Tuesday, January 24, 2017

France and Germany!

Beware the fake news!  You need to know that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are trying to disrupt your elections.  You need to fight against this.  The people running against the mainstream politicians are embracing this.  Do not become like the US.  You do not want a right wing extremist running your government.  We are going to lose rights that many have fought and died for.  Tell your friends to verify all news especially on social media sites.  Stick to reputable news sites.  These people are trying to break up NATO and the Allie system in place.  Beware Breitbart!  They are the main propaganda tool in America.  They are trying to spread their hate to other countries!

Scary Times Ahead!

I am getting an ulcer just reading the news.  Just when you think Trump has topped himself, he keeps upping the game.  It's not in a good way.  He picked a person to oversee the Airforce.  She is a right wing conservative that voted against bullying because she said kids should just toughen up.  I guess if that doesn't work the parent can go after the parent of that kid.  No wonder some parents attack the bully. He is going ahead with the pipelines.  The demands of the American Indians mean nothing to him.  His healthcare plan is if you are rich, you will get the best.  The rest of us are out of luck.  Schooling will be for the rich.  The rest will get the substandard care we can pay for.  If you are disabled, stay home.  They don't want you.

German Voters!

If you are reading this, stand by your president!  Do not let Trump and Putin ruin your country.  A vote for the opposition is a vote for Putin and Trump.  If a lot of people knew now what they did before the election, they would have voted for another person.  Pass this along.  You must act in the interest of your country.  By voting your president out, you are allowing Trump and Putin to take control off all you hold dear.

Another Day of Protectionism

Trump is going out of his way to turn us into a protectionist country.  He backed out of the TPP.  Now China has an opportunity to lead on trade.  He is forcing companies to make things here.  Will it be more expensive?  If it is, I guess I can do without.  Will he force the rich to Buy American?  I don't think our country really does luxury goods.  They will just have to pay extra, doubt it.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Death of Democracy

Rubio went Party First!  Should not surprise anyone.  If you were in his situation, would you vote on a person that the President wanted, who has ties to Putin, and not only that, but Trump was demeaning to Rubio, when they ran?  I would not.  I would have stood up for our country and my dignity.  If roles were reversed, Trump would do it to him.  The GOP has now come out of the shadows and is a White Supremacist party.  Together with Putin and Le Pen, they hope to change the world order.  It should scare people, but some don't even care.  They will.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dark Storm

We are under tornado warnings.  It is dark.  The wind is blowing and rain is falling.  We are tuned into the news.  Hoping it passes.


I was reading posts this morning.  Conway posted a message about the protesters.  I replied.  I said that those protesters are American citizens.  They have the right to protest fascism.  It has been kind of popular.  What we need to call politicians and ask if they put country over party.  By supporting Trump, they are supporting authoritarianism.

Morning News

I was watching the morning news.  Chuck Todd was interviewing Conway.  He asked why they wasted a Lie on a verifiable issue.  She would not answer.  She kept bringing up other issues.  He would go right back to his question.  She would not give an answer.  He finally gave up.

Hidden Figures

I got to see Hidden Figures today.  It is an amazing movies. I brought Kiersten and her friend.  They loved it.  The acting was great.  The story was inspirational without being preachy.  If you have not seen it, go out and see it.  If you have a daughter, take her.  More or less a teen and up movie.  Mainly, because smaller children would not understand and get bore.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March

Today is the Women's March.  If you have on in your area, give them support.  There are events all over the world, minus Russia.  We need to send a message to the people of the world, especially the new government in the US.

Start the Day Running

Today is the Women's March.  It's going to be interesting to see how many people show.  I wonder if Trump will try to hide the number?  It will probably be twice or three time larger.  He's not going to worry. He and his cronies will be signing our rights away. It's time to pay back all the donors.  Then it is time to pay homage to the boss in Russia.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Empty Seats

Trump was selling a huge crowd.  It fell short of that.  Obama had 1 million on his last one.  Trump had 250,000.  He also had protesters.  Tomorrow will be the Women's March.  I'm hoping for a huge crowd.  I hope it dwarfs Trump's crowd.

Russian Hacker

I am going to place the story on a blog.  I keep checking the news and nothing.  You'd think this would be up there.  Especially since the man who benefited from it is becoming our president. Read for yourself.  Share it.  People need to know.  I think our government is going to hide it.

Haunted by the Octomom

Mnuchin told the hearing yesterday that he was really troubled by foreclosing on Octomom and the 8 children she chose to have from Invitro and the others she already had.  What about the elderly couples he kicked out of their homes?  What about the elderly lady that underpaid by a dollar and he foreclosed on her?  What about the hard working families with kids that his banks threw to the streets?  A washed up reality star was the one that got to him.  He'll have his billions to keep him comfort.

