Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Last Man Standing

I am literally the last man standing in my house. Of course, it is all female, except for me. I am the only person who has not got sick. I think it has gone through everyone. Now, it is going from hot to cold. In a couple of days, it will be hot again. I hope this flu shot can withstand the illness.

Rig the System?

North Carolina republicans don't like losing. Since they have control of the political system in the state, they want to rig it in their favor. Currently they have 7 supreme court judges. 4 are Democrat. They don't like that. They are thinking of adding more in their favor. Why do republicans have to cheat? They are the poorest of losers and even worse winners. Just like Trump, they like to rub people's faces in their wins. I will never be a republican. They are the party of the rich. They do not care for the rest of this country. They will use people in a heartbeat, ie: service men and women. They even dump on them, but then they blame democrats for it. Now the party seems to be embracing White Supremacy. After the last election, you'd think they would reach out to the minorities. No, they became more of a white only party. Be wary of the changes they will be bringing. They will make it harder for minorities to vote. They will claim it is to protect against fraud. What protects us against their fraud?

School Choice?

I've wondered why republicans are so head over heals for Charter schools. Most of their kids go to private academies. So, they really don't have a stake in education. They really want to dismantle our free education. I know they love the thought of get what you pay for. That would leave lots of people disadvantaged. What would happen if the unions dissolved from the schools? Would that change their minds? As I look at it, I might have come about something. With Trump's education person, he has picked a white billionaire. She has really done a number to schools in Michigan. If you look up the family, you find they like to support far right ideas, especially the Alt-Right. Then, look at charter schools. Only certain kids will go to certain schools. Underprivileged kids will be stuck with poor schools. They only way they will into better Charter schools will be through poor kid lotteries. So, charter schools are more of a form of segregation. I don't even think they have to follow federal rules. Alt-Right is a white supremacist group. Not only that, but republicans love to make money for rich people. They do so without rules or regulations. I know in Florida, we have had plenty of for profit schools go under. Before they did, they made sure to get paid. I think we need to right our politicians and ask them if they will be segregating the charter schools.

Won't Get Fooled Again!

I read an interesting article. It was about the election, of course. It was talking about what many perceived as voters being fooled by Trump's promises. This person feels that it is actually the media and others who are fooled. It was not about his promises. It was about his race and what they feel will be a change to Make America White Again. The people who voted for him feel like they are losing their "hold" on America. Being white no longer is carrying that superiority it once did. Unfortunately, Trump may do away with a lot of protections that minorities fought so hard for. If he gets the chance to stack the Supreme Court in his favor, it will take a long time to fix. We have to watch him like a hawk. We have to write the people who are supposed to be his check. If they know voters are being vocal, they will not stand ideally by. I wrote Rubio, one of the Senators in Florida. I may continue to write him. I am not expecting anything. He did respond. He gave the same response that he gives to the news stations. It looked like the GOP talking point. I want him to know I am watching. I hope that you to will write your politicians. If enough of us write, they will know that they are being watched and their jobs might be on the line.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

No Insurance for You!

It seems that some of the ultra right factions do not want a gradual easing of the ACA. They want it repealed immediately and replaced. With what? Do they have a plan that covers Americans and brings down costs? No, I don't think they can institute a Purge, like the movie. I guess they will replace it with, nothing. If you have money, you can get care. If not, move to Canada. That seems more like a plan they can embrace. Once they take away the insurance, those people will go back to the emergency rooms with no insurance. We, the taxpayers, will still pay for it. Maybe they will also do away with treating people without healthcare. What a beautiful sight that will be. As Limos and Lexuses pull up to a hospital, they will be driving by the sick and dead who are not allowed in because they can't pay for it. At least our politicians will be taken care of for life.

Trump's Ego?

It looks like our government is going to inflate his ego more than ever. I just read that they are considering security for Trump properties around the world. Just like the King (Dictator), that he thinks he is. This will just make him worse. Remember, stay away from the Trump brand. Our tax dollars are already going into his pocket. Don't make it worse. To send him a message, you have to hit him where it hurts. One other thing, he talks about putting a tax of 35% on things shipped from other countries by American companies. Does that include Trump products? Probably not. Just the one's that offend him and don't kiss the ring.

How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center?

When I was younger, Tootsie Pop had a commercial where cartoon characters tried to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center. I saw an article that Trump is actually blocking people who have made comments he does not like. Those people are seeing it is a badge of honor. I thought of a great game. How many "compliments" would it take before Trump blocks you on Twitter? What you do is go to @realdonaldtrump on twitter and follow him. Then, write compliments that are actually not compliments, but word it in such a way that he thinks it is. See how many you can get in before he blocks you. I'm trying to think of things. One came to mind. Since I have adopted from China. I have traveled there many times. I can write that I think I deserve to be the Ambassador to China, since I have been there so many times. Can you guess what I am talking about? I do think it would be kind of obvious. Plus, he might just say that I have not donated enough to be an Ambassador.


