Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Festival part 2

We just got back from another fall festival.  It was at a church near us.  They were doing a trunk or treat.  They also had games and food.  The food cost money.  We ate before leaving.  Then I took the girls to Baskin Robins Ice Cream.  On the 31, they are selling a scoop for 1.31.  Next up, walk the neighborhood.

Warm day turned Hot

One of the joys, for some, is our warm weather.  Today is no exception.  It is hot out there.  That means a warm night.  Mosquito spray will be needed.  The girls have a major hike planned tonight.

Friday, October 30, 2015

HOA Hoedown

Tonight we brought the girls to a HOA Halloween event.  It was fun for them, but the mosquitoes were biting.  Tomorrow is going to be hell.  Guess I'll have to lather up in mosquito spray.

Halloween Decoration Contest

I put the finishing touches on my display.  People at work liked it.  I came in second.  I figured I could not win two years in a row.  Second was good enough for me.  Next year, I will remember to have a theme.

Halloween Weekend

This weekend, I should find out about the contest.  I found one site that said that the winners would be announced by November 1.  I still am getting votes.  Tomorrow, we plan on doing some errands with the girls.  That night will be trick r treating.  The girls want to walk the neighborhood.  I don't think it is going to be cool.  We will be entertaining a visitor for the weekend.  It is going to be a busy one.

Taking out Aggression

If by chance you ever adopt a child, domestically or internationally, and you do not instantly get a long with the child, please do not take it out on them.  It is not their fault.  They just want a family.  It will take time for bonding to happen.  It is  not always instant.  You have to keep attending to their needs.  If you feel it is overwhelming, seek help from family members, adoption groups, and/or other adoption related groups.  There are a lot of people that have probably been through what you are going through.  

A New Day?

China woke up to the new policy.  I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing people on the street.  They did not think it would change much.  Plus, they were questioning why now?  Are they going to force women to have children if they don't want more?  From what I have read, in the cities, it is too expensive to raise another child.  Farming communities might opt in, but I still worry about the desire to have a male and children with special needs.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Child Becomes Two!

As you might have heard, China has lifted its one child policy to two children.  I think now they will at least keep one daughter, however, what if both are female?  Another scenario are the children with special needs.  I still think they will abandon children with special needs.  It will either be because they can not afford their care or the stigma attached to raising a child that others might consider imperfect.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Surviving the Slaughter!

This morning, I went to bring out our garbage can.  Low and behold, they were both on their sides.  It looks like our bear survived the slaughter of the bears.  I'm glad it did not get in the can, though.  I could see diapers strewn across our lawn, if it had opened the can.  He'll be safe until they do it again next year.

Look Before you Leap!

I have said it in the past and I will say it again.  Before adopting, please do the research.  Especially when it comes to Special Needs children.  They do have the title Special Needs for a reason.  They need extra love and attention.  Some of that attention might come in the form of medical attention.  You have to remember that if you are adopting internationally, these children are in an orphanage with lots of other children.  They might not get much attention.  They usually have a few workers taking care of many children.  Even if you mean well, you still have to be prepared.  It will be rough in the beginning.  Once that trust is earned, then you be able to bond with that child.  That will forever change their lives.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cold Weather

I envy those of you who are enjoying cooler weather.  Here in Florida, it is warm and humid.  Ideal temperatures for mosquitoes.  I dread Saturday.  It is Halloween in America.  My daughters plan on trick or treating.  I'm guessing we will be bathing in mosquito spray.  Once you get home, you have to shower.  We are usually hot and sweaty.  In that mix is the smell of mosquito spray.

Quick Meal Idea

The girls wanted to go to church tonight.  I had to scrounge together a meal.  I remembered we had tortillas.  I checked in the pantry for garbanzo beans.  I had two cans.  I decided to make tacos.  You might wonder how. If you run the beans through a grinder, you can heat them up and add taco seasonings.  I usually start by adding some olive oil to a cooking pot.  I add the beans, seasoning, and some water.  Cook it for a few minutes and it is ready.  The kids will actually eat it.

Good Things Come to those Who Wait!

An opportunity might have opened for me.  I hope it happens.  It has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.  I think that I have been somewhat patient about it.  I only hope that I can get it.  At the end of the week, I hope to find out about the photo contest.  For that one, I might get a trip to China.  Unfortunately, I don't think it is for next year's art festival.  By the looks of it, it is mid November of this year.  No time to plan or set up travel for Angie.  At this same time, we hope to find out about Audra.  If that does not happen, I will still try to advocate for her.  I just want her to find a family.

Freebie Alert!

Taco Bell will be giving away free AM Cruchwraps on November 5th from 7 to 11.  It is for the American locations.  I don't know about out of America.  You know I will be there.  They are actually pretty good.

Waiting is the Hardest Part!

I am now waiting for a number of things.  Top of that list is whether China will allow us to adopt Audra.  Chances are looking slim.  China still has doubts.  The agency director is flying to China and is supposed to talk to them directly.  We should find out something by mid November.  I am also waiting on the China Culture contest.  That is supposed to be announced in late October.  In 3 to 4 days, depending on whether you count today, I should know something.  I have over 1000 votes.  Only one set of pictures is closing in.  I don't know if late votes count.  The rules were kind of vague.  They say judging ended on the 21st, however, voting is still enabled.  Finally, I have my cubicle display.  I will find out the winner on Friday.  Two others have put something up.  I am keeping my eyes open.  If I need to step it up a little, I will come up with something.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reece's Rainbow: Meet Mavis

Meet Mavis.  She was born on March 2012.  She has been diagnosed with Epilepsy.  It is being managed by diet and medication.  Please give her page a look.  If you have the money to donate, please do so.  If you know someone who is adopting, please let them know about Mavis.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

This is a question that has bogged children down since grade school.  As you go into high school, you have to really start thinking about the direction of your education.  It's a part of life.  When they do this in film, it can be good, but it can also fail.  That would be Our Brand is Crisis.  It comes off as this funny comedy that tries to be a drama with a message.  Unfortunately, the message is lost in the film or I just didn't care by the end of it.  This is the kind of movie I'd wait on for the DVD.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Broke Down

I am in line to see Our Brand is Crisis.  I had not really seen the preview.  Today, i broke down and watched it.  It looks pretty good. This is my movie of the week.  I like the actors in the movie.

Audra Update

Well, it seems China still has concerns about us.  Our agency director is going to China to talk to them.  I'm sure she has other things planned, but has said she will talk on our behalf.  We should find something out in mid November.  I have posted her link, if you'd like to donate to her adoption.  She has not moved since I started talking about her.  Please give and/or pass it on to others.

