Thursday, October 27, 2016

Eat at Joe's!

Trump gave a speech last night.  He was mad at Hillary for saying he used undocumented workers.  When he mentioned for what, we got an ad.  He said for Trump International at 1600 . . . I'm surprised he didn't give the rates or say tell them Trump sent you to get a discount.  Wait!  He would not offer discounts for such luxury, instead he devalues his properties to those who collect taxes.  I don't see why he doesn't just wear Trump T-shirts. He already advertises the hats he sells.  Of course!  He's probably wearing a Trump suit, made in Mexico, China and other low cost labor countries.  I wonder if he tells his people to look it up on his website during his speeches?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Trump took a day off.  Why? To be at the opening of his new hotel.  I thought as a candidate/President, they were supposed to divest themselves from from their businesses.  If he were to be President, that would be a concern.  I'd bet he would do things that benefit his businesses.  He'd probably make all meetings happen at his hotels.

Looking Behind the Curtain

I know actors and writers are only people.  Sometimes you just like the person you see on the screen or laugh/cry/get caught up with what they write.  Political season is here.  These people of fame and power have come out on one side or the other.  When they talk, they tend to turn you off.  Unfortunately, you look at their work differently.  This is America and we have a right to say things in public.  These people should be careful.  We have a right not to go to their movies, watch their shows or buy their things.  It's disappointing when you might have grown up idolizing that person and you find out their views.

Witness, Trump!

I was driving into work yesterday.  I heard a blip of a story.  It centered around Trump and the Amish.  I looked it up.  It seems some of his surrogates have created a PAC aimed towards the Amish.  The article mentioned that voting may go against their religion.  I think it is funny.  They are going after people that in a vacuum. They don't use electronics.  I don't know if they follow the news.  I guess this fit their needs.  The can sell Trump and not have to worry about them finding out about the real person.  We need Harrison Ford's character, from Witness, to come in and save the day.  He can stop this evil that is praying upon them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Show me the Money!

It seems the military is requiring people who served to give back bonuses they did not think they deserved or were part of a scam a recruiter pulled in California.  Some of these veterans were injured while serving.  This is an outrage.  When is the military going to get money back from the vendors, such as Halliburton?  These companies fleeced the taxpayers and are not even held accountable.  Yet, unsuspecting recruits, who served and risked their lives are being asked to give money back.  I hope the Congress/Senate does something, but we'll have to see.  They tend to ignore big companies that screw the taxpayers.  They only go after individuals, well, poorer individuals.

Mr. Smith Got Screwed by Washington

We have a Congressional election in Central Florida.  On one side, we have a politician that has been in Washington a long time.  On the other side, we have a person who wanted to enter public service.  Unlike her competition, she does not have much of a record.  So, this poses a problem for their ads, or does it?  Seeing that she has no real record to flaunt in commercials, they are making things up or manufacturing issues.  One part of their ad cites savings and loan failures and the the article was from 1994.  She is 39.  Do the math!  Do you really think as a teen she and the savings and loan banks were conspiring to run in 2016?  Unfortunately, the people who see this commercial will spout this information as fact.  They also talk about an ethics complaint.  Who is complaining?  It's a CONSERVATIVE watchdog group.  Gee, I wonder if they are trying to protect the public or the candidate?   Even if someone like me ran, if I said I was a Democrat, they would sell the fact that I am close to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  That would be even if I had never in my life met these people.  I'm surprised the Republicans are still not tying people to Jimmy Carter.  They probably figure young people will only think of his humanitarian actions and not his Presidency.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Stick in Your Head

Have you ever listened to a song that stays in your head?  Even watched something that did the same thing?  Tom Hanks was on Saturday Night Live.  He did a skit called Haunted Elevator.  Once you watch the skit, it will stick in your head.  It's funny and weird at the same time.

Late Night

The Walking Dead returned last night.  I stayed up later than I usually do.  It was worth it.  Well, depending on how you took the episode.  It was very emotional.  It is setting up a season that will be different from those in the past.  They have already renewed it before the current season started.

Morning Delay

This morning, Elana wanted to be held.  She did not want to let go.  I hate seeing her cry.  Usually, Angie puts her in the stroller and Mia walks.  She was not going for the stroller.  I waited for the bus.  As long as the bus comes early, I have no problem helping.  I just try to get to work ahead of traffic and accidents.  As soon as I handed her to the bus driver, she calmed down.  Ready for a day of school with her sister Mia.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chinese Meal

The meal turned out.   Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Elana ate baby corn and water chestnuts.  The won tons need improvement.  They were a little bland.

Oh, This Weather!

