Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Backing the Wrong Horse

Republicans are backing Trump and his idiot minions.  You'd think they'd be concerned that they are breaking the law.  Or like most politicians, they'd be concerned with re election.  Nope. They are standing up for Nunes.  He's the most oblivious if them all.  He keeps making comments, but he does not realize he is contradicting himself.  Sometimes, he does not even make sense.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bringing Back Coal?

It's not going to happen.  Trump acts like this great businessman.  If he were so good, he'd realize that the market for coal is dying.  Even China is cutting back. They are a big consumer of coal.

Relaunching History

Thursday, we get to witness history.  SpaceX will be launching a satellite on a used rocket.  The company, who owns the satellite, got a discount to be the first to use a used rocket.  I hope it's not cloudy.

Coming Soon!

Showest or whatever they are calling it these days is going on in Vegas. Hollywood brings out the actors to introduce the summer films to distributors.  Angie and I were fortunate enough to attend in the 90's.  Now, trailers for some big movies are coming out.  Spiderman's preview came out today.  It comes out tomorrow.  Can't wait to see what else comes out.

Trump's Puppet

Nunes has been touring the news shows.  He is spinning tales of nothing.  Where does Trump get these stooges?  Putin and his crowd did the heavy lifting.  Now Trump and his idiots are trying to live the high life, while pretending they didn't do anything.  Even hardcore Republicans like Dick Cheney are calling them out.  Eventually, the GOP is going to come to its senses or some may revolt.  It's probably going to take the Democrats taking over before anything happens.  Republicans actively colluding better beware.  They might be charged as accessories to Trump's treason.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Breaking News: Trump Tells the Truth

That would truly be a headline.  This weekend, Fox, the Trump State News, had a breaking alert that he stayed in the White House and worked.  That, like all other Trump news, was a lie.  He went golfing at his clubs and eating at his hotel.  He had to get his promotional time in.

Another Day, Another Conflict

Trump has decided to let his son in law run an office he created.  That is nepotism.  We know the GOP will overlook it.  They don't have problems with GOP conflicts only Democratic conflicts.  I don't think our fore fathers had that in mind when they created checks and balances.  I guess they did not take into account the greed of people.  At their time, they only worried about the president becoming a king.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Not Worried About Appearances in France

Trump still denies he knows Putin.  But, he sings his praises.  He will not bad mouth him.  Le Pen on the other hand does not care.  She talks of taking back France from the EU, but is she giving the country to Putin and Russia?  She just had a sit down with him.  If Trump were that stupid, he would have not been elected.  I'd like to think that, but who knows after this last election.  You'd think it was a no brainer between Clinton and Trump.  The people sided with a man who only cares about the rich.  He has a strange fascination with Putin.  We know he's not doing it for the country.  It's all for Trump.  Please France, don't go down this road.  In a couple of months, you will regret it.  We will be right in the middle of an impeachment trial and you will be learning Russian.

Huge Protest

Russia had a huge protest today.  It was historical.  Opposition leader Navalny was arrested.  He told to crowds to continue on.  These people are brave.  I think they are tired of all the killing and want to change their leaders.  That would be bad for Trump, but I don't think he will have time to think about that.  He has Flynn to worry about.  His other minions are planning on testifying, but it will not be under oath.  If so, it will be worthless.  Under oath, that is a different story.  Flynn can contradict what they say.  We can't expect anything from the GOP.  They are still standing  by their man.  Once this all collapses, they should go down with the ship.  We should probably organize with Russians and hold a protest that covers multiple continents and countries.

Another Trumpster Down

Another person has quit the administration.  Wonder why?  Maybe he has some involvement in TrumpRussia.  With Flynn possibly flipping, he's getting worried.

Protests in Russia

The people have had enough. They are tired of the corruption and the silencing of Putin's critics. One of the organizers has been arrested, but encourages the people to continue. It would be great if our president would speak on their behalf.  That's not going to happen.  He will not speak against his master.  Hopefully, someone like John McCain speaks out.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

On to Taxes

Trump failed with Healthcare and a Muslim Ban.  Now he wants to move on to tax reform.  It's going to be harder than the healthcare.  I believe they will need 60 votes to get something passed.  They are going to go out of the way to give to the rich.  At the same time, they will cut all the things the middle class and poor depend on.  Just look at healthcare.  They wanted us to pay more for no coverage and give bonuses to the healthcare CEO's.  You can only imagine the kind of bull they will try to pass.  As arrogant as they all are, they won't see any problem with what they are doing.

