Thursday, March 31, 2016

Burning Rubber

On the way home, I was almost in an accident.  It's already a pain to drive on 4 due to our 7 year construction project.  As I was driving, I noticed people slowing down.  A couple swerved.  There is not much room to do that.  I moved over to the right lane.  I saw what was causing the commotion. It was the tread of a big tire.  It probably came from a semi.  Some could avoid it. While others just ran over it. I will not be surprised if there is an accident.

Manic Monday

Today felt like that song from the Bangels.  I got up and got ready.  I quickly dressed Mia.  I gathered my things.  I went to wake Michelle and then my troubles began.  She did not want to wake.  Her stomach was hurting.  Mom is in Miami.  When Mia was on the bus, I rushed back in.  I gave her the phone and told her to call Mom.  If she is sick, just let mom know.  That way she can call the school.  I told her if she did, stay off the devices.  I'm sure that will not be followed.

Riding the Rails

I got off work early yesterday.  I had to bring Michelle to her orthodontist.  I had to pick Mia up early from school and then go home and wait for the girls.  When everyone was home, I rushed them in the car and headed out.  I made the first two turns.  On the third, something did not feel right.  I called Angie.  Sure enough, I had missed the turn.  I went back and made the rest of the turns.  We made it in time.  It only lasted about 10 minutes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Video Killed the Radio Star

Last night, I thought I was going to have to bury my Kindle.  I had laid a book on top of it.  It was a light book.  When I went to turn it on, all I got was black bar on half the screen.  I tried everything I could think of.  I did a hard reset.  I even went back to factory settings.  I lost everything in the process.  Still the bar persisted.  Then, I pushed down on the screen, near the edge.  It went away, sort of.  Eventually, it all went away.  I would have been in mourning if my Kindle had died.  I do have a back up.  I'm used to the old one.

Wake up in the Morning

Elana's sleep patterns are getting back to normal.  She still wakes too early.  I can't control that.  Once she notices me missing, she feels it's time to wake up.  For night time, she still yells some.  She is getting to where she used to be.  Once she calms down, she climbs out of bed and lays near the bedroom door.  When she gets tired, she gets up and collapses into bed.

I Can't Drive 55

I got on 4 this morning.  It was slow as usual.  The radio was not saying much about traffic.  Everyone was trying to get ahead of others, even though traffic was bumper to bumper.  I swear I saw a person in a walker pass me.  Found out that someone was in a little fender bender.  They had no where to go due to construction.  Luckily, the Road Ranger decided to pull it off to the side.  Once they were out of the way, it was smooth sailing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sisterly Bonding

After my hectic day, I walked into the house to see what the girls were up to.  Mia was on the floor.  Angie warned that she was not feeling well.  Haley was laying in the kitchen.  I checked on Michelle. Elana was sitting on Michelle.  It looked like she was riding a horse.

Rub a dub dub. . .

I got home after doing a little shopping.  Elana and Haley were both asleep.  I sat near Elana to wake her.  She stirred.  I held her for a couple of minutes.  When she finally woke, she started to scream.  I got her a can of food.  Haley woke and saw this.  She started to cry.  I fed her next.  After feeding, I decided today was a good day for a bath.  I washed Haley first.  She had the time of her life.  She loves water.  She splashes and laughs the whole time.  Elana, on the other hand, does not like baths.  She whimpered the whole time.  It was not on the level of hysterical screaming.  At least, she tolerated the bath.  When I did finish, I had Michelle assist me with putting in her eye drops.  She sees the doctor in two days for a checkup.  Her eyelids look like they are doing good.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Basket Case

So you'd think that from my title, I'd be talking about how my children drive me up the wall.  That is not the topic of this entry.  I went to Publix on Saturday to get a roast.  While I was there, I noticed that they had marked their Easter candy to 50% off.  I stocked up.  Angie stayed up to make baskets for the girls.  On Sunday, they got to see them.  Some enjoyed, but Elana was still happy playing with an empty can.  She did play with a rattle for a couple of minutes before tossing them down.


Elana copies a lot of things she hears.  Mia seems to be her main source of inspiration.  Not only does she say her phrases, but she also sings songs that she makes up.  The Bumblebee song being one of her favorites.  I was holding her a lot this weekend.  At one point, I decided to put my hat on her.  She grabs for it and says "Really?"

Back in the Saddle

After taking off three days, I am back at work.  Luckily, I did not have many requests through email and no phone calls.  Today is starting out on the right foot.  It was a fun time off.  I got to spend it with the family.  The girls back to school after their spring break.  Kiersten and Michelle will have to get used to going to bed earlier.  Elana will have to make it through the day without me.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Don't Worry Be Happy

The reviews have come out for Batman V Superman.  The main thing people are complaining about is that it is dark.  Do these people read comic books.  I don't think they were all about happy characters.  I read Darkfall which has Bane bringing down Batman.  The Death of Superman introduced Doomsday.  He and Batman fight to the death.  I think the reviewers want the movies to match the shows or early movies.  WB tried that with Batman. It killed the series.  Spawn had that same problem. They turned an R rated comic into a movie for children.  If you want happy, see a comedy.

Fat Lip

Elana's eye's have been healing steadily.  Yesterday, we noticed a red mark on her left eye.  Over the day, it got bigger and bigger. By the night time, it looked like a black eye.  We think she got bit by something.  We gave her some allergy liquid and put some cream on it.  When she woke, it looked like the swelling went down.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Goldie Locks Conundrum

We went on an Ikea run today.  We were in search of a container to put dish towels and kid plastic utensils.  When we go, we have to get some meatballs and potatoes.  It had to be more of a snack.  We have a roast cooking at home.  As for our container, no success.  They had one too small and one too big.  It's a classic Goldie Locks Conundrum.  We did not find our just right.

