Saturday, April 22, 2017

Make France Great Again?

Be careful! That's what Trump said about America.  France depends on tourism, like everyone.  Trump's immigration crackdown and Muslim ban is actually hurting our tourism.  So, if France does not care for tourism, vote for Le Pen.

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Another flight disaster.  This time it's American.  At least, they seem to have offered to fix the issue.  This time, it was a mother with children. It brings me back to Harbin.  That airlines treated us better than what I've seen lately.  They could have thrown us off the plane.  Instead, they held Elana and calmed her down. Maybe, they should research what Asian airlines do for their customers.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Too Obvious?

Trump has denied Exxon a waiver to work with Russia.  I guess it was too soon and too obvious.  Did they miss that there is a major investigation going on?  They probably thought the republicans had swept it under the table.

French Trump/Putin

I was listening to NPR and they were discussing the upcoming election.  They talked about how the shooting my affect the election.  I know people will fall for Le Pen and her belief that if she were President, it would not have happened. I think that is as bad as Trump saying this undocumented people would not have committed crimes or murder.  As you will find out, it's not just immigrants that commit crimes.  In our country, whites seem to be carrying out more terrorist activities.  If you want a person that is a little bit Trump and a lot Putin, than Le Pen is your person.  If we had a choice, we would have voted for Obama again.  I read that Macron is a little like him.  Keep that in mind.   I hear the other right leaning candidate is under investigation.  Welcome to our world.  Trump is still be investigated and sued.

Questionable Attacks

Chaffetz may be under investigation.  It even sounds like it goes back to Benghazi.  My question would be could the GOP link up with Russia to plan an attack to alter the 2012 election?  It's possible.  Remember how Romney jumped on the it's a terrorist act.  Of course, after Obama winning, the republicans dragged Hillary through 4 years of investigation to make sure her name was well smeared.  Now look, right before the French election, an incident.  Be wary at the polls.  From what I hear, Le Pen would not have stopped the last couple of attacks.  The people who carried out the attacks were French Nationals and from Belgium.  Keep that in mind.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Seeking Advice

I saw a post from Macron.  He was talking with Obama.  Maybe he was seeking wisdom.  Sounds like a person we need in the US.  Our President is more like Putin, but with less intelligence.  Le Pen sounds a lot like Trump.  Just remember that when you go to vote in four days.  Look to our situation.  We have congressmen bailing.  Chaffetz may be gone soon, Nunes is in the dog house for making up allegations to help Trump.  Trump does not even know where his Navy is going.  She might be smarter, but beware.

What is up with K-Pop?

I discovered K-Pop many years ago.  I think Psy got me started.  I have found groups that I like.  As I have discovered them, that's the point they disband.  It looks like they raise teens to be popstars.  They release a limited amount of songs.  The next thing you know, their contract is up.  I know some have mandatory military service.  It looks like Crayon Pop may be disbanding, unless their company can entice them to resign.

The Coming of the Armada

Trump announced a huge armada was going to Korea.  Somehow, it got lost and took a wrong turn at Japan and ended up in Australia.  I'm wondering if that was its original intent and Trump was using this as a bluff.  It doesn't matter.  Now North Korea will just laugh off the next Trump threat.  They'll point to Syria and the "missile strikes" and the "armada".  For a person who hates telegraphing, he is telling everyone that his threats are hollow and can be ignored.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Bone to Pick

We brought the girls out to eat last night.  Usually, Elana can be kind of moody.  That means standing and holding her.  She actually sat down and ate.  All the girls were doing great.  I hope that will continue.  It is not often that we can not go out and have someone not sitting or older children wanting to call each other names.  We had a great rib dinner at half the price, due to Tax Day.

Another One Bites the Dust!

Chaffetz is bowing out.  He oversees the House Oversight Committee.  He is throwing in the towel.  I think they released that he might have ties to Russia, also.  If that is true, he feels the investigators getting closer.  Who knows what he hears or if he has been interviewed by the FBI?  Maybe, he saw how close the GA race was.  You know, the one the White House said the Dems lost so badly.  I don't see how, since it is a gerrymandered district in favor of republicans.  The Dem came out on top.  Just not enough votes to avoid a run off.  Who knows what will come out about Trump by then?