Please Bear with Me!

I'm starting to get worried about the bear who kept knocking over the trashcans.  He/she has not touched the cans in a couple of days.  I was wondering if I was going to pick up trash this morning.  Nothing had been touched.  I think I would be happy to see them knocked over.  I did not consider the bear a nuisance.  We are in a HOA neighborhood.  These bears do not pay dues, so they should stay out.

Halloween Display

I came in early to set up my display.  I don't know if that is a good thing.  Now my coworkers can see what I have done.  They can shoot for a bigger display.  I will have to keep my eye out.  I might need to come up with more things.  I probably should start thinking about what to do.  I will add some pictures later in the week.  I don't think that this is all I am going to do.

Bear Hunt

Our state concluded the bear hunt.  Around 290 bears lost their lives.  I wonder if the hunters will be harvesting the meat or just going for a trophy.  I don't know if the bear who keeps getting into our garbage was one of the casualties, but I haven't had to pick up garbage in the last couple of days.  Also, a cub was killed.  I guess they were trying for a kids bear rug.

Petty Grievance

Angie and I were talking about the contest.  She told me someone was voting against ne.  The reason? I dropped someone off my friend list for Facebook.  So be careful, if you unfriend someone, they might get upset.

Heads will Roll

I finished my zombie heads last night. When we got home from the fall festival, I checked the heads.  They were dry.  I applied the paint.  We had some green paint that fit my needs.  Once done, it was time to dry.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Festival

Every year at Halloween, we like to bring the kids to fall festivals.  We find it safer than trick or treating.  But, the girls still want to do it.  Today, we have annual fall festival to go to.  The have games, hayrides and food.  This will be the first time the people, who know us, get to see Elana.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

We are heading to see Kayla like we do every Sunday.  Angie like to use the toll roads.  After two tolls, she noticed the toll reader was missing.  It might have dropped or is in a bag.  We do no not have time or an area to pull off and look.  We have been paying for the rest of tolls in cash.  Angie found out she can call and let them know what happened.

Things That go Running Scared into the Night

Our trashcans have managed to stay up for the last couple of days.  I think that is because the bears are in hiding.  Yesterday was the first bear hunt in like 20 years.  I'd prefer to see my trashcans knocked over again.  I will know that this bear survived the massacre.  So far, 207 bears have been killed.

I Survived the Zombie Attack

I spent the rest of Saturday creating the display for work.  I made a Grim Reaper using a skull I bought last year and a trash bag.  I started a scarecrow.  I used some of my old clothes and filled it with bubble wrap.  For the head, I decided to use one of the paper mache heads.  I will probably add a straw hat. I will have to see how the heads turn out.  Finally, I shaped heads out of chicken wire and then used newspaper for the paper mache covering.  When we get home, I plan to paint them.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zombie Attack!

As mentioned in the previous posting, I am having a decoration contest at work.  I am going to create zombie heads using chicken wire and paper mache.  I want to build a scarecrow.  I think I can use cardboard, clothing and straw.  I'm going to try and hang evil flying things using toilet paper rolls.  I also want to make a Grim Reaper.  Finally, I plan to use streamers in some sort of design. I hope to enlist Kiersten and Michelle.  I don't know if they will help.  Lots to do.  I am trying to keep my mind off of the contest.  They announce this week.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Contest

It's another year, another Halloween.  Our department is is holding another Halloween decoration contest.  I won last year.  So, I am trying for a repeat.  I want to make paper mache zombie heads, a scarecrow, and some other ideas.  I will post some pictures later.

A Rest in the Afternoon

The retreat is over.  I am now back at home with the family.  Elana seems happy to see me.  She is on the couch.  Sleep is creeping in.  That means I can rest a little.  I have to start working soon. I have a major project to work on.

Donation Fail!

I had a chance to give money to a charity of my choice.  They were going to draw like 20 names and donate money to a charity of the employee's choice.  I picked Reece's Rainbow.  It was not to be.

Another Day, Another Meeting

It's day two of our retreat.  We have another meeting to look forward to.  After that we will eat lunch, take group pictures and then head home.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meeting Adjourned

It has been a day of meetings.  We ate lunch when we got here. Then nothing but meetings. We get a break before fun and games.  Dinner, also.  I do have a nice view from my room.  Wireless costs 12.95 a day.  That's ridiculous.  Even the nice hotels in China gave Wifi access.

No Retreat, No surrender

Today, is my annual retreat for work.  We are going to Saint Augustine.  It should be fun.  We have meetings, free food and some fun.  I have told Michelle she needs to sleep with Elana.  She said she didn't want to because of the futon.  It's her bed. Hopefully, she will help out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Child with Mittens Can Not Scratch Kittens

We finally had to do it.  We put mittens in Elena' s hands.  Then I taped them up.  Elana has a bad habit of scratching bug bites.  Two of them are looking raw.  To help the healing process, we are going to try this.  She was a little frazzled in the beginning, but she seems okay with it.

Chinese President Visits States and UK

The President of China is visiting the UK right now.  It's interesting to look how the two countries have treated him.  In the States, you'd barely know he was here.  The Pope overshadowed his visit, but it seemed that the government and media kept his visit low key.  On the other hand, in the UK, they have rolled out the red carpet.  I am seeing all kinds of news stories.  I think I heard last night on the news that the US may not be happy with how UK has received him.  I know people want things to change in China, but I don't think you will force your agenda with being rude to their leader.

Final Day of Voting

I am catching up to the leader.  I only need 27 or so votes.  It seems like people are getting vote fatigue.  Guess it's good I didn't start in the summer.  This contest started in June or May.  I know my wife will be happen is over.  I can tell she is tired of hearing about it.

A Smile on Her Face

I did not get home till after 10:30pm.  Elana did not wait up for me.  That is good.  Usually when I go see a movie, she stays up and starts screaming.  The same cannot be said for her older sisters.  Both of them were up.  When I went to bed, I picked up Elana and brought her to the futon.  Once were were on the bed, I looked at her and saw a smile on her face.  I guess she was happy to have me home.

The Thing that Bumps in the Night

I was talking with Angie last night.  It seems that we have discovered what has been knocking over the trashcans.  According to our neighbor, it is a bear.  He is currently fixing his fence from the damage that said bear has done.  It looks like we are not going to put the trashcans in the back yard.  If we do, the bear would just go through the fence to get it.  We have one of those vinyl fences.  We are just going to have to add some clips to the cans so that it can not open them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movie Night (with review)

Tonight's movie is The Last Witch Hunter.  It looks good.  Sort of Vin Diesel's Highlander.  Stay tuned for my review.