When I was young, I saw Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It was the 70's version with Leonard Nimoy and Donald Sutherland. I found it to be good. I have not seen it since I was a kid. I don't know if my mind would change. This election has brought this about. People that I thought you could talk to have changed. Just the other day, I was discussing the Irish politician video and the person just stared at me. Then, she points and a shrill scream comes from her voice. Next thing I know, a bunch of conservatives were chasing me down. They were yelling that I needed to accept Jesus and Trump as my savior. I'm still the same person, I have not been changed. If you see me leaning conservative and praising Trump, you will know that I have been replaced.

Pre-Arranged Controversy?

It looks like that phone call was planned in advance. It was not just some random, call and kiss the ring. Not only that, but that pesky conflict of interest thing seems to pop up. I read that Trump's organization was looking into a project in Taiwan. He'd risk our relationship with China for his own pocket? I guess that's why the president should have conflict of interests rules, also.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Bonfire of the Vanities?

We have a president elect who writes whatever he wants. It does not matter if it is true or not. His talking to Taiwan may have dangerous repercussions. What does his people say. The great and all knowing Trump does no wrong. What's the speaker of the house have to say. Who cares, as long as they get what they want, it is no concern to him.

Man of the Year? Updated

Wow, I was reading the Reader's Poll. Sorry! It's too bad. He might have done more than play an electoral system in his favor. I really don't know how that can make him man of the year. He has not done anything, yet. He has brought hate and derision to the forefront. White supremacist and bullies feel more emboldened. Just another rich guy buying the system that they rig in their favor. Like I said Hitler was Person of the year in 1938. I guess they have another thing in common. If you were thinking it was Trump, you are wrong. It is the PM of India. Trump must be kicking himself. Even Hitler made it in 1938. He will probably say it is rigged. He will put down the magazine as a hack and declare himself as the Person of the Year. Maybe he will be Breitbart's Man of the Year.

No Experience Needed?

I want to run a cabinet. After Trump's latest appointment, I think it might just give me hope. Ben Carson even stated, but he will not admit to it and it's probably the rigged media reporting, that he does not think he is qualified to run HUD. What makes him think that he was qualified to run for president? I wonder what will happen next election? We will probably have all these unqualified people running under the republican banner.

Money Short?

The republicans have been keeping the purse strings closed tight. They will not spend money on Obama's frivolous ideas. I feel that Trump will have no problem getting money. Any project will get the rubber stamp seal of approval. They all went after Hillary for Benghazi, but what about the money the Senate and Congress refused to provide for security? The republicans controlled the money. They won't tell many that. They want everyone to believe that Hillary and Obama did. Now the Governor of New York is asking for 35 Million for Trump's protection. Do you think they will have a problem with that? I doubt it.

News Interviews with Idiots

This election is going to add a challenge to the news services. They will probably have to rethink the way they report on our current politicians. I heard a story this morning. They were talking to a conservative radio host. The woman quoted what he said. He denies saying it. He also went on to say that they spin around what they say to make them look bad. Does that sound familiar? Its from the Trump playbook. I wonder what source inspired them? I can guess.

Same Old Song and Dance

Trump says he is not a politician. He is doing some of the same things other politicians have done. Countries like China love people like him. They are easy to read. They have seen it before and they know how to handle politicians like that. I just hope he doesn't put us in a trade war or a physical altercation with China.

Irish Response to Trump

An Irish politician has a response to our president elect. I think it is great to see. We wonder about how Hitler was enabled to do what he did. I hope more politicians stand up to the challenge and don't just sit quietly. Check it out.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Support Herr Dictator!

It's scary reading what his supporters say. It makes me think of what Hitler's supporters said during his time. These people like his abrasiveness and telling it like it his. The have not caught on to the flip flopping or they justify it. One minion exclamed that we need a wall at the border to keep out the "bad" immigrants. What about Canada? Oh, wait, Canadians are white and a lot speak English. Then we have the coasts. Will we be erecting walls around them? I'm sure the rich would like walls around their beach side compounds to keep out the poor.

A Nice Firm Bed

For a second night in a row Elanan needed me nearby. Luckily, I have slept at the White Swan in China. I ended up making a place on the floor. It was as firm as the bed at the White Swan. I am hoping to sleep in a bed tonight.

Jon Stewart 2020?

