Monday, October 18, 2021

The Squid Game

 Finished the Squid Game on Netflix.  Great show.  It really goes into desperation and predatory lending.  I will not be surprised if this does not become reality.  It hits close to home.  What will lenders do when we all owe them money and can not pay it?  

Farm Life

 I started out this year with a few chickens and rabbits.  We had no where to put them.  Then my wife discovered a diamond in the rough.  We know have 4 pigs, more chickens, farm dogs(to protect the chickens from predators), and turkeys.  I never thought I would be a farmer.  I even took a test in high school that said I should go in that direction.  I don't know how successful we will be, but we are doing it.  


 So, I was reading headlines and someone had an opinion piece.  It read that Yes, Halloween is a rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Isn't that the Hollywood way?  Texas Chainsaw is a "rip off" of Psycho.  I would say it pays homage to and that is storyline can be altered.  All are based in some way on Ed Gein.  He was a serial killer from Wisconsin.  He inspired the book Psycho.  I would say all movies are worth watching.  They all do something original to scare audiences.    

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Suicide Squad

 It is out.  I have not seen the movie but want to.  It looks fun.  News outlets are already declaring it a bomb.  How?  Covid is not over.  A lot of people are scared to go to a theater.  Streaming?  How would they know about dollar amounts?  Have they a formula?  I'd rather see it in a theater.  I still refuse to pay for HBO Max.  I don't even watch all that I subscribe to.  Disney is only so so.  Mainly for tweens and younger.  The shows have not impressed me.  Hulu does not offer much.  You'd think Disney would flood it with 20th Century films.  I look but nothing catches my attention.  Netflix has a lot of new things.  I just need more time.  Amazon is another that does not have much going on.  Luckily, we do not pay for all of them.  Hulu, Apple +, Paramount are free due to other services.  Disney was paid for in a 3 year purchase.  I don't know if I will continue.  Not much for me.  I do have one daughter who does watch it.  Amazon is part of Prime.  We use that more than the streaming network.  

Predators Deja Vu!

 We lost another animal.  This time it was a duck.  It was a baby and in a cage outside.  There were 2 together.  A raccoon got to one of them.  It reached through the bars and ripped it's upper beak off.  It was still alive, but we put it down.  Piece of advice, only use Hardware cloth.  Chicken wire is to keep them in, but will still be open to some predators.  Watch for diggers.  Unless it has a solid bottom, they will just tunnel in.  Motion lights only scare them for so long.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 I keep seeing the previews and I really don't want to see this movie.  It looks like it lacks a story or even a reason for being.  Adding Carti B to it makes it even less desirable.  Maybe they should have ended on the last one.  I will probably wait for streaming, unless my kids want to see it.  Missing it would not bother me.  

The Build Continues

 I started digging trenches.  Eventually, we plan to bury flashing.  I also found some cinder blocks.  I put Fabric Cloth down on the floor of one coop.  Now a predator can not dig under.  We are keeping the animals out of the run until it is fortified.  The chickens are getting along with the ducks.  I have not introduced the rooster into the pack.  One day I might.  Today, I looked up calves.  I found a place that sells them for $100.  We still need a fence and a system to keep out predators.  

Friday, June 18, 2021


 When chicken farming, take predators seriously.  We have lost many chickens.  Even if you have a strong coop, you need to prepare for diggers.  When you do, do not leave any weak spots.  Some predators are relentless.  One went from one side to another.  They dug and found metal.  They dug some more and kept digging until they found the one weak spot.  Motion lights only work for so long.  It sure did not deter this predator.  It took out a rooster and a hen.  Maybe there was more than one.  Who knows!  Just remember, fortify your coops to protect your chickens!  

Monday, May 3, 2021

Mortal Kombat Redux!

