Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The All Powerful

So in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Sith Lord returns.  Out of thin air, he creates hundreds of ships with planet killing guns.  If he was so powerful, why not use his dark powers to blow up a planet?  Why waste time coming up with ships with guns?  This plot point seems like something out of a Bond movie.  Then the bad guy goes on to tell the hero about his weapon.  If he were as powerful as he thought he was, why did he not see that Rey would not join him?  The more you think about this movie, the more questions it brings up.  Another point.  The resistance wants to go undetected when they go after Palpatine's ships.  What do they do?  They go low tech.  Horses in space on the surface of the ships.  Yes, I know, it's ridiculous to think of.  But, it does happen. 

We Love Rose, But . . .

So the writer of Star Wars says they love the character, but her story fell short because it did not match up with Carrie Fisher's scenes.  More like they listened to the trolls and decided to sideline her like Lucas did to Jar Jar.  They created other characters that were just a waste of time.  Maz Kanata?  What was the point of this character?  I guess she was the female Yoda.  My guess is the trolls did not like her, so they sidelined her also.  The thing about Rose is they could have used her for the C3PO scenes, instead of making Babu Frik.  That character was a real waste of time.  Not to mention Poe's old buddy played by Felicity.  I guess they needed to add some cute alien to sell toys.  I know this movie will not be inspiring my collection.  That is unless I get a real bargain. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Witcher

It looks like Netflix's The Witcher has taken the lead from Disney + The Mandolorian.  Guess Disney might want to speed up their productions if they want to keep up.  Eventually, people will realize that even though it is cheaper, they are not getting many new shows/movies.  I watched the first episode.  It is interesting.  It has a good cast. 

Friday, December 27, 2019

Dear Leader Trump Cut

Trump and his minions are making a big deal that he was cut from Home Alone 2 in Canada.  I wonder if it is made better, but I doubt it.  It was just the same movie in a different setting.  Maybe Disney+ should consider cutting him?  At least, they did not film in a Trump hotel. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Star Wars Further Thoughts

The more time after this movie, you come up with things to nit pick.  It was not a perfect movie.  I hope the future is better than this.  One thought, why do stormtroopers wear the costumes?  Menacing? Not for protection.  Even rocks can take them out.  I would be mad to wear all that and run around in a desert.  You'd think they'd give the outfits more of an upgrade, like they did with weapons.  Maybe force field for outfits?  They really opened a lot of questions.  They seep into it the more you think about it.  I like the Last Jedi because it did challenge your thinking.  No challenge on this one.  They just let the trolls dictate the script.  Surprised there was not another Jabba cameo or another Hut like character.  Still irritates me that they Jar Jar'd Rose.  She even seemed pleased to have a scene with Rey.  They cut that out.  The trolls will be happy or maybe not.  Still have diverse characters.  They will not like that. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Where is Kelly Marie Tran?

Rose was a big character in The Last Jedi.  But it upset fans to see a new diverse character.   They even harassed her off of social media.  Then, JJ Abrams came back.  You'd think he'd keep her as one of the main characters.  He did not.  He did the same as Lucas did with Jar Jar.  Pretty sad.  It also hurts the movie when a director does not challenge the viewers. 

Star Wars

Finally got to see it.  I loved it for what it was.  They did Jar Jar Binks Rose's character.  Cameos were okay.  If you do go, one reason to see it in IMAX is the prologue to Christopher Nolan's Tenet. Just like he did with the Dark Knight. 

Friday, December 20, 2019


Is anyone looking forward to this movie?  Not I.  It just looks weird.  Why did they go to the trouble of hiring all these A list actors?  All they had to do is just film a Broadway Production.  That's what it looks like.  A Broadway Production on film, with crappy CG.  Can you believe they actually used CG for fur?  I'll wait for the Dollar Tree to sell it. 

Canada is Asking for a Favor

Canada does not want Trump to enter into a trade agreement with China before they released some Canadian citizens.  I doubt that's going to happen.  Trump is a very childish person.  He is going to hold a grudge against Trudeau for talking behind his back.  I say, don't worry.  Just release the executive from Huawei.  They don't even need to talk to Trump, just do it.  Why do Trump's bidding?  He's only using the executive as a bargaining chip, and yes, Trump is that vile. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Putin has Given Moscow Mitch his Orders!

It looks like Putin is getting in on our politics.  It seems he finds the impeachment far fetched and has said the Senate will acquit.  Guess we now know why Moscow Mitch has said he will do just that!


It looks like Parnas got a million dollar loan.  First it was said to come from a Russian linked Ukrainian Oligarch, who is wanted in the US.  Now his lawyer claims it was a loan to the wife.  Uh Huh!  I really doubt that.  Of course, republicans ignore the elephant in the room. 


Trump has been impeached!  Will it go to Senate?  I hope not.  Why bother?  McConnell has said they will just acquit him.  That will not lead to any new information that should shed a light on what really happened.  They claim there are no witnesses and no evidence.  Trump controls both of them.  Release documents and let the gang of 4 testify.  If Senate Leader does not, do not send the articles to them.  He still got impeached. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The New Star Wars

It's coming.  Two or so days.  Reviews are already hitting the web.  It sounds mixed.  I still want to see it.  What happened?  It's not like they did not have a lot of time to make the movie.  I can't say anything because I have not seen it.  I did see that the Mandolorian leads into it with today's episode. 