It was a pretty good movie.  I liked the effects.  I generally do not like films that over use computer effects.  There was plenty of action.  It has a good cast of actors.  Funny thing is that when the witch who assists Vin Diesel's character appears, I had a hard time placing her.  I know I had heard her voice before.  Then, it came to me.  She is the actress who plays Ygritte on The Game of Thrones.  Her name is Rose Leslie.

Voting update!

I am up to 551.  Today is the last day for a real push.  I would like to get around 200 votes, but I will be happy with whatever I get.  Please visit the site and vote.  You can vote every hour.

Reece's Rainbow: Meet Dana

When I saw her picture, I had to share.  This cute child is Dana.  She is 2.  She is looking for a forever family.  Please visit her site at Reece's Rainbow and make a donation.  If you know someone who is adopting, please share this with them.

Things that go Bump in the Night

You'd think we'd learn our lesson.  Our trashcans were knocked over again.  This has happened two other times.  I don't know if it is a bear or a raccoon.  That makes me think of that movie The Great Outdoors, where the raccoons keep knocking over their trashcans.  We plan to move the cans to the back yard.  Hopefully, that will do the trick.  We have been lucky.  I dread the day I find diapers all torn apart over our yard.  

Monday, October 19, 2015

Elana Update

She was seen.  They want to do an ultra sound on her eyes.  They say removing the scar tissue could be tricky.  They don't want to open up her eyes.  They are also talking about reconstructive surgery on her eyelids.  They said if they had gotten her when she was born, they might have been able to save her eyesight.  It looks like she will always be legally blind, even if she can regain some sight.  Now we wait on insurance approval.

New Twist!

The contest is coming alive.  We only have two days, but some others are starting to get votes.  One picture had 0 until today.  Now they have 34.  I can't wait till voting is over.  Please vote In a Sea of Green.

Luck of the Irish!

My family has Irish heritage.  Fahey is a common name in Ireland, or it is when I look it up on the internet.  My mom's side is O'sullivan.  You can't get any more Irish than that.  Today, I started pooping green.  I don't think it is my Irish coming out.  Sorry, I don't mean to be gross or offending.  Really what is going on is this is a by product of BK's Halloween Burger.  I probably won't be eating any more of them.  Who knows what other things are in the bun to get the black color.

Getting Close . . .Well at least the Leader is not Moving!

I have 422 to the leaders 708.  I am hoping for more votes, but only have 2 or so days.  Luckily 3 winners will be chosen.  Please vote.  If you have thanks.  We'd love to win this.  Even if we can not coordinate the adoption, if China approves us, we might be able to visit her prior to adopting.  That would be a first for us.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Elana in Miami

Tonight is a quiet night at home.  Elana is down south getting rest before her eye examination. We may not get too much information.  I'm guessing she will need eye lid surgery to fix what has already been done.  The big question will be if she can see.  We know she can see light.  With the scar tissue fused to her eyeball, who knows if she will ever see.

Halloween Burger

I finally got to try one.  It was okay.  It tasted like a normal Whopper.  The bun did not have any flavor.  It is just a Halloween novelty.  Unless you want to Instagram it, stick with a cheaper Whopper.

Inside Out

For those of you who have not seen Inside Out, you are missing another great film from Disney Pixar.  It was filled with humor and lots of emotion.  When you see the movie, you will understand.  The voice talents were amazing as usual.  Disney Pixar has a talent in picking voices to fit the characters.  It is not just based on whether they will sell tickets.  That is the way animated films should be.  I know I will not just go see an animated film just because an A list actor is part of the cast.  By all means, see this movie.  It is a great film about families.

Alone again, Naturally!

Angie is off to see Kayla.  then they are driving to Miami.  Tomorrow is Elana eye appointment.  I don't know if anything can to done to save the eyesight, but we'll see.  I have Kiersten and Michelle.  We lucked out this week.  Inside Out made it to the budget theater.  I plan to make a day of it with them.  After the movie, they want to go jump at Rebounderz and then we will get some lunch.  I have a taste for the Halloween Whopper at BK.  At least the bun is dark due to Worcestershire sauce.  When they did this in Asia it was squid oil.  I don't think I could eat that.

Finally Got to Sleep When . . .

Elana was asleep by about 8:00.  I had to wait for clothes to dry before going to sleep. While waiting, Michelle comes in.  I tell her she can stay but I don't want to hear her Kindle.  After a couple of hours, I tell her to either turn it off or leave.  Unfortunately, I was too late.  Elana wakes up and starts banging on the wall.  It's been about an hour now and she is finally going back to sleep.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Vote Update

We have 309.  It is second in votes.  The top person has 700.  Three people will win.

Nice Day For a Swim

The girls talked me into bringing them to the pool.  Not exactly the place I'd go to, but I have a book to read and it is not as hot as in the summer. When we got here, they tested the water.  They discovered it is not as hot as in the summer.  Kiersten has been staying out of the water.  Michelle had realized that if she stays in she will not be cold.

Resting while Others Shop

We got our free meal.  Angie wanted to go to the store.  I put Elana in the baby holder.  Within 10 minutes, she was asleep.  I found a bench at the front to sit on.  At least one of us is comfortable.

Guide to Saving Money: Customer Appreciation

One great way to find free meals is through customer appreciation or anniversaries.  A business might offer things like free food, giveaways, etc.  One year, we went to McDonald's and our girls were able to get Happy meals for a year.  It was one week at a time, but that was one meal.  After that year, we were done with McD's.  Today, we are going to our Eye Doctors/glasses shop.  They are doing an appreciation.  They will be offering food and prizes.  Depending on the business, be on the lookout for these.

Friday, October 16, 2015

60,000 and growing!!!!

My blog is over a year old.  It just surpassed 60,000 views.  Thanks for reading my random musings.  I hope to continue to bring interesting stories and information to you as a reader.  You are welcome to comment, but I'm used to no comments.  If I win this trip, I will be able to share another adventure to China and there might even be an adoption involved.  That is unless China denies us again.

Hard Day at Work

I woke too early this morning.  Now I am paying for it.  I'm sure when I get home, Elana will be screaming for me.  The votes are moving along.  I have 230 and the highest votes goes to the person with 666.  Don't know if that is a good number to have.  Well, to the Chinese 6 can represent wealth.  Either way, it represents a bunch of votes I need to catch up.  I'm hoping the rest of the day flies by, but people are out.  It feels like a Saturday.  So, just remember to vote.

