Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Walk the Plank

Yesterday was Talk/Dress Like a Pirate Day.  I missed out.  I know, you must be shocked.  How dare I miss the opportunity for free donuts and fish.  I am just as shocked.  Angie had reminded me, but I forgot my costume at home.  I was not going to drive all the way home to get them.  I guess, I will have to prepare better for next year.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Cooldown?

The rain is here.  Hopefully, it will take away some of the humidity.  They are not rushing to get us in the theater.  We need lightning.

Melting Away

Where is fall? I am sweating away at the theater.  I see clouds, but all I feel is humidity.  At least, I am under shade.

It's Movie Night

I have tickets for the Magnificent 7.  It looks like a good film.  I just hope it is not as hot as it was the other day.  They will probably keep us outside until the monitor comes.  It's what I go through for a free movie.

Struck Gold!

I went to the library on Sunday.  I had to return Creed.  After two weeks, I finally finished watching it.  When I walked in, the new releases were full.  I was able to find 4 recently released movies and Kiersten found 1.  We ended up checking out: Joy, The Nice Guys, Mermaid, Zootopia, and Hitman Agent 47.  I watched two yesterday.  Joy was about the woman who created the Miracle Mop.  The Nice Guys was from the writer of Lethal Weapon and many other action movies.  His next one is a sequel to Predator.  It is interesting because he was an actor on the original movie.  The Nice Guys is not for children.  It is an R rated action/comedy.  I liked it.  I am looking forward to Mermaid.  It is from Stephen Chow.  He is the director/actor of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Netflix has a new movie called Hush.  It is similar to Don't Breathe.  It has a deaf woman being terrorized by a killer.  The director will be doing a Stephen King adaptation next.  It was an interesting take on this kind of movie.

Can you Spare a Nickel?

The rapper Nelly has federal tax issues.  It seems he has over $2 million in back taxes due.  Some one has come upwith a #saveNelly.  They want you to stream his songs repeatedly on Spotify.  If you have or compelled to do so, remember me and my family of six. You can do the same for us by clicking on the ads on this blog.  The only entourage that travels with me is my family.

Serve the People

Wells Fargo has this big scandal where employees created accounts to make sure executives would get their bonuses.  Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, railed against a financial protection agency.  He says that businesses are suffering under their regulation.  Oh,by the way, they are the same group that discovered the fraud at Wells Fargo.  I thought politicians were supposed to look out for the people.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Really Bad Meal

We went out last night.  We had some freebies, but I think we were the losers on this one.  The place we went to is very popular.  It was 7 pm and they had a line around the building for drive up and a mass of people inside.  When we got our food, we were not impressed.  They food tasted over fried and chewy.  The fries were cold and soggy.  There was no one to complain to.  We did not see a manager.  Usually, we see one walking around.  I guess they were in the back.  Not one of our better eat out nights.

Growing up Too Fast

My 11 year old has told has told me she is too old for certain movies.  I had tickets to Storks.  Its an animated story about storks delivering things and babies.  I thought she might like to see it.  You should have seen the look on her face when I told her.  You'd think I'd said it in front of her friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Perfect Find

I like collecting things.  Sometimes, I get out of hand.  Beanie Babies were the next big thing.  Now I have plenty.  I have baseball cards.  Probably not worth much.  Now, U have started collecting Funko Pop toys.  I try to buy when it is low, as in clearance.  I went over to Game Stop to look.  It was cooler than waiting outside for the movie.  They had Pop toys, but none on sale.  I went to the clearance section.  They had a tag for .97.  It did not say which toy.  I asked.  Next thing I know, I have six of them.

A Prime Example

It seems Trump thinks Ford is leaving for Mexico.  They announced today they are not.  I guess he should have consulted them before making that announcement.  Unfortunately, other companies have done it and it is easy to make people believe it can happen again.  They way CEO's think about getting that golden parachute instead of growing a company.  Who knows what will happen?  Here is a man talking about companies leaving the US and shipping their stuff back.  That is what he does.  His clothes are made in other countries and shipped back.  What would it take to have him bring his jobs to America?  I wonder if he will tax his clothes at 35%?

