Friday, June 23, 2017

Still Paying for It

The republicans are taking healthcare away from us.  They are letting companies charge more for less.  If people don't have that coverage, they are still going to go to the hospitals.  If no coverage, it will come back to the rest of us in higher premiums.  Why?  So that some millionaire asshole can buy a third or fourth house or yacht?  Welcome to America!  The republicans have declared a war on the poor.  I don't mean poverty.  They just want to kill off the poor, disabled and elderly.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Healthcare for the Rich

Who knew that the rich were having so many problems getting coverage?  It seems the republicans seem to think they need to get relief.  McConnell has released his soulless healthcare plan.  It takes care from the people that need it the most, while giving the rich all kinds of benefits.  I think it even lists being born as a pre existing condition.

Failure by any other Name

So the Republicans "won" again.  I don't think it was bad for the democrats.  They are taking it hard, but these districts were the reddest of the red.  Trump picked them for that reason.  They are also gerrymandered.  The democrats came close to winning them.  That should bode well for 2018.  The democrats just need to be careful of infighting.

Baby Driver

Last night, Angie and I switched places.  Michelle and I went to see the movie.  Although I was a little late, we still got in the theater.  It was worth our time.  It was a fun movie.  It was an original movie.  It had a lot of older music.  If you get a chance to see this movie, do so.  It's better than some of the stuff Hollywood is putting out there.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two Days, Same Movie

Tonight we have a sneak.  It's Baby Driver.  This movie looks very good.  Word is that it is good.  The movie company had planned to release it in September.  But after showing it at a festival, they moved it to a summer release.  That means they think it will do really well.  I will have to wait until tomorrow to see it.  Angie will be taking our daughter.  I will be with a younger child.  Tomorrow I will get to see it.  It works out for both of us.

Another Day, Another Election

The democrats lost another.  Actually two.  But who's counting.  Oh yeah, the republicans.  They will be cheering this on.  They will side more with a man who committed treason to become president.  If you look closely, you might see a problem on the horizon.  These states were red.  The districts were the reddest of the red.  To only win by 5% should concern some people.  When we branch out to the 2018 election, the states will not all be so red.  It only takes 24 seat out of 70 some seats to turn the House Blue.  Republicans better start paying attention.  Being a democrat, I'd say don't pay attention.  I doubt Mueller cares that they won the elections.  He's still moving on.  Word is the Flipping Flynn might be cooperating.  That should make Dear Leader worried.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Message For All Of Humanity - Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin wrote this.   What a timeless speech

Vote in Georgia!

Today is the day.  Turn the 6th blue.  Get out and vote if you live in this district.  The woman running against the Democrat sounds like a female version of Trump.  She does not want a living wage, she believes in TrumpCare (really its NoCare), and she is Anti LGBTQ.  If you want to return to the 50's way of live, she is your person.  If you want to take a step forward, vote Ossoff!

TrumpCare The Secret Healthcare Bill

The Senate is crafting healthcare.  They are doing it in secret with 13 white guys.  There is no input from anyone else.  From what I hear, it is even worse the the House bill.  I guess they are going to go totally opposite of Obama with Healthcare.  Instead of insuring Millions, they are going to see how many they can uninsure.  What about the Secretary of Health?  He's fine with it.  He probably is trying to see how much stock he can buy before the plan hits.  At least we know that the rich will be taken care of.  While the rest of us are sick and dying, they will be in perfect health to count their ill gotten returns.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Prophets of Rage Take on Racial Justice, Politics at the Republican Conv...

Father's Day 2017!

I started the day with yard work.  Yeah!  It was hot and humid.  I had no music to listen to.  All devices needed charging.  My Jawbone device was working.  I could keep track of my exercise.  My main goal was to move bush cuttings to the street.  It was going great, until I found the fire ant nest.  Then, I had to be really careful.  After that, I started moving cacti around the house.  Aloe cacti tend to cluster.  I try to beak them apart and move them to areas that could help around the house and yard.  It did not last.  It was hot.  Welcome to Florida summers!   We did get a down pour later in the day.