Avengers Assemble

As part of our celebration, we were able to assemble all the Fahey girls.  All six of my daughters got to spend the day together.  Kayla was well behaved.  She had a great time.  She also got to see her grandparents. That made her really happy.  When she had to leave, her group home met us at the restaurant.


Yesterday, we celebrated two birthdays.  Elana celebrated her first and Michelle another.  We started by going shopping.  Orlando has many places to do that.  Michelle wanted to go to the Premium Factory Outlets.  If you ever come here, these are popular with locals and tourists.  You will encounter parking issues.  The one near Disney has a deck, but it is still busy.  After one time around, we found a spot.  Being in Orlando, we were hit with a passing thunderstorm.  When those happen, you just sit and wait.  Storms pass quickly here.  The first stop out of the car was the restroom. The, it was onto Vera Bradley.  The girls like the bags.  Michelle kept asking what her budget was.  Disney was next.  At the start of the year, you can find discouts on seasonal and year branded items.  We found a bunch of things.  We hit a couple of extra stores.  We rushed to dinner.  Michelle's choice: Tiajuana Flats.  It is a tex-mex eatery in various states.  She has been picking them since she was 5. When her sisters were picking Chucky Cheese, she was going more for taste then childish gimmicks.  The finale was to open gifts.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Eye of the Tiger

This morning I gave two baths.  Haley got her bath.  After, she was so happy.  At this point, I grabbed her tooth brush.  She had not been letting us brush. When she sees one, she closes her mouth tight.  I had to force her at first.  Then, I put baby toothpaste on the brush.  When I did it a second time, she kept her mouth open. Elana was next.  She needed one.  She has not had one since the surgery.  I only put in a little if water.  She acted like she's  done before.  A little whimpering.  I was careful not to get water in her eyes.  I put shampoo in her hair and used a brush to get it into her hair.  I used the brush to get out some of the soap.  I finished with a bottle of water.  Once I got her out, she was fine.   Sorry if you started this and it was not finished.  I thought I finished it.  It was only in my head.

Crash and Burn

Elana had a great day.  She did not demand to be held. Her screaming is starting to make sense.  Some screams are for food, some are for diaper and pain.  We have switched her to a non prescription pain reliever.  That worked well for sleep last night.  Her day was waking around and playing with her sisters.  Around dinnertime, she found a place on the floor.  She played a little with Mia and then went silent.  I went to check on her.  She had fallen asleep.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Smokin' in the Boy's Room

My parents are in town to visit.  For dinner, we decided to go local.  Our first attempt was to go to a bar and grill down the road.  When we walked in, we found the inside to be more bar than grill.  They said that eating was done outside.  We started to do that.  When we did, we were attacked by these little flies.  They are called no see um's.  Next, we went to a smokehouse called Porkie's.  The food was fantastic.  The meats melted in your mouth.  The sides were just as good.

Getting Better Everyday

Elana is healing after her procedure.  Last night, she ate chicken.  She has not really tried to eat.  That is a good sign.  She is screaming, but I think this is her way of telling me she is hungry.

Welcome to My Nightmare

Elana went to bed pretty quickly last night.  She even let me move her to the side.  Around 3:30, a cry went out.  It was not Elana.  Haley was having night terrors.  She has these off and on since we got her.  Elana heard the cry.  I changed her diaper and got her back to sleep.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Theater of Pain

Elana woke up screaming.  I gave her some food and tried to lay her back down.  She. Slept for a little bit.  Angie called.  We decided to meet at Chick fil a.  I got Elana and Mia ready.  After we ate, I brought some of the girls home.  Elana started screaming and pulling her hair.  I gave her some pain meds.  I think it is working.  She is walking in circles and no screaming.

A Bad Moon Rising

When we got home from the movie, I got ready and brought Elana to bed.  She was not in the mood to sleep. She cried and cried.  I brought her out to get some pain meds.  After, I held her for over an hour.  Then, I could lie down.  She expected to sleep on my stomach.  I slept this way most of the night.  My back is killing me.

Superman V Batman

I got to see the movie with Kiersten and Michelle.  It is worth the price of admission. I think the best way to see it is to go without reading too much about it.  If you saw the previews, that is all you need.  I find this to be a worthy entry for DC.  I look forward to more movies. I asked Michelle if she wanted a shirt.  She said no.  I asked if she was like Clark Kent at school and Superman at home?  Her reply was, Let's leave it at that.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Made It

I made it in the theater.  We have an hour to go.  At least, we have good seats.  I am with children and they are driving me crazy.  There are twin security guards.

A Super Night?

I am in line for Batman V Superman. I hope to get in, but there is no guarantee.  I'm probably like 100 in line.  I'm surethey'd use a big theater.  I have heard of the opening secondary theaters, but it is up to the theater corporation.

The Martian

We finally got to see The Martian.  We loved it.  It is very thought provoking.  The acting was great.  It's funny, just like Gravity, the Chinese played a part in the rescue.  They are probably touching on the fact that our countries should work together for space exploration.  Just imagine if we put all the money towards one exploration, instead of two or three countries trying to race to that position.  I guess the countries are all too worried that one partner would turn on the other.  


Elana's eyelids are coming open.  I can't tell if she is having a tough time dealing with it.  She has been yelling more and banging on walls.  Last night, I had to calm her down to get to her to lie down.  In the middle of the night, she woke up and started screaming.  I thought she needed a diaper change.  It was not really wet.  I think she was feeling some pain.  This morning, I tried to get ready quietly, but she still woke up.  She let out a scream or two.  Angie gave her some medicine.  Hopefully, she went back to sleep.  

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Eyes Have It

Elana eyelids have opened.  She is still getting used to it.  Angie says she been screaming a lot today.  Right now, she is screaming at the sun in the sun room.

