Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Nice Calm Bath

When we got Elana, I tried to give her a bath at the hotel.  She did not like it.  She screamed.  We wondered if it was due to a traumatic bath she must of had.  It has been that way on and off.  Today, I gave her a bath.  I started the water into the baby tub.  When I went to undress her, she knew what was coming.  I gently lowered her into the tub.  Once she calmed from the initial shock, I started cleaning her with the sponge.  While I did this, she held a water container.  We usually use it to pour over their heads.  I had to find an alternate container.  I did her hair and she winced.  No real terror after that.

A Nice Day for a Stroll

I woke up today with an urge to exercise.  I got dressed in some comfortable clothes.  Elana was walking around the house.  I decided to get the carrier.  I thought I could jog with her that way, but she is too heavy.  I did a brisk walk.  I did have to cut it short though.  It was a little cool out for Elana.  She seemed to have fun though.  No, I think it tired her out.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good Samaritan

After leaving Sam's, we loaded the girls in the van.  I helped get the things in the van and put up the cart.  Before getting in the van, I got my phone out.  Little did I realize that my Sam's card was in my pocket.  It fell out when I pulled out my phone.  I was sitting in the van and two women go by in a cart.  I see her pick up a card.  I said something about it to Angie.  She said to check if I had my card.  Sure enough, I did not have my card.  I went over to the women.  I said, Could I have my card?  She had no problem giving it to me.  She claimed that she was going to bring it in the store.  So, I guess she was a good Samaritan.

Sample Buddy

We had to get some things at Sam's.  The little one's got to experience samples.  I have found some children that enjoy sampling as much as I do.  Elana ate a bunch of things.  She also found some things she did not like, like Greek yogurt. They were sampling her "cookies", Pop Tarts.

Morning Conflict

We went to Einstein Bagels this morning.  We like their bagels.  When we go out, we need a big table due to our brood.  As soon as we went in, I was on table patrol.  It was a full house.  I noticed movement to my. right.  It was a large family getting ready to leave.  I headed towards the table.  I was aiming for the seat. The grandmother and grandchild had to sit and take selfies.  I sent Michelle to the other side.  Just as she is about to sit down, an employee comes up and tells her the table is for another customer.  Three people.  I did not see a sign that said wait to be seated.  Evidently, the employee and the woman knew each other.  They are lucky we did not walk out.

My Cookie Monster

Elana loves cookies.  It is a word she likes to use.  Sometimes, she wants real cookies.  Sometimes, she wants Poptarts.  Actually, I think she would be happy with both. Today, she is upset.  We have neither.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mia's Emoji Face

Screaming Elana

Usually, it is a typical occurrence for Elana to scream.  Tonight, she is screaming like she when we visit Kayla. We tried feeding her, but she kept hitting the spoon. I think it's time for bed.

The Day is Over

It feels nice to be getting out of work on time on a Friday.  Off to get some pizza and spend some quality time at home with the girls.

Emoji Mia!

Mia got her emoji pillow yesterday.  It has its tongue sticking out.  She loves to pretend she is the emoji.  She will ask you if you want to see her tongue.  She has another name for her pillow.  She calls it her emojo pillow.  Now, she wants a poop pillow.  I have started calling her emoji Mia.

Fire Alarm!

Yesterday, we had an alarm go off.  It was raining.  We all filed out of the building.  I don't think they would do a drill on a wet day.  By the time we got downstairs, we were shuffling back up the stairs.  Today, I am sitting through the buzzing of the alarm again.  They are testing them to see if the are working properly.  It is an annoying sound.

Race to the Finish and then Wait!

I made it through my audits.  Now I have to wait on my fellow Underwriters to provide me with my bills.  They create my territory by carving it out of the 4 we already had.  At least it feels good to be this close to finishing.  Next year, I plan to be more prepared.

The Calm After the Storm

Orlando has returned to normal.  The rains are gone and so are the accidents, well at least on the way to work for me.  We are supposed to have a cool down, but it's Florida.  It won't last long.  It took me over an hour to get home last night.  I started on I-4, abandoned that and headed for the back roads.  For a time, it was smooth sailing.  Then, I hit everyone else who had that idea.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Slow Going

Trying to get home.  Roads are a mess due to rain.  Remember thst when coming to Florida.

Hectic Day

I am swamped today.  I am trying to get our audits done.  This is my first time doing them.  I am up to the check and add to billing part of it.  I just stepped away to eat a quick lunch.  What a day!

Movie Reviews

As you know, I like to share reviews of the movies I get to see.  In the future, I am going to try and write better reviews.  I just want to get the right structure.  There are still some things that I do not want to do.  I really hate it when reviewers give away too much information or gripe about a certain thing.  Not only that, I want to try and think about what I am seeing from different points of views.  I might not like it, but it may not be the kind of movie I like.  If I were that kind of person, how would I view it.  Would I spend the money to see it.  I hope you will be seeing a more professional  review.  I hope it will inspire you to see the movie or even how to look at it.