You Can't Handle the Truth!

That line was uttered by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.  The Trump family must have grown up on that movie.  It seems one of his sons is stating that his father will not release his taxes because we can't handle them.  What part can we not handle?  How he gets his money?  How rich he is and poor the rest of us are?  How he has money he could actually pay back to those he bilked money out of?  I don't know what we can not handle.  I guess they fell they have to do a Dummy book to his tax return for us peons to understand.

A Special Announcement

While we waited for Birth of a Nation to start, the monitor came in to make an announcement.  This is usually where they tell you no talking and no taping.  She through in one extra announcement.  Tonight, they had a special guest.  He came out and told us he was in the film.  I did not hear his name.  He said that it took 7 years to get this produced and that when it was time to shoot, they had 30 days.  He said he hoped we enjoyed the movie.  When you see it, you will be impressed with what they captured in 30 days of filming.  After the movie was over, we walked out and the actor was still there to talk to the audience as they left.  When I got home, I looked him up.  His name is Chris Greene.  He is also in another film called Loving.  I know it was him because he had posted a shout out to the theater we were in.  I wrote him to say it was amazing and thanks for introducing the movie.  He wrote a reply.  I can not say this enough, go see this movie.

Birth of a Nation

If you see a good drama this fall, make sure it is Birth of a Nation.  I would describe it as a slavery Braveheart.  This movie has great acting, cinematography, and story.  It is from a first time director, who also happens to be the cowriter of the script and the main actor.  I hope to see it get nominations during the awards season.  I think it tells a tale that needs to be told.  I even think high schoolers should be shown the movie.  Then they can use it to stir a conversation.

Right Place, Right Time

I went to the theater.  As I was walking by, a restaurant had a table set up.  It looked like a grand opening.  When I walked by, I heard then say they could go in and order one thing off the menu.  They looked at me and I said I was going to a movie.  I had to check the line.  It was past 5.  There were 3 people in line.  I walked back and asked about it.  They said it was a private party and that they would be opening tomorrow.  I went back to the line.  Next thing I know, one of the line goers says that we can get a free item.  We rushed over.  I guess they had got close to the end, so they opened it to all.  They gave me a card to get a meal and a drink.  I got a seafood trio taco meal.  I tried to bring it in the theater, but the manager said no food or drink from the outside.  I sat down and wolfed it down.  It really hit the spot.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Read the Instructions

As a secret shopper, one thing you have to do is read your instructions.  They generally have things they want you to look for or ask.  I reviewed my instructions. I drove out there bought my item.  As I was sitting for my movie sneak, I decided to do my write up.  The section would not open.  It said it could open before 9/15, tomorrow.  Guess I should have checked the date when I was reviewing my instructions.

Doing Business with the Don

I read about three small businesses that did business with Trump.  It does not seem like they will be voting for him.  Two did not get paid due to bankruptcy.  One had a business in Trump Tower, until he saw that he could make money on his own Trump accessories.  It's funny that his business can declare bankruptcy, but it does not bother his wealth.  I guess he forgot to tell people how he got people to work for him and did not pay them for their work.

Rabbit Food

My doctor has been getting on me for years to lose weight.  This summer, I have been making an effort.  I try exercising, but it gets so hot in Florida.  With fall arriving, I might get out more.  I have also tried to change what I eat.  I have been buying grapes and celery to eat at lunch.  I eat the celery with peanut butter.  It does fill me up.  I have noticed some loss of weight.  It depends on which scale I step on though.  I think the one at home is more forgiving.

Free Advertising

With the death of Gene Wilder, the theaters have brought back some old movies.  I am wondering if it is fair to Hillary Clinton.  By showing Willy Wonka, you are giving free advertising to the great orange idol.  She'll probably demand or should demand equal time.

Inciting Violence

Trump surrogates are out on the trail telling their people that if he doesn't win, there will be violence.  Isn't that inciting violence?   It's like they are telling their people to revolt if they don't get what they want.  We already have a House and Senate that act that way.  They don't care about the American people.  They only care about the Republican party and their rich benefactors.

