Thursday, August 17, 2017

Battle of the Dear Leaders!

We have a solar eclipse coming.  I'm surprised the republicans are not trying to convince people that Trump controls the sun, earth and moon.  Maybe, they do not want to step on NK's toes.  I would think this would be the battle of the Dear Leaders.  They already credit Trump with most of Obama's accomplishments.  Oh wait, I got it.  Kim Jung Un is not black.

The Silence of Democracy

The GOP has been awfully quiet to our Racist and Chief.  One or two have said they were troubled or saddened, but where is the action.  Censure Trump or create laws or rules that put his followers in check.  No, they are too busy trying to get tax cuts for the Koch Brothers.  They don't want Trump too upset that he vetoes their slimy tax cuts for the ultra rich.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bear Witness

I woke up at 3am.  I heard a sound outside.  I looked out the window, but did not see anything.  I go look out the front door.  Standing there was a 300 to 500 pound black bear.  The noise?  It had knocked over the trashcan.  He did not stick around.  Last time, it slept in the garden on my plants.  Guess it did not look that comfortable this time.

The Real Trump

On second thought, Trump decided he'd go back to his original defense of the White Supremacist and Nazis.  David Duke loved it.  During a press conference, he was asked about Saturday.  With no teleprompter, his KKK side came out again.  Like they say, a zebra can not change its stripes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Return to School Blues

The kids made it through their first day.  All said it was okay.  Two took naps.  They will have to learn to change their sleep patterns.  They are used to staying up late and sleeping all day.  Now, one has to wake early and the other is collateral damage to that.  She gets up to help, sort of.  I don't know how long that will last.

Second Try

Trump made another statement on Virginia.  All of a sudden, he's presidential again.  For some.  I saw it as a weak attempt to placate his critics.  His base knew better.  They were sending out statements that it was under duress.  That was the nice version of what they wrote.  Texas actually cancelled another White Supremacist march.  I know, Texas, can you believe it.  I was shocked.

Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School

Today, the kids go back to school.  I'm looking forward to tired children.  I just hope the homework is not overwelming.  Two of my daughters are in a lot of advanced classes.

Who Knew!

Who knew the protests would end in violence?  I would think most people.  It's not like White Supremacist have a pacifist background.  I could not believe what happened.  I was looking at Twitter.  People started sharing the video of the car hitting the people.  When I saw it, I knew it was no accident.  Stephen King wrote a story that had a similar incident.  It is called Mr. Mercedes.  They have even developed a show around it.  At least in this outcome, they did catch the person.  I wonder if the helicopter crash was an accident or intentional.  I think we are going to see more incidents like this.  I read that there are more rallies.  If you go protest the Nazis and supremacists, take care.  They are looking for a fight.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Day I Did Nazi Coming

Charlottesville, VA is having white supremacist/Nazi rallies.  One last night and one today.  I saw on CNN that fights are starting to break out.  Surprised Trump is not out speaking to them.  They are his base.  That would mean leaving his vacation at his club.  Not even North Korea has done that.  Seems like we are living scary times.  The Anne Frank Center is noticing the similarities to the Trump Regime and Hitler.  That's not good.

Not At Work

First Saturday in a couple of weeks that I do not have to work.  I tried pulling weeds and working on the garden.  I lasted about an hour.  It just go too hot or humid.  The sun is out now.  I want to do something with the girls, since school is starting Monday.  I can't find something that they would like and not cost an arm and a leg.  Sad.  I live in Florida and can not think of something to do.  I could go to the beach.  Still too hot.

Friday, August 11, 2017

High School

I have two daughters in High School.  Last night, I accompanied one to an open house.  We spent over 2 hours in line to get a computer and have her ID done.  I did manage to talk her into joining the debate team.  I probably should change that to tricked her into it.  At one point, she walked around with friends.  When she came back, I told her that I signed her up for the debate team.  She said, no you didn't did you.  You have to check the list.  Well just like a prey to a spiderweb, as soon as she got close, they attack.  Under pressure, she signed up.  I think she should do it.  She loves to debate us all the time.  She'd be good at it.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Say Nyet!