Early Wake Up

Sunday morning, we had an early wake up.  Our smoke alarm went off.  We thought it was just the regular alarm.  The garage door was not locked.  Lack of contact could have caused it to go off.  But then we got a call.  It was the fire department.  They wanted to come by and check.  Unfortunately, we are in a big transition stage.  One child has returned.  Two children are specialists in messing up houses.  It makes it really hard to get ahead.  The fireman walked through the house.  Not smoke could be detected.  He did note the mess.  Since then, no alarm.  We don't know what caused it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Helping Cuba by Oppressing the People

Trump reversed another Obama order.  He really is trying to rollback the whole Obama legacy.  I don't see how cutting off the people is going to help Cuba.  He also did it so he can use this to manipulate Marco Rubio.  That idiot has been tweeting all kinds of stupidity about this.  He has no real vision.  His idea of changing regimes: starve everyone out.  Countries like Russia and China could come in to save the day.  Maybe France or Canada could come in.

Presidential Meltdown

Trump was sending out all minds of crazy tweets yesterday.  He claims that the person who told him to fire Comey is investigating him for obstruction.  He has said it was his decision.  So, is he having them investigate himself?  He was in rare form.

Friday, June 16, 2017

California Love

I do not know much about Tupac Shukar.  I did get to learn a little about his life last night.  I went to see All Eyez on Me.  I enjoyed it.  My expectations were not very high.  That is not because I had seen the preview or read reviews.  I just did not really follow his music at the time.  I knew of a song or two.  I had heard about the spat that led to his death.  That was it.  I will say the actor portraying Tupac was identical to the real man.  When you see it, you think it is him.  Another performance that really stood out to me was by Danai Gurira.  If you do not recognize the name, you might know her as Michonne on the Walking Dead.  She played Afeni Shakur.  I'd love to see her get a nomination, but who knows.  It's a little early for that.

New Wave of the Future

I went to a movie last night.  It was at a Regal Cinema.  They have totally redone their theater.  They now have reclining chairs.  It's like being in your living room.  They did a great job on the spacing and chairs.  They were leather and really comfortable.  The only issue I had was they have a wooden tray that you pull over your lap.  I don't think it can be hidden.  You either push it to the side or over your lap.  Too bad it's not a hideaway type tray.

Way to go Australia!

Australia's PM was mocking Trump.  Way to go!  It did not sound bad.  He has such thin skin that there will be repercussions.  He must know he is the laughing stock of the world.  Keep up the good humor.  In these dark times, we need that.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Trump's birthday was yesterday.  He was greeted with the news that he is being investigated for obstruction of justice. He is also being sued by multiple states for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.  Then there was a shooting of a politician.  You'd think they would calm down the rhetoric.  No.  They are trying to use it to get the Democrats to vote for their crappy bills without question.  Some are even saying the Democrats caused this to happen.  Guess they missed Trump and his surrogates speeches.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Movie Night

Last nigh, Angie and Michelle went to see The Book of Henry.  They said it was really good.  It does have a sad side you do not see in the preview.  If you think you are going to see a whimsical coming of age story, be warned.  I could tell from the preview that something bad was happening and gong to happen, but it does not betray what it is, like most previews.  Give this movie a chance.  Hollywood needs to see that people will flock to non comic book, remake, sequels.  We want more original movies!

Strong Women Politicians

Kamala Harris was interrupted again during the Sessions questioning.  Why?  Are republicans scared of strong women?  I think the women should get together and demand better relations with the men.  The men think they can do whatever they want and that they have the right to limit the women.  People elected these women.  They deserve an equal voice.

Lyin' Jeff

Sessions appeared in a hearing.  Being the politician he is, he lied and crafted stories to fit any future talks that are found out about.  He might even be getting a little senile.  He can't recollect a lot of simple meetings he had.  I believe he knows what he said.  He says the only Russia issue he knows of is the ones he sees in the news.  He has access to files the public can not see.  He has not bothered. Then, he tries to bring up the Kumb By Ya between our country and Russia.  That just screams bought and paid for.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

He Can't

According to the Assistant AG, he is the only one who can fire the special Counsel.  But, he can be fired and Trump can appoint a Yes man for the position to get to the Counsel.  Be on the lookout for what he does.

