Q & A through Facebook.  People from China posed questions to people in America.  I thought it would be interesting to join in on the conversation.  They asked questions about Chinese TV shows.  I happened to know of one that my daughters loved called Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf.  They asked about Japan and their WWII history.  I said that in school we only learned the basic information.  Japan was involved, they attacked China and its neighbors.  Then they turned their sights on the US.  I did not know about the atrocities committed in China.  I only learned that after researching the areas my daughters come from.  They also asked about teens and sex.  I talked about the media in this country.  Between songs, videos, TV shows and movies, they perpetuate this idea that teens should have sex at an early age.  This in turn puts pressure on teens from their peers.

In addition to this great news, I am also getting my air fixed this weekend.  I drop off my car tomorrow.  They have the parts and approval from the insurance company to fix it. We only need to pay the deductible.  I also saw that are temperature is coming down over week.  Fall is creeping into Florida.  I just wish it was cooler.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Return Visit! A Look Back.

The next day, we piled into our van to visit the adoption office again.  This time, they were securing signatures, fingerprints, and money.  We got the papers we needed to travel with Elana.  A lot of our time was just waiting for them to go back and forth to get things.  Michelle and I took pictures from the office window of the city below.  They presented us with a photo album as a gift.  It had pictures from our first day meeting.  I believe it is customary for them to give us a gift and we do the same.  We usually try to find little nick knacks made in the US.  That can be a very hard endeavor.  Next time you are in a store, try to find things made in your country.  For the US, it is like we do not make many things anymore.

Adoption Meeting #1. . .A Look Back!

On the day of your visit to get your child, the guide will meet you at your hotel.  We are usually there before them.  We ate our breakfast and waited for our guide to show.  She walked in around the time we were to meet.  The first thing they will ask is do you have your paperwork, food for the child, etc.  Then we loaded into the van.  If the group is bigger, you might get into a bus.  Then, it is off to our meeting place.

Our  first adoption happened at a site close to our hotel and it had an area where they present the child to the family.  In Harbin, we met at a building in the downtown area.  Our guide led us to an office and we sat.  At this point, the orphanage director and one or two other people come into the room.  She proceeds to ask a couple of questions.  What do we do?  When was Michelle adopted and where?  Do you have specific paperwork?  As we are doing this, the door opens and in comes Elana with a woman.  The first thing we notice is her smile.

I always get a little nervous and excited at this point.  You wonder how the child is going to react to their new parents.  Most have been positive.  I think Mia cried a lot.  Elana was similar to Michelle.  She readily came to us.

At this point, it is time to leave.  No money switches hands.  It is time for our 24 hour getting to know you period.  We are hustled back to our van and brought to a store, so we can load up on supplies.  We buy what things that we think Elana might eat.  In this case, it is formula.  Little did we know that she does not really drink it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elana's Fan Dance

Last Night, Elana grabbed a piece of paper and did a little fan dance.  It looked as if she were emulating the fan.  She would wave a sheet of paper and then start to turn around.  Sorry about the lighting.

Meet Lucinda!

Lucinda (2)

Meet Lucinda!  She is 11 years old.  She has mild Cerebral Palsy.  Please go to her Reece's Rainbow page to see her file.  If you can please donate or share with a family that is looking to adopt a special child.  

6 Month Checkup

Part of our adoption contract is that we are to provide China with a followup report on our child.  They started this because of people who were abusing or killing the children they adopted.  Our agency has sent us notice that the 6 month report is coming up.  Once we turn this report in, we might be able to try for Audra again.  We are hoping for the best.  I feel it should gain approval, while Angie will be on the side of rejection.  Elana is doing great.  She is a happy child and we are tending to her needs.  We just have to get the house ready.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Harbin Airport . . .A Look Back

I may revisit some of our trip to give a better idea of our adventure.  Sitting in the hot spot was not easy to come up with our days.  After our big journey from America, we had to wait in the Beijing Airport.  Usually, when we have adopted, there would be other English families.  This time, it was all Chinese.  Our flight did not leave as scheduled.  There were storms all around our area.  When they finally called us to get on the plane, we were ready to go.  We went from the lobby to the plane.  We had to wait another hour.  An electrical storm was overhead.