A Rough Day

Elana and her sisters had a rough day yesterday.  They had to sit at the hospital for a couple of hours.  Believe me, that is not fun for an adult.  Just imagine how it is for three highly energetic children.  Elana was slowed down by anesthesia.  Then, they had a 7 hour+ drive from Miami.  I hear it is not fun driving down there.  Maybe, when I go visit down south, my account executive will not have me go all the way down into Miami.  The girls were all a little tired when they got home.  I tried to get Elana to sleep.  She must have been past the point of tired.  She would not stay in the bed.  If I tried to put her in the bed, she would scream.  Eventually, she fell asleep.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

With Elana's surgery, we are adding to an already busy schedule.  Mia has an appointment coming up.  I will be travelling around Florida meeting people because of my job.  My parents are coming into town to visit.  After all that, I am nearing the busiest time of my job, renewals of insurance policies.  Instead of rating, I will be responsible for all of the process.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Elana's Prognosis

The doctors looked at her eyes.  They think there is a good chance the they can give her vision.  She will have to start by having her eyelids corrected.  From there, they might do a cornea transplant.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.

Fly Like an Eagle

We saw Eddie the Eagle last night.  It was a great and inspirational film.  To me, it had a feeling of the first time I saw The Karate Kid.  Even down to the 80's music.  I think it's a movie everyone should see, especially young people.  It has a great message to never give up on your dreams.  Taron Ederton and Hugh Jackman were great.  After the movie, I even looked up the real Eddie the Eagle.  I found that after he made it to the Olympics, the Olympic board enacted a rule to make sure only the top athletes can attend the games.  I think that is sad.  In the past, it used to be about amateur athletes.  Now it seems only well funded or rich kids are the only ones who can attend.  With their money, they can train with the best or just train in a facility that others may not be able to afford.

Dad and Daughters Night Out

We went to see the movie last night.  I like bringing my daughters to movies.  It reminds me of when my dad used to bring us to the movies.  Now, my daughters expect me to get them popcorn.  While waiting, they do not always listen.  Once we get past that it tends to be fun.  In this day and age, they insist on bringing all their devices.  That creates an issue during sneaks.  They do not always allow things like phones in the theater.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

At The Theater

In line, waiting for Eddie the Eagle. They should let us in soon.  There are about 70-80 in line.  The theater does not like letting us in early.  Luckily, it is not cold today.

A Good Form of Exercise

Michelle and I exercised to the Wii last night.  She started by playing a number of sports games.  It is funny to watch her play and say the things she does.  I might even interject a comment or two.  She finished by playing the Black Eye Peas dance game.  I started with that one.  I "danced" through two songs.  Then I switched to Just Dance.  It has a sweat mode.  I danced to three more songs.  I feel I got a good workout.  I just have to balance that out with what I eat.

Taking the Girls to a Movie

I am taking Michelle and Kiersten to see Eddie the Eagle tonight.  Michelle wants to see it.  I had to coax Kiersten by offering popcorn.  She said she did not want to see the movie.  I could not let her stay home alone.  Hopefully, she will enjoy it.  It looks like a fun movie.

Elana's Procedure

Elana will be going to the hospital around 10:00am to get ready for her procedure.  She will be put under anesthesia so that the doctors can do an ultra sound of her eyes.  We will learn if she has or can have sight in the future.  They will also determine what to do about plastic surgery for her eyelids.

In the Nick of Time

After getting off work, I had planned to drive home and bring the girls out to eat.  I knew if we made it to Steak and Shake before 5, we could get half off shakes.  Then, Angie threw in a monkey wrench. She wanted me to stop and get some prescriptions.  I did that and made it home by about 4:30.  I rushed the girls into the car and we rushed over to the restaurant.  When you have to be some where quick, you know what kind of traffic you will meet.  We had slow drivers, idiots in the wrong lane and even a bus.  We did it.  We were in the restaurant by about 4:55.  We didn't get seated until about 5:00.  I asked if we had made it.  Our waitress looked at the clock and said it was 5:00 and she did not think the computer would allow it.  She offered she could ask the manager.  I said, please ask.  Sure enough, the manager allowed it.  The waitress did not include Kiersten's drink, but I guess I should be happy with what we got.  

Monday, January 25, 2016

On the Road Again!

Today, Angie takes the little ones to Miami.  Hopefully, they will be able to do something to give Elana sight.  I know it's a long shot, but we can always hope.   I'm going to miss her.  Well, maybe not her yelling, but the rest of her.  Also, I will miss Haley scooting around the house and Mia saying her crazy things.


