Monday, February 20, 2017

A Nazi Gathering

I was looking at Twitter this morning.  I saw a tweet about CPAC.  I clicked on the link.  It's a who's who of conservatism.  To me, it looks more like a gathering of the New Nazi Party that the GOP an Trump have created.  I'm guessing SNL will watch it for some ideas.  This week they are off.  I look forward to their return.  As for the CPAC, they are actually having Milo speak.  This guy is getting protested everywhere he goes.  Then, there is his advocating for sex between adults and children.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Remember Sweden

Another terrorist event has happened.  It was so shocking that even Sweden wanted information about it.  It seems Trump told a rally that Sweden had been attacked by terrorists. The only thing is, there was no attack.  He got the news from Fox, his Propaganda news network.  Guess he should sit through his security briefings.

John Wick Chapter 2

If you liked the first movie, the second one will not let you down. It has the same level of action and the subtle humor.  I read that the director might be doing Deadpool 2 next.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Dissent!

I just read that a senior HUD official was fired for being critical of Trump. What scares me is today he is firing, tomorrow jail? What about the people that post criticism on Facebook and Twitter? Will we have to worry about a knock on our door in the middle of the night? Ben Carson did not do the firing. It came from the White House.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Another "Winner" gets Appointed

They appointed the climate denier to the EPA.  I hope he does not turn our country into a third world country.  I think that is what the polluters want to do.  He claims he is going to give more control to the states, but we just had some algae blooms in Florida.  They were not pretty.  Tourism is big business, so our state has to do something or risk an important industry.

Tough Night for SNL

I know that Trump and his administration is trying to Make America Funny Again, but SNL will have its work cut out for it this week.  It will be really hard to top Trump's Press conference.  I have faith in them.  I have not heard much out of Spicey.  I can see Miller making his first appearance on the show.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

The Tide is Turning

A congressman from NC has signed on to the investigation of Trump.  This congressman is a Republican.  I don't know if they need more, but I commend him for putting Country over Party.  No matter what party a person is from, you can not ignore crimes.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Raping and Pillaging of America

The GOP is doing away with regulations.  Soon we will not be the country to visit.  Our air will be substandard, our water will be toxic, and animals will be endangered.  This will all benefit the rich companies of America.  As for the people, we will be sick and dying.  We will not be able to afford care.  When you see a healthy person, you will know they are rich.

Sick Nation

Our So-Called Leaders are cheering that healthcare companies are pulling out of the Affordable Care Act Exchanges.  That will mean a loss of options for Americans.  They are hoping it fails while we get sicker.  The GOP only stands for one thing Making Money.  They love to mention people without it at election time, but when they gain power, who gets the perks and benefits?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Putting the Blame on Others

Conway is a big one for this.  She can twist anything and make it someone else's problem.  Yesterday, she retweeted something from a White Supremacist.  Of course, it wasn't her.  She claims someone hacked her.  Why would a hacker break into her account and retweet something from a hate group?  Seems like a hacker would have better things to look for.  I told her it was probably Hillary trying to make her look like a racist.

End of Argument

When on Twitter and you run into a Trump Minion, they always go back to the past.  They don't seem to understand that their party is in charge.  If they are committing crimes, it needs to be investigated.  I told one person that the chant should be Lock Him Up! or Lock up his Administration!  This women replies we prefer Lock Her up!  I told her to stop living in the past.  They always do that.  Trump could nuke a country and they will go Remember the time Hillary had a private server.  Do you see how stupid that is?

Keeping up with the Truth

It seems that Trump's people are having a hard time keeping up with the truth.  Spicer keeps changing his stories to fit the current facts.  He still insists that they did not talk to Russia during the election.  The Intelligence agencies will be able to say whether that is true or not.  They monitor calls.  It will be interesting to see what bombshell comes out next.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

All the President's Men!

The White House is trying to find a leak.  What are they leaking? Criminal activity that the White House is condoning.  Chaffetz actually is calling for an investigation into the impromptu meeting he had at his country club.  They are also saying Conway should be disciplined.  He'll probably slap her on the wrists.  They are trying to come up with excuses on why Flynn resigned.  None of them have to do with the fact he broke the law.

