Tuesday, November 27, 2018


I finally broke down and subscribed to HULU.  It was .99 a month for a year.  I was looking at all they had to offer.  I like what I have seen.  We'll see how often it gets updated.  I look forward to some of their shows, like Castle Rock and Mr. Mercedes.  I think they do the latter.  They did have Downsizing.  I have been waiting to see that one.  The library did not pick it up.  Don't know why.

Thanksgiving Cruise

So we took the kids on a cruise during the Thanksgiving week.  It was fun.  You do forget that it is fall time down south.  It was hot.  Everyday I heard reggae music.  All you think about is summer.  I did see some Christmas decorations, but not many.  I got back home and on the radio was Christmas music.  Oh yeah, it's that time of year.  The ports were nice.  The shops were all the same.  I'd rather have hand made things or products from the country.  We did buy some Grand Turk Rum.  I wonder if the people that do make things only try to sell during the summer months?   Next up, 14 day cruise.  We'll have to save for that one.  My children loved the trip.  Carnival did a great job making everyone feel welcome.  My 5 year old had her good days and bad days.  The bad days were not that bad.  The one day she did cut loose, she was tired.  I will say one thing, don't bother with Thanksgiving food on a cruise.  It was awful.  They turkey was flat, not bland, but actually flat.  It was more like a processed meat with gravy.  The Sweet Potato casserole was not what you'd expect.  I think the only thing they got right was the stuffing. 

Giving Tuesday - Bethel China

I know I have not been very productive.  I have been on a cruise for a week.  I will start blogging again.  On this giving Tuesday, I would like to offer a group for you to consider.  That group is Bethel China.  They take in Seeing Impaired Orphans and prepare them for life or adoption, in China.  I have two daughters that would have benefited from their services.  I was lucky enough to donate some money to them this year.  Please keep them in mind or just share with your friends and family.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Listening to the radio last night.  I heard One Republic is coming to town.  My daughter likes them.  I looked up the prices.  They started at 87.00.  One reason not to live in a town with big theme parks.  No groups like coming here and the ones that do charge more than most can afford. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Charity Donation

I went to my annual retreat with my employer.  They decided to give money to charities in our names.  They were going to draw 40 names.  I actually was picked.  I named Bethel China as my charity.  They help blind orphans in China.  Please look them up.  I have 2 daughters that probably would have benefited from their program.