It is such a nice day.  I am laying on the trampoline with Mia, Elana, and Haley.  They were walking around, but now we are resting in the shade.

Asian Supermarket

It was fun going to the Asian Supermarket. It felt and smelled just like the stores in China.  There was one exception.  In the middle of most people speaking Mandarin, Led . ,Zepplin was playing on the speaker.  I saw interesting thing and some things I wated to buy.

Chinese Dinner

Today, I am planning a Chinese dinner.  I want to make won tons.  I need to find a recipe for our meal.  I'm going to stop by a Asian grocery store.  Since it will take time to prepare, I will need to start early.

Parody of the Debate

It's sad when a parody of the debate is just a little more amusing than the original.  They did ad some touches that make you laugh.  Now, we have less than 20 days to go.  Fortunately, they will wait before starting to run for 2020.  I think the Republicans need to work on being more inclusive.  They just can't keep relying on old, white voters.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Panda Express

Today, we ate lunch at Panda Express.  The girls wanted to go there.  Elana and Mia ate it up.  Elana tried thre different meals.  She liked the orange chicken.  Everyone enjoyed it.

Last Debate on Tonight!

I know, the debate was on the other night.  Saturday Night Live will be doing there version of it.  I will catch it on Youtube tomorrow.  It should be funny.

Adopting Allergies

From our children we have adopted from China, allergies seem to be a serious thing to look out for.  One daughter is highly allergic to fire ants.  She also does not like wearing closed toe shoes.  Now, my younger daughter seems to have those same allergies.  She is not as bad, but she has a swollen foot.  At school, they are going to try and get her to wear shoes when going out.  If you adopt a child and do not know their health history, have them checked for allergies.  Depending on the reaction, it could be a life or death situation.

Facts of Life

I grew up on that show.  I think it was one of those shows we watched in reruns with Different Strokes.  I guess I missed the episode were guys were sitting around bragging about kissing and grabbing women without consent.  Maybe that was a special episode similar to the child molester episode Different strokes aired.  According to Trump Jr talk like this is a fact of life.  I'm wondering if he meant it's a fact of life when rapists talk together in prison.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Elana's First Week

Elana gas made it through a week of school.  At school, she has been doing fine.  When she gets home, she is tired.  That puts her into a screaming, got to be held mood.

I Accept the Results . . .

So Trump finally says he will accept the results of the election.  That is, if he wins.  This is going to be a joke of an election outcome if it is close.  Not only that, but if this has to go the the Supreme Court, there are only 6 justices, split down the center by their beliefs.  Let's just hope it is not even close.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bear Witness

The bear is back.  I walked out this morning and the trashcan was on its side.  We did not have much wind last night.  Now, we have to bring in the trash and be careful walking out.

Puppet on a String

Trump is still enamored by dictators.  When responding about Syria, he claimed that the leader was smarter and stronger than Clinton and Obama.  He never seems to condemn people like this.  He only seems to sing their praises.  Clinton lashed out and said that Putin likes Trump because he is a puppet to be manipulated.  He shot back, " No, your a puppet!".  It was like a child lashing out.  Remember, if you read that, imagine Alec Baldwin saying it as Trump.

Late Night

I was going to go to bed at my regular hour.  I broke down and turned on the debate.  I don't think it was a home run for Trump.  He still had outbursts and he doesn't seem to have any plans.  He just tells everyone that he will do it and it will be great or huge.  A lot of those promises have to be offset by money.  If he give huge tax cuts to the rich, where is the money going to come from?  It's funny, as I think back on his interruptions and insults, I hear Alec Baldwin's version of Trump responding.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Who is Trump Running Against?

Does Trump know who he is running against?   Every chance he gets, he makes comments about Bill Clinton.  He even brought his accusers to the last debate.  Why?  Was that supposed to get under his skin?  Now he is bringing Obama's half brother.  Obama can't run for a third term.  I wounder if he saw that meme where he has a fake mustache and says he is Larack Tobama and people can vote for him.  Maybe, Billy Bush told him to do this to throw everyone off his master plan to rule the world through Trump.  I'm surprised Trump is not bringing people that felt they were bullied by Hillary in kindergarten.

The All-Powerful Billy Bush!