A Little Goes a Long Way

I made a pulled pork the other day.  It was done Carolina style in the crock pot.  It turned out really good.  If you don't know Carolina Bar B Que, it involves a vinegar based sauce.  You usually eat it with cole slaw on a hamburger bun.  I found the recipe online.  We ate that for two days.  Then, I made Cuban Sandwiches.  That is Cuban bread, pulled pork, ham, cheese, pickles, mayo and mustard.  Then you cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich, while pressing it with a heavy object.  I have a press that I use.  You can wrap a brick in tin foil and do the same thing.  If Cuban bread is hard to find, a French bread will do.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Movie Overload

I have tickets for Birth of a Nation.  I thought it was for tonight.  It it is actually for tomorrow.  Then tonight, tickets come out for Deepwater Horizon.  It is also for tomorrow.  Now, I have a dilemma.  I think I will settle on Birth of a Nation.  They are talking possible awards and I will get to see it early in the release cycle.

A Rash of Children

Every other day, I am seeing posts on Facebook where people are trying to find a home for an adopted child.  What is going on?  Do these people even care about the damage they are doing to the children?  If you know someone who wants to or is going through the adoption process, do the research.  You need to know what to expect.  I just don't understand giving up a child once adopted.  We are in this for life.  That child is mine, no matter what challenges come forward.

Tuck Me In

Mia accompanied me to bed.  She was making sure I did not have any of her toys.  Usually when I go to bed, I pretend to take them with me.  I'll either have an Emoji or a Tsum Tsum.  She will run through the house laughing to make sure I don't take her toys.

A Person to Look Up To

The other day, I read about Miss Michigan.  People were giving her a hard time and wondering why she won.  The issue?  She is Asian American.  I guess there are people that think Asian Americans do not have what it takes to win a contest like that.  Although I don't want my girls going into contests like this, I am glad to see a person my daughter's can look up to.

A Cooler Night

I brought Elana out on the trampoline after dinner.  There was a nice breeze.  Elana started slow, but she finally started running around the trampoline.  After a time period, I tried to take her back inside.  She was not fully ready to go.  I had to catch her as she ran by me.  I hope this is a sign of weather to come.

I'm Waiting on That!

I was driving into work.  When I came to I-4, the traffic was not moving.  I saw police lights up ahead. I thought it was a major accident.  We slowly edged toward the accident.  By the time I got up to it, I could not understand what the wait was.  Two cars had bumped each other.  There was a police car.  No lanes were blocked.  I can understand the left lane going slow, because they are near the accident.  Why the rest?  

Monday, September 12, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

I finally got to take my daughters to see Captain America.  If you have not seen this one, you have to.  It falls in line with Winter Soldier.  There was lots of action, and you got to meet some new characters to the Marvel universe.  After this, I look forward to the next Avengers movie.  The Russo Brothers are directing it.  You could consider Civil War as an Avengers lite.  Stick around till the very end.  There are two teaser scenes.

Candidate's Say the Darndest Things

Hillary made her 47% comment.  Republicans are having a field day with it.  What about all the 47% comments Trump has made?  Did they forget his comments on Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, Women, etc.  When Romney made his comment that was a big thing.  He was not the type of politician to make those kind of comments.  This year, you might as well accept all the stupid comments and look for other reasons to vote for one or the other.  I wouldn't go by health, either.  Of course, Trump is trying to paint Clinton with a illness conspiracy.  Just remember, Trump's doctor came up with a letter in five minutes without really checking him.  It was almost like Trump wrote the note and he signed it.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Down Periscope

We got a new lens for the camera.  I was testing it out in the yard.  Then, the battery died.  As I walked back inside, I saw what looked like a metal rod rise out of the ground.  It reminded me of that scene in Empire Strikes Back, where the drone on Hoth, frozen planet, rises its antenna.  I walked over to investigate.   What was it? It was our neighborhood snake.  I guess it was sticking up its head to survey its surroundings.  Due to the dead camera, I could not take a picture.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's in the Culture

The other day I wrote about the people Trump surround himself with.  Yesterday, a story came out about Wells Fargo.  They had fired over 5,000 employees for creating false accounts.  No upper management was let go.  With fraud that large, how did management not see it?  I think they fired the employees just to make the public feel safe and to show investigators that they punished someone.  Of I were one of their customers, I'd still be concerned.  I think the problem lies in the culture.  The tone at the top gave those employees the thought that they could do what they did.  My money would be going elsewhere.

