Friday, January 31, 2020

Can't Wait for the Bolton Book!

I hope this book creates issues for the idiot republicans.  They will have to answer to constituents as to why they did not call him to testify.  I don't think they care.  Hopefully that will cause great pain at the polls this year.  When this book comes out, help it hit #1 for book sales.  Unlike Trump Jr., I don't think his book will be a coloring book!

The New Normal

It looks like calling on another country to investigate your political rival will now be legal.  Lamar Alexander said that the President probably did what he is accused of but it's not impeachable.  That is until a Democrat does it.  When that happens holy hell will break out.  The republican party is the most hypocritical party to ever exist.  Now criminal activity by a sitting president is legal. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

How Not to Treat a Blind Child

My daughter may get stares from children.  For the most part I can tolerate it.  Of course, their parents should teach them that is rude to do.  They other day, I went into a store.  Once entering, we ran into one of the employees.  She stood there and just stared at my daughter.  I wanted to ask if she had a problem.  It was downright rude of her.  If you come upon a blind person, don't sit and stare at them.  They can not help the way they are.  She was born that way. 

The Collective Speaks

It looks like Trump will pull off the crime of the century!  The collective is signalling that they might have the votes to bar witnesses, even thought it's the one witness who has said that he did commit the crime.  McConnell probably bribed or bullies senators into sticking together.  If this happens, Trump will continue his partnership with Russia in the open.  They will give him the okay by acquitting him. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Borg Mentality

It seems like Republicans have a Borg Mentality.  What do I mean?  In Star Trek the Next Generation, the Borg are a villain that have a hive mentality.  Their thought process all comes from one being.  That is the republicans.  If one is changed, they turn on them. 

Penguins of Madagascar

It looks like Trumps lawyers are trying to pull a trick from a cartoon movie.  During their argument they told Senators that there was nothing to look at and even if Bolton knows something, it means nothing.  I'm wondering if he waved his hands in front of them.  Sad thing is most of them believe that.  

Too Many Commercials?

I listen to YouTube during the day.  I do not have an account with them.  I have to watch commercials.  It is tolerable.  Then, at night, I play children's music for my daughter.  It really feels like they play more commercials when I listen to kid's music.  The content of those commercials are things like cars.  My Blind 6 year old won't be in the market for a car any time soon.  Maybe I am imagining it. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Waiting on the Right Witness!

Now that Bolton's information has come out, some in the Republican party want him to appear.  But, some said they would be open to a witness, but not him.  What does that mean?  He was right there.  He heard it all.  Why not him?  Is it because he knows too much?  I know, he's a loose cannon who is not under Trump's control, like the others.  I told you this will get more ridiculous as time goes by. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

How Many More Things

Bolton's information has come out.  It seems everyday a new revelation comes out.  It's like a Monty Python movie.  How many and how ridiculous will this get before the Republicans give in to witnesses?  I would hate to be a defending senator.  Everyday they have to come up with new excuses and attacks.  Do you think Fox News coaches them?  Some a naturals, like McConnell and Nunes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I have been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm lately.  It is an HBO show, but it is available on Amazon Prime.  This show is hilarious.  It is very similar to Seinfeld.  Larry David was a big part of the behind the scenes of that show.  If you get a chance and want to watch an unpolitically correct comedy, this is for you.  To give you an example, one episode has Larry David donning a MAGA hat, because he finds it repels people from bothering him. 


It looks like the Republicans will need to call John Bolton.  His new book had some information leaked.  It backs what the Democrats are saying.  Trump says it's all a lie to sell books.  Only way to remedy that would be to call Bolton as a witness and grill him under oath.  Who would you believe a serial liar like Trump or Bolton?  I don't think Bolton has a history of lying.  He's just a hawk when it comes to our national safety.  He knew his job, unlike most of Trump's appointees.  He's also one of the few not accused of illegal spending of money, etc. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

New Virus

On one of our trips to China, we had to worry about Swine Flu.  Now, they are going through another flu.  This one sounds bad, but it may be media overhype.  My daughter got sick recently.  It came over her really quick.  Flu's just seem to be getting stronger and less resistant to medications.  If your children get a flu, take cautions.  I heard of a healthy teen dying from it recently.  I do not even think it is the same strain as the one China is going through. 