Buying Souvenirs in China

This is a hard one.  When you adopt, you will want to buy things for your child in the Province that they come from.  Once you get there, you are going to see a lot of repetition.  If you can find something that is hand made, get it.  Things like that are hard to find.  They used to tell us to wait till Guangzhou, but not this last time.  Not only that, but prices had gone up.  Depending on your Province, you might want to buy things there.  Just remember, put on a TSA approved lock.  Your checked on bags might be a little lighter at your next stop.  

T-shirts with slogans from China or in Pinyin writing are hard to find.  The trend on noticed on this last trip is that locals like wearing things with English writing on them.  Those shirts are usually identifying companies from America.  If you do find something, make sure the shirt fits.  Their sizes are different than ours.  I think I had to buy a 4X large shirt.  Be careful with washing, they will probably shrink.

The main point is if you see something you like get it.  You may not find it later.  You will regret not purchasing it.  When we went to Harbin, we had a shop nearby that had lots of Russian influenced souvenirs.  Angie got a lot of things.  If we had waited for Guangzhou, we would have been out of luck.  Those things were not sold there.  Had they been selling, I bet it would be at a markup.  

It Must Be Fate!

You know in life, things happen and it just seems to point in a certain direction.  I joined this picture contest because I thought I would have a good chance at winning something.  Last night, I looked to see which province they are sending the winners.  It is the Fujian Province.  Looking at the map, I thought it looked familiar.  I asked Angie where Audra was located.  She is in the same province, but a different city.  I don't know if China will give us the chance to adopt her, but if they do, we might be able to use the winning ticked to get one of us to China.  Then we'd only need to buy 1 more ticket.

By the way, I thought I was doing good with the vote.  I have over 200.  No one seemed to have that many votes.  Then I look at the competition, this morning.  Guess what?  One person has over 649.  I don't think they had more than 100 the other day.  Please after you read this, click on the link and go to In a Sea of Green and vote.  You might just help us with our "final" adoption.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Waking Up

Seems like the competition is heating up.  The person from Turkey is up to 119.  Some of the others are creeping over 100.  I will not rest until the voting is over.  We have 6 more days.  I wish the competition was just based on the entry and not the popularity.  So, vote if you can.

Vietnamese Lunch

Today, I got to actually sit down and eat a Vietnamese meal.  Usually, I will get a Vietnamese sandwich and some spring rolls.  I went to lunch with a friend who was celebrating her birthday.  I even asked the waiter if they did anything for birthdays.  I guess if it's your birthday, don't eat out with me.  My girls got me on my birthday. Getting back to the meal, it had rice noodles, vegetables, and beef.  They also had a fish sauce.  It turned out to be a really good meal. In the end, the waiter brought avslice of cake with a candle. He did not sing.

The vote is heating up!

I now have 143 votes.  I still need votes.  We only have 7 day left.  Remember to go to In the Sea of Green.  They also added the photo I showed the other day, I think.  I do have 5 pictures.  Please vote!

Great Wall, Pandas, and McDonald's

Why do I call the blog by the name Great Wall, Pandas, and McDonald's?  When we went to adopt Kiersten, we were able to bring Michelle and Kayla.  We made a family trip out of our adoption.  It worked out well since we were going to spend three weeks in China.  We asked Michelle what did she want to see when she went to China?  She looks at me and says Great Wall, Pandas, and McDonald's.  Two of them are understandable.  They are icons of China.  But McDonald's?  Before you go thinking that it is some temple in China, it is not.  It is the temple of fast food that we all know.  I will say they did offer one thing that the US stores did not have.  They had Hello Kitty stamps.  The girls liked that.  The did get to see the Great Wall and Pandas.  We lucked out with the Pandas.  They had had an earthquake in a province where the pandas live.  To protect their national symbol, the moved a bunch to the Beijing Zoo.

Bloodsucking Vampires!

On Wednesdays, the girls attend a church activity.  For the last two weeks, Angie has had me bring them.  I did not mind.  I have been reading Red Mandarin Dress by Qui Xiaolong.  If you like detective stories, then check this one out.  It was really good.  I am getting ready to start another by the same author.  Getting back to my story.  I sit in the car, while the girls attend their church activity.  Luckily, we have been getting a little cooler.  It is comfortable to sit in the car and read as the sun goes down.  But  just like the horror movies, once the sun has gone down, the vampires come out to search for victims.

A buzzing was starting to drive me crazy,  I knew they were in the car.  I think the one on my right ear was distracting me from the one on my left side.  Finally, I turn on the car, roll up the windows and turn off the radio.  I try swatting where ever I hear buzzing.  I manage to get one, but the others allude me.  I pull out my phone and turn on the flashlight.  I am determined to get the remaining suckers.  It takes some time, but I manage to get them all.  I have the battle scars in the form of welts on my arms and legs.  When the girls come out, I tell them to get in quickly.  I did not want any more mosquitoes in the car.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Adopt from China?

That is our most asked question.  Why China?  Well, we did the research.  When researching, you have to look at the reason the children are  being abandoned, what kind of diseases might exist, how much the process is, etc.  We found some countries make the parents live in country for 6 months.  Other countries have you come visit the child and go back home.  In a couple of weeks/months, you go back and finalize the adoption.  You have to worry about cost.  Some countries have prices that can fluctuate.  By fluctuate, I mean you are told to brings this much money and then when you get there they say they need more.  China has a contract that does not change.  You are given notice if there are changes to the pricing.

Which Airlines should I Use to fly to China?

For our adoptions, three were set up by the agencies travel agent.  They did everything.  You accepted what they did.  This last time, We had to arrange the flight from the US to China.  We flew on American, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines.  Of the three, I would love to fly on Japan Airlines.  They did a great job, the plane was comfortable and it was a great experience overall.  I would say Cathay Pacific, but we did not get to enjoy it much.  It was a red-eye and we were tired.  They did discover how Elana would like flying, though.  That was a big help.  We also have flown, United, Northwest and Delta to China.  Some were good.  Most of those planes felt out of date.  American had the newest plane, but I had a guy in my lap the whole trip.  Believe me, it is not a fun way to fly.  In China travel is usually arranged by the agency.  The flights in China have been really good.  Their attendants really take care of the customers.

Money Making Idea!

Today, I have a marketing thing to go to.  This is a great way to make money.  We have three or four different groups that send us opportunities.  I once did a beer study that paid over $200 and $100 to my designated driver.  Look in your area and see if they are looking for people to market things to.  It can be fun.  Sometimes you might have to drink something that is not so great.  If they are paying, I am helping.  I'd also do it for free, but getting money is a great incentive.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Don't forget to Vote! Updated********

Please vote for my pictures.  They are on the 2nd page.  It is titled In a Sea of Green.  If you click on the title, you can see the four pictures I entered.  I am trying to catch up with people that have 70 or more.  I am at around 40.  Let's send a message to this contest.