By the time we were in the air, Michelle was asleep.  I tried to drift off, but it is really difficult for me to sleep on a plane.  I believe the trip took about an hour or two.  I do know by the time we made it to Harbin, it was dark.  Looking down on the land, you could not see very many lights.  When I did, they were clustered in one area.  I am guessing, there is a lot of rural areas up north.

The first thing we did off the plane was make a bee line to the bathroom.  We were not the only ones.  Half the plane went there.  I waited with the bags as Angie and Michelle went to the bathroom.  While waiting I kept trying to get on the Wifi.  It was not the easiest thing to do.  I just wanted to say we had made it.  Another issue was the blogging aspect.  I could not get on the site.  It is blocked in China.  I had to send emails to the site.

After I had used the bathroom, we made it to the baggage claim.  It took forever to get our bags.  I guess they loaded ours first and unloaded last.  You start to worry when you don't see your bag.  Did it make it?  Did someone break into them?  Then you see the bags and worrying goes to the guide.  Is she her?  Did she know we were going to be late?

She was out with the rest of the people.  Between our area and the exit, they had roped off an area to keep people from getting into secured areas.  It was wall to wall people looking for their loved ones or business associates.  She waved a sign and smiled at us.  I looked around to make sure she was looking at us.  It was.

She had us gather our things and escort her out of the building.  As soon as we got out, we noticed tons of construction.  They were building a parking deck or adding to the airport in some way.  Cars were parked on top of each other.  I was wondering how we were going to get out of the lot.  The Chinese seem to anticipate their fellow drivers.  They do get frustrated with each other and honk a lot, but it is surprising how few accidents you see.

My recollection of the airport was that it was one of their older ones.  It was like going into a rural airport in America.  I wish we had traded money in Beijing or Harbin.  We paid for that one.  We did not get to the hotel until 10:00.  They were not exchanging money until the morning.

Fall in Temperature

The temperature in Florida is calming down.  This morning was not as hot or humid as it has been.  I would know, since my air conditioner is still broken.  It looks like I need a new condenser.  Hopefully, I will get it fixed soon.  You cannot drive around Florida without air.  I use it year round.  Not so much in fall and winter, but we do use it.

Today, everyone is going back to school,  No one is sick.  Angie will be going to see The Visit.  I will be back with her view on the film.  I will be trying to finish Narcos on Netflix, while hanging out with my daughters.  The two oldest will probably stay in their rooms, but I will encourage them to come out to be with me and their sisters.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Children's TV Shows

I remember TV when I was younger.  I don't think the shows have gotten any better.  I don't like my daughters watching the Disney Channel.  The shows are annoying teach them bad habits.  Imagine being forced to watch it with no volume.  My Kindle power is low, so there is not much to do.  I can watch Disney, Nickelodeon, or some random sports network.  Watching without volume makes there exaggerated way of actor look even dumber than it really is. Not only that, but you realize how commercial the channel is even if the don't show commercials for products.  Their commercials are self serving.  It makes kids want the music and shows they are selling.  In those are usually product placements.

All Work and no Play. . .

My day turned out to be a real day of rest.  I got the honor of taking my daughters to a trampoline play area.  They were running an all day for one fee event.  To me, it was worth it.  I'd rather be sitting here all day than sweating outside.  My girls get to exercise and have fun.

A Day of Rest. . .Labor Day

Today is Labor Day in America.  It is a day when a lot of people take the day to rest, get along with friends, have cookouts, etc.  It also signals the end of the summer.  I am looking forward to the fall.  The drop in the weather, slight in Florida is greatly appreciated.  I use this time to get back the the yard and fix the neglect of the summer.  Weeds have overtaken everything.  I don't know if I will have time to do it today.  The girls want to go to a trampoline place.  They are having a one time all day charge.  It would be fun for them, but not for the parents who has to stay.  I still have things to do to get ready for the upcoming week.

