Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tax Scam USA

The politicians have come to an agreement to give the rich everything they have ever wanted and paid for.  Now they are telling us that this is what we've all been hoping for.  I doubt that.  I have not been praying for the rich to get ahead at the expense of everyone else.  In these times of corruption, save your money.  The next financial crisis is being set up on steroids.

Whitewashing the CDC

Trump is telling the CDC that they can not use certain words like diversity and trans.  What is he going to replace them with? Religious Theology.  Instead of curing, they will pray for divine intervention.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Last Jedi

The new Star Wars is out.  I hope to see it, but I don't know when that will be possible.  There are actually about 3-4 movies coming out that I want to see.  I did not get to see the Shape of Water.  Downsizing looks good and I think Jumanji might be worth seeing.  Get out and see some movies. 

Too Much Power

The Republicans like to contradict themselves, a lot.  A couple of weeks ago, they were complaining that the Consumer Protection Agency had too much power.  Now they will gut that agency.  I have not heard about the power of the FCC.  The way it is staffed is ridiculous.  There are 5 members.  The party in power has 3 chairs, while the minority party has 2.  I think it should be an even split.  If it is good enough, they should have to persuade one vote to their side.  As it is now, it is a rubber stamp for the industries.  As the current lead has demonstrated.  He was a lawyer at Verizon.  Now he runs the FCC.  I don't think he has the interest of the people in mind when he makes rulings.  Not only that, but he mad a stupid video mocking the opposition to him doing away with Net Neutrality.  This just shows a level of unprofessional behavior.  He also ignored the fact that there might have been fraudulent comments. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Let Consumers Decide

That is what the FCC chair says.  But what does that mean?  It means we will pay more.  If it is successful, it will stick around.  If it makes no money, it will be cut.  If they start charging for things like Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I will cut out going on them.  These rich pricks should not be dictating who should get the best service, just because they are rich.  It will also hit schools hard that depend on the Internet.  That is what the Trump administration wants.  They want the rich to be educated, while the poor will be limited.  I hope that this gets reversed and I hope they investigate.  I think there is something smelly about the millions of Russian Bots who commented on this. 

State of the Russian Union

Putin gave his once a year address that I assume all must watch.  Trump would be jealous of this.  I'm sure he was watching with baited breath.  Maybe hoping for secret messages of what to do next from his master.  I doubt he would say great things, since he has not ended the whole gas embargo, etc. 

The Blame Game

A female Democrat is blaming women for getting harassed and abused.  She says that the way they dress invites it.  If that is true, why do we not see a national epidemic at pools and beaches.  Surely the women dressed in bikinis are "asking for it" as this women states.  My question is, is she really a Democrat?  She sounds like a Republican trying to protect others that do harass/molest others.  I'm sure Trump will give her a big pat on the back. 

Religious Politicians

I think people should really be wary of religious politicians.  Pence for example.  He wants to turn this country into a Christian Taliban/ISIS.  Then, you think you can trust these people.  Did you see the story about the Kentucky State Senator or Congressman?  He was a preacher, also.  He is alleged to have molested/raped a 17 year old girl.  He acted all defiant and sang religious songs.  Then, he kills himself.  Remember, Suicide is very taboo to true believers.  What does that say about him?  He'll blame others for what he did, but still he committed the ultimate sin.  Whatever you do, keep your children away from religious politicians.  They are the first to do something like molest a child. 

Rich Get Richer

Our politicians, who are supposed to look out for all Americans, are going to pass a tax cut for big corporations and the ultra rich.  This is not fair.  Why?  Because the middle class and poor can not give "donations" like the rich and corporations do.  They essentially buy politicians.  Their "donations" are far above anything we could give.  Just look at Devos.  She bought her position.  What is she doing with it?  Creating rules that benefits schools and money lending systems that her family runs.  When it is all said and done, this administration is going to end as one of the most corrupt in our history!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

President Back Stabber!

Moore has lost.  Who does Trump blame?  Everyone, but himself.  He claims he always knew Moore would lose.  That is a total lie.  If he did, why did he throw support behind him.  He even had a Pedophile rally for him.  Maybe people will learn not to align themselves with Trump.  He will always look out for one person, himself.  Now, he has the GOP as a party that support radical Christians and Pedophiles.  Wait happened to family values?  Those are not my families values. 

Shape of Water

It looks like I will get to see this movie tonight.  It is a movie by Guillermo del Toro.  I can't wait to see this.  I love the movies by this man.  Pan's Labrynth, Blade II, Pacific Rim, to name a few.  His best work comes from his own original ideas. 

Thank You Alabama!