Ramble On

A Twitter friend shared a video from Kawehi.  I have never heard of her.  I gave the video a chance.  It was really good.  I looked on YouTube and found she has other songs.  I have attached a cover of Led Zepplin's Ramble On.  If you like it, check out her other songs.  Her original material is really good.  She is a one person band.  Watch the videos and you will see what I am talking about.  Also, you can get her music on Amazon.

Healthcare Reprieve

Obamacare is still around.  The Republicans failed to get rid of it.  Told you, it's like the dog chasing the car.  They don't know what to do when it happens.  People were not all that big on Healthcare for the rich only.  Now they will put it on hold and try when they think people have forgotten about it.  In the meantime, Trump has said it will explode.  I'm guessing that means they will slowly take things and money away to make it fail.  He does have an obligation and we are talking about people's live here.  We got news that Elana might be able to get a cornea transplant.  We hope the insurance does not change or go anywhere.  Haley still has the other ear to get a cochlear implant.

It's a Pressure Cooker

Putin has a favorite song and he has been helping with the video for it.  It's called Let The Bodies Hit the Floor.  He is really giving it his all.  I think that the Trump conspirators are getting a little nervous.  Manafort is squirming.  Flynn might have turned on Trump for protection.  We'll have to see if that is true.  The others seem a little nervous.  They are even agreeing to appear before Congress.  Nunes has changed the plans.  Now he wants closed hearings.  He does not want it open to the public.  Still trying to protect Trump.  Guess he's never been on a sinking ship.

Friday, March 24, 2017

USSR Reassembling

Trump has declared his allegiance to Putin.  Now La Pen is singing that same tune.  She thinks France should get closer to Russia.  Beware, France.  Don't fall for it.  Look to Russia.  Putin is killing his critics.  Look to America.  Trump is being investigated for possibly colluding with Putin to throw our election.  Who does Trump speak for? The rich.  Will La Pen be the same? Do you even want to risk going there?

A Handmaids Tale Come to Life

Politicians are organizing to take healthcare away from the American people. Women are front and center.  The sex of the politicians taking the lead: male.  They even shot a picture of the meeting.  You'd think it was from the movie version of A Handmaids Take.  Abortion laws are made by these same type of politicians. Today, there may be a vote. It's not looking good.  That's good for us.  The president is having a fit.  We have discovered he is not that great at negotiating.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trumpcare Vote Cancelled, for Today!

They don't have enough votes.  Color me surprised!  The reason may surprise you, unless you think like the GOP.  The reason is the hard right feels that it does not take enough care away from us.  One idiot even joked about it.  A person asked what he would miss when Obamacare is repealed.  He said Mammograms.  That's a side splitter, if you're a misogynistic asshole.  He regretted it when people called him on it.  Maybe they should take away his ED meds.  Everytime they try to appeal to the hard right, the center right falters.   They will ram a vote through late at night, when no one is looking.  They like to work in the shadows.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


With Nunes releasing classified information, it makes you wonder if it was real?  I wonder if they gave him some non lethal information to see what he would do with it. Maybe, he was not the only one they gave information to.  He was the one who stepped forward.  Now to see what they will do.  We know Trump's other mole Burr has gone quiet.  He understood that once the media outed his deal with Trump that he could not continue to sell people on his objectivity.  That does not mean he will stay silent, if the shut down Nunes.

A Tale of Too Many Idiots

Another Trump stooge may have broken the law.  Devin Nunes went to the press to release information about surveillance that intelligence agencies were running.  He even contacted his boss Trump to tell him the news.  He may not have all of it.  I don't know if those agencies trust him.  For all we know, they told him what they did to see if he would leak the information.  He did not even bother to contact those that sit on his committee.  That is not sitting well with them.  Even John McCain is saying we need an independent investigation because Congress has lost all credibility.

Talking of idiots.  Paul Manafort is the BMOC.  Big Man on Capital Hill.  Seems Ukraine has released information about Putin associates that paid him some money and then worked for "free" as a campaign manager for Trump.  Seems kind of quirky, since Trump had the platform changed at the RNC's convention.  They went from wanting to punish Putin and Russia to wanting to love him and shower love on his country.  I know, it's hard to believe.  It also shows how easy it is to lead them astray.

Life: The Movie

I got to see Life tonight.  When I first saw this preview, I wrote it off as an Alien knockoff.  Then I heard a rumor that it might be linked to Venom.  I became interested in it.  We will have to wait on the rumor.  There is no indication by watching the film.  I sat through the credits to see.  It is a good old fashioned monster movie.  It puts it in a realistic setting.  If you like films like the original Alien, check it out.  It will not disappoint.