If Trump were innocent, why is he threatening Senators?  He should not have to say or do anything if he were innocent.  Seems more like witness/jury tampering/intimidation!  Maybe I am wrong.  It does seem that way. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Taxi Dirver

Once again, if you have Hulu, check out the Korean movie The Taxi Driver.  It has Song Kang-Ho in it.  He is the father in The Host and Parasite.  He is also in Snowpiercer.  He's a great actor that people should get to know.  I know I plan on searching out more of his films. 

Reprisal On Hulu

If you want a good show to watch and you have Hulu, watch Reprisal.  It's sort of like if Tarantino did a show about rival gangs.  I enjoyed the show.  It has some great actors.  Give it a chance! 

Friday, January 17, 2020


It looks like Hollywood has their first bomb of the year.  Word is coming out that this is a pretty bad movie.  My advice, try to stay away from talking animal comedies!   They're as bad as the Look Who's Talking Movies.  They always have the same jokes.  Pooping and farting are always the go to jokes.  Can you believe they spent $170 Million on this movie?  Was $100 Million Robert Downy Juniors pay?

Lowest Unemployment for Latinos

That is the claim coming from Trump.  Has anyone given this one any thought?  He is deporting immigrants left and right.  If 80% are Latino, what do you think would happen to Latino Employment Numbers?   

Latinos for Trump!

They had a Trump rally in Orlando.  You'd think they would bring in a person like Rubio or even Ted Cruz (barely passes for Latino).  Nope!  They called the whitest guy in his administration.  Mike Pence.  Wonder if he even bothered to try and speak any Spanish?  I'm sure Rubio would have jumped on it.  He's a loyal servant.  Much like a dog that follows a person, even after getting abused. 

Shadiest People in the Room!

It seems like Trump's best people in the world are mainly the shadiest people in the world.  People that would get followed by store security.  I guess it makes it easy when they are caught for Trump to blame them and tell others that they can not be trusted.  If I were hired by him, I'd be concerned.  It's all a matter of time before they are investigated and Trump throws them under the bus. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Call John Bolton!

Another person says Trump knew all.  Lev Parnas turned over his information.  If you don't believe him, maybe John Bolton should be called in to clarify just what happened.

Help get Alita Battle Angel 2 get Made!

I found a petition for this great movie.  Feel free to sign it.  Share it with your friends!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Oscar Feedback

Seems Stephen King is in hot water because he said he'd pick art over diversity.  I agree with him.  Why should a mediocre film get nominated just because of diversity?  If the Academy wants to remedy that situation, they should increase the categories like they do for the Best Picture.  Let 7-10 be the final number, if there is a really good year in films.  I agree with Mr. King.  It's all about story and performance, well it should be.  To me it's still just a popularity contest.  How can one of anything really be the best of that year.  It's all about tastes of the voters.  They already have people's choice awards. 

Let the Games Begin

It looks like Russia has its marching orders for defending Trump.  Seems that they hacked Burisma, the company Trump is willing to get impeached over.  Kind of surprising that when he is going on TV telling Ukraine to investigate them that Putin has his team breaking into their systems.  This all seems like Deja Vu! 

Monday, January 13, 2020

Oscars 2020

So, it's another year of okay picks.  But they sure shut out some good movies and talent.  This is why I do not care much for the Oscars.  Maybe, they should create an offshoot and call it the Diversity Oscars.  They will be open to women and people of color, who do not get recognized by the Classic Oscar nominations.  Also, they should have an age limit for those who vote.  Just like driving, they still might be able to drive, but they are slowing down.  The older voters tend to be less open to new things. 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Remaking the Howling

I loved the original Howling movie.  That and American Werewolf are the two best werewolf movies of all time.  Now the director of It and Netflix want to remake it.  Hopefully, it will have a storyline that enables good sequels to come from it.  The original Howling sequels were low budget garbage. 