I want to send out a big Thank You to the people of Alabama.  I would hate to be in a position where I had to vote for an accused Pedophile.  For me, the decision was easy.  If I were in that situation, I would have either stayed home or wrote in a name of someone I did want to see as a Senator.  I would not want a man who is accused of sex crimes, racism, etc to represent my state.  At least the people of Alabama will have a man who stands by the rule of law repping them. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

President Misongynist

Trump talked of his love for females.  I don't think he loves them in positions of power.  I think he prefers them as waiters, beauty queens, and subordinates to husbands.  Today he sent out one of his stupid tweets.  This time he said a female Senator was weak and that she came by his office to seek donations to her campaign.  Then, he implied "she would do whatever" to get it.  She hit back.  This guy does not need to be our president.  He is soiling the position. 

Right Time, Wrong Day

My wife sent me an email.  She wanted me to take a daughter to a doctor's appointment.  So, I'm rushing to get down.  I'm waiting for my supervisor to let me go.  When I get the approval,  I get in my car.  I call my wife.  I tell her I am going to pick up our daughter.  She asks why.  I said for the appointment.  She tells me to go back to work.  It was for next week, not today.  Ooops. 

Musician Retweet

I play G.E.M. for Elana every night.  She likes three of her songs.  When I play them, she just says it's G.E.M.  I wrote on her Twitter feed that we like her music and named three songs.  She liked the comment and retweeted it.  If you want to hear her music, look it up on YouTube.  Twinkle II is one of Elana's favorites.  G.E.M. does a live performance of that song that looks like something out of Cirque Du Soliel! 

Investigate Trump!

The women, who have accused Trump of sexual harassment, want an investigation.  They deserve to be heard.  Senators and congress are being forced out for less than what Trump has done.  Even Nikki Haley thinks they deserve to be heard.  I read that made Trump made. 

Nazis for Moore

A Neo Nazi group is endorsing Moore.  That should help drive out the white supremacist votes.  That is unless having a "Jew" lawyer would offend them.  I wonder if she will walk back that comment to say they only take care of law stuff, they're not friends or anything like that. 

We Have Diverse Friends

Moore's wife pointed out that they have a Jew Lawyer because someone claimed they did not like Jews.  I'm surprised she did not say they had a black friend, she cleans their house and a Mexican, he cuts their yard.  I bet if she did state a black friend, she would use Ben Carson.  I don't know if you could count him. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Big Election

Tomorrow is the big day.  Do they elect Doug Jones or a pedophile? I know who'd I would pick.  I am not a whack job Christian that believes in White people's rights. Lets hope this turns out better than most think it will.

I'm Sorry (I got caught)!

Another male is stepping down from their place of power.  Mario Batali has been accused of sexual misconduct.  It is so ironic that others have to step down, while the president does not.  He claims that it is over because the people picked him.  So!  I hope they will open an investigation. 

Hypocritical Religious People

People of Alabama are having a dilemma.  Should I vote for a pedophile or someone who believes in the right to choose?  The extreme of their groups claim he support late term abortion.  That is wrong.  He said he supports the law.  The law only allows late term if the mother is in danger.  These people put this act on, but they don't support the kids after they are born.  Right now, they are doing their best to take healthcare away.  Paul Ryan said that he will go after medicare and SNAP next.  It's okay to give birth, but if you can't afford food for your child, the GOP says your shit out of luck. 

The Big Freeze

It's cold in Florida.  I went out to start my car and there was ice on my windows.  My fingers are still defrosting.  Up north, people got snow and ice.  We just got the cold.  Of course, give it a week and we will be back in shorts. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Master of Fake

Trump, an idiot that says everything is fake, but that if he presents it, it is real.  Yesterday, he got on a reporter who shared a early picture of the pedophile rally.  It was not the photo of the event at the actual time.  You have to understand one thing, these Nazi Rallies are tightly controlled.  I don't even know if the media is allowed in.  Frankly, I wouldn't want to be there.  Trump would turn the people against them.  The reporter apologized, but you know Trump, he wouldn't let it go.  He claims it was a fake story.  How could it be fake if it happened? 