Oops, when I wrote the title I was thinking the 80's meets Trump/Russia.  Trump came out with a big Opioid announcement the other day.  He wants to arrest users and dealers and throw them in his for profit jails.  By dealers, does he means the Big Pharma reps who push this crap on doctors to prescribe?  Or is he going after the executives that hook patients so that they need more?  He also thinks it's about educating youths that drugs are bad.  Where have we heard that one?  Oh you, Reagan's Just say No!  From what I have seen, it looks like adults are abusing the opioids.  I doubt he and Sessions will go after Big Pharma.  They supply too much money to the GOP.  They will vilify low level drug dealers and kingpins from Mexico.  Just remember, the real gateway drugs are the prescription pain meds.  One last thing, I know about addiction to prescription meds.  My father was a prescription addict.  He never kicked his addiction.  His addiction was to less powerful drugs than the ones they offer nowadays.  Throwing addicts in jail is not going to stop the problem.

Knock Knock

I guess Manafort got an early wake up call from the FBI in July.  Guess they don't give their full trust to criminals.  They took evidence of his wrong doing.  Hopefully, there will be information that leads to Dear Leader Trump.  We are only finding out things now.  Not as they happen.  Mueller knows how to run a tight ship.  Can't wait for everything to come out.  Trump should be worried.  From his latest Twitter rants, he might be.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Streaming, The New Cable

I love streaming over the internet.  I can't stand cable.  I hate paying for a bunch of channels I do not watch.  They give no alternative.  With streaming, I have Netflix and get most of what I want.  Now, every movie/TV network wants their own streaming outlet.  Got some news for them, I'm not branching out.  This is not cable.  I will not be grouping every channel or be looking for a package that does so.  Competition will kill off some.  Some might just join forces with the likes of Netflix.  Great that Disney wants to branch out, but don't expect me to follow.

War of the Dictators!

Trump and Kim are sending threats back and forth.  Trump thinks big talk will force compliance.  I think it will put us that much closer to war.  I wish our "president" would take this seriously.  Get off your vacation and get back to work.  Sending threats from the Caddyshack golf club is not very presidential.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Tillerson is acting like Russian meddling in our election is just a bump in the road.  He worries that it is hurting our relationship.  Do you think?  I don't think there should be much of a relationship with a country that meddles in an election.  That goes for our country.  How can we call for other countries to hold Democratic elections if we are trying to shift the outcome.  As for Russia, cut them off.  They are not really admitting to it, but it is obvious.  Just ask the puppet Trump.  Either Putin is doing ventriloquism on Trump or Trump is really that invested into his relationship with Putin.  Trump does not speak ill of Putin.  I don't think Putin can do anything wrong in Trump's eyes.  It's like the relationship of Saddam and the Devil in South Park the movie.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Koch Addiction in the US!

Our politicians need Rehab.  They all tried a little Koch.  Now they can not get enough.  They are threatening to cut them off unless they get  huge tax cut for their polluting businesses,  I don't think the politicians can go through the withdrawal of not getting their Koch fix.  Most of them are weak and spineless.  Look they can't even stand up to Trump who is a lightweight.  All he does is spew hot air, but he lacks any real power.  I think we need to write and/or call your politicians and tell them to get off the Koch and do their job for the people and not just the rich elites.

That Caddyshack Moment

I was looking on Twitter.  Someone had posted a video of Dear Leader at his Private, For Profit Club.  He was walking up to a wedding group.  All I could think of was Rodney Dangerfield.  He looked just like his character from Caddyshack.  If you have not seen this movie, it is a classic comedy.  You'll also see why Trump looks like that character.  Just think of his interactions with our foreign leaders and their wives.

Busy Weekend

Had to work Saturday.   Hopefully, it is almost over.  Today, I brought some of the kids to a local theme park.  Since Mia was there, I had to ride rides with her.  They offer that for free to smaller children or because of her disability.  I like it.  It's crazy when you ride a Merry Go Round and feel sick.  I'm getting to old for rides.  We had fun.  It is hot outside.  I tried to pull weeds, but that did not last long.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Make it #1!