Witnesses for Impeachment

It looks like Moscow Mitch and Graham have no problem supporting a criminal president.  Probably because they are getting money from the same area.  If we really want to know the truth, they would let 4 witnesses take the stand:  Perry, Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo.  Will they?  McConnell does not want them to.  He knows what the truth is.  He feels that the American people can no handle the truth.  So, they are manufacturing propaganda to distract people.  My favorite is that people say that no crime has been committed because they have no evidence and/or witnesses.  You mean the people Trump will not let testify?  If they can't testify, how do we know there is nothing there?   Because of who Trump is, I believe they have the answers.  Just look at Bolton.  He quit!  Why?  What was so bad that he decided he could no longer work for Trump?  Remember, Bolton is a hard core right wing diplomat. 

Robot Dogs

If you have watched Black Mirror, they have an episode where robot dogs are tracking down and killing people.  Now, a company is really creating dogs that look similar.  They do stipulate that police departments can not use them to harm others.  You know that it will happen.  I can see the military using them to help fight conflicts.  Be on the lookout, they are coming to your town.  Just like Drones. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Rigged Trial

It looks like Trump will get his rigged trial.  McConnell sounds like he may not bother with much.  He just wants to acquit him.  Hopefully, some senators will not go with that.  Even if they do not, it won't be much of a trial.  It will be an attack on Trump's enemies.  Republicans are not taking this seriously.  They will continue to let Trump commit crimes.  Democracy will die a little each day he is in office. 

Netflix Demise?

I keep reading headlines that Netflix has some serious competition from Disney and Apple.  I must be missing something.  They do not have much to offer.  Disney has a handful of new programming.  The rest is just a catalog of old movies.  Apple has even less.  What new stuff they have looks sub par compared to what they are spending on it.  See?  Really.  Blind forest dwellers having battles in the woods?   Sounds and looks like a Monty Python skit.  The Morning Show does not look that impressive, either.  Netflix is constantly putting out new movies and shows.  They are building quite a catalog of shows, worldwide.  When they spend the money, it looks like it.  It will be interesting to see how this battle goes down.  I still tune into Netflix.  Remember, Disney is Family fare.  You can only take so much of it.  I have teens that torture me with their shows. 

Richard Jewell

When this first happened, I felt sorry for the guy.  He really was a hero that day.  Things happened that should not have happened.  Potential suspects should not be plastered all over the news.  I don't know how they came up with that conclusion.  Part of me wanted to see this movie, but part did not.  It looks like a pass for me. Eastwood is a big supporter of Trump.  I feel this is his way of calling out what is happening to Trump by using Jewell.  Here we have a white male "hero", who is "wrongly" investigated by the FBI.  Then they use the media to push their cause.  We have an FBI agent and Media reporter sleeping together.  It's just really obvious what Eastwood is going for.  Jewell should be honored and remembered as a hero.  He did something that saved lives.  In no way should this be used to portray Trump as an innocent man being investigated, "wrongly" by the FBI and media.  Trump is a con artist.  He is being investigated because that is what the FBI does, it investigates criminal activity.  The media should be doing more investigation into all his criminal activities.  You can not tell me that Trump is that smart when it comes to crime. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Dossier

It looks like Barr is going to use the Dossier as a way to probe why the FBI looked into Trump.  He is playing up the fact that they did not find anything.  Of course, Justice has some lame ass rule that a sitting president can not be charged with crimes.  He leaves that out for the simple minded Trump base.  It just fires them up to think that he was spied on for no other reason than being Trump.  I feel the Dossier was credible.  Putin probably fed out misinformation to find out if any of his plan was leaking out.  You do remember that a bunch of officials from Russia seem to die in really mysterious ways.  Because Trump took over and was able to put in loyal people, he made sure that all investigations were half assed in his favor.  Just look at Barr.  Talk about being a loyal dog.  I bet if Trump told him to drop and roll over in the oval office, he'd do it. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Impeachment Fiasco

I'm worried that the Senate will turn this into an attack on Biden and ignore all crimes committed by Trump.  The House republicans have already spun a good tale to protect him.  They even have a wanted Ukrainian feeding them Russian propaganda.  They are eating it right up.  One member even said we should ignore all he has done because the economy is doing so well.  How about the farmers?  How about those people working for coal mines and rust belt jobs?  Seems like a lot of them are happy he is pushing religion and white supremacy.  I hope there are at least 20 Senators that will at least be objective.  Trump can't have blackmail material on all of them, like McConnell and Graham, could he?

Monday, December 9, 2019

Children Needing Families

I follow Bethel China on Facebook and Instagram.  This is a great organization.  They assist orphans with seeing disabilities.  Lately, kids are coming up on their 14th birthday.  When that happens, they age out.  They can not be adopted out.  I wish I were rich.  I would adopt them.  I hate to see children age out.  Especially, those with disabilities.  It's just another strike against them.  I hope they get some kind of training to live on their own.  I don't know how the system works in China.  If you want to adopt a child with a disability and give them a forever family, look up Bethel China and see how you can help.  If you can not adopt, maybe offer a donation that can assist. 