I would love it if Jon Stewart ran for President. He has all the qualities of of great President. Just listen to him speak about the issues. He has a better grasp of international affairs than the president elect. Someone has started a petition. Maybe, he would consider it. Click on the link and sign it.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Summer Trailers

I love this time of year. Summer teasers get released. Today, they released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It looks as fun as the first one. I wonder if they will have one for Spiderman by Christmas.

Spreading Hate Across the World!

Trump's hate mag Breitbart is expanding. It has found more countries that want to ethnically cleanse their societies. I saw an interview with NBC. The man being interviewed, turned cameras on the interviewer because he said he did not trust certain media. Another person turned them down on grounds that he does not talk to the fake news. It's scary when they think that Breitbart is real news.

Party On!

It looks like Trump is not the only one who is going to cash in on the election. His appointees are going to benefit when they tear down the regulations that were enacted to protect us. Although it might hurt, they will have their money to comfort them.

Security Blanket

Elana needed her security blanket last night. I was that blanket. She would not go to sleep unless I was holding her. I brought her to the couch. When I thought she was asleep, I tried to go to bed. She started crying when she realized I was gone. I ended up staying close by all night.

Why so Serious?

Her dictator has stated that polling was rigged, then he wins. He has brought up this spector of a rigged election. He even continues to say it was rigged because he did not win the popular vote. It should be no surprise when a group wants to investigate some areas. Now the minions are going crazy. Their hands on their little yellow heads screaming incoherently. They are trying to stop the recount. Why? Do they have something to hide? If not, it should not bother them. If the democrats had one, they'd be the one's challenging the vote.

Do You Need Pictures?

There was an article about the Texas governor cracking down on sanctuary schools that protect immigrants. Then you get a ton of comments. Conservative comments were knocking the story because they did not state illegal immigrants and not going after all of them. I put a comment. I wrote "That's what they said in Nazi Germany". So said conservstive says that that does not even make sense. I would share pictures, but I really don't feel like arguing eith an idiot. My point is, Hitler put all of Germany's problems on the backs of immigrants, especially Jews. He told his people that he would rid the country of them. People were encouraged to seek them out and turn them in. We all lnow how it ended. Do you see the parallels?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Beat Him at His Own Game?

Trump is promising to bring in all these jobs. He probably will bring some in. However, they will be low paying with little benefits. When his cabinet takes a torch to workers rights, these companies are going to be seeing double to triple digit increases in their bonuses, while their employees look for handouts to survive on their measly wages and nonexistent health care. I guess there is a bright side, you will be able to pick your own doctor. The flipside is that you may not be able to afford their services if you lack the funds. What Democrats need to do is start working with businesses to go to economically depressed areas. They need to create real jobs, not the smoke and mirrors the republicans will tout. There are rich Democrats. They need to assist these endeavors. Come up with ideas that create infrastructure in depressed areas. If we have to, look to businesses in other countries. We can create partnerships that benefit all, not just the rich. If they sit ideally by and wait for the next prophetic leader, it may be awhile. I'm telling you, if they can out maneuver Trump and his minions, they will win over voters. This will make people long term voters for the Democrats. They need to stop promising hand outs and really create the change these areas need.

In Exile

I'm being quarantined in my office. People stand back when they hear that my family is sick. But I had a flu shot. I also had Elana in a carrier last night. The whole time, she kept coughing and sneezing in my face. I need one of those medical air masks.

Can you Hear me Now?

Haley got to test out her new cochlear implant. She showed signs of actually hearing something. It will take time and she will have to get therapy, but it is a great step forward.

HHS Cabinet?

I'm surprised Trump did not make Martin Shkreli the head of HHS. I thought that people like Trump and his son in law would find his price hike on a drug Bad Ass! He is the guiding light for greedy Wall Street types who want to profit off the sick and poor. He also has a criminal issue going on. That would fit in fine with most of his cabinet picks. I think he is a big Trump backer. He should check into it. He probably donated money to his campaign.


As you may have found out, I love movies. Things might trigger my mind to think about life imitating art. When I see Trump speak and do his politician thing, it reminded me of Sidestep from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Trump says he is not a politician, but he sure has learned how to manipulate the public. Click on the link and imagine Trump in Charles Durning's place.

The Dead Zone

I loved this movie. I really need to watch it again. One scene has my attention. It involves Martin Sheen's politician. Christopher Walken's character touches his hand and sees how bad this man will be. I think Stephen King was going for a if Hitler were alive and you know what he was going to do, would you stop him? Unfortunately, we do not have a character that knows our president elect. I'm starting to see how a population enabled a person like him. It's scary. Read the book, see the movie and keep our future in mind. We are the check to Trump's balance of power. Now the the republicans have control, they will not be doing much to stop him.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh, the Hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!