It's Day 1

Do you know they are actually taking odds of when Trump will be impeached?  I would say within 6 months.  Who knows?  The GOP holds all the cards.  They can hold off until he goes against what they want.  He's got it from all different directions.  He can be blackmailed by the GOP and Putin.  Then he has to worry about his die hard supporters.  Some are a little unbalanced.  Just read their tweets.  They are the stuff of Nazi Nightmares.  I'm sure he will hit the ground running.  He has to tear apart our country as much as he can.  He owes Putin Bigly!  If he doesn't pay up, who knows how he will retaliate.  Just keep watching!  You are going to see a puppet dancing.


I read an article that they have caught one of the suspected hackers in Spain.  It will be interesting to see what information they get out of him.  Only one news source had the story.  It was not a fake news source.  I wonder if stations are avoiding it because they are scared of Trump.  I'm worried to see what will happen once the politicians have the information.  Ryan and McConnell might try to hide it from the public.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

One Day Until Democracy Goes Downhill

Today is the last day that we have a certain freedom.  I think when this dictator takes over, things are going to change.  I think he will restrict certain media outlets.  He will probably go after people who criticize him.  That will be whether it is on Twitter or comedy shows like SNL.  Our education system is going to go further downhill.  Do you think the republicans will care?  No, they can afford private schools.  We are probably going to join forces with Putin.  I don't understand why.  I don't think that will be good for the American people.  He will probably give Dear Leader ideas how to silence his critics and make more money.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SC, WY, and ME to Name a Few

Call your senators.  Tel them vote no on DeVos.  She will ruin the US educational system.  She is not big on protecting women from sexual attacks on college campuses.  She is not god for children with disabilities.  She probably looks down on them like it's a weakness.  My kids will suffer under her.  Senator Scott from SC wrote me to say he does not have the time to listen to people not from his state.  Kind of sad and rigged.  They know how this crap works.  I can tell Rubio, but he'll act like the tea party backs her.  He lets party before state and country.

Busy day Writing

I have been writing politicians.  I wrote Sen Scott from SC and Susan Collins from ME.  They are both republicans on the voting board for the education secretary.  I also got really mad and wrote Rubio.  I am tired of these politicians giving into the rich.  They don't even listen to their constituents.  Devos should not even be considered.  She is like one of the Holiday Inn commercials where she goes in and says she wants to be education secretary.  Then they ask, what are your qualifications.  She replies, I slept at that Holiday Inn and then hands the GOP $700,000,000.  What is there reply? So you did, and a fine secretary you will make, as they take her money.  Constituents be damned!  If you can write a Senator.

Posting on Twitter

It can be really fun.  I think of the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 when I do it.  I try to come up with Witty retorts.  Some are sarcastic.  I just posted one, where I actually put sarcasm.  I did not want them to think I was actually supporting the guy.  Sometimes, you pick up a troll or two.  They can be fun, like a cat playing with a mouse, but after a while, you just want to gut the sucker.

No Education for You!

The Republicans are going after our health care and our education.  They have brought in a billionaire who paid for the privilege to destroy education in favor of paid schooling.  That would mean we would have to pay if we want our kids to get an education.  If we want a good one, well then that is going to cost you.  Like Betsy DeVoss says, Nothing in life is for Free.  She has said she will not protect public schools, the disabled, and people who are attack in a sexual manner.  Her vision of education is looking scary.  I guess if they can bring down the education level, they will have more supporters of Crappy Republican care.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


One thing I have been trying to do is to countertweet postings.  Every GOP post, I ask a question.  Mainly about Trump and ACA.  Some get likes.  I have not had many responses. I did have one today.  She thought kids need religion in school for morals.  I told her I did not want my kids learning her religion.  That is what church is for.

Seperation of Church and State

Our country was built on this foundation.  Until recently, it has been upheld.  Lately, the religious right has found their way into politics.  Slowly, they are changing this.  To create a Christian Country is much like ISIS wanting a religious state.  They are very similar.  Although, ISIS uses violence.  But if you ever have an arguement with one of these people, you might be scared of what they could do.  The problem is our country is a melting pot of religions.  There is no one standard releigion.  Not only that, if I don't want to practice any religion, I have that right.  These people will change that.  The person Trump has picked wants to turn our education system into a Kingdom of God.  That should scare everyone.

The Rise of Hitler

I always wondered how Hitler rose to the heights he achieved.  Now, we will get a play by play.  Trump will show us his use of manipulation and programming.  If you want to see if it is working, just follow some of his people on Twitter.  These people are scary.  They would be fine with hurting opposition.  I have even been blocking some of them.