A Tweet for Healthcare

Our congresswoman posted our families picture yesterday.  She was using it to demonstrate how the ACA helps families and will hurt them if taken away.  Haley has one ear down for hearing.  Elana might get a cornea transplant to give her sight.  If the healtcare is repealed and watered down, we will not be able to afford it.  That's a real shame.  Our kids did not ask to be born with these disabilities.  If they can be fixed, we'd like to give them that opportunity.

A Day of Reckoning

The vote for the god awful Trumpcare is coming up tomorrow.  Trump is trying to bully politicians into voting for it.  Who has more power their constituents or Trump?  If they vote for it, the people will remember.  It will be like the Democratic purge after Obamacare was voted in.  Either way, most are screwed.  Trump is a sinking ship.  If tied to him, they will go down also.  Maybe we can get Universal Healthcare out of this.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hot Day

We were in the 80's. That should be comfortable.  In the sun, it was really hot.  I think I burned my neck.  The girls had a fun day.  We rode go carts. That was fun, if not a little nerve wracking.  Mia wanted to ride them.  We got to ride a carousel, ferris wheel, and a couple of other fair like rides.

Fun Spot Kissimmee

We are at the other local Disney park. Not owned by, but cheaper than.  It's nice.  Feels a little bigger than the Orlando location.  I found out that Mia's ticket has a chaperone offer.  That is great. She wanted to ride go carts.  It is hot here.  They need more shaded areas.  The girls are having fun.

Under Investigation

Deja Vu!  Trump liked Nixon so much that he decided to emulate him.  Now we have a President under investigation.  This is only his first term.  Hopefully, the Democrats will leverage some of this.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Life of Venom?

Life is coming out soon.  When I first saw the preview, I thought it was a rip off of Alien.  It still might be, but I heard a rumor that might make it more interesting. There is a claim that this might be a prequel to Venom.  If you don't know Venom, he is a villain from Spiderman. He was in the 3rd movie. Comic books have done a better job with the character.  The director is not denying the rumor.  I got a set of tickets to see the sneak of it.  I am looking forward to it.

Train to Busan

I love foreign films.  South Korea puts together some really great films.  Train to Busan is similar to 28 Days Later.  It has a story of sacrifice. And it's set on a train.  If you like zombie thrillers, this is a must see.

The Big Day

The Russia Trump hearings have started. Trump's already tweeting misinformation. Hopefully, it will start to reveal what happened during the election.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Another Slip of the Tongue

Another rep has let it slip that there is a confidential investigation going on.  I think in the top secret arena, it is customary not to say anything about investigations.  That is unless you have a reason, like James Comey and the reopening of the Hillary Email investigation.  I feel he had some coercion  to make that announcement from the likes of Senator McConnell and some other Trump hooligans.  Now, he is not saying what is being investigated.  I hope for an investigation into Nunes, but Republicans have the power.  Power can be very corrupting.  Things can change and hopefully in 2018, we will usher in a group of politicians that will clean out the corruption.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Fox Runs the Henhouse

Trump is a one man criminal organization.  He oversees the organizations that investigate crimes.  Do you think they will investigate?  I doubt it.  The way I see it, he will let his family and rich friends loot our country. The people will pay for it in the end.  

Another Weekend Promoting

Dear Leader is back in Florida.  Palm Beach is demanding money to pay for the police and other expenses.  They should put a toll road to his club and charge $100 to enter and leave.  People going there can afford it.  They already pay $200,000 to have access to the President.

A Day with the Girls

Today, I will be hanging out with my older daughters. This week, I will get a lot of time to do that.  It's Spring Break. Maybe we'll see a movie and possibly go to some parks. That could include nature parks and the local Disney.  By that, I mean Fun Spot.  It's like Disney, but catered to locals wallets.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Add England to the List

Spicer accused England of wiretapping Trump for Obama.  They did not like that.  They actually called them on it.  They apologized and said he would not say it again.  Today, he claims there was no apology.  Another country Trump will distance us from.  I guess Putin is getting anxious.  He has a spy boat off the eastern coast.  Probably just reminding Trump that he owes him Bigly!

Another Day Another Insult

Angela Merkel is visiting Trump.  It did not look like most of his meetings where he lords over the person.  She asked if he would like to shake hands during a photo op.  He ignored her and kept looking down.  He was not even making eye contact with her.  During a Q & A a German reporter asked why he keeps lying.  That seem to irritate him.

Spicer to Return to SNL

It looks like Spicer wants to  be back on SNL.  He is making outrageuos comments, even going to far to say that England had wiretapped for Obama.  He is arguing with the press.  I don't understand why they bother.  They lie.  You can't believe anything any of them say.  When he does return, he is giving them plenty of material.  McCarthy will be hosting in the future, but we have to wait.