I came into work and turned on my computer.  I am greeted with a message.  "We have updated your computer.  Your files are where you left them.  Get ready for some new things."  My second monitor was not coming up.  I thought it might be the power.  I turned on the switch.  It came up and went dark.  I brought up the display settings.  I figured out how to get it to register.  Then, I had to go right to get to the left monitor.  I tried one setting and it duplicated the first screen.  I went back and flipped the numbers.  I think I got it.  Updating of computers systems and programs can really give you a head ache.

Ice on the Window

I am sitting in my cold car waiting for it to warm up.  There is a sheet of ice on my windows.  Too bad I don't have seat warmers.  At least the ice is melting quickly.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Showers Done

We got home and I started folding clothes.  Kiersten needed a notebook, so Angie ran to the store.  I put away the clothes.  Tomorrow, Angie and the little ones are driving to Miami.  Elana will have her eyes checked.  I decided to give Haley and Elana baths.  Haley loves water.  When she gets in the bath, she starts splashing.  She loves it when I pour water over her head.  Elana, on the other hand, hates showers.  Opposite to Haley, she screams when I pour water over her head.  I got it done.

Possible Ailment

I was watching a story on the world news about an older boy with Spina Bifida getting adopted.  What made this story special was that that station had been there the year before.  Because of their story the child found a family.  I remember the boy scooting around the orphanage in the story.  It made me think of Haley.  I looked up the symptoms.  They match Haley.  A doctor will have to diagnose her with Spina Bifida. It's something to bring up.

Viera Encore

We're back.  Kayla is still at Viera.  She should be at the group home tomorrow.  She did get to see the monster trucks last night.  It is a ool day in Florida.  The sun is warm, though.

Kid's Can Be so Cruel

I was doing Zumba last night.  While doing so, Michelle came in the room.  She starts laughing at my performance.  She even points out that I am not doing exactly what the person on the screen is doing.  I got to critique her also.  She did not do what they did on her game.  I even gave her a hard time on her Wii basketball shooting skills.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Got Some Work Done

I stayed for about 8 hours today.  I was able to get some work done with assistance.  Then, I came home did some Zumba, cut my hair and covered the plants outside.  Hopefully, the cold won't kill too much.  I guess it cold be worse.  While I did Zumba, Haley cheered me on.

Mini Me

While I was doing my Zumba last night, Elana was lurking in the background.  I have to be careful of the little ones when doing these games.  They like to go right behind you.  At one point, Elana walked up to the television.  She started going around in circles.  It looked like she was joining me in the exercising.

No Rhythm

When I was in Junior/High School, I did not go to dances.  First of all, I did not know how to dance.  I did not care to learn.  That has not changed.  I have found that it can be a good form of exercise.  Last night, I pulled out the Zumba Wii game.  I got a good 20 minute workout.  I can tell you one thing, I can not dance.  I don't think I will ever be coordinated to do the dance moves.  If I try, it will still give me a good workout.

Gone With the Wind

Last night, I kept waking up.  I kept hearing scratching sounds.  When I went out to my car this morning I found out what it was.  It was really windy and branches kept scratching the roof and windows.  They say that because of this wind, it is going to fell like the 30's.  At least its not snow or ice.  I feel for the people who have that.  Even in China, they are getting hit with snow and ice.

Another Saturday at Work

I'm back again.  I hope that this is the last one for awhile.  I know during the summer, there might be more Saturdays in my future.  I hope to make the best of my day and get a lot done.  At least, my computer is set up the way I need it.  They have all the programs running.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Anomalisa Second Thought

Although this movie is not for everyone, it will appeal to people who love movies.  I mean movies that you have to watch multiple times to get the meaning.  I have read some things about the movie and on second thought, I like what the director was trying to do.  I feel that if the general audience went to see this, they will walk out.

Nerd in Training

I told Michelle that Suicide Squad had a preview.  What was that?  I explained that it is a bunch of  DC villains that are sent on a mission to save the world.  "Dad, I told you I am not a nerd!"  I asked if she planned to see Captain America.  She said yes.  I told her that was from a comic book.

Monster Weekend!

Kayla may not have moved to her new group home, but she does have a chance to go on an outing.  Monster Truck Jam is occurring in Orlando this weekend.  It looks like she will be going.  She went last year and loved it.  I hope she makes it.  The plan is to move her to the facility on Monday.  We'll have to see.  We do get to visit one last Sunday.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lunch Break

At my workplace, they make us take a lunch time for an hour.  I know it is mandate by the government.  Sometimes, it gets really boring.  I sit at my desk and surf the Internet.  I have no reason to leave the building.  I could exercise.  I did in the past.  I actually lost some weight.  The problem is sweating.  We do not have a shower.  The news always tends to blend together.  I can only find so much news on movies.  I even rack my brain trying to think of things to write.  Lately, I have been on a roll.  It helps when I see people actually reading it.