Trump ran on making Hillary look like the most evil person due to emails. The FBI did not find that she shared secrets. To listen to Trump, you'd think she was Snowden's mother. Now that he is our "president", he is looking towards David Patraeus? The man that plead guilty to sharing secrets of our nation. You mean that Patraues? I heard on the radio that if he is picked that he might have to notify his probation officer. How would that look to other countries? I think that would treat us as a laughing stock. They may be very careful about what they say to him. Since he has a history of not keeping secrets.

Empty Victory?

Trump has saved the day! That is what he wants you to believe. I thought our country was against paying terrorists for kidnapping ransoms. Why do I say that? They threaten to leave and do away with jobs. Trump swoops in and showers them with tax incentives. They agree to stay, sort of. At least, 1,000 will lose their jobs. What about the jobs that stay? Will they be at the same level or for less pay and benefits? Now, he will have all kinds of companies threatening to leave for better tax incentives. Bernie Sanders is proposing a law that might curb some of that. Once it comes up, we need to write people (politicians) to say we support it. Remember, use the #notaxationwithoutrepresentation.

Conservative Inquirer?

Breitbart is the equivalent of the National Inquirer for Conservatives. Their stories are just as unbelievable. A lot of right wingers think they are true. Kellogg's decided to dump it's advertising from the rag. Now, they are claiming that they are doing so due to hate of conservatives. I wonder, did the turn down an idea to do Trump Charms with swastikas, burning crosses and marshmallow hoods? I don't blame them for getting away from the paper. Breitbart is encouraging their readers/followers to boycott them as 'unAmerican'. Please support Kellogg's. Media companies should not do things like this. They have a right to pull advertising if they feel like it. It's just like free speech.

(Extreme) Right Fit!

Sarah Palin's name keeps coming up for a position in Trump's cabinet. It's not a surprise to me. She's a BIG supporter of Trump. I had clicked on one of the rally's they appeared at. The one thing that struck me was how disrespectful of the President she is. I guess she's always been that way. It almost bordered on racist. I looked up: is Palin Racist? on the internet. A bunch of stories popped up. I know why the conservatives love her, but she does not have much of a record. What she has done is not flattery. It's almost a preview of what to expect from Trump. Started with a surplus and left with debt owed. Like trump, she is very vindictive. She should fit in with the band of misfits Trump is arranging. Also, she is a poster woman for the Alt-Right. No surprise there.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Remember, if you don't like what the president elect has to say, boycott the Trump brand. It is the only way to send a message to him. He won't acknowledge anything else. If his businesses start to suffer, he might change his tune. Maybe he will be like Archie Bunker, a lovable racist.

He Can't Possibly be a Racist?

Trump's son in law says that he could not be a racist. Why? Because he took him into his family and accepted the fact he is Jewish. If you accept Judaism, then you can't be racist? I don't think that Jews are the only minority in this country. Not only that, but you can accept Judaism and be racist towards African Americans, Muslims and other ethnic groups. From his rhetoric, he seems like a racist. But I bet if you ask him, he'll tell you he has a black friend or two. You know Lionel Richie and Ben Carson.

Trump Headroom Anouncement?

A major announcement is coming. But if you want to see it, you have to tune into Trump Headroom. He is going to step away from his company. Only, I don't think he will be doing much to get away from it. He will push it to his children, but I'd still be worried that his decisions will continue to benefit his companies. When he leaves office, he will have a 'yuge' nest egg to look forward to. Then, he will do just like Hillary and charge lots of money to talk to rich people. He will probably even start his own lobbying firm, if he does not already have one. I probably will miss the infomercial. I don't believe him. Unless he sells it off or puts it in a REAL blind trust, then it is just smoke and mirrors. When that conflict arises, he will probably distract the public with some kind of Democrat investigation that he and his lawmakers will set up.

Sick House

My daughter's are getting sick. The temperature outside is not helping anything. We are supposed to be hot today. In a day or so, it is supposed to be cool again. I wish it would stay constant. I think I should get one of those air masks, before I get sick.

How's That Swamp Looking?

The swamp, as Trump referred to it, is shaping up to look like the Everglades. Instead of draining it, he is bringing in all the insiders from past republican administrations. One is even married to the leader of the senate. She will probably have to work with him, which could lean towards a conflict of interest. Trump does not believe in them. He is getting rid of the democratic "elites". He is replacing them with republican elites. Most are billionaires. A lot of them have done or said questionable things, but that is why he likes them. They remind Trump of himself. It will be a matter of time and probably a switch in congress/senate members before investigations start. I hope the next time people fall in love with an outsider, they really are an outsider to the system. Trump is a billionaire. He is in the same circles of all the Washington "elites". If you think he cares about the working man, you should watch some of those documentaries, like You've Been Trumped 1 and 2. The working man is the one who kisses his ass and shines his shoes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

People Leaving Florida for Better Healthcare?