Morning Haze

I walked out this morning and there was a smokey haze.  We are having brush fires in central Florida.  We need ran.  Until that happens, the smoke will continue.  The fire can stay away though.  They are even starting mandatory water restrictions.  It's been a dry couple of months.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Playing the System

Trump and his family are cashing in.  He went after China.  But, because they made him a pimp and gave his daughter some trademark business, he is dropping it.  They don't even try to hide their crimes.  If you want to give him an emolument, just go down to his country club.  He's there every weekend.  He's set up to accept cash, cards and checks.  If you don't have those, he'll take business in your country or just name a building after him and send him the profits.

Tax Day

It's tax day for most Americans.  We have ours in.  I doubt we'll see Trump's though.  Even if we did, he probably pays very little.  On top of that, Russia factors into it.  That is why he does not want us to see them.  And the fact he may not be as rich as he claims.  For those in the US, look for tax day deals.  Some restaurants are offering specials.

Monday, April 17, 2017

No One will Guess My Password

The problem is even I can not remember my password.  If I do not go back to something that I have protected, I forget it.  Some programs are great.  They let you reset the password.  Excel does not.  I thought I was being so clever.  I bet it was even simple, but I could not come up with the password.  I found a work around on Youtube.  After a day and a half, I managed to pull it off.  Now, I will just make copies of my worksheet.

Easter Holiday

The Easter bunny left the girls some things and a little candy.  They liked it.  I spent the day cutting branches and raking leaves.  It was not fun.  Then, I had to take Advil for the eventual old guy pains.  I was going to go shopping, but everything was closed.  It worked out in our favor.  I was able to get some things done to help clean.  The two youngest are like two tornados.  You have to stay ahead of them, but they still will toss the house.

We Resolve that you do not Test Our Resolve

Pence is in South Korea.  He is threatening the North.  Our "President" wants to look strong for his 39% base.  At the same time, he puts South Korea, Japan, and China at risk.  I guess he's okay with that, as long as it doesn't affect the US.  If they bomb them in any way, they will strike out against their closest neighbors.  Seoul is right near the border.  Let's hope that this does not end poorly.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Tweet

Happy Easter!  Our President sent out a gracious tweet today, not!  He said happy Easter to all, even his haters and detractors.  Such a humble man!  I hope we can survive until he is impeached.  They had a big mach in America.  People were demanding Trump release his taxes.  He called it a small march and said they were paid.  Delusional!  Hopefully, some of the Republicans were watching.  Those could be constituents.  They will ignore at their own peril.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vote for Macron

I read that some are not going to vote.  That happened in the US.  Their non vote went to Putin Trump.  If people in France do not vote, it's a vote for Putin Le Pen.  Don't waste your vote.  Putin is trying to disrupt the world.

Friday, April 14, 2017

War on the Poor

Trump signed a bill that allows States to with hold money from places like Planned Parenthood.  Basically, it is an attack on the poor.  All because they perform abortions.  If they can force people to have babies they don't want or can't afford, are they going to help pay or raise that child?  We all know that answer.  It is no.  I don't see the point of these right to life groups when they don't care to help after that child has life.  Expect more attacks to come.  I'm sure the middle class and poor will be taxed heavier to let rich people enjoy more money.

A Mixed up Day!

Yesterday, we had our annual 5K.  As I was walking out of the house in the morning, I realized I did not have my shorts.  I ran in and grabbed a pair.  When it was time to go over, I started to get dressed.  At that point, I realized I had a pair of my daughter's shorts.  I'm glad it was one of my older daughters and not the younger ones.  The shorts were tight, but I could still use them.  I also forgot running socks.  I had to use my work socks.  By the end, my feet were hurting.  When I took off the shorts, I found out they were YM, Youth Medium.  Next time I will prepare early.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bomb's Away!

Trump is spending our tax dollars.  I don't think that is a good thing.  Today, they used a bomb that costs $300 Million. I hope he does not use many of those.  I don't think he cares.  He and his GOP act like they are fiscally responsible.  I think they only do that with health care, welfare, and other entitlements.  It also seems that Trump has discovered that the news gets off of Russia everytime he bombs something.

Meet The Author

My daughter and I got to meet Jeffery Deaver.  It was a fun night.  I enjoyed it.  I hope Michelle did, but she's a pre teen.  I got to tell Mr. Deaver about how he inspired our adoption.  He thanked me for sharing.  We got to listen to stories and advice on how to be a writer.  In the end, I was able to get a book signed and we took a picture with him.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Author Inspiration

Tonight, I will take my daughter to meet the author who inspired us to adopt from China.  That author is Jeffery Deaver.  The book was The Stone Monkey.  It's a story about a snakehead who brings people from China.  An accident happens and he goes on a killing spree to kill witnesses.  A police investigator and his partner use clues to track him down.  It was a great book.  If you have not read Deaver, give him a try.