Friday, September 9, 2016

A Little Taste of Fall

The last two days have been great out.  The humidity has been low.  The news says it will warm up again.  I can't wait for the fall or fall like temperatures.  Since this is Florida, we only get so cool.  At least, it gets less humid.

Teenage Wasteland

The other night, I told my daughters that it was time for bed.  It was 10:00.  The next day, I find out they were both up past 11:00.  They were using their devices to either watch movies or play games.  I remember when I was younger.  We had HBO.  I woke up in the middle of the night to witch R rated movies.  I watched films like Animal House and Wolfen.  It's hard for me to be mad at them.  They need to get their sleep and I want them to be concerned about their school work.  I wish they were more driven than I was at their age.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Elana Whisperer Returns

I woke at my usual time.  As I was preparing to take my shower, Elana started crying.  Angie went to check on her.  I figured she was wet.  I got a diaper. Angie changed her, but now she was sort of awake.  I picked her up.  She stop crying.  I went to the bed and reclined.  Elana started going to sleep.  I tried rolling on my side.  She woke, but she remained calm.  When I got up to go to the shower, she followed to the bathroom door.  At least she remained calm.  I was worried she was going to start throwing things and knocking pictures off the wall.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mini Rivalry

As Elana and Haley grow, they are becoming more self aware.  I am starting to see a little rivalry.  They sort of remind me of Michelle and Kiersten and how they interact.  They were playing in the living room.  One child had something that the other wanted.  Next thing I know, they are wrestling for that toy.  A lot of times, Elana is the stronger of the two.  Haley is starting to gain on Elana.  To me, she is like Rocky preparing for his next bout.  She was doing sit ups.  Working on her leg strengthening.  She was even doing some head crashes, into my stomach.  I'm going to have to watch these two.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Don't Breathe, in the Movie Theater

My daughter and I went to see Don't Breathe this week-end.  If you have not seen it and like thrillers, go see it.  It is for adults and children that think they are adults.  The theater was half full on a Sunday.  The movie is a home invasion on a blind man.  The characters think he will be a fragile push over.  He is anything but.  During certain scenes, the blind man tries to hear the invaders.  In our theater, you could hear a pin drop.  It was silent.  No one ate popcorn or took a drink during those scenes.  If you like scares, check it out.

Birthday Freebies

I got a load of freebies for my birthday.    A free burger from Red Robin, Burrito from Moe's, Sandwich from Honey Baked Hams, Meal from Sonny's, ice cream from Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone, sandwich from Einstein Bagels, and milkshake from Arby's and Chick fil a.   This morning I went to get my bagel sandwich.  I had looked at the site before going.  I saw a Chorizo sandwich.  It sounded good.  It had egg, guacamole Chorizo and pepper jack cheese.  I found out that it was spicy.  I don't know why I do it.  I see something like that and want to try it.  When I do, I discover I should have chose another.  If you like hot it's worth it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Proofreading Emails

I'm sure we've all sent out emails with errors or just don't make sense.  I probably have had posts like that.  I just do this because I like to write.  I got an email from a restaurant.  They were advertising a special.  To me it conyradicts what they are trying say.  They are advertising a free burrito, chips, and drink for $6.49.  Which is it?  Is it free or $6.49? I guess, you are free to go there and spend $6.49 for a meal.