What is Going on in Europe?

Has Trumplethinskin's hatred travelled overseas?  Or are we seeing Putin's master plan?  It seems more countries are leaning to the right.  This is not good.  Don't let Trump influence you.  He likes to spew hate around the world.  He only cares about one thing: Money!

Investigating Cartman!

Chaffetz won't investigate Trump.  Instead, he is going after the Jim Henson Company for a cartoon character.  What's next?  Will he investigate South Park and SNL for their parody of politics?  The Oompa Loompa has very thin skin.  His feelings get hurt very easily.

Another Day on the Front Lines

Flynn has resigned.  I bet Trump will put in Patraeus in the position.  He's loyal to Trump and was let go by Obama.  Qualities Trump likes.  Chris Christie was summoned to the White House.  If he gets in Bobby Moynihan will get more air time on SNL.  The corrupt Banker was passed through last night.  Hide your money.  Another bank collapse will be in our future.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Senator Defection?

Rubio posted an article about the rise of Authoritarianism in the world.  Why?  Unless he fights Trump, it is an insincere posting.  I told him to find some like minded colleagues and join the democrats to demand a thorough investigation.  I don't know if he will even read it.  I have never really had a politician tweet or like a comment.  Who knows if he even wrote it?  It could have been a staffer.

Seller of Secrets!

Trump went down to his time share club this weekend.  At one point, he put the reporters in the basement.  That is almost like when I was young.  The kids had to sit at the kids table during Thanksgiving.  Reporters should not put up with that.  Stop reporting on him, especially if he is doing a infomercial for his club or businesses.  During his meal, he got a call about North Korea firing a missile.  What did he do?  Trump starts discussing it with his patrons.  Have they been cleared to hear national secrets?  I doubt it.

Pushing up Tulips!

I'm reading that Putin and Trump are targeting Holland.  You have to fight this.  These people are not good.  Putin is trying to disrupt the world order.  You really don't want what we have in America.  France is also fighting this right wing extremism.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fighting the Disabled

Devos has started going after the disabled.  During her hearing, she showed she had no idea about a federal law that protects the disabled. She claimed she had to look into it.  I guess she did. She has taken down a site that gave parents information about it.  Next thing you know, she will propose just putting them in sitting rooms.  Why should states have to pay to educate the disabled.  That's a burden to states.  If parents want their kids educated, they need money and they need to stop having disabled kids. Let's just hope the politician's are paying attention.  So far, the GOP is the ostrich party.  Their heads are always in the dirt.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

French Elections

Putin is trying to get Le Pen elected.  Don't let it happen.  It will be just like America.  She might even be worse.  Trump doesn't know what he is doing.  She has experience.  What is Putin trying to do?

SNL Tonight

I think a lot of people are looking forward to tonight's show. Alec Baldwin is hosting for his 17th time.  People want to see what they do.  They have had a full week of gaffes from the world of politics.  People would love to see Rosie O'Donnell as Bannon. Stay tuned!tuned!

Mass Deportation

Trump is starting his mass deportation of undocumented citizens.  That actually happened to my dad once.  He was in California, when border patrol agents stopped near him.  They ended up taking him to Mexico.  He was able to get back to the US.  I wish he were still alive.  I can't remember the whole story.  It does not sound like they are just targeting criminals.  They are going after everyone, who can not prove their citizenship. Scary times!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Another Day, Another Failure

So, Trump lost again in the courts.  After losing he typed SEE YOU IN COURT.  I guess he did not realize they had just ruled in the court.  He'll probably come up with a worse ban than the first one.  Hillary Clinton even Tweeted 3-0.

Running for the Woods

The GOP is holding Town Halls.  They aren't faring so well.  Some try to sneak out back doors.  Some actually sit through some of the abuse.  Then they sneak out.  People are catching on to their Healthcare for the rich.  They don't seem to happy.  They are even asking why there has not been an investigation.  Of course, no answer or they say he can not have conflicts.  Trump pushes as much as they will let him.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Healthcare for the Rich

Our soon to be DHS wants to do away with healthcare for everyone, so that it will only benefit the rich.  On top of that, he plans on giving them a discount.  A billionaire will get assistance paying for their healthcare.  Only in the US.  We might be the richest country, but we are far from benefiting from it.  Soon we will be the sickest nation in the world.  It's funny, Sarah Palin talked about death panels.  She was talking about this insurance and masked it about Obama's insurance.  Healthcare companies are going to strike it rich and have no one to answer to.  I wonder if he has already bought stock in all the healthcare companies?

