Friday, September 30, 2016

Ballot Stuffing

Trump won the debate!  That is what he believes.  Why?   Because of online polls.  You know, the ones where you can vote as many times as you want.  Not the scientific polls, but the kind where your supporters can make you look good, even when you really look bad.  I guess we better watch out for real ballot stuffing.  His people might try it.  Then, they will tell the world that Hillary's people do it.  Everyone will believe them.

Too Little, Too Late

I am finally going to see Ghostbusters.  It made it to the dollar theater.  My daughter and I will be checking it out.  I have wanted to see this, but I was a little busy in the summer.  I know it will not help the films bottom line, but oh well.  They should not just base it on the first two or three weeks a movie is released.  When it hits DVD and online, it could do well.  I just think people are getting tired of remakes.  This one was different.  It got lumped in with the others.

All's Not Well in the Banking Industry

The CEO got a chilly reception from congress yesterday.  I wonder if he thought the Republicans would be warmer there than the Senate.  They called him a criminal and compared him to a bank robber.  It was revealed that when the CEO found out about the scandal in 2013, he sold off 13 million in stock.  I guess he had to put his financial concerns first before his companies.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Don't Believe the Words Coming out of my Mouth

Trump does not want you to believe anything he says.  The other night he said that he was smart for not paying his taxes.  Then, he says he didn't.  What are we to believe.

Deja Surgery

Elana went through a second round of surgeries for her eyelids.  She has rebounded really quick.  The first time, she did not move and just wanted to sleep and be held.  This time, she is up and around.  She does not like medicine time.  Besides that, she is back to her usual routine.


It seems Trump is mad, again.  I know, when is he ever happy.  He is angry at the media.  This time, it is because they are reporting he lost the debate.  I guess they were not doing the drinking game, so they saw what really happened.  Between this and his demand to punish Republicans that do not support him, I find it a little scary.  If he becomes President, how is he going to take criticism.  Is he going to take over the media?  This is how fascism begins.

In China

My cousin is in China.  I am jealous.  He is in Guangzhou.  Since we have been there four times, I had to ask where he was staying.  I found out that he is staying at the White Swan.  We got to stay there two times. The last two visits, it was closed for remodeling.  They redid the whole building.  It took many years.  From what I have heard, it will no longer be the adoption hotel.  Most agencies have moved closer to the American Embassy.  If we ever go back, we would want to stop and visit the lobby.  I asked about the swimmers in the Pearl river.  He said they were swimming between the barges.

Out of Africa

I was looking at the countries that view the blog.  I was surprised to find one in Africa.  If Africa has tuned in, it was in the past.  They blog only keeps up a certain list of countries.  If a country views it 10 times, I might see it initially.  By the next week it disappears.  If they don't come back, I don't see it.  This time, Tanzania tuned it.  Welcome.  I hope you find the blog interesting and keep coming back.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Storms

We have another storm brewing down south.  That means we will get some rain.  Depending on the direction of the storm, we may get wind.  There is a cod front coming through, so that might nudge it away from our state.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Dr. Strange Tickets

I got tickets to see Dr. Strange.  Unfortunately, it is only 15 minutes of the film.  I think Marvel is trying to get people talking about this film.  It is different from their other movies.  It has more of a mystical feel to it.  It may not excite all movie goers.  They did the same kind of sneak for Guardians of the Galaxy.  See how that turned out!

Rabid Fans

I was watching the news this morning.  I saw the supporters of Trump attacking a reporter.  This woman was going off on her.  She told her to get out of there because she's just there for Hillary.  Imagine what will happen if he loses.  His fans should seek some solace, Trump has the support of Fox News.  If his facts need checking, they are willing to go with anything he says.  Even if there is evidence to the contrary.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Need Sleep

I went to bed early, last night.  I had a headache.  Something woke me around 10.  I checked on my girls.  Sure enough, they were still up.  I had to make sure they got to bed.  I went back to the bed.  Then, I just tossed and turned.  I could not go back to sleep.

Who Won?

Depends on who you talk to?  Most people would say Hillary.  Ask Trump or Fox and they will say it was a tie or that Trump squeaked by with a win.  You will have to judge for yourself.  I feel he was under prepared and thought his insults and interruptions would win it for him.  It may have with his core supporters.  He even continued to insult the Miss Universe winner the next day on an entertainment show.  I already guessed Fox would declare him a winner no matter what.  He could of sat there stunned and quiet and they would have said he was showing restrain.  