This month is also the month that we do a Moon Festival with our Children from China group.  This year, we will be skipping out.  They have picked an over priced place to stay out.  We cannot justify the cost.  I hate skipping out because the girls love it.  Unfortunately, our group seems to be going towards higher dollar activities.  We may look into another group.  Just like the adoptions, the families here are not always inclusive of all.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rickin' Robin

After shopping and after a nice nap for Elana, we headed to Red Robin. We probably should have went there first.  The place was packed.  We had to wait for over 45 minutes.

I thought the meal was not going to happen.  Kayla was holding two balloons and one popped.  Well this rude old woman was sitting next to her.  Kayla was hitting the stick of the popped balloon against the other.  The lady turns to Kayla and tells her to stop.  It upset Kayla.  She started to cry.  She's lucky I did not hear here.  I would have to her to mind her own business.

We get to the table and Kayla is still upset from the encounter.  Then, Elana would not let me sit.  I brought her out to check her diaper.  She was wet.  Once changed, I thought it would be better.  No dice.  Until the food came out, I had to stand.  With the food, I was able to get her to sit.

In the end, Kayla got to embarrass me.  She told the server it was for my birthday.  Before our check, the servers all came out and sang Happy Birthday to me.  I turned a bright shade of red.

Day Shopping

We are clothes shopping with Kayla.  This is mainly her walking around and me sitting with to two youngest.  After this, it's time for a burger at Red Robin.  I did not get my free burger for my birthday.  Somehow my account is not valid.  I will have to write them. Elana had a fit, so I am carrying her. She is currently asleep.  I had to find a chair to sit in.

Elana's New Appointment

Angie has found a plastic surgeon, who takes care of eyes.  The appointment is at the end of October.  The doctor is the head of the department.  We'll see what happens.

Nightmare on Kamchatka Court

Last night, I got to experience Elana' s wrath.  I took something away from her.  She turned towards me with anger and just like Freddy, she takes out her knives and rakes my arm.  This morning, we decided to cut those weapons down.  I have learned not to turn my back on her when she is angry.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Afternoon Ritual

In the morning, Elana greets the sun.  In the afternoon, she goes into the sunroom to say goodbye to the sun.  She will step into the sun and absorb the rays and then walk into the shade.  She will keep doing this until the sun goes down.  She even talks and sings to the sun.

No News it Good News

We have two months to wait before we send in our Elana report.  When you adopt, you make a contract with China to provide a certain number of reports.  These reports show how she is adjusting with her new family.  This was done because so many people were hurting/killing their children.  As for Audra, we have not received any information that we requested.  Also, Angie has seen no activity on the web sites she looks at.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and focusing in Elana.

Birthday Freebies!

One of the cool things about birthdays is that certain businesses will give you a gift.  All you have to do is see if they have a member or customer program.  On your birthday, the will send you a deal.  This year I got a free bagel sandwich from Einstein Bagels and a scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robins.  I still have to use a coupon from Honey Baked Hams.  If you like to get things on your birthday, check it out.

My Sister did it!

Now is getting used to having a new sister.  At first, there was some jealousy.  Slowly she is coming around.  I don't know if she notices that her sister likes to say Mia and sing songs that Mia created.  Elana also likes to do circles, one on Mia' s favorite activities.  Angie was trying to get them to take a nap.  She had drifted off and woke to find Elana doing circles and Mia trying to get her phone.  When she asked Mia about it, she said Elana did it.

Here Comes the Sun

Everyday Elana wakes up and goes into our sun room.  This is before the sun comes up.  She will put her face against the window.  She will do her circles.  When it does come up, she starts to yell and sing.  This is her morning ritual.  I told Angie we should play "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Where's Daddy?