A Valuable Lesson

Kiersten learned a valuable lesson this weekend.  She was holding a phone that belonged to her friend.  Next thing you know, we hear an object dropping.  It was the phone.  When it hit the ground, it shattered.  Now we have to replace the screen.  We told Kiersten, it will come out of her savings.  She has been warned about playing with other people's devices.  I just wish the friend had protected her device.  We pointed it out to Michelle and Kiersten.  They like to take off the protective devices off of their electronic devices.  Now we can say, look what can happen.

Spring Ice!

Yesterday was the first day of spring.  To celebrate, Rita's Ice gave out free cup of Italian Ice.  I discovered this late in the day.  We still had time to go.  After dinner, I loaded up 4 of the 5 girls and we went to get some.  Since Angie had to stay, we got our orders to go.  Mia got to pick her own flavor.  She was very happy.  Elana would not try any.  She was tired and the pain meds were wearing off.

I Will Survive

Elana is doing better everyday.  Her eyelids are starting to open.  She is more active.  I don't know if that is a good thing.  At times, she gets a little cranky.  When she does, she becomes Hurricane Elana.  If you don't stop her, there will be a mess in the house.  At those times, the only thing that makes her happy is to be held.  I did a lot of that this weekend.  My back can testify to that.

Toys Everywhere!

I woke up this morning to start another day at work.  I got dressed and ate my breakfast.  As I was going to unlock the door, I noticed toys on the ground.  I pushed over some stuffed animals.  It was still dark.  I try not to turn too many lights on.  It looked like one of the pillow pets was in the middle of the floor.  I was still tired.  If not, I would have remembered that I had already walked through there.  I would have stepped on it.  I go to move it over.  Low and behold, I found that the pillow pet was Elana.  She had come from the room and fell asleep in a crouching position.  I tried to wake Michelle to get her, but she did not want to wake.  When I left, I heard Elana scream out.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Irish Meal for Dinner

I know it's a little late, but I had a taste for  Colcannon.  It is mainly a vegetable dish with bacon.  I cook the vegetables in the bacon grease.  It turned out really well.  Everyone liked it.

Fell Flat

I set up another batch of bagels in the bread machine.  I brought the girls to the library.  Once there, we discovered they were doing an Easter egg hunt.  I encouraged Michelle and Kiersten to join.  Kiersten wanted to, but Michelle did not.  We tricked her by saying she was doing it for Elana.  After the hunt, she looked at her eggs and saw lots of candy.  She changed her opinion of it.  When we got home I checked the dough.  It did not rise.  The yeast was no longer active.  Back to the drawing board.

Splish Splash I'm Taking a Bath

A couple of weeks ago, I made pretzel buns.  Today, I decided to make bagels.  I had to make them plain.  Michelle only likes plain bagels and plain cream cheese.  I loaded the ingredients in the bread maker.  As that turned, I prepared the bath.  I also had to juggle Elana's needs. They did not always coincide.  When it was ready to form the bagels, I had to put Elana down.  She screamed and threw things.  Eventually, she made it to the sun room.  She even climbed into the high chair to look at the sun.  The bagels turned out to every one's satisfaction.  Michelle ate two loaded with cream cheese.  I am going to do a few more batches.  I want to add some flavors.

Spring is in the Air

I finally found something Elana wants to do.  I strapped her to my back and went outside.  When I tried to go back in, she got upset.  Now I am taking a longer walk.  I am not hearing any fussing from my passenger.  I have to go back soon to work on some bagels.

Baby on Board

Elana has been feeling the need to be held.  I had to hold her most of yesterday and now today.  I tried holding her in the baby holder.  That work fine, until she didn't want to be held.  I was washing dishes until started screaming and thrashing. I think her pain meds were wearing off.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Binge Worthy Day

The rain hit early.  I had to stop raking leaves.  Once inside, Elana demanded my attention.  While I held her, I turned on Netflix.  I have watched the new Pee Wee movie.  I liked it.  It reminds me of the original.  Then, it was on to Daredevil Season 2.  Two episodes in and I'm hooked.

Leave Me Alone

I did my weekly leaf raking.  I think our tree is almost out of dead leaves.  I am hoping so.  Next up, I need to get the gardens ready.  I want to transplant some cactus to create a barrier.  It might keep some of the weeds out.  I am waiting for mulch to go on sale.

Rocking the Night Away

While Mia was melting down, Haley was trying to sleep.  As Mia started calming down, Haley was starting to cry.  We thought she'd go to sleep if we turned off the lights.  She cried louder.  I picked her up and brought her to the living room.  She started in her pen.  She continued to cry.  I picked her up and sat in the rocking chair.  As I rocked, her head kept dropping.  Eventually, I was able to bring her to the crib.

Friday, March 18, 2016

One of Those Nights

Elana and I were asleep by about nine.  Around 10:30 I hear Mia crying.  She was missing one of her toys.  With normal kids, you can say I looked and wait until the morning.  With a special needs child it is different.  We've seen with Kayla.  Mia seems to do the same thing.  She has been crying for two hours.  I am hoping she will stop soon.  We have turned over the house looking for this toy.

Do Not Disturb, I'm Binging!

Netflix has added two new things to watch.   They added Pee Wee's Big Holiday ad the second season of Daredevil.  Hopefully, I will have some time to watch some things.

Deja Vu From My Childhood!

Today, the girls started spring break.  While I sat at my desk, I got a text from Michelle.  She was looking for something.  It reminded me of when my brother and I were out of school.  We'd call mom at work all the time.  Usually, it involved one of us doing something to the other.  I tended to call about going to some movie.

Devious Minds

I think my daughter is starting to think like me.  The other day, we had an Easter egg hunt.  They hid a golden egg.  If you found that, you won a basket with candy and things.  She did not find it.  When she got home, she tells me that next year she is going to watch them from her room. She pulls out a set of binoculars.  She looks at me with a sly smile.