Watching the Play by Play

This morning I woke to watch the highlights of the debate.  It looked like it was entertaining.  Hillary got Trump on the defensive.  He felt proud that he made a sitting President produce a birth certificate.  For what reason?  It is the first time a President has had to do that and why?  Because he was black.  He was also proud of not paying federal taxes, while the middle class had to pay his share.  I guess that Art of the Deal is bilking companies out of money because he had nothing to say to those people he had done that to.  His reply is that it's just business.  I would say a shady version of doing business.  For those who believe his rumors about Hillary being sick, what was up with the Trump sniffle?  A lot of people say it might be Zika, I don't know, but a lot say that.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Older Movies

I love movies.  Old or new.  I tend to collect a lot of them.  The other day, I got Stir Crazy, The Re-Animator, and Election.  They were Blu Ray and I don't have them.  The cost was decent.  About $5 a movie.  Today I saw where Amazon was selling Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  The place advertising said it was at it's lowest.  They were selling it for more than $10.  This movie came out over 20 years ago.  I can not see paying more than $5 for it.  It was okay.  It was a remake and has even had a remake done since it came out.  As certain movies get older, they do not all age like wine.  I would say that goes for a lot of the older movies.

Something From Nothing

You have to feel for the Trumps.  He is running for election.  This is the cap to his long career.  One which one son claims he came from nothing to get there.  Wow!  I wish my father started my career with 1 Million dollars and a reputation.  I might be running for president also.  I guess you can understand.  1 Million in the 60's or 70's was like 100.  1 Million in today's dollars is not going to get you far!  (By the way, if you have not noticed, this is sarcasm)

Will You Be Watching?

As much fun as it might be, I will not be watching the debate.  I will catch the highlights the next day.  If you have read my comments, you would know I am not a fan of Trump's.  He is not a great business man.  If you count the fact that he makes money for himself and his family, then you could say he is great.  When a person props up companies, siphons off the money and then declares bankruptcy, how is that being a great business man.  Is that what he will do for America?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Driving in the Wild Lane

If you come to Disney, be prepared.  Anything goes on the road.  People will make turns from the wrong lane, they will stop at green lights, and go on red.  We had that adventure today.  Going to Lake Wales, you have to go through the Disney corridor.  We also stopped by Disney Springs.  That is Disney's shopping area.  To make things worse, they have road construction everwhere.  It is very easy to get lost on Disney property.

Spook Hill

We made it.  It took about an hour to drive to.  No one was around.  We pulled up to the line and put the car in neutral.  It started rolling back the

way I came.  I looked and it did not look like we were sloping downward.  I got out and took some pictures.  Then, I asked Michelle to take a video.

Florida Field Trip

I was looking for things to do in Florida.  Most of the entries were Disney related.  I changed my lookup to free things to do in Orlando.  Something caught my interest.  It's called Spook Hill in Lake Wales.  What they say is that you go down a road, stop at a white line,put your car neutral and it will roll back up the hill.  You can look it up on YouTube or wait for my video.

Magnificent 7 Reviews

The movie came out Friday and so did the reviews.  Some were positive, most were mixed.  I read some.  They harped on the fact that it brought nothing new to the table.  My issue with that is that Westerns don't come out everyday.  I know my kids aren't going to pick ou a Clint Eastwood movie to watch.  It may be generic to a reviewr, but it may be new to the younger crowds.  If you are going to review, you might want to judge it on those merits.  It might be a nostalgic look back for the older crowds who grew up on Westerns.  This is why I do not let reviews alone make up my mind whether I see a movie.

That Perfect Sleep

I had been asleep for about two hours.  Then, I hearing talking.  Then, some laughing.  I look at the time.  It is past 11.  I get up to use the bathroom.  My daughters are still up.  I stick my head in and tell the to go to sleep.  I use the bathroom.  They are still doing whatever they were doing.  I tell them again.  They say they are doing one last thing.  I go back to bed.  The talking continues.  After about 10 minutes, I get up and tell them to go to sleep.  They try the last thing again.  I say it in a stronger voice.  They finally comply.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hot Day

It was fall the other day.  Not here.  It's hot here.  It might be less humid, but it's still indoor weather.  We just ate a lunch outside.  My shirt is wet.

Day of the Vulture

I finally have the vulture pictures.  It took awhile.  I wanted to share.

Parents Just Don't Understand

I tried to offer assistance to my daughter.  She got so defensive about it.  It's a subject that I like and feel that I am good at.  But those teenage genes start kicking in.  I just want her to do well.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Middle School the Aftermath

It was funny to be there last night.  I look at the other parents.  They look older than I feel.  I probably look as old as they do, but I don't feel it.  Even sitting in each class.  I felt more like a student than the parent.  For gym, the smell brought me back to my days.  I would not say it was a great thing.  I am glad to see that a lot of the teachers recognize how things work in the workplace versus school.  One teacher even said that when they do this in the real world, it is not going to be perfect.  It is from those early mistakes that they will refine their processes to become better.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Middle School

I survived open house.  My daughter is taking high school classes in middle school.  At the end, she will have credits toward graduation.  I just hope she can maintain the grades.  I did advanced geometry.  I switched back halfway through the year.

