Friday, March 23, 2018

Clear Backpacks?

Schools are requiring clear backpacks.  Did the last shooter have a backpack? I don't think he was a student or even had a backpack.  Funny, they won't strengthen gun laws because it hurts NRA members.  They will punish the victims of these shootings.  What is wrong with this picture?

Now with Fresh Beef!

If you owned a burger stand, would you sell your burgers with Now with Fresh Beef?  That is what McDonald's is doing.  The question that comes to my mind is what was in it before?  What is in the other burgers? 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Plug Up the Leak!

Trump is getting all kind of support.  I wonder how they'd feel if they found out they leaker was Trump?  I don't feel sorry for him. As much of a jerk he is and all.

Things Change!

I visited North Carolina this week.  I got to drive around and see all the changes.  They are starting to use roundabouts, instead of lights.  My old apartment was gone.  It was replaced by a drugstore.  Across from that, used to be open woods.  Not anymore.  Another place we lived is now on sale.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snowy Day!

Woke this morning to snow.  Been a couple of years since I last saw snow.  I walked to some nearby stores.  It was a refreshing walk.  I also was able to earn Shopkick points.  I managed not to buy clearance items.  It was hard.

Who Leaked?

Trump has a leak, or does he?  Trump has a habit of leaking disinformation in New York.  Who does this leak hurt?  It shows that he was told to not congratulate Putin.  His base would love it.  At the same time, it shows a person attacking him.  Once again, a point for Trump.  Just look at Marco.  He's seething about the "leak".  Don't be surprised if no one is discovered to have leaked this.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ready for a Showdown!

Trump is floating the idea of firing Mueller.  I bet his base loves it.  His complicit politicians, on the other hand, are concerned.  They worry that firing him will force their hand.  They might actually have to do their job.  Everyday, it seems more news comes out about how Trump fixed the election. 

Coco is Amazing!

If you have not seen Coco, you need to.  It is amazing.  The visuals will knock your socks off.  The story is a good one about not forgetting people in your past. 

Seeds of Big Brother

It looks like Facebook collected people's information and sold it to another company.  This information allowed Trump and his minions to manipulate the vote.  Throw in Putin and Wikileaks to solidify.  Voila! We gave an idiot as president.  Cambridge Analytics has even been caught on tape telling others they can use their information to entrap others using prostitutes.  What do our watchdogs in Washington think? Nothing.  It seems a bunch of them used their services.  I don't care for it.  I want to stay away from Facebook.  It's hard.   I will stay away paid content on the site.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fake News and Fake President

Trump keeps pushing Putin's themes.  Sad thing is, people are buying it.  He hopes his next election is uncontested like Putins.  Let's hope it doesn't.  I'm sure plenty of peo ppl e want to challenge the orange authoritarian.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dick Move By a Dick President

Two days before retiring, the dictator has decided to fire FBI agent Andrew McCabe.  Why?  Because he was loyal to the Constitution and not Trump.  I hope the men and women at the FBI take a harder look into our criminal president.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Tomb Raider

Another video game reboot.  When is Hollywood going to learn? I like the actors in it, but it's based on a video game.  I'm guessing it will make some money but die off quickly.

Sleeping in a Van

Sleeping in a van is hard on an old person.  Believe me, I tried it.  My body is paying the price.  Not only that, I had a child who kept kicking and hitting me.  Next day, sore as I can be.

God Help Us!

Trump is removing all the sane people on the room.  He's replacing them with with ultra right wingers, racists and the biggest ass kissers around.  Not one of these morons will tell him he is wrong.  They won't mind because he will be implementing their ideas.  Let's just hope Mueller gets to him or the republicans realize he needs to be removed.  I'd bet on Mueller because I don't see the enablers from his party turning on him.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

End of an Era

First, FAO Schwartz went out of business.  I had  2 memories f that.  I loved Big, the movie.  Then, we got a store in Orlando.  It was nice.  Too expensive.  Now, Toys R Us is going under.  When I was younger, I visited a store in Oceanside.  To a child, this was heaven.  As I grew older, it still was a place I liked to visit.  As a parent, we found it to be highly expensive.  They did not to rectify that.  Angie would go during Black Friday.  I can't remember the last time I was in a store.  Good riddance.  If you refuse to innovate, you'll perish.  I wonder if Trump will try to save them?  He likes dinosaurs.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Trump had a meeting with admirers.  He told them that he liked to bluff world leaders.  He was talking with the leader of Canada.  He told him something he knew nothing of.  Then he gloats that he lied to him and he bought it.  He's going to make sure that America is hated and mistrusted.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Outsider

I started watching The Outsider last night.  I liked what I saw.  It stars Jared Leto as an ex POW who stays in Japan and gets involved with the Yakuza.  People are panning it.  What do you expect?  I doubt half have even watched the movie.  Before you critique, watch the movie and decide for yourself. 

Blue Wave is Coming!