Will He Won't He

Looks like Trump has a dilemma on his hands.  Should he fire the special prosecutor? Why would he need to.  He has nothing to hide, or does he?   If he does fire him, it might get some republicans to do something.  Don't count on it.  I think Ryan and McConnell want to ram their bad ideas through first.

Kid in a Candy Shop

Yesterday, I got to go to a Cactus farm.  It was neat.  I saw so many different kinds of Cacti.  I wish I could have bought them all.  I did find about 5 kinds.  I am still looking for the cactus that puts off the Dragon fruit.  They did not have any.  Now I will have to work with the one's I have and try to grow more of them.  It's the kind of plant that is hard for me to kill.  There are exceptions.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Meeting Behind Closed Doors

Sessions agreed to talk to the Senate, but then had second thoughts.  He wanted it to be in private.  Republicans like private meetings.  Then it becomes one word against another.  I guess someone thought that would give off the idea he had something to hide.  Now he will be attending a public meeting.  Someone should ask him about the Mayflower.

Mini Machine

Most of my daughters are visiting relatives.  We only have two in the house.  One is a pre teen.  She just sits on devices all day and does not cause much to happen.  Our four year old is more than making up for the loss of the others.  She is very high maintenance.  If she does not get her way, she tears up the house.  She wants my attention more than anyone.  She is also recovering from surgery.  She is very resilient.

As the World Burns

Trump is continue to destroy our democracy.  He and his minions are trying to do away with Dodd-Frank.  If they do, I'd tell everyone, hold your money.  Another crisis is coming.  It will be worse than the one before.  We will find fewer countries that want to help us recover.  During a speech the other day, I did not know if I was seeing Trump or Alec Baldwin.  That's how good Alec Baldwin is.  The GOP continues to play ostrich.  Their heads are buried deep in the sand, while they put in measures to protect the rich and screw the rest of us.  Do they care?  No.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


The republicans have been all over ISIS.  We need to exterminate them, etc.  Now, a idiot from California wants to praise them and join forces.  Why? They attacked Iran.  What compassionate Christians they are.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Boss Baby

It's funny this movie came out this year.  This is our president.  He fools his party.  They think he's a novice, ignoring the attempts to conceal.  They want us to beleive he needs training wheels to be president.  What about Obama?  He was a novice.  The republicans did not let him have training wheels.  Why?  Because he as Black or Democrat?  Probably both.  Ryan and McConnell are using him has a distraction while they write and pass bills in secret.  By the time they see him as a criminal, the damage will be done.

Win for Losing

Trump has declared victory.  I did not watch that hearing.  I would not say it was successful.  Not only that, but we do not know what was said behind closed doors.  Paul Ryan is trying the newcomer route.  He did not give Obama any leeway.  They attacked from his first day.  Trump is like a baby man.  We have to wait for him to learn how to crawl and then start walking.  I wonder how long he will be in diapers before the republicans find out he is a con artist.  I think it showed obstruction of justice and he knew it was illegal.  Why else would he hold meetings one on one?  He knew he could spin it my word versus his.  They are even trying to make him look like a disgruntled employee.  I did not see it.  I saw a man who was proud of the work he did for the FBI.  He knew his job could be cut at anytime.  He maneuvered a tough situation the best he could.  I hope in the future, someone else might bring him back.  I doubt that would happen.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hearing Time

The must see event is happening right now.  Some will be streaming, some will watch on a news channel.  I am trying to watch, but I keep losing it.  Too many people on the Wifi.  Republicans are hiding after wards.  But at the same time, they are trying to kill the financial rules and move TrumpCare along.  The senate does not even care how bad it is.  I guess McConnell wants to party on the White House lawn with all his white buds and the President.  Do you think Trump will pat him on the head and say Good Turtle?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Mummy

The movie was entertaining.  There was humor and action.  Universal is trying to create a monster world.  We'll see how well it works.  This was a worthy entry.  Cruise actually displayed a little comedy.  If you go to see it, it is the perfect popcorn summer movie.

FBI Pick

Trump has a pick.  He's perfect for Trump.  He has ties to Russia, he's used to defending white collar criminals, and he probably pledged allegiance to Trump.  Trump's kind of person.