I am now up to 70.  Pleas vote!  If I did not think I had a chance I would not ask.  You can vote about every two hours.  Help me get ahead.  This one person has 100+ votes.  They only have one picture.

What is there to Eat in China?

When you go to China, you will find lots of options.  It will also depend where you are going.  In the more rural areas, it will be local food and restaurants.  In most of the cities, you will be able to find western food, Chinese food, etc.  McDonald's are everywhere.  Burger King and KFC are also there.  Our preference is to eat Chinese.  The food over there is so fresh and good.  When I come home from China I miss the food.  Your best bet for finding food is to look for places that the locals go to.  If you see a restaurant that has people coming in and out if it, it is probably pretty good.  Food carts might look good, but you do take a risk from eating from them.  Food prep laws over there are different than in the US.  I don't even know if there are any, but I do think the government is starting to crack down on unhealthy situations.

Families With Children from China

I don't know how much longer we will be a part of this group.  We did it for the girls, but they are not really making friends.  The other families are like the people we adopted with.  They have money and go do vacations together.  We can not afford to go to these more expensive places.  We are always looking at how each dollar is spent.  I was hoping the girls would make friends  because they all share this one thing in their lives.  My girls could care less.

Reece's Rainbow: Meet Bridget!

Meet Bridget, she is 9 years old.  She is deaf.  She uses limited sign language and is currently in school learning.  If you know someone who is looking for an older child, please share this information.  You can also go to the link below and make a donation to her adoption fund.  It is currently at $0.  Your donation is tax deductible in the US.

Christmas Gift Idea

Reece's Rainbow is doing a 2015 Angel Tree.  You can select a donation amount that will go to a child in need of a family.  I have added the link for the rules and how you can purchase this special gift.

Audra Update!

I would like to say that we know something, but that is not true.  We emailed our agency.  Audra was returned to the shared list.  Our agency is trying to get her back.  In addition, they are trying to see if we can request PA again.  I hope to hear something soon.  We also got to see some current pictures of her.  I really hope they allow us to adopt her.

Great Dinner!

A couple of years ago, a butternut squash grew in my garden.  I can't remember if I planted it from seed.  I have a nice squash and no recipe to cook it.  I looked on the web and found one for a butternut lasagna on the Food Network.  Every once in awhile, I try to make more vegetable based meals.  It do it for our health.  The thing is, it has to pass the kids.  Kids can be really picky.  My daughters are no exception.  When I make this, I have to reserve a section with no cheese for Kiersten.  Most of the children liked it.  Mia and Elana did not.  They could have been tired.  If you make it, you can also add things like carrots, onions and spinach.  For spinach, I just toss half a bag in the sauce.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Secret Post

I did my first secret shop in 10 years.  I nailed it.  I'm glad because if I had missed something, they could have said it did not meet the requirements to get paid.  I guess I will have to keep looking for another.  I don't want to wait another 10 years.

Special Needs vs. Healthy?

When we started, we went with a healthy baby.  The wait was within a year.  It was one of the things that got us to adopt again.  After that, the wait time increased.  We went from a year to over 5 year wait for a healthy child.  We had already adopted Kayla.  She had Autism.  We decided to give the special needs route a try.  We found Kiersten.  She was 7, but she looked so sad and lonely.  I just wanted to help her.  With her special need, we discovered something that we did not think about.  Well, if you ask Angie, she would say she thought of it.  Kiersten has a rare leg disorder called Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome.
What I did not think about was the shoe situation.  She needs two sizes of shoes.  They will not split shoes at any store.  Mia was our next child.  She had under developed eyes and is developmentally delayed.  Now, we have Elana.  She is blind.  Each child has been a challenge, but what child is not.  I would not trade my daughters for anything.  They bring adventure and a sense of being to my day every day.  Special needs children need families as much as healthy children.  Once that have that love of a family, they tend to thrive.

The Sea of Green

As you know, I have entered a photography contest. The link is below. Please visit the link and go to In a Sea of Green and click on the heart. 40% of the contest is gauged by online voting. Thanks. Feel free to share.

If you go through the link below, you'd think these are the main pictures.  They have lots of votes.  More than my pictures.  But, if you click on Photos, I have the highest number.  Please vote if you can.  I have around 20.  If the pictures on the front have the most votes, then it is going to take a lot of voting to catch up.

Overview of Yesterday

Our lookdown made it to the news.  A couple of news organizations reported on the incident.  The main issue was that some of the kids left the campus.  That is not allowed.  By this morning, the news had reported that all of them were returned to the facility.  The way I see it, they should take out a couple of the ringleaders and through them in Juvenile Detention.  Each time something like this flares up, take out the leaders.  Eventually, they will learn that they will not put up with this kind of behavior.

The Mosquito Coast

I know this is the title of a movie from the 80's, but it also explains Florida.  During this time of the year, the mosquitoes go crazy.  It is worse in the morning and evening.  Every time we open the door they fly in.  When they bite the girls, they do not know when to stop itching.  Last night, Elana and Mia were bitten.  Elana was still dealing with a bite on her arm.  She has scratched that so bad it looks like a zombie bite from the Walking Dead.  I wish we would have a deep freeze to kill them all, but that is not going to happen.  We have Halloween to look forward to.  If it is warm, we will have to wear bug spray.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lockdown! Visiting with Our Daughter

Today started as any other visit.  I did see a group of girls trying to break into a unit and causing at others. I did not think anything of it.  That is until we were told not to open doors.  Next thing I know, sheriffs are pulling up, a helicopter flew in, and all hell broke loose.  Eventually a group of clients jumped the fence for the pool.  Then, it calmed down.  About an hour later, another call goes out and the sheriffs returned.  This time, some had escaped the facility and were on the run.  Luckily, Kayla stayed calm.  We had to stay an hour later than usual.

A set of Pictures

I like to share pictures on my blog.  Every once in awhile, I try to enter contests.  I only try if the odds are better than most contests.  China Culture is running a picture contest that highlights Chinese Culture and arts.  I took a look at some of my pictures.  I entered the tiger picture, which I have already shared.  I sent in three others.  I have my entries.  I am asking you to go to the link below and click on the heart under In a Sea of Green.  You can also click on the picture to see all of my entries. I don't know if it will matter, but it can't hurt.  If I get picked, I will have more adventures to share.

Fussy Sunday!