Open House

Fun night.  I get to relive the nightmare of middle school.  We both get to do it, one per child.

Idiocracy 10 Years Later

I can't believe it has been 10 years.  This movie seems even more relevant than when it first came out.  I remember that the film company did not do much to promote this movie.  I think it only got released in two states before leaving the theater.  You'd think they would have done more after Office Space.  Now, both are cult classics.  I read that the director and Terry Crews had done some campaign ads in character to mock this election.  Alas, we may never see it.  Fox found out it was anti-Trump and said they could not air it, since they own the rights to the characters from the film.  I can't believe it.  Is this the same fair and balanced Fox?  It's okay if there talent from the news channel ridicules the President and the people running.  They even have one of their hosts doing ads and stump speeches for Trump.  Guess it's good he is not moderating the debate.

Forrest Trump

I was reading an article about all of the crazy things Trump has taken credit for.  It reminded me of Forrest Gump.  Will there be a movie.  I checked the Internet and someone did a trailer for a parody of Forrest Gump.  If you get a chance check out the article below and the preview I attached.

Forrest Trump - The Trailer

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Strong Senator

Elizabeth Warren is not scared to go after CEO's.  She grilled the CEO from Wells Fargo, yesterday.  We need more politicians like her.  She is really working for the people, unlike many of her fellow politicians.  I wonder if she will be grilling the Mylan CEO today?

The Mermaid

I got to see another great movie last night.  It's a Chinese film called The Mermaid.  It is by Stephen Chow.  If you have not seen his movies, you need to.  I would describe them as being live action Loony Tunes.  They are funny.  This movie is in line with his recent releases.  I watch it with subtitles.  When they dub these films, the voices tend to distract.  That is in a bad way.  I could have picked English.  If I watch again, I might, just to catch more of the sight gags.  If you want to see a funny movie, check it out.  Comparing to our movies, I don't see why it is Rated R.  It's no worse than our PG-13 comedies.  Getting back to the movie, it is about a billionaire who buys a cove and wants destroy the sea life to make money.  A band of Merpeople band together to take him out.

In it to Win It

So, Trump has shown time after time that his business philosophy is to mainly benefit himself and his family.  He charges his political campaign to rent space in his building.  Before declaring bankruptcy for building projects, he makes sure he gets paid.  Now, I hear his "charitable" foundation is paying people to make lawsuits go away.  His people claim he is giving to charities, but he is doing it to benefit himself and his brand.  I guess that is what our presidency will look like.  He will probably give himself contracts and once he gets the money declare bankruptcy protection on the US taxpayer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Magnificent 7

I got to see the movie.  It was a sell out.  The movie was fun.  It reminded me of Silverado.  They arranged a great cast.  Chris Pratt was as good as always.  I look forward to Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  If you like westerns or just good action movies, go see it.  It is worth your time and money.

Taste the Rainbow?

I guess you would not eat Skittles offered by anyone from the Trump family.  One of the sons was comparing immigrants to skittles.  His analogy had that if he had some Skittles and told you that every third one might be poisoned, would you grab a handful?   He says that's they way the immigration and terrorists are.  M&M/Mars was not happy with the analogy.  My kids would not be trick or treating at Trumps.

Walk the Plank

Yesterday was Talk/Dress Like a Pirate Day.  I missed out.  I know, you must be shocked.  How dare I miss the opportunity for free donuts and fish.  I am just as shocked.  Angie had reminded me, but I forgot my costume at home.  I was not going to drive all the way home to get them.  I guess, I will have to prepare better for next year.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Cooldown?

The rain is here.  Hopefully, it will take away some of the humidity.  They are not rushing to get us in the theater.  We need lightning.

Melting Away

Where is fall? I am sweating away at the theater.  I see clouds, but all I feel is humidity.  At least, I am under shade.

It's Movie Night

I have tickets for the Magnificent 7.  It looks like a good film.  I just hope it is not as hot as it was the other day.  They will probably keep us outside until the monitor comes.  It's what I go through for a free movie.

Struck Gold!

I went to the library on Sunday.  I had to return Creed.  After two weeks, I finally finished watching it.  When I walked in, the new releases were full.  I was able to find 4 recently released movies and Kiersten found 1.  We ended up checking out: Joy, The Nice Guys, Mermaid, Zootopia, and Hitman Agent 47.  I watched two yesterday.  Joy was about the woman who created the Miracle Mop.  The Nice Guys was from the writer of Lethal Weapon and many other action movies.  His next one is a sequel to Predator.  It is interesting because he was an actor on the original movie.  The Nice Guys is not for children.  It is an R rated action/comedy.  I liked it.  I am looking forward to Mermaid.  It is from Stephen Chow.  He is the director/actor of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Netflix has a new movie called Hush.  It is similar to Don't Breathe.  It has a deaf woman being terrorized by a killer.  The director will be doing a Stephen King adaptation next.  It was an interesting take on this kind of movie.