I read a story about a family that left Florida to save their daughter. I won't be surprised if that is not us, one day. The sad thing is, we have a governor who made his money from the healthcare system. For some, you'd think that he could improve our way of life. But, if you look at his record, he's the type of person who buys distressed hospitals and makes money by cutting everything. Not only that, but he was the CEO of Columbia/HCA. Under his tenure, his company paid a large fine for Medicare fraud. From that, you can guess why health care in Florida is not a top priority.


We all know that Trump's son in law let Christie go. Only he knows the reasons, but I would go with vindictiveness. I read that he liked Christie's style though. He sent an email to the man who fell on his sword for Christie. He said he was thinking of him and that it was badass. This is the man who has the president elect's ear. That scandal cost a city lots of money and could have risked people's lives because the mayor would not endorse Christie.

Royalty: Dictator Style?

Trump has all these people meeting with him. Some will actually be vetted for a job, while others will not. I think there are two main qualifications: Outspoken critic of Obama or been let go by his administration and EXTREME loyalty to herr dictator. I wondered why he would bring people in like Romney. I read an interview with Mark Cuban and he opened my eyes. Trump is the kind of person that loves to rub things in to people who lose. He is basically saying I won, kneel down before me and you may leave.

Burning Flag?

Trump wants jail time for burning the flag. The supreme court has ruled two times that it is unconstitutional to do so. It goes against the freedom of speech. For people that cling to the right to bare arms, they don't seem to have a problem with taking away the right to say what you want or protest. From here, where would it lead. Jail time for burning an effigy of Trump. I won't be surprised when he tries to limit what the media can print. I don't know if he would. It seems that he has the media played. It only makes him stronger when they report on him, no matter how asinine the comment is.

Get Rid of the Trump Tax Loophole!

As a taxpayer, I found it very unsettling that a billionaire has not paid taxes in many years. We need to get rid of the Trump Tax Loophole. I know it's not called that, but I do not think that the rich and corporations should be able to write off losses for many, many years. When my share of stock in ATT went under, I was not able to write off the loss for many years. When Planet Hollywood and Marvel went bankrupt, I lost the money. If a rich person goes through that same thing, they can. Look at Trump. He declares losses, that are not even his, and he can use them to avoid taxes. Now, he wants to give people and corporations like himself a tax cut. If his case, I guess it won't matter, since he is so smart at gaming the system. Also, I think that they need to allow people who declare bankruptcy an easier way out, like the rich and corporations have. When a middle class person declares, they are hounded for 7 years. When a rich person/corporation declares, it is like they hit the lottery. We need to start our own movement, not the bowel movement that Trump has. We need to write our congress and senate and demand these things for normal people. When we do, we should add #notaxationwithoutrepresentation!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump Rogue One?

Maybe it's a tie in to the new Star Wars, but Conway has gone rogue! She better be careful because the dark lord does not like women stealing his spotlight. Just ask Caroline from the Apprentice. He fired her because he claims she was not keeping up with her work for Trump. I wonder if it had to do with the fact that people liked her more than him. We'll have to see if he give her his trademarked phrase. Of course, I can't say it. If I did, I would owe him a royalty.

Green Room

I started watching a movie last night. It was one of Anton Yelchin's last few films. It is pretty good. I would describe it as a Punk Group stumbles upon White Supremacist rigging the election in favor of Trump. Actually, it is about a punk group who plays a bar for white supremacists and stumble upon a murder they should not have seen. Patrick Stewart plays the owner of the bar.

Even Trump thinks the Current Votes are Wrong?

Since he has declared that there are problems with votes in other states, do you think there should be an overall recount? I he thinks that and the other side feels that way, there is agreement. Of course, he is whining about the popular votes. He can't stand the fact that he won the presidency, but not the popular vote. You didn't see Bush crying about losing the popular vote. I guess he was more presidential and less antagonistic.

R - E - S - P - E - C - T?

We have the Trump Minions getting mad that everyone is disrespecting the president elect. I don't see why. We have had to deal with 8 years of people doing that to the current president. It's not just citizens. It's congress men and women, senators and even judges. Just yesterday, we have Rubio calling the President and Popes remarks about Castro 'pathetic'. Frankly, he says this stuff to placate the voters in Miami. He claims his family left Cuba to escape Castro. It has come out that they left before the revolution. I don't see why we have to give respect to the president elect. Look how he insults everyone who is not a follower. If you are with him, you are the greatest ever. Change your mind and your lower than dirt.