Kingsman 2

I took the girls to see Kingsman 2.  We liked it.  It had lots of actions and a touch of comedy.  Definitely not for kids of a younger age.  It was a great way to spend a cold day.  We are cooler than usual, but it won't last.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

New Museum

In Mississippi, they are having a grand opening for a civil rights museum.  The only problem is they invited a racist to attend.  What were they hoping to attract?  The Klan.  Maybe they wanted a good old fashioned cross burning.  Now people like John Lewis refuse to attend.  I don't blame him.  I wanted want to be a part of Trump's photo op. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Pedophile Rally

Tonight, Trump and the GOP is bringing Sexual Predators and Pedophiles into their ranks.  They are holding a rally.  I doubt they would turn any of them away.  Just like Romney said about Corporations, Sexual Predators and Pedophiles are people, my friend.  I guess there are a lot of them out there for the GOP to accept them so openly.  If they were rich, I could see them accepting money under the table from them.  They are full on embracing these criminals.  Weinstein may have found a party that will accept him as is.  I wonder if NAMBLA is acceptable also?  You might want to check it out.  I think I will stick with the Democrats, no matter how spineless they are.  One day, they will clear our the old and bring in the new.  Until then, they will continue to play nice and lose to the GOP. 

Please Have My Baby

So, a congressman thought it would be a great idea to ask female staffers to be his surrogate.  Is that how it works?  Did he also say he would be doing the insemination? I guess it would be wrong for me to pick a co worker and ask her to have my baby.  Common sense really alludes these idiots!

Tone At the Top of the Country

They are going after sexual harassers in Congress and Senate.  But, what about the top?  The president has 19+ allegations.  I think the women need to have their stories heard.  If you really want things to change, you have to change the culture.  You can not have a sexual predator running the country and think things will change.  This guy even admits his deeds.  Call your representatives.  Tell them it is time for the Chief Sexual Predator to step down!

California Burning

California is on fire again.  I even hear that it is getting close to Oceanside, San Diego County.  I hope the people stay safe and don't worry about your things.  They can be replaced, but lives can not. 

Middle East in Flames

So, Trump has achieved another big accomplishment.  He has started another conflict in the Middle East.  I'm seeing stories that he did not know it would happen.  This guy is oblivious.  You don't even have to be a scholar on the Middle East to know what would happen.  I'm betting this is the kind of distraction Trump wants.  He wants people to focus on this and not his Treason with Russia and that horrid Tax giveaway to the rich.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why Bother?

Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  Why?  We all know it.  Other countries know it.  No one has publicly recognized it.  They are trying to broker a peace deal.  But by siding with Israel, he is showing that the US is firmly on one side.  Palestinians will not trust our country.  Not only that, but he makes it less safe for Americans outside of the US.  This just piles on to his Muslim ban.  Trump is trying to start a "holy war" for his Radical Christian groups.  They love it.  It scares me. 

Double Standard

Looks like Franken is out.  Democrats are putting pressure on him to step down.  Strangely, they are not saying anything about Republicans.  What about Blake Farenthold?  What about Trump?  Pelosi does not want to shake the boat.  It seems ridiculous to turn on your own and not say anything about republicans doing the same or worse.  Why should Trump get a pass?  He did this before becoming president.  He is not a king, like some republicans like to think of him as. 

Celebrity Privilege

Dustin Hoffman was asked tough questions at a screening of one of his films.  The questioner was John Oliver.  He was also the emcee of the event.  He started asking about the allegations that he groped a then 17 year in the 80's.  He claimed that he did it and that he remembers it differently, but he's a different man now.  Oliver said that was a cop out.  Hoffman claims that Tootsie made him see the light about being a woman.  But Oliver persisted.  Others in Hollywood are upset about it.  I have an issue of when is the right time?  It's not like he's going on tour to talk about it.  Most of these accusers hope that it will just disappear.  I hope the women sue or do whatever they need to do.  They should pay for what they did.  People in this world need to understand that you can not treat women like this.  Actors tend to think they are entitled to anything.  Times are a changing!  I commend John Oliver for his stand.  They should not just get a pass because of who they are. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Continued Harassment

I reported the negative comments to YouTube.  I don't know if they will do anything.  Evidentily, they are some kind of Trolls trying to get a rise out of me.  I know who I am.  I'm not letting it bother me.  I don't understand why people do that.  The Internet gives them something to hide behind.  As far as I am concerned, I will ignore it. 

A New Front

I guess North Korea is going too slow for Trump's taste.  China is trying to deescalate the situation.  What is a person like Trump to do?  Oh, he can recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  That will go over well with everyone.  Ooops.  It doesn't seem like it's a hit with the Arabs and Muslims.  Actually, this will escalate shootings and bombings.  I think this is what Trump is shooting for.  Also, Chuck Schumer thinks it's a great idea.  Not very bright. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Offensive Comments

I follow a women on YouTube named Haley.  She does a Vlog about living in China.  It's really interesting.  I commented.  I told her that we had been there to adopt.  I said we loved going there.  A few asked questions or told me we were doing a great thing.  I said we were lucky to have these kids.  Then, someone comments that they know why white people adopt Chinese girls.  She says its cause they like to molest them.  Shortly after that, another idiot chimed in what would we take for s child and would we accept a discount for s blind child.  So nice.  I reported them.