 I saw Mortal Kombat last week.  It was okay.  I guess my expectations were high.  It did not rise to that level.  With a martial artist like Joe Taslim, you'd think the movie would have some great fighting.  I think they were more concerned with showing their special skills.  As for a tournament, there wasn't one.  If you want to see a great martial arts film with Joe Taslim, watch The Raid.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Farm Life

Its been awhile.  Lots have gone on since I last wrote.  My focus is going to be on my family and farm.  Yeah, we are trying a Green Acres kind of thing.  We now have chickens and roosters.  We may get more animals, but a little at a time.  Fresh eggs are a nice thing to have.  We know what they are eating.  In this process, I have already gotten 3 killed.  When you build a coop/run, it has to be secured from predators.  Flying, digging, etc.  Raccoons are a viscous predator.  They only take the head of the chicken.  Now when it comes to a possible Bobcat attack, they take the whole thing.  Minus the red thing on a roosters head.  It even spilled very little blood.  These are things we are learning.  Soon, our land will be fenced in and we may get some other animals, like goats.  Getting back to roosters.  They are a natural alarm clock.  Every morning at around 5:30 am, they start crowing.  Some can ignore them, but, I can not.   

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Alfa New Artist (to Me)

I like the way YouTube gives you suggestions for artists that are similar.  I found Tessa Violet that way.  Another artist that I found is named Alfa.  She has a pop music vibe.  Please check her out.  I will attach a link to her song Bean Song.  Give it a listen.  She's a talented artist!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Rise of the Banana Republic

Our DOJ is no longer independent.  Barr has only shown allegiance to Trump.  Now the department is overriding sentencing guidelines on Trump's buddy Roger Stone.  The attorneys even left the case after being overruled.  Why?  Because Trump Tweeted.  I guess in the future Republicans and friends of Trump will get lower or no time, while Democrats and enemies of Trump will get longer times in jail. 

Toy Story 4 Completed

Finally finished Toy Story 4.  It was a really great way to end this series.  If you are a fan of the movies, this is a must see.  The animation is amazing, it has a well told story, and great new and old characters.  I'm glad it won the Oscar. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Birds of Prey

So, it looks like Warner Brothers is changing the title of the film Birds of Prey to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.  How would that change anyone's opinion of the film?  It's still the same movie they have been previewing for months.  I personally find the character annoying.  I'd rather see Bane in his own movie based on the original comic that introduced him. 

Tessa Violet

I found an artist on YouTube I really like.  Her name is Tessa Violet.  Check her songs out.  I started with Crush.  Her songs are really good.  They are in English.  Seems like more of an independent artist.  I like her better than Billie Eillish.  I find her to be over rated.  It's almost like the entertainment industry is trying to force her down out throats. 

Toy Story 4

I finally started to watch Toy Story 4.  So far, I love it.  Forky keeps trying to throw himself away.  One thing to pay attention to is the animation.  It has come a long way since the first movie.  There is rain and it looks so real. 

Oblivious Posts

Don't you love it when a person posts or reposts something that they did not understand.  Trump has done it again.  He posted a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm.  He thought it was a pro Trump episode.  Too bad he did not take time to watch the whole thing.  In it, Larry David uses the MAGA hat as a person repellent. It was actually ridiculing his followers. 

Monday, February 10, 2020

Obama Won an Oscar!

Trump is probably fuming right now.  His nemesis Obama won an Oscar.  What will that mean?  Bet he(Trump) tries to produce a documentary about how great he is.  When snubbed, he will create the MAGA awards with Fox for excellence of White Conservatives in film.  Scary Thought!


At the Oscars, they performed the song Yesterday by the Beatles.  You'd think in a year where an actor, Himesh Patel, performed the song in his movie that they Academy would have him perform it.  It's Hollywood!  They want to seem hip.  They turned to the new it girl in pop music Billie Eillish.  It does surprise me that she did not whisper the song.  It just really seemed out of place.  She did not sing any songs for any movie soundtracks in 2019.  Like I said, Himesh Patel did perform the song in his movie.  So much for diversity! 

Parasite Did It!

Parasite took home the top honor at the Academy Awards!  It was a well deserved honor.  This movie may be Korean, but it has an international message.  I'm glad it won.  Good to see naysayers upset.  They claim that the Oscar is predominantly an award for  American films.  I feel they put it out world wide and set it as a standard for films around the world to achieve.  Now that filmmakers are hitting that standard, it's time to recognize them.  In America, our studios are concerned with sequels, remakes and comic book films. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Attacking Religious Values

Mitt Romney said that his faith directed his decision.  You'd think that Trump would wholeheartedly support that decision.  You would be incorrect.  He attacked people who use their faith to make decisions against his criminal activities.  Do you think this will turn off evangelicals?  I seriously doubt it.  He has pandered to them so much, they will ignore the evil he does.  They will also attack Romney for going after a person they think God appointed.  So Delusional!