Inauguration Clothing?

I was wondering about the inauguration. Do you think it will be Robes Optional?

Everything to Everyone?

Trump has a big order to fill. You thought Hillary would have to pay back Wall Street. Trump has to pay back his evangelicals. They demand doing away with abortion and gay marriage, to start with. He has his rich benefactors. He will have to do away with the EPA to help gas, electric and coal companies. He will have to do away with Dodd Frank to help his own Wall Street buddies, not to mention his own stocks. I'm sure he will find a way to help builders. He has to do something that lines his own pockets, oh yeah, I mean the pockets of his children, wink wink! He has to please the white supremacists. He will have to kick out as many minorities as possible. Those he does not kick out, they would probably be happy with jail time. Finally, he has to pay back a BIGLY benefactor: RUSSIA! Putin probably expects sanctions to be dropped and let them finish dealing with Syria, in their own way. I'm sure more favors will be asked, possibly through the children. That's just the way he likes it. None of this has conflicts of interest, because as the mighty dictator has stated the president can not have conflicts of interest(more like the laws do not specify the president, only senate, congress, white house staff, etc). You make the judgement on that one.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Not Popular?

Trump feels that the popular vote was rigged. If he thinks that, I think all votes should be examined. I guess Herr Dictator dors not understand that there are not two different votes. Electoral college votes and popular votes come from our votes. Most states do a winner take all for the electoral college. He could win the electoral and lose the popular. Not only that, but I think his crowd did show up to vote. It was minority groups that chose not to show up to vote. Ifvthey had, we would be seeing him demanding a recount after losing.

Millions Voted Illegally?

Now we know how Trump got elected. He is finally admitting that millions voted illegally, but claims it was in Hillary's favor. He's the one who is president. Who do you think the illegal votes went to? He claims he could have won the popular vote. How? Were there some hate groups that did not vote on election day?

Pro Kids?

It's ironic that republicans are pro life, but they don't seem to be pro kids. Are they going come up with programs that inspire adoption? By the looks of it, the answer would be no. You know what will happen, people will get pregnant and realize they can't afgotd to raise a child. Then, they will be forced to have the child and that lead to abandonment. Are the christian groups going to step out of their ivory towers to help? If so, it won't be much. We sought help after I lost my last job. First they have you sit through some religious brainwashing, then you get a box of food. As we were waiting, our children asked if they could have some icee that they had nearby. They said no. It was only for the volunteers. What was the food? It was mainly out of date rejects and junk food.

What Happens if Trump Abuses His Power?

That was a headline on u. The story probably would go on to explain check and balances in our system. Of course that would be a perfect world scenario. Now in our current world, the Democrats would whine and complain. The Republican would point and laugh at them, while continuing to play Robin Hood for the rich. You know, take away from the poor and give to the rich. At the same time, they will high five Trump and tell everyone how great a job he is doing raping our infrastructure.

Why Do They Bother?

Watching the morning news shows. To get at what Trump is thinking, they go to his political mouthpiece. Why? She never answers questions, she always has glowing things to say about the dictator, and always has an insult for any opposition. She is like the kind of coverage you'd expect from the book 1984. Maybe they are trying to help Saturday Night Live with skit material. I know everyone she says how brilliant Herr Trump is, I want to take a drink. (As in a drinking game that gets you drunk)

Hot and Cold

It's fall in Florida. One day it may be cold. Then, the next day it is warm. It does not help with the children's health. One is sick and another seems to be. We go from heat and air conditioning. Sometimes in the same day. It makes it hard to dress. Layers work on cool days. When it warms up, the can take things off.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

What's Worse Than a Sore Loser?

A sore winner. Although he is fashioning himself into a dictator, we are still in a democracy. If someone who is part of the election wants to challenge it, they have every right to do so. As easy as he makes it sound, it does not seem that easy. They person has to raise the money to pay for it. Then, there is a short window to do it by. I will be worried that our dictator and has rubber stamp congress and senate will make it even harder to challenge dear leader next election.

Let the Insults Fly!

The amazing thin skinned pres elect is calling the recount a scam. Remember, this is the same guy who said the election was rigged and was going to sue every state he lost in. Now that things went his way, the election system is fair and can't be flawed. Or so the dictator says. Even it does not change a thing, at least it will keep them honest.

Quid Pro Quo?

Trump says he wants to help the Cuban people by doing away with Obama's policies. Which Cubans is he helping. The rich ones in Miami? Maybe he will change his mind if they give Trump a golf course in Cuba. Like he said, he will only settle for the best deal, for himself.