I was talking to Angie and I asked how the girls were doing.  She said they were fine.  Elana was missing her daddy.  Angie said she was laying at my desk.  When I got home, I yelled out that I was at home.  She started screaming.  When I picked her up, she had a big smile.

Book Suggestion: The Operators and Gathering Prey

I love movies, but I also like to read.  I try to when I have time.  When I do not, I listen to them on Disc.  If you have not tried it, you should.  I will tell you that your experience will be enhanced or killed by the reader.  If they are not that good, you will have a hard time getting into the book.  When you start doing this, you will start to see which readers are good and which to avoid.  

I like to read about movies from books.  It gives me something to listen to.  When I read they are adapting a book from a certain type of book, I will look for it in the library.  When I heard that Brad Pitt was going to star and produce The Operators by Michael Hastings, I had to check it out.  It is a non fiction story about General Stanley McChrystal and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This interview ended up get the General fired.  It was a very interesting book.  If you are into non fiction tales about politics and war, check it out.  

I also got the latest book by John Sandford.  He writes a series of books about a police officer in Minnesota that tracks down killers and other criminals.  They all have the word Prey in the series.  The latest is called Gathering Prey.  It was a great listen.  The reader of this book has read most of the books in this series.  If you like tales with serial killers and police that track them down, this series is a must read.  

Star Wars Toy Day

Today is the day that Disney releases its toy line for Star Wars.  I commemorated the day by wearing a Star Wars shirt.  I wish I had bought the toys when I was younger.  Some are worth a lot of money.  Of course, that is only if you left it in the box.  I did not keep any that I had, if any.  I won't be getting into collecting this time.  Well, maybe not.  I wonder if the movie experience will be like the first set of movies?  I remember going to see these movies multiple times in California.  I remember lines that wrapped around a movie theater.  I also remember it being cheaper.  I do not think I will be seeing it repeatedly, unless I get some free tickets.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I celebrate another year of life.  I wish I could have got the gift I was hoping for, but that approval has been pushed to November.  I was hoping China would have told us that we could adopt Audra.  That would complete our family.  It does give us time to get fully prepared.  This week end, we will take it easy.  I am waiting for Sunday to go out to eat, so that Kayla can join us.  I will probably clean around the house and maybe pull weeds in the garden.  That will depend on the weather.  The way it has been lately, I can only last for an hour or two.  If you wan to send wishes, place a comment.  If you want to give, donate to Reece's Rainbow.  Have a great a great weekend!  My gift to you will be more entries.  I might even have some more pictures to add.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Traumatic Experience (Elana's Dr. Visit)

I updated the title to read Traumatic vs dramatic.  I think it sounds better.  Plus with dramatic you'd expect Elana to recite Shakespeare.

Angie went to the eye doctor.  She is referring Elana to a plastic surgeon for her eyelids and eyes, possibly.  I don't know if she will ever see.  There is a window of opportunity for a child's sight to develop.  Those early years or months are crucial.  When Angie had done research on Elana's condition, she found that is very rare and that children are not usually born with their eyes fused shut.  It was probably caused by a chemical getting into the eye.  One thing that we have noticed is that when we give her a bath, she gets really upset.  It's like the water scares her.  Why?  If a chemical liquid had gotten into her eyes and she remembers it, it may be the cause.  It is too bad she can not tell us what happened to her.  We found out that the white film over her eyes is scar tissue.

Meet Lexi!

Another week, another child!  Meet Lexi!  She is 8 years old.  She has a hyperextension of her right knee and is incontinent.  She is able to walk with assistance.  She has some delays, but has fine motor skills.  Please visit her page at Reece's Rainbow.  Donate if you can or share with friends and family.  Let's try and find her a family.  

Today is the Day for Elana's Eye Appointment

In a couple of hours, we will have a better idea of what Elana has.  Will she be able to see?  Will she be blind for the rest of her life?  How bad was the eyelid surgery?  One of her eyelids was bleeding yesterday.  I think she might have hit something.  I will be back with further news around lunchtime.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Movie Night

Not for me.  Angie is attending Transporter Refueled.  I remember how I saw the first one.  I got tickets for a screening.  I knew I'd like it because of the director and actor.  I hope this one is as entertaining.