Real Intentions

Spicer told a reporter yesterday that he did not want to stand in the way of Trump trying to destabilize the Middle East.  How does that make us safer?  By destabilizing, he will increase the chances that a terrorist group can form and go after our country.  Then you have Tillerson.  I guess he made an off handed remark.  He said why should the American Taxpayer be concerned with Ukraine?  The last time he made a comment like that, Syria used chemical weapons against its own people.  This comment looks like something Putin wrote.  It really takes away the trust of our allies.  They will wonder which side we are allied with.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Worse Than Hitler?

Spicer said Assad was worse than Hitler.  He said that Hitler did not use chemical weapons.  Asked to clarify, Spicer said on his own people.  I guess the Jews do not count? He also called the death camps Holocaust Centers.  Melissa McCarthy is going to have a lot of material when she returns to SNL.

Trending In China

United has a big problem on its hands.  They don't even seem to care.  The CEO sent out a message to congratulate the employees and then apologize for having to reaccommodate the passengers.  No mention of the passenger who was forcibly removed.  I heard on the radio that it is trending in China.  That's a huge market.  The people believe it was due to his skin color and/or nationality.  I think the CEO should apologize and take care of the man.  Maybe even encourage some customer service training.  I doubt it.  He sounds like most CEO's, arrogant.  Doubling down on stupidity when people were already outraged on social media was a very stupid move.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Who Knew What?

It has come out that Russia knew about the chemical bombing in advance.  Did he call the US? I would say no, but we don't know.  I doubt Trump would warn anyone.  This is his buddy. He gave them advance warning.  The stupid media keeps acting like this is a turning point.  Too bad they don't see it for what it was a distraction.

Thank You, Scott - SNL

SNL did a parody of people like me.  People who think they are solving problems on social media.  It's pretty funny.

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

If you have not seen it, look up United in the news.  They overbooked a flight.  They said they would not leave until 4 had volunteered to give up seats for employees.  3 did.  One declined.   That passenger was forcibly removed for not giving up has seat to employees.  Can you believe that?  Not only that, he was a doctor.  He had patients to see.  I hope he sues.  I will be staying away from this airlines.

Simple Minds

All the news stations have been distracted.  It's like a dog going after a bone and someone throwing up pixie dust.  Then the dog stopping with an amazed look on his face, the bone all but forgotten.  That's the media.  Trump illegally lobs missiles at nothing and instantly he has become the president we have all been waiting for.  Of course, he did not get approval from Congress and he warned everyone involved. Remember, he does not telegraph anything.  I think he means to the American People.  He surely did not mean Syria.  He probably even held off firing until they moved essential equipment and people.  I'm hoping that the amazing power of the pixie dust wears off so that they can go back to investigating corruption and treason.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A New Low

Marine Le Pen has claimed that France had no involvement in the round up of Jews during WWII.  That's like the revisionist crap that US politicians try to push.  If you took their version of history, the Indians willingly gave up their land and slaves were treated like family.  I dread to see what they do to my children's education.  Even I feel that history in high school was a little too rosy.  Just remember this, if you live in France.  If she comes into power, she will rewrite your history.

Talking Idiots

It's Sunday. Time for the talking heads of the political world.  Of course, all the idiots are cheering on Trump for "Presidentially" firing missiles.  Nikki Halley seems a little oblivious.  She says they want to take out Iran's influence over Syria.  What about Russia? I think they are a bigger influence.  Just like our election, I think they are orchestrating Syria's moves.  I think this administration will try to use this to go into Iran.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Uptown Homeless

We were driving to an appointment.  As we neared, there was a guy panhandling.  He had a nice bike and was sitting down.  In his hands was a cell phone.  I guess he was taking a break and catching up on his social media.  If a person is homeless, why or how do they have a cell phone?  If I were trying to make people feel sorry for me, I would not be typing on a cell phone next to a nice bike. Too lazy to park the bike elsewhere and not pull out the cell.  Oh, he did have a look around his seat.

Hot and Cold

Last week, it was in the 90's.  But today, it is in the 50's.  I wonder how the summer will be.  I'm guessing hot.  We tend to get rain everyday during the summer.  We need it.  It has been dry and fires have started popping up.