South Korean Reaction

I wonder how the South Koreans reacted to Tillerson threatening North Korea?  You'd think he would talk to them before he makes comments like that.  This is the Trump Administration.  Stupid comments should be expected.  They just do not understand that they can start wars.  Maybe they do.  I feel he wants to start a war that he can "win".  Let's just hope that North Korea does not just lob a missile into South Korea.

Godfather Diplomacy

Trump thinks that if others fear you, they will back down from you.  So, Tillerson is making threats to North Korea.  I guess he does not understand the make up of the area.  Just like the mob, North Korea is like a made man.  The only way you can go after a made man is to go talk to the family that protects them.  That would be China.  If you attack the made man, you will have to deal with the wrath of the family.  China is very protective and will not stand for attacks.  Not only that, but I do not think it is very smart to threaten a mad man.  He killed his own half brother.  He enslaves his people.  Our threat will only antagonize him.  I know that is what they want, but remember China.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Parade of Idiots

I guess when Trump hires people, the best and the brightest do not come to mind.  I think it's because they refuse to be yes men and women.  That really hinders his hiring process.  It shows.  Just look at the people that are on TV.  They look like it is really hard to think for themselves.  So, they let Trump do the thinking.  Today, we get Mulvaney.  There's a real winner.  He thinks it's compassionate to take away food from the poor because it is not showing results.  Actually, it does.  It keeps healthcare costs down and makes sure Americans are not dying in the streets.  This guy speaks for the rich.  They don't want to be taxed to help humanity.  It's all about themselves and their families.  They paid a lot to buy this presidency, so they want to enjoy it.

Glass Half Empty!

Trump had another rally yesterday.  It seems that his fans are dwindling.  They had pictures from the event and there were a lot of empty seats.  He'll probably blame Obama and Clinton.  He'll tell everyone that they digitally erased those fans and supporters to make him look bad.  On top of that he gave a speech about Andrew Jackson and mentioned his election, again!  He's the high school quarterback who will always relive that one game that he was the hero.

Another Day, Another Court Order!

Yesterday, a court in Hawaii put a hold on Trump's Muslim Ban.  You know the ban that is not a religious ban, but keeps out Muslims.  This morning there was another story that another judge has put a block on the Muslim ban.  Yesterday, Trump got into dictator mode when he found out.  He said he should just go back to the first ban, that courts have already ruled against.  This is why non political people should not be elected president.

South Park the Child!

Elana sounds more and more like the kids from South Park.  I told her that I am going to start calling her South Park.  For a child that is blind, she is like a sponge when it comes to hearing.  She picks it up from movies we migh watch, accidents I might have, and somethimes by surprise.  What I mean is that I get hit unexpectedly and it comes out before I can stop it.

Congratulations to the Dutch!

Wilders did not come out the big winner.  Actually, he did worse than people expected.  After Trump, no one is surprised by these type of groups winning.  The people probably looked to America and saw hate.  Maybe they saw all the corruption our government has.  Now we look to the next European elections.  Just remember, fight the hate.  A vote for the far right is a vote for Trump and Putin.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

King of the Emoluments!

Trump has to be the most corrupt President ever.  He flaunts it!  Not only that, but the GOP is covering for him.  When this bum gets thrown out, some of his supporters in the government should join him.  His son in law is getting $400 million from China.  A business woman from China paid over $15 million for a penthouse in his building. The Russians are throwing money at Trump like he's a pole dancer.  Sorry, I know, disgusting image.  I'm sure the children are setting up backdoor deals for everyone they can.  According to Jason Chaffetz, the President can not have conflicts.  I guess they did not think of a person like Trump ever running the country.

All For the Fans

It seems he released his tax forms for his base.  They loved it.  Everyone else just said to ignore it.  It was just done to take pressure off the Trumpcare and his Russian allies.  Today, they are starting some kind of hearings.  One of his defenders is admitting that there is no evidence of wiretapping.  That's a surprise (sarcasm).  Maybe they need to punish him for his lies.

Trump's Taxes Leaked! (Probably By Trump)

Trump's taxes came out.  Sort of.  If you ask me, it looks as if Trump cherry picked two pages that made him look good and sent them to a reporter.  Then, right before it hit the air, he had the White House counter it by releasing a version of his taxes.  In addition, he threw in that the news networks were illegally releasing his returns.  See, it serves him in two ways.  It shows he did pay some tax, but could have gotten away with paying as little as 3% on $150,000,000.  This was due to the AMT.  Second, it gave him a way to attack the media to show how "low" they will go to attack him.  People should demand to see more.  This year, he will not escape scrutiny.  Presidents are under a mandatory audit.