Stream Away!

I have been with Netflix for a long time.  I loved getting the DVD's in the mail.  I was excited when they announced streaming.  Now, they have become a powerhouse.  I love their new and returning shows and movies.  I look forward to their future releases.  I read that all the networks are having problems with them.  To retaliate, they are creating their own streaming sites.  I plan to stick with Netflix and Prime.  I'm not adding more.  Soon, they will start bundling.  It will be cable on the internet.  I can't see paying a couple of dollars per network/studio.  Eventually, we will be paying cable dollars again.   I guess the difference will be that we can pick and choose what we want to watch.  I prefer my shows/movies in one place.

Die Hard: The Franchise that Refuses to Die

I read some bad news yesterday.  They are doing a prequel.  Not only that, but they are bringing back a hack director.  The director of Live Free or Die Hard and the remake of Total Recall.  Both movies were like watching a color by number artist paint.  I think this one will start when McClane was a kid on the playground and some bullies take over the slide.  I loved the first three movies, but from there it has gone down hill.  It's too bad that they do not bring back John McTiernan

Moving in the Wrong Direction

Kayla did not move yesterday.  Someone dropped the ball and some papers need to be signed.  Now, she has to wait.  Unfortunately, this is not fair to Kayla.  She does not understand what is going on.  Things like this can upset her.  Hopefully, she will stay calm.  The move is going to happen, but we have to wait a couple of days.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Haley's Doctor Visit

Haley visited the doctor on Monday.  She did not find much.  She did have to get some shots.  She is being referred to some other doctors to check on her walking and hearing.

Elana's Cold

Elana loves to say that she is cold.  I just saw a story from China Daily.  It said that Harbin is 36 below.  We have been in the 40's and maybe a little colder.  This should be a slight cool down for her.

At a Loss!

I had my computer revamped today.  I have been missing programs.  When I go to look at my stats for the day, the only thing I can find is the actual Blog.  Don't you hate it when you lose sites on your computer.  Luckily, I remembered the password to get in.  I'd rather type a blog than do it by finger on my phone.

Critics Will Rave

I saw Anomalisa last night.  It was a strange movie that will have to be watched multiple times to get meaning.  At times, it was funny.  It does go over societal issues.  This movie is already getting rave reviews.  It reminds me of Glengerry Glenross.  When that came out, it got great reviews.  Tons of senior citizens flocked to our theater and those same people demanded refunds halfway into the movie.  This will happen.  It will be right at the sex scene.  Yes, you read it correctly.  A stop motion movie with sex.  It borders on porn or some might think.  Don't bring your grandmother to this one.  The sex reminded me of the movie Team America.  They had a pretty graphic scene between puppets.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mass Confusion

I got to the theater and there is no one waiting.  I see a chair, but it says first in line for Dirty Grandpa. I walk in to make sure where I am to line up.  They tell me to go on the same side as Grandpa.  I knew that was just asking for trouble.  Not only would you have to split out the lines before entering, but people would try to be next for their movie.  It would just be a big headache.  An employee came out and told me to go to the other side for Anamolisa

Movie Night in America

Tonight I am going to see Anomalisa.  I did not know if I would want to see this movie.  From what I had heard was that it was stop motion.  But, it was done by Charlie Kaufman.  He wrote the screenplay for Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.  I thought I'd break my rules and watch the trailer.  It sold me.  I plan to see it.  Stay tuned for my feelings on it.

Mr. Mom Returns

We had a day off yesterday.  I stayed at home and enjoyed the day with my daughters.  I helped to get them ready.  I bathed one of them.  I fed them breakfast and lunch.  Angie had appointments to go to during the day.  We did drop my car off for an oil change.  When the afternoon appointment was done, I had to pick up my car and go grocery shopping.  It was a productive day.  I even managed to exercise a little.  I played Just Dance on the Wii.  It was not a pretty sight.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Audra Still up for Adoption

Angie got a call that Audra is still up for adoption.  I wish we had the resources to adopt her.  That would be impossible.  Even if we had the money, I don't know if we'd get approved.  China had issues with Kayla's situation.  That is improving.  In two days, she moves to a group home.  All I can do is to keep mentioning her.  The sad thing is that we could not raise money through Go Fund Me, but some woman who spent her life savings trying to win the lottery can raise ovet $800.  That is ridiculous.  At least, Go Fund Me shut the account down.

Ice on the Windshield

Woke up this morning to ice on the windshield.  It looks like it will be this way for a couple of days. The sun is also brighter.  I'm glad I leave early in the morning for work.  When the sun is like this in the morning and afternoon, it makes it harder to see the traffic lights.