Selling the White House

Our Dear Leader is attacking stores the drop his daughter's clothing line.  Conway is encouraging the Minions to Buy Trump!  He is still making money off his businesses.  He goes down to Mar a Lago and people are paying $200,000 for access to his club.  When will the GOP wake up.  We have an ethics oversight committee, but they only seem to investigate Clinton and Democrats.  I think they should just shut it down.  With all that is going on, they are irrelevant.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Silence of the Klans!

Elizabeth Warren was reading a letter from CSK MLK's wife about Jeff Sessions racism.  Mitch McConnell shut her down.  This during African American History month.  Her fellow GOP senators voted to silence her.  And they want this person to be our Attorney General.  He foes not speak for all Americans.  Just a small fringe group.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sad Day for Education

The woman, who has no educational experiance, was made our ed secretary.  It helped that she paid off a bunch of the senators that were voting. Pay to Play is alive and well in the GOP.  If you want something, just have a senator name their price.

SNL President's Cabinet

If you did not watch Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, I have included the link.  Guess what? He was okay with it.  He said it was cute.  Trump did not like it.  He thought that it made him look weak to be parodied by a woman.  People are calling on SNL to have Rosie O'donnell play Bannon.  Hopefully, they will listen.  That would be funny.

Fight Pay to Play!

It all comes down to today.  Will Devos be confirmed?   I hope not.  She is a pay to play billionaire.  If she makes it, I hope the Democrats will forever throw this in their faces.  She bought this position.  More accurately, she bought the votes.  I think this should be an issue, especially for the politicians who accepted her money.  I know when Rubio comes up for election, I will push that point.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Death in the Family

Don't worry, not a person!  I was at work today and my phone froze up.  I didn't think anything of it.  I restarted it.  It would not start all the way.  I decided to take out the battery.  I tried again.  No success.  I made multiple attempts.  I looked it up on the computer.  My phone is going through a boot loop.  It won't go past the boot up to start.  At least I have insurance on it.

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the vote for DeVos.  Hopefully, she will be voted down.  No Republicans have come forward other than Collins and Murkowski.  To me, they are probably the only to with a  backbone in that party.  You either have the colluders like Ryan and McConnell or you have the ones like Rubio who will never cross his party.  I thought the point was to listen to your constituents and put country before party.  These current politicians are Party First all the way.  If you are rich, then you have their ear.  It does not matter where you live.  If you have no money, you can only talk to your state reps.  Does that make sense?  Let's hope for a miracle.  They are having a big rally in Washington DC between 4-7 to protest DeVos.


Trump says that any poll that does not show him winning the popular vote is Fake News.  Seth Rogen says that any review of his movies that are bad are Fake Reviews.  My daughter will come home and tell me that any bad grade is a Fake Grade.  What is this world coming to?  What is real and what is fake?  I feel Trump is ushering us into 1984 territory.  Remember this if you are voting for a right wing government tied to Trump and Putin.

Wake up France!

We got to visit France many years ago.  It was amazing.  We loved the food, the sites and the people.  We were lost and even though there was a language barrier, we were able to get help.  We had always heard how people in France were rude.  That is not true.  I think it has to do with how you talk to someone.  Some from America go places expecting everyone to know English.  We did not expect that.  We only ran into one rude person.  It seemed he was having a bad day at the airport.  He took it out on the customers.  

Please wake up!  Le Pen is just like Trump, if not worse.  She and Trump are joining with Putin.  Do you think that will make the world safer?  Wrong.  I think they want to form a new USSR.  Tell your family and friends to vote no for her and pick a better politician.  You do not want to become like the US.  We are fighting Trump with everything we have, but he has the GOP in his pocket.  They want draconian laws passed that favor the rich.  Until Ryan and McConnell get those, they will continue to coddle Trump and Putin.