Can you Spare a Nickel?

The rapper Nelly has federal tax issues.  It seems he has over $2 million in back taxes due.  Some one has come upwith a #saveNelly.  They want you to stream his songs repeatedly on Spotify.  If you have or compelled to do so, remember me and my family of six. You can do the same for us by clicking on the ads on this blog.  The only entourage that travels with me is my family.

Serve the People

Wells Fargo has this big scandal where employees created accounts to make sure executives would get their bonuses.  Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, railed against a financial protection agency.  He says that businesses are suffering under their regulation.  Oh,by the way, they are the same group that discovered the fraud at Wells Fargo.  I thought politicians were supposed to look out for the people.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Really Bad Meal

We went out last night.  We had some freebies, but I think we were the losers on this one.  The place we went to is very popular.  It was 7 pm and they had a line around the building for drive up and a mass of people inside.  When we got our food, we were not impressed.  They food tasted over fried and chewy.  The fries were cold and soggy.  There was no one to complain to.  We did not see a manager.  Usually, we see one walking around.  I guess they were in the back.  Not one of our better eat out nights.

Growing up Too Fast

My 11 year old has told has told me she is too old for certain movies.  I had tickets to Storks.  Its an animated story about storks delivering things and babies.  I thought she might like to see it.  You should have seen the look on her face when I told her.  You'd think I'd said it in front of her friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Perfect Find

I like collecting things.  Sometimes, I get out of hand.  Beanie Babies were the next big thing.  Now I have plenty.  I have baseball cards.  Probably not worth much.  Now, U have started collecting Funko Pop toys.  I try to buy when it is low, as in clearance.  I went over to Game Stop to look.  It was cooler than waiting outside for the movie.  They had Pop toys, but none on sale.  I went to the clearance section.  They had a tag for .97.  It did not say which toy.  I asked.  Next thing I know, I have six of them.

A Prime Example

It seems Trump thinks Ford is leaving for Mexico.  They announced today they are not.  I guess he should have consulted them before making that announcement.  Unfortunately, other companies have done it and it is easy to make people believe it can happen again.  They way CEO's think about getting that golden parachute instead of growing a company.  Who knows what will happen?  Here is a man talking about companies leaving the US and shipping their stuff back.  That is what he does.  His clothes are made in other countries and shipped back.  What would it take to have him bring his jobs to America?  I wonder if he will tax his clothes at 35%?

You Can't Handle the Truth!

That line was uttered by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.  The Trump family must have grown up on that movie.  It seems one of his sons is stating that his father will not release his taxes because we can't handle them.  What part can we not handle?  How he gets his money?  How rich he is and poor the rest of us are?  How he has money he could actually pay back to those he bilked money out of?  I don't know what we can not handle.  I guess they fell they have to do a Dummy book to his tax return for us peons to understand.

A Special Announcement

While we waited for Birth of a Nation to start, the monitor came in to make an announcement.  This is usually where they tell you no talking and no taping.  She through in one extra announcement.  Tonight, they had a special guest.  He came out and told us he was in the film.  I did not hear his name.  He said that it took 7 years to get this produced and that when it was time to shoot, they had 30 days.  He said he hoped we enjoyed the movie.  When you see it, you will be impressed with what they captured in 30 days of filming.  After the movie was over, we walked out and the actor was still there to talk to the audience as they left.  When I got home, I looked him up.  His name is Chris Greene.  He is also in another film called Loving.  I know it was him because he had posted a shout out to the theater we were in.  I wrote him to say it was amazing and thanks for introducing the movie.  He wrote a reply.  I can not say this enough, go see this movie.

Birth of a Nation

If you see a good drama this fall, make sure it is Birth of a Nation.  I would describe it as a slavery Braveheart.  This movie has great acting, cinematography, and story.  It is from a first time director, who also happens to be the cowriter of the script and the main actor.  I hope to see it get nominations during the awards season.  I think it tells a tale that needs to be told.  I even think high schoolers should be shown the movie.  Then they can use it to stir a conversation.

Right Place, Right Time

I went to the theater.  As I was walking by, a restaurant had a table set up.  It looked like a grand opening.  When I walked by, I heard then say they could go in and order one thing off the menu.  They looked at me and I said I was going to a movie.  I had to check the line.  It was past 5.  There were 3 people in line.  I walked back and asked about it.  They said it was a private party and that they would be opening tomorrow.  I went back to the line.  Next thing I know, one of the line goers says that we can get a free item.  We rushed over.  I guess they had got close to the end, so they opened it to all.  They gave me a card to get a meal and a drink.  I got a seafood trio taco meal.  I tried to bring it in the theater, but the manager said no food or drink from the outside.  I sat down and wolfed it down.  It really hit the spot.