Angie gives it her seal of approval.  She said that the new guy did a great job.  I hope to see it, but that is only if I can find the time and a free ticket.  If not, I'll wait for the DVD.

Reality in Film

When I watch a movie, I do it for escapism.  Sometimes, reality sneaks in.  I saw A Walk in the Woods.  The thing that got me was I'd love to do something like that.  Who has time to do that?  I know the character is retired.  Time would not be a problem.  As a younger person, I could not take off from work a couple of months to make the trek.

Another thing that gets me are the houses featured in movies.  You might have a middle class family or so they say, but the house is something that would run over $1,000,000 in Florida.  I look at some of these houses and wish I could afford something like that.  I'm sure most of the families that adopt look at these same house and see their own house or neighborhoods.

I guess that is why I like sci-fi and fantasy movies.  They don't show a reality I live in.

What Goes Up. . .

One great thing about living in Florida is that NASA is in our backyard.  When a shuttle would go up, you could walk out into the front yard and watch it go up.  Now that the program is over, we have rockets that go up.  They still put on a show for us.  Angie got to see the Space-X rocket blow up a couple of months ago.  This morning, I woke up and turned on the news.  They had a picture of a rocket on the launch pad.  I had one minute to get outside.  I grabbed my keys and went out.  I face east.  I have to wait for the rocket to go up a certain distance before I can see it.  There are some trees in the way.  If there is heavy cloud cover, it is time to go back in.  I would not be able to see anything.  Today was good,  light cloud cover did not block my view.  I got to see the flame from the rocket.  It is the bright light to the right of the streetlight.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

To Be Seen (Elana gets an eye appointment)

Elana will finally see an eye doctor.  Angie called to set up an appointment.  They said the earliest appointment would be January.  They asked about Elana's situation.  They said they will call if someone cancels an appointment.  Later that day, they called and asked if Thursday would be okay.  She jumped on that appointment.

Suicide Spike in Japan

I was ready the news today and saw a sad story.  Yesterday/today (September 1), was a bad day for suicides in Japan.  They were writing that a large number of young people tend to kill themselves on this day.  They feel that it is due to the return to school.  It was a very interesting story.

In addition to this, there is a movie called Suicide Club.  It is a Japanese movie, where teens just start killing themselves.  You follow a police officer trying to figure out what is going on.  The story reminded me of this movie.  If you get a chance, check it out.  I'm wondering if they were inspired to create this due to the large number of suicides they have each year in Japan.

A New Milestone

I achieved 50,000 views today.  I would like to thank all that tune in to my ramblings.  I hope I entertain you.  I feel this lets me share my thoughts and become a better writer.  If you like it, stay tuned.  I have more to come.  Feel free to share.  I am hoping one day that I can inspire someone to adopt a child in need of a family.  If I do that one time, I know it will be worth it.

Traffic Sucks

Traffic sucks the life out of you.  I was running behind this morning.  First, I had to tighten a bolt on my battery.  When I finally got on the road, it was 10 later than usual.  I decided to stop by the library to drop off a bunch of videos.  I don't know why I pick Tuesday to drop things off.  There are always weird people hanging around.  They are waiting for the library to open(today is the day new movies come out), which does not happen for about 2.5 hours.  When it's dark out, I just want to drop them off and get in the car.  One time, they got upset because I would not acknowledge a child.  Don't people teach their kids not to talk to strangers.

I got on the road.  I was hoping for smooth sailing.  Of course, there was traffic on I-4.  Can't these people drive.  Unfortunately, we have 7 years of construction to look forward to.  Even under the best conditions, these people have a hard time driving.  While I'm driving, I am listening for a story that I could write about.  No dice.  It would not have mattered since I got in at exactly 7:30.  By the time I started working, all kinds of ideas came to my attention.