Decaying Military?

Trump said he would invest more in our "decaying military". Did he mean the health of our men and women that serve? He couldn't be talking about the weapons and pentagon. They get more money than any country in the world. It's sad that he will probably shut down government plans that help people to finance the war machine. I wonder how much stock, in weapon companies, he bought before he was elected? We will never know, because we are not allowed toquestion the dictator.


During the election, it was revealed that Trump has not paid taxes in many years. When pushed on it, he said it was because he was smart. I would like to be on his tax plan. But, I think I lack the $marts he has. Just because you are rich and can pay to pass laws that protect your money, that does not make you smart. Scrupulous, conniving, and greedy are more like it. I would not call a plan that reduces the taxes of the rich, while increasing military spending smart. As you know, you can not reduce the amount of money coming in and the go on a shopping spree.

Red Meat?

Trump is throwing meat to his minions. He has said he is considering Romney for Secretary of State. If you look at his appointments, you know he likes his hardline picks. He has probably floated Romney's name to fire up his minions. Don't be surprised when he picks Giuliani for Secretary of State.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Tax Dollars at Work?

Trump wants to stay in his ivory tower part of the time. It looks like the secret service may lease space in his building. US taxes are going to be funneled from our pocket to Trump's pocket. If he's so concerned about the US, he should allow them to stay in the space free of charge. This is probably part of his plan to fleece the government. I'm sure Fox will tell us how much of a bargain this is.

No Taxation Without Representation?

It looks like I'm going to start writing representatives. Trump wants to give a bonus to the upper 1%, while taxing the middle class. The tax will hit families that make a small amount with 4 or more children. After all we do to help children, we are going to get taxed at the expense of people that can afford to pay for it. This will also hurt people thinking about adopting in general. I doubt rich people are going to step up. If you are in the situation we are in or want to help, write your representatives.

Make Chistmas White Again!

Trump is at it again. He is trying to get rich off the suckers with a commemorative ornament. It will only set you back $149. Look it up on Amazon. I hear there are some funny reviews. If you watch Fox News, it's probably the must get item of the season.

Last Black Friday?

Today's Black Friday. It does not seem like one. Angie said that not many people were out. I wonder, now that Trump is president, will he change it to White Friday to keep his minions happy?

Minion Unrest!

I wonder if Hitler had the same problems when forming his cabinet. It seems the minions are quite upset that their leader is considering a more moderate candidate for Secretary of State. They prefer the hardliner. I think it will be easy to guess which he will pick. He will want to keep the minions happy.

It's Like a Death in the Family

When I was a kid, we used to watch shows like The Brady Bunch, Eight is Enough, Different Strokes, etc. Reruns were a part of our life. We did not have Hulu and Netflix. Sometimes, we did not even have cable. My kids would say that sounds like the Ice Age. They would definitely be in shock if the went back to that time period. I'm having a hard time prying their Kindles from them everyday. When I woke this morning, I saw the mom of the Brady Bunch has died.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Support Your Dictator?

Sean Hannity is telling Trump he should only go on their news. That woyld be great. Consolidating the presidential news with one network. Didn't Hitler have his own news service? Not only that, he is telling the minions that the left is going to go after him. Even if he does commit crimes and it is reported, they won't beleive it.


It looks like the DNC is still in hiding. The libertarians have started raising the money for a recount. It will not help them, but it might stop Trump. We may get to find out if someone hacked boting machines. We know the republicans won't investigate. I also doubt if they will retaliate for sny of thr hacking that went on.

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned!

It looks like Trump is going to have an inauguration fit for a dictator or king. They are raising millions from donirs. We should all be happy to know that money will not come from lobbyists. You do know who pays lobbyists, right? It's the corporations and billionaires who don't feel like doing it themselves. Well, in this case. While people are starving and out of work, the rich will celebrate the fact they will get richer.


I finally got to see Warcraft. It may not have done well in the domestic box office, but is an entertaining film. I found it more entertaining than most video game adaptations.

Same old Swamp?

The swamp seems to be filling with the same politically connected flotsam. It smells of rich people that make donations to get positions in government. So much for Trump shaking things up. As far as diversity goes, it looks like a diverse group of conservatives. You have your ultra conservatives and on the opposite side your nedium level conservatives. In the end, when they take a picture of his cabinet, they will probably need a glare screen for all the white faces that reflect the flash.

Save us From Intellectual Elites!