A Return to Normalcy

Elana had a better day.  She gets stronger every day.  She wanted me to hold her for a while, but she eventually let me put her down.  When it was time for bed, we went to the room.  I set her down.  She stayed in front of the door.  She did not cry or scream.  At some point, I said to come to bed.  She walked over and got on the end of the bed.  A little later, I moved her further up.  She slept through the night.

Blow Your Horn

I got to test my car horn this morning.  Some jerk pulled into my lane.  I don't even think they looked to see if anyone was there.  I let them know using my horn.  Then, they pulled in front of a semi.  I guess they just had a death wish.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Irish Stirfry

A coworker asked if I was making an Irish meal tonight.  I told her I should do an Irish Stir fry.  I could use cabbage, corned beef, and make a sauce with Guinness Beer.

Master Key

I word with someone who is a whiz with excel.  When he starts moving around, it is like a master on a piano.  It's really funny when he says, just do this and this.  It's real simple.  I'm still two keys behind what he is doing.  I like this, though.  I get to practice on Excel.  The only way to become proficient is to actually use it.

Comfortably Numb

Elana is growing stronger every day.  She was walking around yesterday.  By the end, she wanted someone to hold her.  Angie was holding her.  I gave her a break.  I tried to bring her back to the room, but she did not want to lay on the bed.  We sat on the couch until she fell asleep.  I was able to move her over, so she could sleep there.  Her meds kept her from the pain.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Break out the green clothes, food, beer, etc.  It's time to celebrate our Irish heritage.  I know that not everyone is Irish.  As you can tell from my name, I have Irish on both sides of my family.  One day, I hope to visit Ireland.  My daughters will have the best of both worlds.  They can celebrate their Irish and Chinese heritage.  If I had planned ahead, I could have made an Irish stir fry.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

King of Pain

I got home and found Angie carrying Elana.  Angie said she is really fussy.  I started to hold her.  I tried sitting once.  She did not like that.  I stood up again.  I brought her in the sun room.  She let me sit down.  She even got out of my arms.  I hope she will sleep tonight.

As the World Burns

We had another big election yesterday.  Another candidate dropped out of the primaries.  Trump is threatening riots if he is not nominated.  Clinton and Sanders keep chugging along.  Obama has nominated a judge for the Supreme Court.  It will be interesting to see how that shapes up.  I can't wait for this election to be over.  Maybe, we will see fewer political commercials, until the end of summer.  Good thing for Netflix.  I can escape the commercials.

Sometimes a Name can be Deceiving

There have not been a lot of sneaks in Orlando.  I think the film companies are worried about Batman V Superman.  I see a sneak appear.  It is called Sing Street.  That automatically turns me off.  I decided to sit through the preview.  I'm glad I did.  It is set in the 80'S in Ireland.  It reminds me of The Commitments.  That was a really good movie.  If you like music and comedy, search it out.  When Sing Street comes out, give it a chance.

First Night Back

Elana was calmer than she usually is.  She did not scream as much.  She also did not sit there and cry or whimper.  That is probably due in part to medication.  She is a strong child.  I don't think she lets things get to her.  She slept on the couch.  I don't think she will have a problem sleeping.  She ate some potatoes and Pediasure for dinner.  She will go back to the doctor on March 30 for a checkup.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Resting, Healing

I just got home.  Elana is laying on the couch.  She knows I am nearby.  She is really calm.  Her face is swollen.  No screaming. We'll see when I getup.

Home on the Range

They are back home.  Angie says that Elana is swollen.  She did eat some of a potato for lunch.  She liked it.  Haley took one bite and turned away.  When she does not like something, she will let you know.  That is similar to Elana.  You know she does not like something when she spits it out.

Misery Loves Company

I have told you about the author Qui Xiaolong.  I have read two of his books and am currently reading a third.  If you are looking for a good read, check him out.  The first book in the Detective Chen series is Death of a Red Heroine.  I am reading A Loyal Character Dancer.  I am already about 100 pages into it.  One thing I found interesting, I might have already told you, is that one of the characters is named Qin Qin.  Kiersten's Chinese name is Qin Qin.  It is now her middle name.  I found that interesting.  Also, in Death of a Red Heroine, Detective Chen goes to Guangzhou and eats a meal at the White Swan.  His character mentions the waterfall in the hotel.  I've seen it.  I did write the author and he responded .  Like I've said, give his books a try.  If you like mysteries and like to learn about another culture, you will not be disappointed.

Condition Critical

I spoke with Angie last night.  I got to see Elana.  She did not look like she was feeling that good.  She was sitting in a baby stroller.  There was some blood coming from her eyes.  It was probably residual from the surgery.  Angie went up to her.  She did let out a little scream.  Angie said that was the first she had let out.  She will be coming back today.  Then it is time to heal.  We have to keep her from touching her eyes.  They are sewn shut.  They used dissolving sutures.  She also has the rings in her eyes.

Title of the post comes from an 80's song, just like some recent posts.  Can you guess which ones and which groups?

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Busy Day

I went back to work after taking a day off.  I guess I have it better than my fellow Underwriters.  I only had two emails.  They needed answers from me.  I managed to get them done.  I still have two things to work on though.  The others get 20 to 30 emails.  I did get to show off my new car.

Alive and Kicking

Elana has come to.  Angie said she is drinking water and say things like okay.  They will spend the night at the hotel, so they can get some rest.

Surgery is Over

Elana made it through the surgery.  We will need to use drops, medication, and antibiotics.  The doctors said they do not need to see her tomorrow.  They will stay at the hotel overnight and come back in the morning.  The doctor wants to see her in two weeks.