Got Another One Wrong!

Susan Collins says she thinks Trump should apologize and the he has learned his lesson.  Wonder if she was cheering him on during the SOTU?  Or maybe she was at yesterdays White House rally.   I don't think he is going to stop his criminal activity.  Now, he is going to punish those who testified against him.  He's not repentant. 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Investigate Trump's Kids

Republicans are emboldened because they voted for Trump's acquittal.  He's still guilty and he was impeached.  Just not removed from office.  Now, they are doing his bidding and investigating a political rivals son.  The Democrats should investigate Trump's kids.  I bet they are as dirty as dad is.  If you want to imply crimes by association, there you go! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Police State

So, republicans are calling for Nancy Pelosi to be arrested for tearing up Trump's speech.  What is going on in America?  They are okay with him calling on Ukraine to investigate Biden in return for money, but tearing up a political stump speech is illegal?  What is this world coming to?  Once acquitted, he will do worse, believe me.  He thinks he is above the law.  The Senate has created a Dictator and they are too stupid to see it! 

Marriage Story Part 2

I finished Marriage Story.  It was okay.  Not really best of the year.  Some acting was okay, also.  Laura Dern did a good job.  Was it best of the year?  If so, it was a weak year for women.  If anything, I did not like her character.  I did not like Ray Liotta's character either.  Alan Alda was the only lawyer that was not a pure shark.  Maybe that is why she is nominated.  You really don't care for the lawyers in this movie.  I think she has had better roles in the past.  Maybe that is why this role is nominated.  The Academy felt she had been passed  up enough times. 

Racism is Alive and Well in the US

My daughter said that someone commented about the Coronavirus to her.  Trump's rhetoric is fueling hate, even in our high schools.  Guess because she is Chinese, they are all supposed to carry the virus.  I guess that's what idiots like Trump want people to believe.  Soon, he and is SS wing (ICE), will start concentration camps for Chinese Americans, even if they have not even been near China in their lifetime. 

Medal of Freedom

How ironic!  Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom.  He does not really stand for freedom.  He stands for taking freedoms away from people of color.  Maybe that is why Trump gave him the medal.  It goes well with his White Supremacist wing of his party. 

Tearing up the Constitution

Looks like today is the day the republicans tear up our Constitution.  They even acknowledge what he did was inappropriate, but they won't even censure or verbally reprimand him.  By doing this, they are saying that he is above the law.  As far as I am concerned, he still was impeached.  Just because his party refuses to acknowledge it, it does not change anything.  If I were one of them, I'd be concerned that he would use Putin to dig up dirt if he does not like what they are saying about him.  That might be why they won't cross him.   

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Pray for China!

I was looking at some stories or reports about the Virus that is striking China.  It is hitting provinces that my children were born.  I hope their families remain healthy.  I hope the orphanages are protecting their children. 

The other day, I saw a story where Wilbur Ross, Mr. Magoo, said that the virus in China may help the US to get jobs back.  What is wrong with these people?  Don't they care anything about the people that are getting sick and dying?  No, they are worried about money.  Such a sad world we live in. 

Please pray for the people getting this virus.  They did not ask for it.  It is in no way an opportunity to make money. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Super Bowl

Did anyone even bother to watch this?  I didn't. Didn't care for the teams, commercials or the halftime entertainers.  I liked JLo, but I am really not a fan of Alex Rodriguez.  All these entertainment organizations keep putting them up as the it couple.  What about his steroid use?  Does JLo erase that history?  Basically, he's a cheater.  If he's been redeemed, what about the other steroid users?  Do they need to find an entertainer in her prime to redeem themselves?

Marriage Story

I started watching Marriage Story yesterday.  It's been pretty good.  Been a long time since Kramer Vs. Kramer.  It has that kind of feel to it.  Still sticking with Parasite as the best film of 2019.  We'll have to see how it pans out.  The BAFTA's were this weekend.  1917 won the top honors.  I don't know how that falls as an indicator for the Academy Awards.