Bubba Gump of Papaya

I went into my back yard to look at our papaya tree.  It was full of fruit.  They are steadily getting bigger.  I have to come up with recipes.  I have so many fruit.  It is like that scene from Forrest Gump, where Bubba lists all the different ways to make shrimp.  I will come up with papaya bread, papaya salad, papaya chicken, etc.  Maybe even papaya shrimp.

Started the Day in Shorts and End in Pants

I started Sunday wearing shorts. It was a nice day with a breeze.  During the night, we had a big storm. Some areas up north had some wind damage.  As the day progressed, it got colder.  When we got home from visiting Kayla, I was ready for pants.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Final Visit to Vieira

Today is the last day we have to come to Vieira to visit Kayla.  On Wednesday, she moves to a step down facility closer to home.  We will miss coming out here, but I don't think we will miss the drive.

Winter has Arrived

Finally, winter has made it to Florida.  It took some time.  We have not used air conditioning for a couple of weeks.  They say this week we may get close to freezing.

The ABC's of Life

Elana is slowly starting to talk.  She can say some words.  Angie and I have been talking to her.  Both of us have been saying/singing the ABC song to her.  The other night, I went through it and she sang it back.  She did not say letters, but you could make out the the rhythm of the song.  Last night, I mentioned the ABC song.  She started to sing it, minus the letters.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Terrible Two's Elana Edition

Elana is going through her terrible two's.  She keeps screaming.  She also has a bad habit of going up to counters and pulling everything she can reach to the ground.  Today, she broke a glass picture frame.  I can't wait for her to grow out of this.

A Bird in the Hand is Worth one in the Foot

I am sitting in the living room.  Elana is askeep in my lap.  Haley was leaning against the couch in a standing position.  Then, she grabs a toy with her toes and brings it up to her hands.  I told Angie.  She said she does it all the time.

Job Done!

I accomplished what I had hoped to finish.  At first, I thought it could be done within 2 hours.  I was wrong.  At least it is done.  I will be back next Saturday.

Down Side of Working on Saturday

It is warm in here and my allergies are bothering me.  I had hoped things would go quickly.  But it looks like it may take awhile.  At least I have Monday off.

Cool Thing About Working Saturday

As you have seen, I am at work.  It is totally quiet.  One thing I like is that I can listen to my music as loud as I want.  No one is here to complain.  Rock Out!

Elana's Approval

Elana has finally got some kind of approval from her insurance company.  The doctors had set a date around the 26th to do some exploratory things with her eyes.  Hopefully, the insurance company is coming around to taking care of her eye issues.

Saturday and I'm at Work

I'm getting prepared to play catch up.  It comes with the promotion.  I fall behind and they expect me to stay later or come in on days off.  It's not too bad.  I consider it more of getting ahead and showing my bosses that I will do what I have to do to make it as an Underwriter.  Summer will be worse, but since I live in Florida, I'd rather be in an air conditioned building than outside.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Live Troll

I want to get pizza for dinner.  When I walked on, there was a older woman with black/grey hair.  When she turned around, she was the spitting image of a grandma troll that Angie had.  I am seeing some weird sights today.

Dogs and Their Owners

I was driving the other day and saw a sight that made me laugh.  This woman was walking her dog.  She was a frail elderly woman.  The dog was one of those toy dogs.  It looked as frail as the woman walking it.

Early Day

It is early and I am at work.  With promotion, comes more work and responsibility.  Tomorrow I will be back here to do additional work.  The girls all have off today and Monday.  I just found out yesterday that we are closed.  Angie had asked me and sure enough, we are off.  I think this year is going to fly by.  Hopefully, my older two will assist with the younger three today.  When I woke up, the living room had been straightened up.  They are off to a good start.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oscar Popularity Contest

Today was the day that they announced the nominees for the Oscars. I don't care much for them.  Sure, it might spotlight a movie that I would have passed on.  It seems closer to voting for most popular in high school.  There were a lot of performances that were overlooked.  I really hate when an actor who has never received an Oscar gets one because of just that reason.  It should be about the performance.  Can just one be the best of the year?  Not only that, but I really hate the noms for foreign films.  Why?  They limit the amount of entries.  On top of that, they may exclude a film in China for being propaganda.  They may nominate something that is US propaganda.

Survey Says

One of our extra ways of earning money is to do surveys.  They call you and ask if you fit a profile.  Then, you go and taste something, feel something, etc.  After that you give your opinion.  I walk in today and there is a woman with her cell phone plugged in.  I guess she thinks she is at home.  Now, it's just a waiting game.

Another Celebrity Death

First we lost David Bowie, now Alan Rickman.  I remember the first time I saw the movie Die Hard.  It looked like a great movie from the previews.  I don't think people gave it much credit.  They saw Bruce Willis trying to go from TV to movies.  Some actors can do it and some can't.  In this case, it scored big.  That is why we have so many sequels.  Unfortunately, after 3, it started to go down hill.  If they really want to do another, bring back the original director.  Getting back to Alan Rickman.  It was the first time I had seen him in a movie.  He really stood out in this movie.  He went on to amaze the world as an actor/director for both plays and movies.  He will be missed.