Near Accident

I'm going to work this morning.  I have to wait in traffic.  In front of me was one of those medium sized earth mover trucks.  Luckily, I gave him some distance.  I notice that the truck is rolling slowly towards me.  At first, I did not do anything, but it kept coming.  I laid down of the horn, cussing up a storm.  Of course, the windows were closed and my child is deaf.  He stops.  Then it happens again.  Inches from my car it stops again.  This time, the light changes.  If you know anything about these trucks, speed is not one of their virtues.  By the time he made it through, the light was orange.  I decided to wait for the next green light.  I did not want to be behind this idiot. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019


After many attempts, I finally watched Frozen. The first time, I had to leave the theater because my daughter was upset that her sisters had given away her seat.  I've had many chances to see it at hospital visits.  We even own the DVD. 

I found time yesterday.  I did have minimal distractions.  It was good.  Now, I wonder how long it will take to see the 2nd one?

Saturday, December 7, 2019


You know companies like Bain Capital?  They buy companies and supposedly make them more profitable.  If course, lots of people loose their jobs and those companies use the purchased company as a piggy bank.  Once the debt of the company is maxed out, they declare bankruptcy and sell off the parts.  Did you know they put little or no money to do so?  They get the company they are acquiring to borrow the money and then use that company as collateral.  After the financial crisis, they made a rule that people getting a mortgage have to put down more money.  Why not companies?

Friday, December 6, 2019

Watch What you Believe From Republicans

I was listening to an interview with a reporter who works with Ukraine.   He says that the information Giuliani and Trump are coming up with on Biden is suspect.  Seems like the source is a Putin loyalist and is wanted in the US.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Bond is Back

The new Bond trailer came out.  It's called No Time to Die.  The villain Blofeld returns.  It just shows a lot of action.  We'll have to wait later for a more coherent trailer.  It looks like an entertaining movie. 

Mechanizing the Middle Class

I find it ironic that the republicans and the rich have mechanized the middle class against the poor.  I see it everyday.  Look at comments for stories about taking away benefits.  They write things like if they stop buying alcohol and cigarettes that they would have money.  What about those that do not?  What about those with a disabled child at home that needs round the clock supervision?  The republicans and rich are sick people.  They envision a world where they pay no taxes, work people like slaves and do not pay them what they are worth.  All while claiming that they built something from scratch.  Yeah, maybe their grandparents or great grandparents.  Now they just make rules to stop people from doing the same thing. 

Mole in the House

It looks like phone records have tied Devin Nunes to Parnes and Giuliani.  I wonder if the House will put him under some kind of investigation.  I think they should to send a message to Trump that his cronies are being watched.  Sad thing is that Nunes is striking out against news agencies with lawsuits.  This is really unbecoming of a politician, unless you live in Russia. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

We are Paying for the Tariffs!

I heard a story the other day.  The reporter was asking people about the tariffs.  These people actually thought that China was paying for it.  Do you see how Trump has got these people believing this?  They probably think Mexico is paying for the wall!  They'll see soon enough when prices start going up.  Farmers are already feeling the affect.  Trump has you believing he is helping them out.  In actuality, its corporate welfare for rich corporations. 

Republican Doublespeak

Republicans always claim to help the lower classes and smaller businesses.  They come up with subsidies, but where does the money go?  It goes right to the top.  The big businesses and rich people that bought their services.  Yet people still believe what they say.  I just don't get it.  When George Orwell came up with 1984, he described what the republican party is. 

Giving Tuesday: Bethel China

Today is giving Tuesday.  I would like to suggest Bethel China.  I have 2 daughters who might have benefited from this program.  They take in blind and visually impaired orphans and give them the skills to take care of themselves.  In most orphanages, they are the children that will get overlooked because of their disabilities.  If your thinking of adopting, think about taking in a child with a visual disability.  Besides not being able to see, my daughters are like any normal child.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Movies that Made Us!

Netflix has a new series on called Movies that Made Us.  It has 4 episodes around: Dirty Dancing, Ghost Busters, Die Hard, and Home Alone.  I've watched them all.  I loved it.  I found out things about these movies that I did not know.  Did you know Dirty Dancing was financed by a low budget Video Cassette company?  Did you know that many actors turned down the role of John McClane in Die Hard?  If you get a chance to watch them, do so,   if you like these movies. 

Attacking British Trump

Looks like Trump Jr. is calling out the government of British Trump.  Sounds like British Trump is acting like American Trump by blaming past governments.  Haven't conservatives been in control for a while?  May was a conservative.  If they had problems with laws and rules, shouldn't they have brought them up for change?  Don't let idiot cloud your judgment.  Research before voting.  Remember, if conservatives have been in power for a certain amount of time, why does it take a terrorist attack to get them to do something?  At least Great Britain does not have an NRA.  Every massacre we have is protected by the gun lobby.  Nothing will happen and we will continue to have shootings.