Go see Detroit this weekend.  It is a thought provoking movie.  It comes at a time when we need to be discussing the subject matter.  Just the other day, Trump was "joking" about police brutality.  Go see how funny it was back in the 60's.  Believe me, this is not a comedy.

Let the Games Begin!

The news announced that the Grand Juries are starting to happen.  Grab some popcorn.  The corruption trials of Donald J Trump are about to begin.  I can't wait.  We'll see the dealings he had with Russia and maybe even some mobsters.  We'll get to see that he has involved his family in his criminal enterprise.  For those that say there is nothing, explain the need for a grand jury.  They only do that when they have or hope to have enough to start a trial.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cutting Back

It seems the White House's resident White Supremacist has a plan to cut legal immigration.  He acts like low skilled immigrants take jobs away from low skilled Americans.  The issue he did not discuss is who is going to work the fields, work the fast food places and just do jobs that most Americans will not do.  They have this belief that if they cut immigration, then jobs will open.  Americans won't do them.  Wages will rise.  Some may think about it, but I doubt it.  As wages rise, prices will rise also.  We will have to pay more for things.  For some, there is a limit to what we will pay for.  I did hear that a "guest worker" program will be announced.  Trump probably championed that one for his clubs and buildings.

Detroit, A Timely Movie

I went to see Detroit last night.  In this day and age, it is a timely movie.  Trump seems to miss these days.  That is a scary thing.  What more can a movie ask for when the President jokes about police brutality one week before it comes out.  If you want to know what is wrong with it, go see this movie.  It is an amazing movie.  I love the way she shot the film.  It felt like a documentary.  It had a very tense story.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Puppet With its Strings Tied

Trump signed the sanctions bill.  He made it painfully aware to Putin that he was forced to do so.  He will probably even challenge it.  Not only that, but Tillerson is turning down money to fight Russian propaganda.

Proud Poppa!

So Trump loves his children.  He loves them so much that he helps draw up excuses for illicit meetings with Russian lawyers.  The spokesperson said that he was just doing what any father would do.  I don't think I would encourage my kids to commit crimes or try to cover for them.  I don't have a mob family.  I would not know how it works.  Just what I see in Mob movies.

Social Conservative

Driving in, I heard this term Social Conservative.  Why bother?  It's like they are trying to put icing on rotting roadkill.  They should call it what it is: Christian Conservative.  That's what it is.  They are trying to push religious beliefs through the law.  Just look at their track record.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just Joking!

Trump said that police should not treat suspects kindly during a speech.  Police departments lashed out.  Now his people say he was joking.  He has a really bad sense of humor.  During his election rallies he told his followers to rough up protesters.  He even said he'd pay the legal bills if they did.  He seems to have a history of telling these bad jokes.  Too bad his presidency is not a joke also.  Wait a minute it is.  Unfortunately, the US has to deal with the punchline.

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Little Rain

I had the day off, yesterday.  I had planned to do things in the yard.  As soon as I went out, I knew rain was coming.  It was so humid.  I started pulling weeds.  Next thing I know, drops where falling.  It got harder.  I tried one more time, but the rain persisted.  This week looks just as wet.  I hope to get some things done.

Tripling Down!

Idiot Trump lost again!  But he's not giving up.  He is now threatening to shut everything down until he gets what he wants.  Every parent should recognize this behavior.  Our juvenile president is throwing a tantrum.  I wish the republicans would just take care of it.  Take him out of the room and give him a good spanking or in today's terms a stern talking to.

Get Ready for the Spinner Movie!

The number 2 movie this week was the Emoji Movie.  Number two is fitting because that is what it looks like to me.  Parents were starved to take their kids to a movie.  If I was, I'd have brought my kids to a museum, the beach, or even the park.  Now that Hollywood has been rewarded by turning a fad into a movie, I guess the Spinner will become a movie.