I woke up this morning and asked Angie if she had been playing Adele for Elana.  When she woke up around one, I changed her and told her to go back to sleep.  She kept calling out Hello.  Eventually she did go to sleep.

It's 1:30. It's Time to Play

Elana us up.  She thinks it's time to play.  I guess I have to convince her that it's 1:30 in the morning and not the afternoon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lottery Madness

The US is going crazy for the lottery.  I generally don't bother, but 1.3 billion?  I got sucked in.  I went during lunch.  At the 7-11, I was confused as how I buy a ticket.  I knew I was going to do quick pick, but I did not know if I needed the paper.  I went up to the counter with five slips.  I asked for five tickets.  She looked at the slips.  I said I wanted quick picks.  She laughed.  She explained that you only need the slips if you were actually picking numbers.  I asked for the tickets.  I got that wrong too.  To play Powerball you have to ask for it.  I think she was happy when I was gone.

Coming Closer to Home!

Kayla is moving closer to home.  We found out yesterday that she will be moving next Wednesday.  At that time, we will not be able to talk to her for 30 days.  They want to build a report with her and gain her trust.  Sunday will be our last visit in Melbourne.  We will also be missing her Birthday.  It is good news however.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On a Couch Far Far Away. . . . .

Yesterday, I spent the day with Elana and Haley.  We went to the Korean grocery store.  I needed ingredients for Chicken Pad Thai.  If you ever need certain ingredients for Asian cooking, the best place to buy them is from an Asian store.  I went into a local grocery store.  They had the ingredients under Ethnic Foods.  Unfortunately, I think that gave them a license to charge more money.  Sort of like what they charge for Organics.  I got my noodles for half the price the grocery store was charging.  When we got home, I fed the girls and then we sat in the living room.  I had to block off the area because both of the girls tend to wander and destroy the house.  While we were in their, I put Star Wars on.  It was the special edition.  Watching it made me miss the original version.  Luckily, I read a story that Disney plans to release the originals on Blu Ray.  Guess I'll have to start saving.

Monday, January 11, 2016

One Step Closer

Angie met with the facility that Kayla might step down to.  Everything seems like it is going to work out.  Kayla may even be moving in with a past room mate.  That might make the transition easier for her to handle.

A Tale of Two Tantrums

Today, Angie has a meeting to attend for Kayla.  I took off to take care of Haley and Elana.  So far, it has been a day of tantrums.  Elana keeps screaming.  It started as tantrums because I was doing things and not holding her.  Then, Angus started to leave. Haley started to cry about that.  We have some calm, but Elana keeps screaming out.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

One of Those Days

Elana has been having issues woth driving in the car.  Every time she drives she screams.  I decided to keep her home today.  Next thing I know Michelle and Kiersten say they want to stay.  Of course, I should have known there was an ulterior motive.  Kiersten starts planning the day out.  Mia decides she wants to stay.  Kiersten wanted to go to her school and play on the track.  Today, we are getting a cold front.  I did not want the little ones out in it.  Mia did not want to go either.  We stayed.  I have tried to clean.  Now, I am stuck on the chair with Elana.

A Cut Above

Elana's hair has been needing a cut.  When Angie cuts it, she cries.  She also tends to move around.  I decided to see if I held her, would she allow a cut.  I placed her on the bathroom counter.  I held onto her head.  I was very gentle.  She stayed calm.  Angie was able to give her a pretty balanced cut.  Mia, on the other hand, did not want a cut.  She was helped by her sisters.  In the end, she too got a good cut.


Elana was not in a good mood.  She kept screaming in the car.  Multiple times, I had to hold her arms.  She kept grabbing and scratching Haley.  When I did hold her, she would scratch me.  Later in the day, I was holding her.  She got mad and scratched me in the face.  Before bed, I looked at my face in the mirror.  I have a scratch on the left side of my face.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jungle Sean

I am sitting on the floor with my daughters.  Elana is laying in my lap.  Haley keeps putting her legs on my back.  Mia has even sat near me to show her emoji face.  I feel like a jungle gym .

My New Goal

Today, I am going to go by a gym.  I want to get a membership.  I am worried that I will lack the motivation to consistently visit.  I have tried to lose weight in the past.  It was working.  Then, I hurt my back.  I waited to heal and lost the motivation.  I don't want to call it a New Year's resolution.  If I did, it would end pretty quickly.  Maybe from support of friends and family I can push myself to achieve my goal.  I can also write about it.  I am around 200 lbs.  I want to lose 40-50.  That will depend on what my doctor feels is the optimum weight I should be.  With this, I will have to change some of my eating habits.  I like some vegetarian dishes.  I think I will start by making salads for lunch.