Elana started the day without any issues.  Now she has started the screaming.  She will be quiet, but then starts shrieking. It is too bad she can't tell us what's going on.   Believe me she can scream loud.

We are wondering if it is a bug bite.  We think she might have got it infected from scratching it.  Her arm looks like something out of the Walking Dead.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lesson Learned?

We have been getting on Kiersten for picking up Elana.   She could be happily spinning and Kiersten will go and pick her up.  Next thing you know, she is screaming or wants me to hold her.  Tonight, Elana wandered in the back.  I had brought her to the kitchen once.  I thought I had smelled something, but I got sidetracked.  Kiersten comes running in the kitchen with Elana.  She put her down and then realizes the Elana is leaking.  Kiersten screams and starts checking herself.  Elana had had a really bad liquid poop.  It was coming out of the sides of the diaper.  Do you think she learned her lesson?   I doubt it.

The Monster Knocked over the Trashcans!

We got home and our trashcans were turned over.  I dreaded the outcome.  I was just hoping whatever had done it did not tear up all the bags and leave the waste.  It was not that bad.  It was possibly a bear.  Last year, I walked out on one.  It is the same time of year.  I guess they are feeding before hibernation.  One bag had a tear on the side, but I was able to clean up the mess.  Kiersten asked me what had done it.  I said I don't know.  She said it was possibly a monster.  Soon, there will be fewer bears in Florida.  People got tired of them getting into their things and propelled our government into allowing a short bear season.  I guess the bears could not complain about all the buildings that were put up in there areas.

Saturday, Running Errands

Running errands with the girls.  Elana has taken one nap.  She's doing okay.  She ate some of a hot dog.   She has not screamed out.  We got some Advil, just in case.

We just walked out of the store and it is raining.  It will be gone soon.  Living in Florida.

Elana's Night

Elana continued to scream and cry last night.  When Angie came home, she gave her some children's Advil.  I brought her back to bed.  She cried some.  She eventually fell asleep.  I hope she has a better day.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Elana Not Feeling Good

I got home to Elana screaming.  She just keeps screaming.  Angie gave something earlier today.  It seems to be wearing off.  She also keeps having liquid stools.  I guess I will try and feed her.

Making it through the Day, Sort of!

First, I want to ask something of you as a reader of my blog.  I have entered a contest.  They have finally entered my picture in the contest.  It is of a Tiger in the green brush.  I call it Sea of Green.  Please go on the link below and vote for me.  By all means:  Share this with your family and friends.  Angie thinks if we could win and get a chance to adopt Audra, we might be able to tie them in together.  Click on the heart under the picture.

Second, we are struggling through the day.  Elana is grumpy and possibly not feeling good.  I am tired and so is Angie.  I only have a couple of hours to go.  I am looking forward to the weekend.  I don't know what is going to happen.

Yesterday, I tried to give blood.  Once again, I was turned down.  They are desperate for my blood, but they will not take it.  I wonder if I ran into a vampire, would he take my pulse and say no because it is too high.


A rough night!  I had trouble sleeping last night.  First, I heard a beep from my phone.  I checked it out, but could not get back to sleep.  Then, Elana needed a change.  She decided it was wake up time.  I was dozing off, when I heard someone saying hello.  I grabbed for my phone.  Elana had managed to call the emergency line.  I told them what happened and apologized many times.  A few minutes later, a knock on the door.  It was the police.  Well, I had to grab the keys to open the door.  We have a key lock, due to Kayla trying to leave the house.  I opened the door and let the officer know that everything was okay.  Now, I entertain until it is time to get ready for work.

Picture Contest update

One of my pictures made it to the China Culture contest.  It is my tiger picture from Harbin.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If I am picked, I could get two tickets to China to attend an art exhibition.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eating Out with the Girls

We took everyone out to eat tonight.  Michelle and Kiersten both got kids meal hamburgers.  Angie and I steak.  When the food came, the burgers were the size of White Castle burgers.  Luckily, they could eat at the buffet.  Elana had me stand half the time. I did get to sit down to eat my meal, though.  She let me feed her a breadstick and fries.

Restful Night Out

Michelle wanted to go to church last night.  Angie tried to talk her out of it.  I said that I would bring them.  I'll encourage it.  I did not attend the meeting.  I brought them to the church and sat in the car and read.  I'll let the girls form their own decisions about religion.  I'd say that I believe to a point, but I am not a big fan of organized religion.  I don't like the idea of these groups telling people how they should live and vote.  Certain groups even go after Islamic radicals, while trying to take over our own society through politics.  Instead of Sharia, we get extreme Christianity.

Overall, it was a good night.  Our weather is cooler.  I got to read my Chinese murder mystery.  The girls got to play with friends from Church.  When I got home, Elana was ready for bed.  We had a good nights sleep.

Liquids and Electronics do not Mix

Time and time again, we have told our daughters not to have food and drinks near their computers.  Well, my daughter got to find out why.  She spilled liquids on her laptop.  Angie did her best to clean it up, but a lot of the keys do not work.  I tried to warn them.  You know kids, they have to test what their parents tell them.  Hopefully, Angie can fix it.  She says they have keyboards on Amazon.  She just needs to find a compatible one.  I hope that works for her.  If not, we have to get another one.  I kept my calm.  It has happened to me.  It was at work.  I accidentally spilled water on my keyboard.  Now, I have a cup with a lid.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Trying to Win a Contest

I have entered a contest.  Please click on the below link and go to Rules and Terms.  Click on comments.  Click on comments again if all do not show.  At the very bottom, of those, you should see 5 pictures that I have posted.  Please click like for each of them.  I am trying to get noticed.


What Things Should you Bring?

Due to weight restrictions and TSA restrictions, you have to pack carefully.  Depending on which province you go to and when, you may need to pack extra.  By all means, check the weather of the area you are going to.  If we had gone to Harbin in winter, it could get to 20 below.  We were fortunate to go in the summer.  It does get hot in China during the summer.  If you are going to a southern province it could get tropical.  Things we try to bring are medicines that are not sold in China, baby rash cream(just be careful, it has to be a travel size or China may confiscate), toys for your child to play with(they do have stores there, so try not to bring much), etc.  The cost of living seems to be going up in certain provinces, so you might find that things are getting expensive.  If you go to a place where they bargain, you might be able to get a good deal.  Bring TSA approved locks.  We have used them every time.  We have not had our stuff stolen, but we have seen others go through that.  You can have clothes washed in China.  Depending on where you are, it may be expensive, especially at the hotels.  Try a more local business or go through your guide.  You can bring snacks, but like I said, they do have grocery stores.  Extra weight can be a real pain to lug around, if you don't need to.  You don't need a stroller.  Your guide can find somewhere that has them at a reasonable price.  In the end, you can leave the stroller with the guide for another couple.