Painted Themselves Into a Corner

Yesterday, we discovered that McConnell painted their bill into a corner.  They did it so quick without review that they took out Corporate Deductions.  They will have to fix that, but it is creating problems.  They had promised Collins and Flake sweatheart deals for their votes.  Ooops!  It looks like he forgot to add them.  On the House side, the "Freedom" Caucus is having issues.  Of course, you know that their use of Freedom is not for the people.  It's freedom as in the sense they do not want government to pay for anything, especially entitlements, like Medicare, Social Security.  Even though they take it out of our paychecks. 

GOP: Gentle on Pedophiles

The GOP and Trump are going into the Pedophile business.  And business is booming!  They both are supporting Roy Moore.  You know, the "alleged" pedophile running for Senator of Alabama.  If he will they have to change lyrics to O Susanna?  Maybe instead of a banjo on the knee it could be a handful of candy to entice thee?  The party that claimed they were they family party is showing that it is a family of criminals!

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Silent Partner

I wonder if the DNC will continue their silent protest?  I barely hear them.  The most I have heard from Pelosi is to go after Conyers.  What about Trump and the 19 or so women?  Is she going to go there or is she worried Trump might not want to be friends?   The two leaders are running like it's the 50's.  They try to follow every rule.  But, the GOP has given up on that.  Now we are seeing the aftermath of all this.  Trump is putting in every right wing loyalist judge he can.  McConnell is pushing them right through.  Why?  Because the Democrats did not want to upset their colleagues.

Off his Tweeter

Trump is at it again.  He is singing the praises of a pedophile.  This is the same guy who defied the Supreme Court.  I know Trump likes that, but people need to realize that this guy thinks he is above the law.  He's being compared to Jesus in Alabama.  That makes him a false prophet.  I think the Bible warns us about them.  I don't know if that is in the Financial Bible that the GOP follows. 

Bonfire of the Idiots

As you might have heard, Trump tweeted something that might come back to haunt him.  I know, most of the things he tweets can.  He has no filter.  His base thinks that is great.  I'm sure his lawyers would not agree.  Friday he tweeted that he knew Flynn lied to Pence and the FBI.  Well, that was news to a lot of people.  His lawyer jumped in and said he tweeted it.  He said he was having a bad education day and that is why it sounded like Trump.  I can not believe people are willing to fall on a sword for this guy. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

One in the Booby Hatch!

Senator Hatch does not think kids need insurance.  They do not work for those benefits.  What, is he trying to get slave labor for Ivanka Trump? These politicians are oblivious.  Hopefully, the people will vote them out in 2018 and 2020.

Chuck Antoinette, Let Them Eat Cake! (If they can pay for it!)

Chuck Grassley feels that only people who invest should get tax cuts.  Us normal people will spend the money on booze and women.  Surprised he did say opioids or crack.  His reply is just like Marie Antoinette's Let them Eat Cake! His comment is more like Let them Eat Shit! People, call your politicians.  They still have to vote on a final bill.  Don't let them succeed!

Busy Day

I woke up running this morning.  I went shopping.  I made a cheesecake. Cheesecakes are labor intensive.  You have to wait to the next day to eat it.  I pulled some weeds and washed some kids.  I manage to throw in ironing.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


I started a new program.  You can find them on the internet at Healthslate.  You add an app.  I have constant reminders to add what I eat.  It gives a calorie breakdown.  They also sent me a scale.  I will start weighing myself everyday.  I add a pedometer to my phone.  We'll see if there is progress.

One Step Closer

Mueller has flipped Flynn.  Next up, Kush.  He needs to watch what we says.  Perjury is a bad thing.  It will be so easy for Mueller to identify.  Trump needs to start worrying.  His time is growing short.  He is an Impeached President Walking!  But I hope Mueller does not stop there.  Treason needs to be prosecuted at the highest standards.  We do not want a repeat.  In the old days, traitors were hung.

Taxation Without Representation

Our country has now given a huge tax break to the rich.  The lower classes will pay for it.  Did they give time for all to read the bill? No.  The vile McConnell did not want them to read it.  He trusted that the lobbyists had their donors best interests in mind.  If you did not have money, you did not have a say in this process.  They claim this is what happened with the ACA.  That is wrong.  It was debated.  People had time to read it.  Vile republicans even watered it down, so it would not be as effective.  I hope the Democrats rise up and make their voices heard.  I'm tired of reading self serving statements about why this us bad.