Haley: Supercharged

When we first got Haley, she did not have energy to do anything.  She just sat and stared.  Now she crawls through the house with ease.  I was sitting with her last night and she would keep sliding from the chair to the floor to try and walk around.  She can only move around a little and she has to be holding something.  I kept putting her back on the chair.  She'd slide down.  I figured it might tire her out.

The Gift of Eyesight

Anyone has been trying to get Elana treatment.  But, the hospital she needs to go to does not accept her insurance.  The insurance company is not going out of their way to approve a visit.  She talked to some of the doctors this week.  They are trying to get through the red tape so they can treat Elana.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, January 8, 2016

No, You Can't Eat That!

Elana has a bad habit of putting thing in her mouth that she finds.  She did that the other day, with me.  We were sitting at a rock display.  She grabs some rocks and tries to put them in her mouth.  Angie says you have to watch out for that.  During Christmas break, I got some sandstone coasters.  Elana had destroyed our other coasters.  It seems Elana has a thing for rocks.  She has been trying to eat the coasters.

Elana's Impressionism

Last night, Elana was tired.  I thought I'd try to get her to bed early.  That did not help much.  She screamed and hit the door.  At one point, I had a major sneeze.  A second later I get "Aaachoo!".  Elana did it three or four more times.  She also heard Mia doing a cry and copied that.  Angie tells me that she does it during the day to her also.  Maybe Elana should think about being an impressionist when she grows up.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Elana' s Security Blanket

Last night, I went to see The Revenant.  Elana did not go right to bed.  Angie said that she kept screaming and banging on the door.  So, Michelle brought her into the living room.  When I got home, she went right to sleep.

Divine Inspiration

Meet Audra, well it is the name assigned by an agency.  This is the child we had hoped to adopt.  Due to China and other circumstances, we were unable to do so.  This child deserves a forever family.  Take a look at her site at Reece's Rainbow.  If you can donate to her adoption, please do so.  If you know someone who is adopting, please share with them.  I wish we had the money and space to adopt her.  I think 6 is our limit.  I hope this post will help her.  

Truth in Movies

I was reading an article on the web about the Revenant.  Evidently, it is based on true events and people.  The main character did survive a bear attack and was left for dead.  The movie producers did add some drama to the tale.  They did talk to a historian about the movie.  He said that it depicted the life of a trapper during that time period.

The Revenant

I saw The Revenant last night.  It was a really good movie.  I liked the cinematography, the music, and the acting.  Tom Hardy does an excellent job with a southern accent.  Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent job as Hugh Glass, the main character.  It was a brutal film.  There is lots of violence.  I thought it did a great job showing us life back in those times.  Wait until you see the bear attack scene.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In for a Long One

It looks like The Revenant is close to 3 hours long.  It is going to be a long day tomorrow.  It looks like it might be worth watching.

Meet Lexi, again!

As you might recall, I have placed Lexi's picture on here before.  She is still available.  Please go to her site.  Donate if you can or if you know someone who is adopting, share with them.  A touch of irony hit us recently.  Haley was adopted by a family that expedited their adoption for medical reasons.  Well, it turns out, they were supposed to adopt Lexi, also.  After meeting her, they declined and sent her back to the orphanage.  They had some negative things to say about her.  Then they shared that information with groups that advocate for the children.  So, if someone were interested, they would be put in touch with this family.  They claimed some pretty bad stuff about Haley.  She is a very quiet child.  She only cries when hungry or needs a change.  Not only that, but she is deaf and can not walk.  Angie would have been happy if the family had brought both home.  Of course, that would mean we would have 7.  There might be a family interested in her.  If you pray, say a prayer for her.  She deserves to have a family.  

Movie Night

Tonight, I am going to see The Revenant.  I have been looking forward to this film.  It is by the director of Birdman.  I liked some of the movie.  It was a bit of a strange tale.  The acting was great and the cinematography was really good.  The director made it look like one continuous cut.  I hear he does some interesting things on The Revenant.  Stay tuned, I'll let you know what I think.

Elana's Sleep

She made it through another night.  I believe she was asleep by 8:00.  She only screamed once.  That was at around 6:15am.  I did bring her into the living room.  That can make things difficult.  As long as I am around her, she is happy.  The minute I leave, the screaming begins.