The republicans campaigned on saving us from the elites of Washington. Now that they are in power, they are replacing them with Billionaire Elites. From what I see, they might not even have exprtise in the field they are taking over. One has made money selling charter schools and the other made money by buying bankrupt industries. I guess since they made money, that must make them experts. I'm surprised Ben Carson is not mentioned for Secretary of Health. Oh yeah, he's African American, so I guess Trump thinks he's an expert in low income housing. With that thought, he should make Palin the Ambassador of Russia.

Junior Peacemaker?

Before the election, it seems Trump Jr. was meeting in France with a coalition trying to stop the war in Syria. Russia had reps there. I wonder if they have taken odds on how long Trump will last before he gets impeached. He doesn't seem to understand his family can not work with him in the White House. He also has no issues with doing things that benefit his businesses.


I forgot to mention that we also turn on the parade. To me it's more an infomercial for Broadway shows and NBC shows. They don't show much of the actual parade. The one question I have is, in a Broadway show, do they lip sync like the do for the parade? Just like music artists who lip sync, I wouldn't pay to see it.

Thanksgiving Tradition

It's Thanksgiving 2016! We are doing what we usually do. We stay at home and eat. If any shopping is done by me, it's by computer. We usually eat early in the day. Then, rest. As far as I can see, there is not much out there for Black Friday sales.

Pardon the Turkey?

Obama pardoned turkeys for the last time.  I was wondering if this will be the last time this happens.  I was thinking that Trump will probably have a turkey execution instead of pardon.  He will probably use Trump Headroom and it will be sponsored by the NRA.

Licking Their Wounds?

People want a recount in three states.  It seems like the Democrats are just ready to cease as a party.  The republicans lose and they go crazy.  They demand recounts and threaten to sue everyone.  The democrats lose and the people protest, but the party leaders give up and tell everyone to unite around the orange demagogue.  Even third party candidates are raising money for a recount.  Maybe she will demand a recount.  At least, she realizes why this is so important.  Is the Democratic party republican lite?  That might explain why they are content.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Headroom?

Trump gave a speech.  It was presented like Max Headroom.  He probably even did the stuttering like the show did.  It would be funny, but this to me is more like a 1984 situation.  He only wants to tell people what to think and believe.  He does not want the media scrutiny.  Unfortunately, that reeks of someone trying to hide something.

A Charity Only Trump Could Love!

It seems that Trump's favorite charity is himself.  He conned people into giving to his charity.  He probably told people it would go to others, but it looks like it went to himself.  He called the Clinton's out for doing the same thing.  He even settled lawsuits with his "charity".  I guess if you wanted to work with him, you knew where to put your money.  I wonder if he said the money would go to starving children, his own.

Contact DOJ!!!!

A story was reported that there is a voter anomaly in three states:  WI, PA, and MI.  It seems all three have electronic voting that might have been hacked.  If you live in America and fell strongly that third parties should not be manipulating our elections, than you need to contact the DOJ today.  There is a deadline to contesting.  I think the the Department of Justice should look into it.  No decision should be made on the Electoral College until they have conduct the investigation.  Democrats had to wait while the FBI investigated emails right before the election.  This is serious!

Mini Trump?

It looks like North Carolina's Governor is giving us a glimpse of what might have happened if Trump had lost.  He is not conceding the election.  He is claiming fraud and contesting many of the counties in his state.  Not only that, but I hear they have a way to keep him as governor.  Evidently, if this were to go to the politicians of the state, they could decide the outcome.  It's a republican led state. I know if I were there, I'd let them know that they better not ignore my vote.  Maybe, Trump should just put him in his cabinet.  He could be the head of the secret police, if Trump decides to create one.

Make Some Noise?

I read an article about the silence from the Democrats.  I guess they are licking their wounds.  As this article pointed out, they should be challenging the appointments.  They should stand up.  The people demand it. The popular vote was won by the democrats.  The republicans do not have a mandate.  We need to write our senators and congress people to let them know that.  We have to energize them.  It worked for the tea baggers.  They managed to be a thorn in Obama's side.  If you don't like what you see so far, write them.  I think it will only get worse.  Trump is already sounding Nixonian.  He thinks that there are no conflicts of interest for the President.  He is already proving that he will do things in his own best interest.


First I wake too early.  Then, something else happens.  The handle comes off the garage door.  Next, as I was driving to work, I stopped to get a drink and a donut.  I get back on the road.  I have to make a Uturn to go the direction I needed to go.  I turn the wheel and my drink comes out of the holder onto the floor.  I will have to be careful for the rest of the day.

Fever Dream

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake and start your day on auto pilot?  That is my day.  For some reason, I woke and gathered my clothes.  When I was done, I put my phone in my pocket and the alarm went off.  At that point, I realized that I woke an hour earlier.  Instead of an alarm, I think it was incoming email that woke me.