Who knew?  It's like the reverse of The Wizard of Oz.  Instead of pulling the curtain on the Wizard and discovering an ordinary man.  We get the ordinary man who is the wizard.  It is even inspiring #BillyBushmademedoit.  According to his wife, Bush encouraged Trump to say the things that he said.  I'm surprised NBC did not keep him.  That skill would be useful as an interview.  He could get people to say things that will make headlines.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Strange Bedfellows

It's funny.  The Republicans are praising Wikileaks.  I did not think they were a fan of theirs.  I know when secrets have been revealed in the past, they railed against them.  Now, they can't wait to see what will be released next.  It makes you think that they might add them to our government security if they were in power.  I don't think that Wikileaks will stop with the Democrats.  I can't wait till the tide turns.  We'll get to see the Republicans rail against the people they are praising.

Worse Than Fox?

Could there be a network that is worse than Fox News?  There could be.  According to the news, Trump is looking into Trump TV Network.  If that happens, it will be Fox on steroids.  This election is only a taste of the propaganda he will sell on his network.  I'm sure the Tea Party will be featured prominently.  He will probably get some of the more hardcore Fox personalities to come over.  If you thought this election was bad, wait until the next one.

Knocking Sense Into Daddy

Elana had a busy day, yesterday.  She had her first full day of school.  That included taking the bus.  From what we hear, she had a great day.  We got a tired child in return.  She was fussy and screamed a lot.  At one point, I decided to take her to the back room.  I was hoping she would calm down or fall asleep.  I guess she thought I was lacking sense, so she head butted me.  I'm surprised she did not knock out my front tooth.  I thought I was going to have a fat lip, but I don't think it was that bad.  Eventually, she did fall asleep.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Who Are You Going to Call?

Do you think Giuliani is going to have paranormal experts outide of poling stations? He's going to need someone to catch those dead voters.  They probably should have the Ghostbusters symbol outside of the stations to let ghosts know they are not welcome.

I See Dead People . . .Vote!

Rudy Giuliani has been stumping for Trump.  I guess as he has traveled the country, he has seen ghosts.  These ghosts preside in the inner city.  The only reason they stuck around was to vote for Democrats.  It's funny how Republicans always bring up vote rigging and things like that, and they are the ones who seem to do it the most.  Not only that, but they enact laws to "protect" elections, but it only seems to take that right from people who would not vote Republican.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

SNL is Rigged!

Trump wants Saturday Night Live cancelled.  He feels that they are conspiring against him.  I guess he hasn't watched it in the past.  They always skew politicians.  During the elections, they get their best material.  Maybe, Trump should stop giving them so many ideas.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


I think Trump has watched too many movies.  Now he wants drug testing before the next debate.  He claims that she is taking  performance enhancing drugs.  He must have watched Limitless and think it is based on a real drug that makes people smarter.  If he prepared for the debates, he too will be a little smarter.

Jesus Complex

At a rally the other day, you'd think Trump was comparing himself to Jesus.  He told his minions that he is taking all these slings and arrows for them.  I'm sure if someone were leaking his emails, his people would be telling him the best way to control his minions.  The hackers are only going after one group.


Trump claims that those women have come forward with their accusations because of fame.  I guess they were jealous of the way the Miss Universe was treated by Trump when she spoke out.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Uptick in Sexual Assualts

According to Michelle Bachmann, if people for for Clinton, it will lead to sexual assaults.  I guess she has not been watching the news.  I would guess that a vote for Trump will lead to sexual assaults.  He seems to think grabbing women and kissing them is his right.  Just think what will happen when he is president.

The Best Defense?

Trump has hit back against his accusers.  But I do not think it is a very good defense.  He said at a rally that "people should look at her and look at what she says".  Then he says "I don't think so".  What is trying to say?  Because of her looks he would not do it.  What if she were a supermodel?  Would he say he did do it?  He and his minions are questioning why she did not come forward than.  Well, because it would be a he said she said situation.  People would look at her as someone trying to get his vast wealth.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Running Mate

Pence and Trump just seem like a mismatch pair.  They are polar opposites of each other.  Sure Trump was going for the religious right vote, but he could have done better.  He could have picked someone who would bring the African American vote and would be in line with Trump's views on women.  That person is Bill Cosby.  Just think of it, it would be a match made in heaven.  They could defend each others views on women and once elected, they could have parties at the White House.

Media Bias

When I took communication courses in college, we learned about bias in the news.  The best way to counteract that is to find multiple sources to keep up with the news.  You watch these stories from different points of view and make your own decision as to what the story is really about.  All news has a bias.  Whether it is the view of the leadership or it protects their ad revenue.  I can tell you one thing, some networks are really more biased than others.  

Alpha Dog

So, Trump's son has an excuse for his dad's behavior.  He claims this is what happens when alpha males get together.  It made me think of alpha dog's.  That put an image of that dog humping your leg.  Now it is coming out that Trump might have groped women.  I guess his son might be on to something.