Birthday Dinner

We went to Red Robin for my birthday dinner.  For those that don't know, Red Robin is a gourmet hamburger restaurant.  They offer bottomless fries.  If you join their burger club, you can earn free burgers.  On your birthday, you get a burger.  We loaded the brood and went to the restaurant.  Elana was tired, so I had a cranky child.  I tried to find my burger.  I had one picked out.  Unfortunately, it was not to be.  I was limited to what I could get.  I rushed to find another.  One caught my attention.  It was called the Wedgie.  It had a strange name, but sounded good.  It had bacon and guacamole.  As we waited, Elana fell asleep.  Then, the burgers came.  I looked at my burger.  All I saw was lettuce.  It hit me.  I realized why it was called wedgie.  The bun was lettuce wedges.  On top of that, they mixed up orders, so we got an extra kids pizza and a grilled cheese sandwich.  But, they did not bring us our Mac and cheese.  We got that also.  That was at no extra cost to us.  It was a fun meal.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Leftovers

I went out to get Mia.  The storm was giving us rain and wind.  An armadillo had been run over.  Vultures had started to congregate around it.  After I got her, I grabbed the camera and went in the back yard.  Two vultures were sitting on our brick wall.  I crept up on them.  I was taking pictures as I did so.  At one point, a vulturespread out it's wings and turned towards me.  I don't know if it was posing or trying to scare me off.  Come back, and I will post the pictures.

A New Word

Elana has picked up a new word.  She finds alot of humor in the word dude.  Last night, I would say the word and she would start laughing.  Now she just keeps saying the word.  Guess it will be funny when she says it to her teacher.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Blown Away

The rain has stopped.  We have some wind.  The clouds are racing out of Florida.  We are fine.  A friend up north has water in their lawn.  They live near a river.  Hope it doesn't swell.

Rain Out in Orlando

Today is a rain out.  We are sitting at a outlet mall waiting for the rain to stop.  Although the stores are indoors, walking between is outdoors.  We are running by the Disney store to see if they are reducing things.  Then, since my birthday is soon, we are going out for lunch.  My meal is free. Actually, I have two more and have already used one.  I am still waiting on a sandwich and a breakfast sandwich.

It's Here!

By the time I went to bed, the hurricane was hitting our state.  Now,as I write, I can hear the wind and rain outside.  I'm glad I am off today.  I read that a semi jack knifed on I-4.  Today, will not be fun on the roads.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Storm

It's a calm day.  There's a breeze and some clouds.  No rain.  The school's in our area have cancelled after school activities.  I guess we may get something.

My Hands Might be Small but. . .

I was watching TV last night.  Every other commercial was a political commercial.  Trump's commercial made me laugh.  You have the misery if Hillary is elected contrasted with how safe everyone will feel if Trump is elected.  We will be able to pledge allegiance.  But to what?  The last shot is of Trump Tower.  Is this a phallic symbol?  Are we pledging allegiance to his manhood?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Stranger Things Renewed

You knew it was going to happen.  Well, if you follow certain movie sites or have talked to people that love the show.  I have talked about it.  I was hounded by co-workers until I watched it.  It was an amazing show.  I look forward to the next season.  They should bring in an actor like Michael Ironside.  He was a staple of eighties movies and TV.  He would make a great boss to Dr. Brenner (Mathew Modine).

Into the Storm

The storm is brewing off the Florida coast.  We are seeing rain bands.  It will be this way for the next day or so.  We had one passing storm and now it is just overcast.  So much for all the rain.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Calm Before. . .

I came in and there was little activity in the sky.  We have a storm heading our way.  Last night, it was drawing in bands from the east coast.  We would get rain showers.  They expect it to build up in the Gulf.  They are saying it will hit in the panhandle.  It will be big enough that we will feel some of it.

Reaching Across the Aisles

I was wondering.  If Trump becomes president, do you think he will rebuild all public housing?  That way, he could build them with Vegas "elegance" and call them Trump Towers.  Then, he will have buildings named after him in every state.  Of course, HUD will probably have to pay him a royalty for using his name and image.  I'm sure everyone will benefit from it.  People living in public housing will no longer see it as a bad thing.  They will proudly stand up and declare that they live in a Trump community.  That will encourage all to go out and work to stay in such luxurious conditions.

Monday, August 29, 2016


It's the time of year that Floridians dread.  Hurricane season may start earlier in the summer, but it really heats up in August and September.  Now, there are three storms out there.  Two of which will not hit us.  One that could strengthen when it gets into the Gulf.  The waters are warm and there is nothing to shear it apart.  It looks like we will get rain.  We will probably see some wind.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pulling Weeds

I woke early to beat the heat.  I don't think I did that.  I was sweating like crazy.  I had a stack of weeds that was up to my waste.  The mosquitoes were biting.  I could only last about an hour or so.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sun and Rain

In Florida, you can have sun and rain at the same time.  It's one of those hot August days. The girls are at the pool.  I noticed that there is sun, but it was wet.  Sure enough, it is raining.  I took a picture of it.  If you enlarge it, you can see the rain.