Dancing with Myself

Elana was in good spirits as she was wheeled into her surgery.  Angie said that she was singing the Cops theme song as she was wheeled into surgery.  That was about 4-5 hours ago.  I am still waiting on news, so stay tuned.  She got the theme song from Mia, who has a big fascination with the song.  Elana likes to sing songs that Mia will sing.

First Day at Work with my New Ride

Getting into the car this morning, I had to get used to the car.  At first, I thought the clock light was the only light I had.  Then, I realized that when I turn on the lights, the dashboard does light up.  One great thing, when the car is off, the lights go with it.  The car handle fine.  I am looking forward to tackling the day ahead.  No word from Angie.  I expect to hear from her later.  

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Gone, Again!

Angie and Elana are back in Miami.  Elana starts her grueling surgery in the morning.  It is going to last a big portion of the day.  The doctors day will be dedicated to Elana.  Hopefully, it will without a hitch.

My Wife's Van Gave Birth

I took a pucture of my new car next to Angie's van. I posted the picture.  My mom said it was cute.

Spring Cleaning

Angie's parents are in town.  Everyone is chipping in to clean the house.  I wanted to see a movie, but I guess it was not to be.  I did hook up a movie in the bedroom drive in.  I am sticking to that room.  I will have to take my new ride for a spin for groceries.  Tomorrow, Elana goes through her surgery.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

More Pleasant Experience

We went to a Toyota dealer today.  I found itvto be a better experience.  I think the main difference is that he stuck to the one vehicle we were looking at.  He seemed like the guy from Two and a Half Men.  Not Charlie Sheen's character.  The finance manger was very nice also.  I just did not like our last experience at the Nissan dealer.  The car is smaller than my Kia.  I think I will get great gas mileage.

A New Era

Today, I traded my vehicle in for a new one.  I am now a proud owner of a 2016 Toyota Yaris.  It is an improvement over the Kia.  It has automatic windows!  It is smaller than my other one.  The kids like it.

Reconstructing Elana

Angie told me what they are going to do for Elana's surgery.  They will be taking skin from the inside of her mouth and palate.  The will remove the eyelids.  I think they will try to save the skin to use for the new eyelids.  They will combine the eyelid skin with the skin or whatever it is called from the inside of the mouth and palate.  Once those are attached, rings will be inserted to keep them from fusing with the eyeballs.  Once healed, they can take out the rings in an in office visit.

Dance the Night Away

We got to bring the family to Michelle's dance last night.  When we got there, we had to park a distance from the entrance.  We found a backdoor that was closer.  We gathered the clan and went inside.  Yhe music was blaring.  If this is the way dances were when I was young, I'm glad I did not attend them.  We looked for a place to sit, but could not find any.  We had a double stroller.  If there were seats available, they would have to be at the end.  Michelle and Kiersten disappeared.  I got in the line for food.  Eventually, Kiersten got in line.  We got our plates of food.  It was pasta and salad.  After eating, I pulled Elana out of the stroller.  She was not happy sitting there.  Once in my arms, she was content.  After about 30 minutes, I had to sit down.  Elanawas fine with that.  Even Mia came up to me a couple of times.  We did not see Michelle until the end of the dance.  She was busy hanging with her friends.  I think they had a good night.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Seperation is Over For Now

Angie came back home with the girls.  She was exhausted.  The girls seemed happy to be out of the car.  Just to make sure, I asked Angie if she noticed the yard looked better.  She said that she did.  Hopefully the HOA will notice.

Feel the Burn

I just finished.  I'm exhausted.  I will probably be feeling muscle pains for the next week.  I did get the branches cut and the piles picked up.  I even started a load of clothes.  I will get a shower and prepare for inside work.

Feel the Burn

I just finished.  I'm exhausted.  I will probably be feeling muscle pains for the next week.  I did get the branches cut and the piles picked up.  I even started a load of clothes.  I will get a shower and prepare for inside work.

A Cut Above

After Mia got on the bus, I decided to attend to my sick yard.  I pulled out the rake.  I raked some leaves, pulled some weeds, and watered some areas.  At that point, I pulled put the branch clippers and the ladder.  Some of the branches are high up.  I dud half the tree.  I went in for water.  Kiersten asked if I'd bring her to school.  Now, I am on a break.  The soreness is creeping up.  Part of growing old.

Movie Clarified

I called my mom last night.  I do not remember much of our conversation.  To let you know, she says that 10 Cloverfield Lane is a must see film.  Of course, she says this without giving spoilers.

Morning Rush

I got up and slowly got dressed.  Then, I realized I needed to hurry.  I grabbed Mia's clothes, while doing that, I had to ignore Angie's call.  I made it up to her by having Mia Facetime her.  At that point, I was getting her meds.  We took those and finished with breakfast.  Now we are waiting for her bus.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mixed Signals

I talked to Angie.  Elana was seen by the doctors.  I guess someone thought both procedures would be done next week.  The eye surgeon explained that his part in the surgery is to watch when they detach her eyelids from the retinas.  Once that heals completely, then he will see if she can do a cornea transplant.

Bedroom Drive-in

Everyone probably has a monitor laying around.  We happen to have a couple.  I wondered if a Kindle could be hooked up to it.  When I did some research, I found that you can do it.  I ordered the line.  I made one mistake,  I ordered a mini HDMI line.  It should have been a micro HDMI.  I ordered a mini to micro adapter.  The part came in tiday.  I hooked it up.  It works.  I will have to get some computer speakers to hook up to the earphone jack on the Kindle to get sound.  I can put that in the bedroom.  I won't have to hold my Kindle.

Explain Yourself!