Dumbing Down of a Korean Movie

Hollywood is at it again.  Parasite is an amazing Korean film.  This movie needs no changes.  But of course, it's in Korean with subtitles.  Some executive in Hollywood has seen opportunity to remake it using English actors.  So, they are teaming with the director.  This is a waste of his time.  He needs to work on a new project.  He should not waste his time rehashing the same story.  I'll stick with the Korean version.  It had an amazing story with amazing actors.  Just like Oldboy, I have not desire to see it remade. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Insulting the Intelligence of the Congress

Congress was addressed by the state department.  It seems they insulted some republicans in the process.  Democrats do not concern Trump, but Republicans should.  If he insults too many of them, they will join in on some Democratic proposals.  They do not need many to get witnesses for his Impeachment trial.  I for one would love to see Bolton testify.  McConnell would fight that one tooth and nail. 

The Outsider

Stephen King has an adaptation of his story The Outsider.  Unfortunately, it is only on HBO.  If you get a chance to see it, do so.  I hear it is really good.  Not only that, but it has an impressive cast of actors.  One child has been in The Walking Dead and is currently on Hulu's The Reprisal (another show worth catching).  Jason Bateman plays the lead actor.  Also, Ozark is coming back on Netflix in March. 

Come and Get Your Love

My 6 year old loves music.  Every night before bed, she listens to music.  I play Laurie Berkner for her.  She loves more than children music.  She can identify AJR songs by the first couple of notes.  I play Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.  She asks for songs by name.  Last night, she was singing along with Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.  It's a 70's song. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Get Hard 2

Man, I wish I knew producers, etc.  I read this headline the other day: 

Lori Loughlin hires prison expert to prepare for possible jail time

It screams Get Hard 2 sequel.  Tiffany Haddish would be perfect for the Kevin Hart consulting role.  Maybe Kate McKimmon can play the person hiring them.  If anyone knows them, pass it on.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Adoption Families

So, I'm friends with many people that have adopted.  Yes, I know most have money and are probably Republican.   You'd think that all that all that is going on in the world that they might be against this president. My biggest problem is his white supremacist leanings.  My daughters are not welcome in a Trump world.  What's even more disgusting is his stance on the handicapped. Some of these people still support him.  It's like they don't realize their children are Chinese and disabled.  I'd love to just quit all social media.  I try to ignore the noise, but it gets hard. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

State Sanctioned Assassination

I read a story that someone was called out for calling the killing of the Iranian General an Assassination.  Why?  Isn't that what it was?  They are trying to Minority Report him.  Do they really have intel that he was planning something?  Or is this Trump's Weapons of Mass Destruction?  It really does not look like anyone thought about the blow back.  I'd hate to be travelling in the Middle East.  They are going to target Americans.  This will not go unanswered.  How does our dictator respond?  With a war crime threat.  He says he will go after cultural sites in Iran.  What will stop them for going after Jerusalem?  They know how much it means to Christian ISIS in this country. 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Trump Firing Undocumented Workers

Should this headline surprise anyone?  I wrote that he used them up and probably did not pay them.  People actually thought that was wrong.  Guess they did not hear about how he screws contractors by declaring bankruptcy when it comes time to pay the bills.  I hope we do not have to have another 4 years of this idiot.  He is getting closer to Putin everyday.  Just the other day, Putin invited him to visit Russia.  You'd think Trump would be cautious.  Not him.  He's emboldened.  He thinks he can do whatever he wants and his base will protect him. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Year of the Rat!

2020 is Year of the Rat.  It's my year.  I'm guessing great things are going to happen.  I just need to give it a little nudge.  I hope for a new president.  The one we have is a traitor and puppet to Putin.  Republicans can not even see the damage he is doing to their party.  They are no longer the party of fiscal responsibility and family values.  Now they are the party of free spending and defenders of Autocrats.  Pretty sad.