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Day in the Twitter Trenches

You'd think this would be a quiet day.  It being Martin Luther King Day and all.  The GOP thought they'd use his memory to get people to support a racist misogynist.  I would go back and forth on things.  Rubio finally spoke up for John Lewis.  Although he said he did not like him calling Trump Illegitimate.  U see his point.  John Lewis heard about intel we are not privy to.  They are still investigating.  But our FBI leader pulled a Hoover to get Trump elected.  His department in New York may have done their part also.  To me, that man, Trump, is illegitimate.  He and his cronies are going to do serious damage to this country.  In the end, they will be richer and we will be a third world country dominated by Putin.

Send the Teflon Don a Message!

I think we need to send our puppet elect a message. We should go on Twitter and tell he is weak for getting caught and blackmailed by Putin.  Tell him only weak people are puppets.  I bet it will set him off.  Even though he got caught and is probably being blackmailed, he is making it look like it is he who has come up with a partnership with Russia.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

ACA Rally Orlando

I went to the rally.  It was next to a bunch of hospitals.  Representative Stephanie Murphy and Representative Darren Soto were present.  They both gave speeches about trying to save the ACA or Obsmacare.  They encouraged us to call, write, go visit, tweet, and then do it again.  Also, they said to encourage friends and family.  Rep Soto is in the blue tie.

We are Turning into Russia

Conway suggest that they keep the Russian investigation secret.  Why to protect us.  First of all, Comey is already doing that for Trump.  Second, this is the US.  Putin has not taken over yet, oh I mean Trump.  Why would they want it secret?  If they find a link to all of this, he and his party should be put on trial for treason.

Cementing the Dictatorship

Dear Leader is trying to control the press.  He does not like them questioning him or his motives.  Now he is thinking about removing the press from the White House.

No Ethics for You!

The Republicans want to assist the traitor with his crimes.  Those conflicts of interest we had.  No problem.  They are forbidding the ethics dept from bringing them up.  They know that he will be committing crimes, but to maintain their extreme power, they are going to look the other way.  Even his collusion with Putin!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

March for ACA

Tomorrow, I'm thinking about joining a rally for the ACA.  I think they are happening around the country.  I know one politician will be there.  I think it will be interesting.

Marco Rubio! Where is your Decency!

 Trump went after Lewis.  During the election, he called McCain a loser because he was captured.  At that time, Democrats stoop up for McCain, because he is a war hero and sacrificed for his country.  Here is John Lewis.  He was a part of the Freedom Riders.  He fought for the civil rights of African Americans.  Once those barriers came down, other minorities gained mote freedoms.  Freedoms that Marco Rubio is taking advantage of.  Where is his condemnation of Trump's remarks?  In fact, most of the GOP.  They are too concerned with the feelings of their thin skinned leader.  It is a sad day for our democracy when these politicians pick party over country.  As for Senator Rubio, I think Florida deserves a politician that thinks for himself and is not worried about the rank and file of their party.

A New Low

Dictator Trump has sunk to a new low.  He is tweeting attacks against Rep John Lewis.  This man is an icon of the Civil Rights era.  All this on the eve of the Martin Luther King holiday.  John Lewis deserves respect.  Trump on the other hand is a Traitor to our country and democracy.

Halt the Inauguration!

Read the attached story.  This is worse than Watergate.  We need to call on politicians to halt the inauguration.  This is the biggest conspiracy of my time.

Friday, January 13, 2017


It looks like Comey pissed off the Congress.  H refused to answer about Trump and Russia, in a secret meeting.  They have announced a bi partisan investigation.  I tweeted that if they find a connection, it should invalidate the election.  The GOP would be happy with impeaching Trump and bringing Pence in.  That would be like adding the head of ISIS as president.  Christian fanatics would like it.

Hello Democrats!

Are you there?  I think the Democrats are still busy sulking and pointing fingers about why Hillary lost.  We have a dictator loyal to Russia about to take control of our country.  We have a congress and sentate that are acting like kids in a candy store.  Why?   Because they are about to make their handlers very happy.  It will also set our country back about 100 years.  Women will have to go to back corners for abortions, sick people will be dying in the streets, and the handicap will have no one to assist them.  Stank up for our country!  I want to see protests.  I want to see politicians besides Sanders and Warren on the news or making news.  Pelosi, if you were too weak to handle the fight, then whey did you take the lead of the Congress minority?  Stop whining about the election, it is over!  Nothing will change that, unless you can prove that Trump was part of the conspiracy.  Even then, the RNC will want to move Pence in.

Write Your Politicians!

We need to write and or call your politicians.  You need to let them know that you put them in office and you can take them out.  Right now, I see two groups that they are working for the rich and the party.  They could care less about the people.  They want to take away things that protect us and even help us.  Why?   Because the rich have to pay their share.  Not only that, but our current government is aligning itself with Russia.  I think our countries should remain separate.  They are even trying to turn the tide in Germany and France.  Please, flood the lines.  Get your call/message out there.  If we remain silent, they win.  We may not have the money the rich do, but we have the votes.  Another thing you can do is to boycott.  Go after Trump and his "Empire".  Don't stay at the hotel or resorts.  Don't buy the clothes.  Every dollar you give him makes him that much more powerful.