Don't you hate it when something happens at work and someone demands that you explain why it happened.  It happened all the time at my last job.  The underwiters would throw you under the bus.  Actually, they would push you front of it, have your supervisor run you over and then have QC backup and do it again.  I got an email wondering why I had entered something.  At first, I thought that I had overlooked something.  I checked the worksheets.  The item was not there.  Found out, I hit a line that the group did not have and the system thought that meant to add it.  It did not show anywhere, that is until it was in the system.  I explained the situation.  It's one thing to ask, but you have to do it a certain way.  When you accuse somebody of doing it on purpose, it really does not help.  Computers can have issues.  Our program is not 100% accurate every minute of the day.  Things happen, we fix them and move on with our lives.

Major Trailer Released!

Today, Marvel released its trailer for Captain America Civil War.  It looks as good as the last one if not better.  Check it out:

Same Feeling Different Day

The sinus headache has returned.  When I get this way, I get lethargic and irritable.  I better watch my tone with my fellow coworkers.  I only have to make it 2.5 hours.  Then it's time to go.  I can't wait for the weather to stabilize.

Out of It

My mom called last night.  I remember talking to her, but I do not remember answering the phone.  I know she told me about the movie.  It was a rough start to sleep.  My sinuses were killing me.  According to the news, we won't get relief for a couple of days.  I even think I was out of it when I wrote this.

Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

I did not get to see the movie.  I managed to get my parents a set of tickets for the sneak in their town.  My mom called me last night.  She said that she really enjoyed the movie.  I might try to see it this weekend.  Let's make this movie a surprise hit!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Wife is Leaving Me. . .

Angie is leaving tonight with some of the girls.  Elana has two appointments tomorrow with doctors.  One is for the cornea transplant and the other is for the plastic surgery for her eyelids.  Angie had to get authorizations and make plans.  It's like a 5-7 hour trip to Miami.  She will be leaving at rush hour around here.  Michelle will be with her.

I was Hoping!

I was hoping to hit 100,000 today.  Days when I expect big numbers are days that no one tunes in.  Days that I think people will stay away surprise me.  Keep on reading.  If you get bored and want to click around, feel free to click on the ads.  I don't make any money from this, but it would be interesting if they would cut a check for something.  I think I am up the 3 clicks which is probably like 1 ten thousands of a cent.  I probably need 10,000 clicks to get a penny.  Also, two posts ago, I used the title The Power of Jesus Compels You!.  Can you name the move it came from?

10 Cloverfield Lane

If you get a chance to see a movie this weekend, make it 10 Cloverfield Lane.  Why?  This is a special kind of film.  They only released a commercial/trailer about 5 weeks ago.  Not only that, but they are keeping the story under wraps.  When you go into the movie, you do not know which direction it is going to go.  If this does well, it will show Hollywood, that you do not need to tell us the whole story in the preview.  It is a movie that is not from a comic book.  We want them to produce movies that are different.  Do we want all films to come from comics and poorly done remakes that no one asks for?  If you have not had a chance, there is a Cloverfield movie, also.  Go check it out.  it will surprise you.  I enjoyed it. Forgot to mention, it has 100% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Call the Exorcist!

Elana woke up possessed.  She came out and started throwing things.  I tried to block her and she would scream.  At one point, she even banged her her on the cabinet.  Angie gave her some Advil, children's.  I picked her up and handed her over to Angie before I left.  She was still crying.  Mia ended up staying home.  She was really congested.

The Power of Christ Compels You! (not a religious rant, it's a quote from a movie)

Elana was a child possessed last night.  I had her calm, then she climbed off my chest and went to the dresser.  She screams out and starts throwing things.  I pick her up and keep her on the bed.  She did not like that.  She cried, kicked, punched, etc, for an hour or so. After that, she calmed down.  She got out of bed and stayed at the door.  I can't remember if I brought her back to bed or she did it on her own.  It was a fun night.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Early to Bed, Early to Rise. . .

I am in bed.  It's only 6:30pm.  Elana is tired and not feeling good.  A dangerous combo. She has been screaming, scratching, and tearing up the house.  I got done with eating.  As I write this, I have a two year old laying on my stomach.


Don't you hate those days when you are trying to stay up, but keep drifting off.  I seem to be having one of those days.  I don't know why.  I did get a lot of sleep.  I have taken some allergy meds, but I don't know how well those are working.  I have eaten some food.  I just keep yawning.

Is this Race over Yet?

We are only three months into the year.  We still have nine months of this presidential election to go.  I guess since our primary is next, we are getting inundated with political commercials and stories on the news about rallies.  I think the only good political coverage is coming from SNL.  I think some of the other late night comedians are also providing great insight.  If you are looking for a fun way to look at these politicians, check out the late night shows or do like I do and check them out on the internet.  

Blocking the Signal

I woke up around 11:00 last night.  When I did, I noticed lights on.  I opened the door and found Michelle and Kiersten still awake.  I told them to go to bed.  When I got back to bed, I had a thought.  I looked up blocking WiFi at certain times.  Low and behold, you can program your router to to block certain devices at certain times.  I told Angie about it.  She said it would be easier to take away the devices.  Then you would have to deal with the wrath of Michelle.  I thought that this would be a gentler way of doing things.  At 10:00, they will lose their access.  When they complain, we will tell them it's bedtime.  She can also program it for the mornings.

A Meal for the Youngins

I took out some chili from the freezer.  I also had two cans of vegetarian chili from Aldi.  I mix them together and added some rice.  I did not know how my three youngest would take it.  Mia started and she seemed to like it.  I got my food ready and brought Elana next to me.  I put a spoonful in her mouth.  Not only did she eat it, but she allowed me to give her more.  That is a good sign with Elana.  I ground some up for Haley.  Angie says she ate all of hers.  I guess I will have to make vegetarian  chili again.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Jesus Saves! (Walking Dead, not religious, sort of)

I'm watching last night's Walking Dead.  Jesusjusr saved one of Rick's people.  I wonder if they are going to come out with a shirt, showing Jesus with two guns in the air, and the slogan Jesus Saves.  Wonder if some would take offense?