What was the Shortest Adoption you have Been Through?

Of the four adoptions we have been through, I would say our first one was our shortest.  It was short on the time we needed to wait.  Unfortunately, it flew by when we were over in China.  I would blame the fact that it was our first time.  We really did not know what to expect.  We had heard crazy things from people who had done it and we should have ignored them.  China is a normal place. They have stores, restaurants and bathrooms.  We may not be used to half of the bathrooms.  If I could repeat that adoption, I would do things differently.  I would investigate where we were going.  I would plan to get out of my hotel more than we did.  I would visit locations of interest and eat more local food.  I would take a lot more pictures.  Just remember this, stop and smell the roses.  Take time to enjoy the culture, the food, and the people.  For some of you, it may be the only time you visit China.

Questions about International Adoption

Before bed last night, I was thinking about things to write.  I thought about questions people might have.  Over the next couple of days, I will pose and try to answer questions about International Adoption.  If you have any questions that you might want answered, leave a comment on this post.  I will do my best to answer them.  Or, I will ask Angie for the answers.  There are things that she does that I do not fully understand.  She is more or less a pro at.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Has Arrived!

Living in Florida can be paradise for some.  For others, we miss the change of the seasons.  When there are a couple of days of cooler weather, there is reason to celebrate.  It would be nice if this meant it was time to turn off the air, but that does not happen much down here.  It just means fewer mosquitoes and better sleep.

Reece's Rainbow: Meet Chelsea Qi

Chelsea Qi (1)

I know I have introduced you to Chelsea Qi, but she is still at $0.00.  Visit her site below and give if you can.  I wish I had a bunch of money to donate, but since I do not, I am trying to get their information out there.  They even have a grant for adoption.  If you know someone who is adopting internationally, send them the information.  Give this child the family she deserves.  

Welcoming Committee

I got home from the movie and my welcoming committee was waiting for me.  Elana was having a full on tantrum.  All she wanted was me.  I rushed in, grabbed something to eat and got ready for bed.  As soon as she was in my arms, she calmed down.  I brought her to bed and shortly after, she was asleep.

He Named Me Malala

The movie went on without a hitch.  The teenagers quieted down when the movie started.  The documentary was very good.  It chronicled the life of her family from before the shooting to after.  The family is very close knit.  You see where Malala gets her strength from.  I think it is a must see movie for girls.  I wish I could have brought my daughters.  I don't know how they would react to it.  I should try to get them to read her book.  I probably know the answer to that one.  Maybe Kiersten.  She might need a book like that to read and report on.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

OMG I'm Sitting Near a Bunch of Teenage Girls!

Guess this film is geared towards teenage girls.  A bunch are sitting near me. They are going on about a bunch of shows they to catch up on. Wow, my head feels like it is going to explode!

Movie Monday

Today's movie is He Named Me Malala.  It is a documentary covering the inspirational life of this young lady.  I wish my daughters were here.  They wouldn't want to see it, but I think they should.

Move over Wilson, Meet Spaulding!

A friend of mine said she did not want to see The Martian.  She said it looked like Castaway with Tom Hanks.  So, this morning, I sent her an IM to tell her that it did not have Wilson.  They chose to go with Spaulding.  As in a basketball.  I told her they did not want to get sued.  She asked if that was true.  I told her that I said it for her benefit.  I don't think he talks to a ball, but I have not seen the movie.

Audra, Last Chance for Us!

I don't know if we have a shot, but the CCCWA wants Audra's file back.  Our agency is requesting it again.  They are also seeing if we can send our PA in again.  Our 6 month report is going in today.  I hope they will give us one last chance.  We want to adopt her.  No one has show as much interest in her as us.  Keep your fingers crossed, say some prayers, etc.  We need all we can get.

A Way to Save Money, Secretly

Have you ever wanted to be a secret shopper?  Get paid to visit a business.  Well, I joined one many years ago.  It actually worked.  You do the shop, you write about it, and send it in.  Then, a couple of weeks later, they will reimburse you.  You have to follow the rules.  We are going to be doing one in the future.  I found it interesting in the past.

The Nascar Effect

I think I might be on a breakthrough as to why Elana and Mia do circles.  By doing circles, I mean they stand up and spin.  I is a lot like Whirling Dervishes.  They do not get dizzy.  If I did what they did, I'd be throwing up everywhere.  It does not bother them.

Yesterday, when we got home from Kayla's, Angie turned on the Nascar race.  She loves watching them.  Probably not for the same reasons as most.  She loves the accidents.  As she watches the race, I notice something.  Elana and Mia start doing circles.  Then, I put one and one together!  It's the races.  It must send a signal to the girls and cause them to do just like the race cars.  This by no means is a scientific experiment.  So, I will not be publishing a paper in a scientific journal.  But if your child does circles during a Nascar race, we might be on to something.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Elana's Six Month Report

We got her report the other day.  Everything was good.  She explained how Elana is adjusting to her new family.  She also gave an explanation of Kayla's situation.  Now we have to add about six to ten pictures.  One has to be of the whole family.  Then, it is off to the adoption agency for final review, before going to China.

Satisfying Day

Lately, it does not feel like I am getting things done.  At least, not being able to do things that I like to do.  One of those things is cooking.  I have been real lazy with the cooking.  The problem is that things I like to cook take prep time.  Last night, I made shrimp scampi.  It turned out really well.  The girls all loved it, except Kiersten.  She is allergic to seafood.  Elana and Mia ate the shrimp.  Now I have to think of some more dishes to cook.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hanging in There!

We brought the girls to the fall festival.  It was mainly for the older kids.  Kiersten and Michelle had fun.  Mia was a little fussy.  She kept scratching and pinching Angie and her sisters.  I, on the other hand, walked around with Elana.  She was tired.  Angie had to come over to me and keep moving her head back.  Eventually, I moved her to my front.  It was fun for all.

From the Mouth's of our Elders

We went out to eat this morning.  We had coupons for free yogurt parfaits.  I had the duty of holding Elana.  Before we went out to the fall festival, I wanted to put Elana in our baby holder.  I got down on my knees. The girls helped put Elana on my back.  She did not like it.  So, she started screaming.  This older gentleman did like it.  He turned to his companions and said "they need to take that thing out of here".  He female companions told him that she was handicapped.  Hr did not care.  Angie just shook here head.

I should have told him that if he didn't like kids, he should go back to the Villages.  The Villages is a senior citizen municipality in Florida.