Another Democrat has done well in an election.  Trump should be worried.  His majority might be shrinking.  If it does, he will be investigated correctly.  His minions will probably get caught up in it also for obstruction as well as being part of the treason.  Come November, Vote! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Closed for Business!

It looks like the US is closing for business.  We don't want to trade with others, unless you want our stuff.  We are putting up a wall to keep people out.  We only want "good people".  I think Trump defines good by $$$.  You could be a dictator of a country, but if you give Trump $$$, he'll welcome you with open arms.  I feel he is doing so much damage to our country, but the republicans don't care, they're all too high on Koch to care.  I hope the next elections will slow him down.  I believe the next president will have a lot of mending to do. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Duke Energy Seeks Corporate Welfare!

Just want to get this out there.  Share if you must.  Why is a company seeking raises to "recoup" after hurricanes, but still has the money to pay 21 million to its CEO for a bonus?  Isn't this welfare or an entitlement?  If they are running out of money, no bonuses should be paid.  Talk to your states.  I did.  Demand that any increase comes with a catch.  No bonuses shall be paid, while the public is bailing them out.  This is poor leadership and a grousing of our hard earned money!

Duke Energy is Hurting for Money? Seeking Corporate Welfare!

I drove in this morning and saw a millionaire holding a sign looking for more money for her company.  Seems Duke power wants us to pay more for losses during the hurricane season.  Only thing is, she does not seem to be hurting.  She got a 21 or 31 million dollar bonus this year.  How is the company hurting, when they can pay these kind of bonuses?  I think states should stop rubber stamping increases like this.  They want an increase, bonuses should be put on hold.  If you don't have money to run a company, you don't have money to pay bonuses.  This is just poor leadership.  What do you expect from greedy companies and republicans?  People without money on welfare is bad to them, but millionaires on welfare is A-Okay in their books!

Paying More!

Get ready to pay more for less!  With Trump enacting tariffs, we are going to pay for it.  Everything is going to cost more.  Soon our trading partners will retaliate.  Who wins?  Putin.  He loves the discord he is causing.  He is breaking apart alliances using the most blunt and dull tool he can use.  This tool is so stupid, he does not even realize he is being used. 

Mainstream Media!

Stop giving Trump free air time!  Show a blurb of a rally, but don't show the whole thing.  Don't give him the attention.  This is how he screwed America and you keep giving into him.  You're like a battered person.  He beats you and calls you names, but you keep going back for more.  I wished you'd do your job.  Where are the investigations?  You can't tell me Trump is clean and without scandal or crime.  You are just waiting for someone else to do the work.  How lazy! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Religion Taking Over the South

The Middle East has radical Islamic groups.  In Middle America, our radical Christian groups are cementing their control.  Mississippi just passed a law to ban abortions passed 15 weeks.  They give NO exceptions to rape and incest.  They join states like Texas, Kentucky, Alabama for their radical religious based laws.  By the way, they are big supporters of a president that cheats on his wife with porn stars and commits crimes and is a traitor to our country.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Wrinkle in Time

It's out.  I hope people go see this movie.  It looks like a fun family film.  It's also a major motion picture directed by a African American Woman.  It also has a diverse cast.  Give it a shot.  Movies like this need to make money to get Hollywood to make and support more of them. 

Set Up?

NK has invited our idiot to have talks with him.  What will Kim promise Trump?  I'm guessing a NK Trump Tower.  That should be sufficient.  Question, do you think Putin and Xi are working behind the scenes to play this up?  I feel it's a set up.  They are playing to Trump's ego.  Making it look like his "hard line" propelled Trump to the table.  I'm not holding my breathe, but if it stop our idiot from dropping a nuclear bomb it must be good. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blast From the Past

In the 90's Brendan Fraser starred in a movie about a man from the 60's time travelling into modern times.  I think we are living that movie or Encino Man.  I'd wager on Encino Man because it is about a caveman that is thawed out in modern times.  Trump has the intelligence of a caveman.  He's misogynistic.  He's fighting for Steel and Coal, when he should be worried about future technology.  He wants to end civil rights.  I bet he even wants to bring back slavery and debtors prisons. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trade Wars

Trump wants a war.  Looks like he will get one.  He wants to slap tariffs on all other countries.  They will retaliate.  He claims they are dumping on us, but what about when our country would do the same to other countries?  I still say, follow the money on each of his decisions.  I bet he has made investments.  We know his minions are doing it.  You have that one who dumped steel before Trump made his announcement.  Can't wait for all these idiots to go to jail. 

You Need a Good Guy Bully to Beat a Bad Guy Bully

Florida's politicians are going to make it easier for bullies to bully others, but give the people who are bullied the option of going to a private school.  Yes you did read that correctly.  You'd think they'd handle the bully problem, but I guess many of their donors and followers have the kids that are doing the bullying.  To go after them, would be to go after your base.  I do not see this helping the problem.  It will only make money for private schools and take money from public education.  We do have a backwards state down here.