Hamburger Perfected

I finally made the hamburger the way I had been planning.  It turned out to be pretty tasty.  I made 4 pretzel rolls.  They were great.  It was not that hard.  I used a bread machine, on the dough cycle.  I think everyone liked them.  Also, the burger turned out great.  I think scrapple tends to make the burger fall apart a little, but it was still a good burger.

Busy Weekend

The busy weekend is over.  My body is feeling the aftermath.  My legs and back are sore.  Hopefully, our yard looks a little better.  I will still have to go out there to get the more stubborn weeks.  I hope to buy a bunch of mulch to cover the areas.  Angie may have different plans.  I also want to transplant some Aloe cactus' to the center garden.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Back to the Land of Disrepair

I went out to finish what I started.  I bagged the leaves that I had left in piles. Then, I started pulling weeds.  I came up with three more piles.  I think it looks better.  I guess we'll have to see if it meets the HOA's high standards.

Poop an Emoji

Mia went up to Angie the other day.  She tells Angie she pooped.  So, Angie went to change her.  When she is laying down, she tells her that she did not poop an emoji.

Target on my Back

I must have a target on my back.  For some reason, con artists keep trying to friend me.  It has happened again.  This time it was someone from Africa.  I guess I knew what was happening.  Maybe I did it so I could write another post.  I friended him on Friday.  He asked some questions.  I answered and said it was bed time.  Next thing I know, 5:30 am Saturday, he is messaging me.  I did not write back until later in the day.  Today, he starts telling me that thing are not good.  I was wondering when it was coming.  I asked what was wrong.  He starts to tell me that his mother had died and father could not afford to send him to school.  I wrote him and said I knew how he felt. I said I had six children and one adult working.  We are struggling.  He says okay, but can I give him money for school.  I tell him I wish I could, but we are two paychecks from losing our home. I told him if he finds money, let me know.  He he says okay, could he send the address of the school.  I go, are you reading what I writing? He writes that he needs $30 a month.  I write Good Luck and unfriend him.

Let them Eat Cake!

Yesterday, Haley celebrated her 4th birthday.  She opened her gifts.  Then, got got to try cake.  Both her and Elana loved it.  They kept begging for more. I think it put Elana on a quick sugar high and then she crashed.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Repairing the Disrepair

When we got home from running errands, I went out with a rake.  I raked leaves into piles.  I pulled out the mower and hit some trouble areas on the lawn.  I trimmed some bushes.  Tomorrow, I will pull some weeds and I might paint the mailbox.  I have to bag my leaf piles.

What Century are we in?

At the dealership, we were letting the salesperson know what we wanted.  I liked the Versa Note.  She turned to us and asked if we wanted manual windows.  I asked if it had an eight track.  I can't believe they still make cars with manual windows.  I should have inquired if they still had 1970 model's available.

Wagon Queen Family Truckster

I am standing at a Nissan dealer.  I was thinking about getting a new car.  The Versa Note looked good, but the salesperson comes up with a Versa.  I thought it was okay.  Then she tries to convince me into looking at a Sentra.  I guess it's like my car.  I said I was not interested.  Then, I look for my car.  I said it is probably like Vacation.  They probably have already crushed it.  They just came back with another offer.  I feel like a bug on a spiderweb.

Happy Birthday to Haley!

Today, Haley turns 4.  She has come a long way from when she entered our lives.  She is getting stronger every day.  Yesterday, she scooted over to one of our Windows.  She got up on a kid's table and sat there.  That was okay.  Then, she started hitting the window.  I watched her.  The next thing I know, she is on her back getting ready to kick the window.  I rushed over there and moved her to the pen.

The Brush Off

Kayla went to see her dentist.  She came away with a good report.  No cavities.  That is good.  We are not with her to make sure she brushes.  She was also a big help with Elana and Haley.  I even called her to say hello.  Ever since she moved to the group home, we don't get to see her as much as the last facility.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Who ya Gonna Call?

Yesterday, they released the trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters.  I looked it up and the original came out in 1984.  I was around 11.  I can not believe it was that long ago.  I remember seeing that film at the Cardinal theater in North Raleigh.  It no longer exists.  I loved the movie.  The preview for the new one looks fun.  I think my daughters will enjoy it.  It's kind of funny that I saw the first one when I was younger.  32 years later and 6 daughters and a female led version is coming out.  Check it out.

New Shirt Style

I have thought about sewing napkins on my shirts in the shoulder area.  I think it would sell well with people who have toddlers.  Elana has this habit.  I would say bad habit, but she is keeping her mouth clean.  If I get food on her mouth, when I feed her, she will take her mouth and clean it off on my shoulder.  If you see me with food stains on my shoulder, you know it was Elana.  I swear, I am not wiping my mouth on my own shoulder.  I am not just trying to blame my soon to be 3 year old.

Morning Wakeup

Elana came out of the room pretty early this morning.  I guess she did not like that I was not in the room.  I got her dressed and fed her.  She liked that, but she did not like it when I put her down to leave.  She started to cry.  I wish she would not do that.  I'd take her if I could, but I don't think my boss would like her walking around everyone's desk throwing papers on the ground and screaming.  That would be quite a sight, though.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Last Minute Trip

Angie got a call from Miami.  The doctors want to see Elana next Thursday.  That is three days before they are to see her for her eyelid surgery.  She will go down to Miami, see the doctors and come home.  Then go back a few days later for the eyelid surgery.

Dumbing Down a Movie

A friend at work said that he and his wife watched Blade Runner.  I asked if it was the Director's cut or the movie executive cut.  Movie executive cut?  When this movie was released, the studio did not think people were smart enough to understand what Ridley Scott was trying to do.  So, they added a voice over to explain things and a happy ending.  We all must have happy endings, right?  That's the way life works.  (being sarcastic) See, I am even explaining what I am writing.  If you ever watch this film, watch the director's cut.  You will be rewarded by a thought provoking film.  It may not answer all questions, but does life?  They are setting up a sequel to this great movie.