Fall Festival

We are bringing the girls to a Fall Festival today.  They do it every year.  Michelle likes to go and see a singing/dancing group.  I don't think it is going to be hot this year.  The sun might still be out there.  We will probably catch a late breakfast and then eat lunch before leaving.  Maybe there will be things for Mia and Elana to do.

Last night we went to Arby's.  For those outside of the US, it's a roast beef/sandwich fast food restaurant.  Elana ate some fries, but she does not like roast beef.  I had to keep her corralled in our area.  She kept trying to walk off.  That is bad with a child who can see, try with a child that can only see light.  By the time she was getting more mobile, I picked her up.  We walked to the front.  She saw the thrill of her life.  They has a display of lights.  It was very bright.  I approached it and she got very excited.  When I back up, she calmed down.  It was pretty funny.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby UFC

My wife loves action movies.  I really think that she liked Rhonda Rousey in Expendables 3.  I know she will love Furious 7.  Today, she sent me a picture.  It was Elana and Mia in what looks like the octagon from the UFC fights.  It looked like Elana had Mia down for the count.  I asked her if she was starting them a little early on UFC fighting.  She laughed and said that Mia asked to join Elana in the pen to keep her from screaming out.  The way it looks, you can never start too early to train for sports.

I fogot to put this disclaimer:  No Children were hurt in this picture.

Independence Day 2: My Interpretation

As you might know, Independence Day 2 is supposed to come out next summer.  I was just thinking about it.  Really, I have posters for the first one that I want to sell.  I need to do it at the right moment.  What I was wondering it how this one will work?  Will the aliens return to earth and blow up more landmarks?  Since the first one made money, will Fox spend more and they actually have aliens come out of their ship.  I have a great idea for an ending.  It will be like the Empire Strikes Back.  They come again.  They have learned from their first failure.  They go for a more guerrilla war this time.  It will throw our heroes off.  They will enlist people like Schwarzenegger and Jet Li to kick the aliens back to their ships.  One scene should show aliens crossing Donald Trump's border wall or just blowing it up.  With our losses adding up, they decide to try and send two more men up the the mother ship.  This time, they will have not resistance.  They will think this odd.  They will get inside and hook up.  As the virus is uploading, A queen alien will appear before  and start laughing.  They will wonder why.  The alien will hold up a box in alien writing, but they will have a screen that dubs it in English.  It will say Anti-Virus Program.  Then it will fade to black.  On to the next one!

Next Pew De Pie?

Kiersten and Michelle love to do videos of themselves playing around.  I was listening to the radio and they were talking about Youtube stars.  They mentioned all the money they can make.  Pew De Pie is one of the big ones.  All they do is film episodes to upload to their fans.  Eventually companies take notice of their hits and want to advertise with them.  I told Angie that we should embrace technology.  We should let them do it, but we should have guidelines for them to live by.  Also, I thought this could be used to get Michelle to study harder.  I'll let you know if it ever happens.

We're too old for that @#$%!

I got the girls tickets for Pan.  For me, I don't really want to see it.  It sort of looks like Hook.  I just don't like the idea of them putting Blackbeard into a child's film.  Wasn't he one of the more vicious pirates, who raped, pillaged and burned things down.  I just don't get why we don't see a film, for adults, based on the life of Blackbeard.  I told the girls about it.  I got the same response.  Michelle summed it up for me.  "Dad, no offense, but we're too old for those kind of movies".  I only think it pertains to certain kids movies.  I'd bet money she would jump on the next Pixar film.

Look Before you Leap

I started dinner last night by cutting up some potatoes.  I was making home made steak fries.  It was in the oven cooking and I decided to go get the patties for our hamburgers.  We have been using Vegan patties.  Before you start gagging, they taste pretty good.  If it can fool my daughters, it's worth it.  Have you seen the price of hamburger meat?  I look in our two freezers and realize that we do not have any packages.  I look a little harder and find three.  I made the three and some chicken nuggets.  I really have to look for the ingredients before I start cooking things.

Everything to Everyone

Upon arriving home last night, I was met with an upset Angie.  Kiersten was missing.  Then, I remembered Kiersten had Drama club.  So I grabbed my key and drove up to the school.  I had to get in a line for my child.  Eventually they came out.  Sure enough, she was there.  I just told her to remind her mother she had a meeting after school.

When she got home, she got an earful.  I tried to diffuse the situation.  I did think it worked the way I had expected.  Then, Mia wanted my attention.  She wanted to sit by me and feed her.  So I did that.  Elana sought me out also.  I had her on my lap.  Mia did not take kindly to her trying to get between her and I .  She even stressed that I needed to put her on my lap.

Michelle was in the kitchen trying to make a dessert.  She also left me with a little mess.  She did clean up most of it.  I had to get to that before dinner.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Waiting at School

Kiersten has joined Drama Club.  She went two weeks ago and said she didn't like it.  I guess she decided to give it a second chance.  She has to tell someone if she does continue.  Mom is wondering where she is.  I just guessed it was Thursday.

What would you do?

Another possible adoption is approaching and we still have things to pay for on the last one.  What would you do?  I could get another job.  That is easier said then done.  The family needs me at home.  I do most of the cooking and Elana always wants me around.  I think it would be interesting to work for Disney part time, but we are not close to the parks.  I think it takes about 1.5 hours to get there.

I could try more fundraising, but I don't think that works very well.  Someone told us that if we need to beg for money, we shouldn't be adopting.  Well, I guess we don't see it that way.  It still does not seem to work.  I have shown Audra Reece's Rainbow page many times and her dollar amount has not increased.  If you want to give, here is the link.

I have tried plasma.  I made the initial screening.  I have not been able to give since.  I can't even give  blood.  My pulse keeps increasing.  I wish they would check it manually, but they use a machine.  My doctor never says anything about it.  I don't know what else I can donate.  Body parts/organs is not an option.  I would do it for my daughters.

I guess we just have to go back to the drawing board.  You'd think in a college town, there would be more opportunities.

Last Night, A Recap

Angie went to see Sicario.  She said it was good, but could have been better.  Michelle liked it.  I would say from what I hear about the movie it would rank at about a 2.5 to 3 star film.  I will have to wait for DVD.  I did get Pan tickets this morning, but I will have to see if my daughters want to see it.
I entered a photo contest for China.  If I win, I could get tickets to China to attend an art exhibition.  We'll have to see how that goes.  I might even add another picture or two.

Elana and I settled down soon after.  It was nearing 9:00 and I generally try to have her in bed by 8.  She did her usual getting out of bed and walking around.  I read some of the new book I downloaded to my Kindle.