Travel by Air

I was watching the news this morning.  They made an announcement.  The airlines are going to increase rates.  At a time when gas is as low as it is, they want more money.  It's too bad.  I want to start travelling.  I guess it will have to be by vehicle.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Weight of the World

Elana woke at her normal time.  I change her diaper and encourage her to go back to sleep.  Her reply: Nah!  I fell asleep before she did.  A couple of hours later I woke up.  She was lying across the back of my legs.  I carefully moved her, before my clock alarm went off.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Stock Slide

Today might be an opportunity for some to buy into the stock market.  I see Disney and Imax are down.  But, it is not their news driving the sell off.  Disney and Imax are breaking records with Star Wars.  Both are going to have a great 2016.  Hopefully, ESPN does not weigh down Disney too much.  I wonder how much lower they will go before shooting back up.  The news I heard was it has to do with China's stock market.

New Year Resolution

I resolve to lose weight this year.  I have tried this in the past.  I am trying again.  I am planning on getting a membership to a gym.  I want to be committed to it.  The last time I did a gym, I did not go many times.  The gym I am looking at is close to the house.  I can go early morning.  But, by early, I mean around 4:00 am.  I don't know if that will pan out.  Maybe, I can fit in some visits in the afternoon .  We'll see.  I plan to cut back on portions and try for healthier lunches.

Out With the Old

Disney is getting rid of the Osborne Spectacle of Lights.  I can't believe it lasted this long.  Next up, maybe Universal will finally get rid of Grinchmas.  Unfortunately, this is a promotion based on a not so great adaption of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  I guess we are lucky that they do not have a Cat and the Hat promotion based on that film.  I find their Grinch to be annoying.  Instead of trying to be true to the character, they basically do a bad impression of Jim Carrey.  If you are reading this Universal, it's time for a change.  

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Weekend is Over

It is a wet and dreary day in Orlando.  We are headed home from Kayla's.  Before we hit the road, we stopped by a store.  I found Mia a mini pillow pet.  I found a Darth Vader ornament and a solar powered Olaf from Frozen.  Now for the drive home.  Elana is screaming again.

Haley's Plaything

I was picky up Haley because she wanted to slide on the ground.  It is just too dirty for that.  She starts grabbing for my hat.  Once she figures how to get it off, she starts playing with it.  Now she is on the couch turning it in her hands.  She is even laughing.

A Cool Day Begins

It is a rainy day in Orlando.  Elana has started her screaming.  Hopefully, the Advil I took will fight the headache I feel coming on.  We are off to see Kayla.  I am sitting in the van finishing Haley's feeding.  The girls will probably fall asleep.  They were up past 11:00.  I had to tell them it was bedtime.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Be Careful!

I put my hat on Elana.  She likes to where it over her eyes.  She started to walk around. I told her to be careful because the hat was covering her eyes.  Guess it does not matter, since she is blind.

Outback Surprise

For lunch today, we stopped by Outback Steakhouse.  I know, they can be expensive.  Angie had a coupon for a free awesome Blossom.  It had something to do with a bowl game.  The only catch was we had to buy something.  We were going to get a shareable appetizer.  We settle on two of them plus the onion.  Angie asked if it was okay to buy an appetizer instead of a meal, due to the cost.  She said it was okay.  We ate our meal.  Once we got the receipt, we noticed that the waitress covered one of the appetizers.  Angie said she did not have to do it, but she insisted.  Great food and service.

The Crown of Snow-Ice

The Harbin Snow and Ice. Festival has opened for another year.  This year, they have a tall building made of snow.  One of these years, we will visit during this time period.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Do you have a child that is picky when it comes to food?  We do.  Last night I made up a thing of soup.  I thought since they liked clam chowder, they might like cream of broccoli soup.  Elana and Haley loved it.  Now, I need to go get more.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Mia's New Toy

I went to a store called 5 Below.  I wanted to see what they had.  I was hoping for a Star Wars shirt.  Unfortunately, I am not a medium.  I did find Mia an Emoji keychain with it's tongue sticking out.  She loved it.  She is running around showing everyone her tongue.

Hanging Out with Elana

Elana has been screaming a lot over the last two days. So, we gave her some Tylenol .  I am trying to get her to rest.  Now she just keeps babbling and singing.  No resting.I just hope the yelling goes away.

Happy New Year 2016!

We start a new year today.  I hope everyone has a great one.  This year, I will be training in my new position at work.  We will be finalizing Haley's adoption.  Hopefully, she and Elana will start attending school.  I don't know about travel, but I want to go somewhere this year.

Chocolate Waffles

I discovered a food that Elana really likes. Chocolate waffles.  She ate about three mini waffles.  She also ate eggs.  She is still yelling, though.  We are wondering if she is getting sick.

In a War Zone

Last night, I woke around 12:00.  Fireworks were going off everywhere.   It sounded as if someone on the opposite side of our block was shooting them towards our house.  It sounded as if they were exploding right outside the bedroom window.  I'm surprised Elana did not wake up.  She did wake up around 4:00.  This morning, instead of pleasantly talking, she screamed.  After a couple of minutes, she fell back asleep.  Happy New Year everyone!