Sometimes, A Trailer is All You Need

I just watched a preview for Miracles from Heaven.  I feel like I just watched the whole movie.  It looks like a straight forward movie with no surprises.  If there were any, they would not have shown them in the preview.  What is the point of this kind of movie.  I can guess the girls will get healed and they will claim that it was from God and then there will be people that doubt what they say.  Then, a group of the faithful will surround them and say they believe and the movie will end.  I'm surprised that Hallmark just didn't release this on their network.  I think the studio is going for the religious money grab.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

21 Days of Hope

Reece's Rainbow is trying to raise money for adoptions in a special program they have created called "21 Days of Hope"  They are marking 10 years that they have helped orphans from around the world.  Please check out the link and give if you can.  If you can not, pass it on to your friends.  Three of our girls were featured on Reece's Rainbow:  Mia, Elana and Haley.

Laws of Attraction

I woke this morning and did my usual routines.  As I was sitting, eating my breakfast, I heard a sound from the back room.  Angie says "Elana's up."  She stumbles into the kitchen walks the perimeter and heads to the living room.  I don't say a work.  She walks right up to me and starts to get into my lap.  I held her for a couple of minutes, but I had to upset her.  I put her down, so I could leave for work.

Out of Africa

I have been doing this blog for over two years.  I have seen a lot of countries tune into my stories, rants, and raves.  A couple of continents have not tuned in.  I don't think Antarctica will ever tune in.  That is unless someone doing scientific studies has Internet access.  The only other continent that I have not seen is Africa.  That is until yesterday.  I would like to say hello to those tuning into this blog from Angola.  I hope you find this blog interesting and please feel free to share.  That would go to anyone reading.  If you want to learn about adoption, children with special needs, what movies might be worth watching, etc, then stay tuned.

Spies Everywhere!

When you live in an HOA, you might start to get paranoid.  An HOA, for those who do not know, is a Home Owner Association.  The form a board of concerned neighbors that keep up the neighborhood and in turn the values of our homes or so the theory goes.  Well it's winter in Florida.  Some may not believe it, but our grass and trees do go dormant.  Unfortunately, some of our neighbors do not understand that.  I guess if we watered on days that wr are not supposed to and had ground crews every other week, we'd be fine.  We are under a watering restriction.  We are allowed to water once or twice a week.  On those days, there is not enough pressure to water.  In addition to that, we've hired a yard crew.  They ripped us off.  I guess I will have to mow our dormant lawn to show that we are doing something.

Just Roll With It

I have been trying to run in the morning.  When I do, I get pains in the front of my legs.  Today, I decided to pull out the bike.  I did feel some burn in the muscles, but not like the pain from running.  I might try to run again, but I think bike riding will suit me also.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Yard in Disrepair

The yard Nazis have returned.  We got s notice that ouryard is in disrepair.  It is also winter.  Our grass is hibernating.  It's sad when they send something like that, but don't give suggestions.  I wish we could just paint the dead grass green.

Burger in Paradise

I entered a recipe in a contest that Whalburgers is holding.  I tried to incorporate tastes of Philadelphia.  I have already been mentioning my creation.  Here is what I submitted.  I take ground beef and grind bacon, strip loin and scrapple together.  Then I form the burger.  Before cooking, I caramelize onions and peppers.  Then, cook the burger.  Place the burger on a pretzel bun.  Top it with the onions and peppers.  Top the onions and peppers with provolone cheese.  I came close to fulfilling that this weekend, but I forgot the strip loin.  I might try once more.  I really wanted to make the pretzel buns.  I have to see if everyone is sick of my creations.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Elana does not like to wear shoes.  You can put them on her, but she will have them off in two seconds.  I thought the Michelle and her shared this belief of freeing your feet, as Michelle put it.  Angie pointed out that it has to do with her senses.  She uses her feet to get around and feel for what she is walking on and obstructions that lie ahead.  Last night, I watched her walk around the room and she did just that.  She would position her feet over or next to things.  Then, her toes would arch upward and touch things.  It was almost as if she were touching it with her fingers.

Movie Review: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Sword of Destiny

A year or so ago, I heard that Netflix was going to finance a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  I was ecstatic.  I loved the first movie.  Angie and I even went to see it in the theater.  The other day, Netflix released the movie.  I was starting to get worried.  I saw the preview and everyone was speaking English.  How could this happen?  Did Marco Polo arrive and teach everyone English? One of the things I enjoyed about the first movie was that it was in Mandarin.  When I hit play to start the movie, I was rewarded by subtitles and Mandarin.  I'm sure you can go into the settings and watch it in English.  I was happy to see that they did film it in Mandarin.  I found it to be a great edition to the series.  I hope that they adapt more of the stories if they exist.  I found it to have a good balance of story to fighting.  Donnie Yen was as good as he always is.  This year, American audiences will get to see him in a big movie: Star Wars: Rogue One.  Michelle Yeoh was great in the roll she reprises from the first movie.  If you get a chance, give this a watch.  You probably should watch the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon first.  Some of the story may not make sense.

Finally Finished!

It took about 4 months, but I finally finished Death of a Red Heroine by Gui Xialong.  It was not because the book was boring and I had to force myself to read.  It had more to do with 5 children in the house.  When Kayla was in Melbourne, I had time to read in the car.  Now she is in town.  If you want a good thriller this was a good read.  It's interesting to see how politics can get in the way of a detective's investigation.  Now, I am on to A Loyal Character Dancer.  I think its the next book in the series.  I did read one out of order.  I don't think that will hurt my reading.