Intel Report

Trump wants everyone to believe that the intel is fake news.  You have to look at the source.  The person who compiled this information was an ex MI6 agent.  This is not a fluff piece by Breitbart.  This was a real investigator.  I hope reporters and investigators are digging.  I'd believe this intel before Donald Trump.  Look how many times he lied on the campaign trail.  Then, when confronted, he says he did not say that.  That is even with him saying it.  I guess you'll have to make up your own mind, but I will go with the intel instead of what is in Trump's heart.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hits Keep Coming

This one hits closer to home.  I read a story in Forbes about Trump and Autism.  It's not good.  He sounds like Hitler when it comes to disabilities.  He sees it as a weakness.  I feel the weak is the person who can not accept someone with disabilities.  They did not ask to be that way.  They would love to be just like every normal person.  They would love to have a day where someone does not look and make fun of them.  Bullies tend to gravitate towards people with disabilities.  That might explain Trump's focus.  He probably taught his kids that they were weak and meant to be picked on.


It looks like Putin is arranging the USSR again with himself in charge.  He has already captured the US.  It's lackey is D Trump.  He has Germany and France in his sights.  He is even using Trump's contacts.  We should all be afraid.

It's What We Do!

Isn't it Ironic!

Dictator Trump help his psuedo press conference yesterday.  He managed to avoid questions about collusion, Russia, and hacking.  He blamed the victims.  He never said one bad thing about his mentor Putin.  Nixon would have been proud of him.  He continues to flaunt the fact that he can break the law and NO ONE will do anything about it.  Yesterday, the Watergate hotel caught fire.  Wonder what that means?

Backdoor Dealing

The rich do not like their politicians to do things in front of others.  The Senate held late night meetings to start dismantling ACA.  Provisions to help pre existing and letting children stay on until 26, gone.  I guess the rich feel if you have the money, pay for it.  If not get a loan or just die.  They really don't care.  I think it is time that we start boycotting the people that support these politicians.  Maybe if they start making less money, they might change their minds.

Shades of the Past

Dictator Trump is comparing our media to the Nazis.  He chose not to pick on certain organizations.  I think Hitler ran the media services during his time.  It looks like Trump is going that way.  It will be up to reporters to report on him.  They have to do their job and not back down from him.  To do so will send our country on a dark path.

Golden Showers!

Information leaked about our new dictator said that Russia might have blackmail material.  Conservatives claim that if they had it they would have used it during the election.  Kind of Stupid.  They don't understand how blackmail works or just want the minions to spout that BS.  I read an interesting article about how blackmail in Russia works from the Atlantic.  Please read.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Conflict!

He keeps saying the president can not have conflicts.  He even said he could do both, but because of how it would appear, he will spare us.  He is going to close his eyes to his business.  It's a blind trust after all.  He can't help it if people or the news tells him about his businesses.  If you write a mean story, you're fired.  No press conference for you.

Blink and You Might Miss it!

Dictator Trump had his "press" conference.  He sort of answered like 3 questions and then turned it over to a lawyer.  This guy is a con artist.  He is going to tear this country apart.  The Rich will laugh and party as our country goes down in flames.  We have to fight, but the only way I know how to is through words and phone calls.  I hope some reporter is trying to find the answers.  Soon, the CIA and FBI will only investigate Trump's enemies.

He came back for a few more.  He would not take a question from CNN, because they ran a bad story about him.  Not a good sign.

What in the World!

News came out yesterday that was shocking.  Liberals were going crazy over it.  Conservatives just shrug it off as fake news.  The FBI claims they will not say whether they are investigating or not.  They only do that for closed cases.  Oh the irony!  I think we need to write our democratic leaning states and encourage them to stand up to Trump taking office until these allegations are verified.  If not, it would be like putting the Manchurian Candidate in as president.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And So it Begins!

Today, the hearings have started on Trump's flunkies.  Our AG nominee is going to protect religious liberties.  What does that mean?  He wants to make sure they can teach Christianity in schools, that they can refuse to help or do business with people who go against their religion, etc.  He probably wants to do away with seperation of church and state.  He thinks Roe V. Wade is unconstitutional, but won't go after Same Sex marriage.  That's a surprise and I'd be careful with that one.  I don't think he or the president cares for same sex marriages.

Mexican - American War: The Sequel

It looks like Mexico is not going to just sit by and let Master Trump do what he wants.  They have the power not to accept the people Trump wants to deport.  Not only that, but Trump is taking away jobs from them.  Some companies are not even American Companies that Trump is going after.  He Tweeted about Toyota building in Mexico.  I do not think that will sit well with Mexico.  I see a conflict brewing on our border.