First Oil Change

I am sitting at the dealership waiting on my car.  I like the set up.  I drove my car into the service area and they greeted me.  Now I am sitting in a theater they show movies in.  They are showing The Intern.  Beats watching a boring show on a TV.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rewarding Bad Behavior

I guess Trump is right.  If you make the news, good or bad, it will pay off.  Just ask Ryan Lochte.  He cries wolf and is being rewarded by going on Dancing with the Stars.  Aren't there Olympians who are more deserving, that have not committed a crime?  Maybe, Trump should hire him to model his clothes, not made in America.

Teflon Don

In the past, a mafia don was named the Teflon Don.  Why?  Because they could not get charges to stick to him.  Now, we have Donald Trump.  He says things that have killed chances for other politicians.  Not Trump.  I don't think he could say or do anything that would stop certain Republicans for voting for him.

Sleeping on the Mia-ton

I was giving Mia a hard time.  I was saying I was going to sleep with her.  She laughs and says no.  She will either say I am sleeping on the bunk bed or the futon.  Last night, I said I was going to sleep on the Mia-ton.  She laughed and said "I'm keeping the bed.  You can sleep on the futon."

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I was giving Mia a hard time about sleeping.  She always says that I can't sleep with her.  She says I can sleep in the bunk bed.  She won't let me use her Emoji pillows.  When she does this, there is always an echo from another room.  Elana is in the background repeating Mia's comments.  They even ended their night by spinning again.

The Big Short

I thought this was done.  My daughter was wearing the shorts and all was well in the world.  I asked her about them last night.  She is not wearing them.  She says they are see through.  I guess this ends the saga of the shorts. Buying clothes for teenage girls is extremely hard to do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Short Sighted

It looks like my daughter will continue to use the shorts.  She used them yesterday.  She also found out that others wore leggings.  Only time will tell if she decides to keep wearing the shorts.

The Orange That Got Away

I was loading up my things to go to work.  I had a small orange with me.  Just as I was putting the stuff in the car, the orange disappeared.  I looked under the cars twice.  I dug around in the car.  No orange.  When I got to work, I looked under the seat.  No orange.  Angie wrote me.  She found it in the grass near her van.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Olympics

I watched some of it.  I'm not a fan of NBC's coverage.  If I do watch, I prefer to do it with the sound off.  It looks like it went off without a hitch.  Maybe a hiccup or two.  It was good to see countries that have never won a medal win.  I really wish they would fix some of their rules.  Especially, when the let a relay team run without any other team present to qualify.  They should have to face the team the last qualifies.  If they are going to get bumped, at least they will have a fighting chance.  They really should do something about the frat boy mentality of some of the athletes.  We don't want another false crime getting reported.

I-4 Orlando's Nightmare

We were driving on I-4 this weekend.  There was a major crash.  It have 4 vehicles in the construction zone.  Two people critically injured.  They even flew in a helicopter.  By the time we got near it, all that was gone.  They did close about a mile or two of the highway for around 4-5 hours.  People had to get off and find a different way around it.  That caused traffic for us.

This morning, I was going to work.  The traffic was bumper to bumper.  I was thinking there was another accident.  No.  There was nothing.  At a certain point, the traffic just started moving.  I hate days like that on 4.

As Is

My daughter is going to wear the shorts.  I told her if they do not work out, I will take her to look for some different shorts.  She will have to come and pick them out.  I can't read her mind.  I don't want to keep wasting money on things she won't wear.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Short Fail

I found some shorts.  My daughter is of an age where nothing I pick out is good.  All.I shot for was black shorts for gym.  I really wish all schools would just go to a plane uniform.

In Search of Shorts

We have been looking for gym shorts.  One store was ridiculous.  The girls shorts stopped at the crotch.  Men's stopped at the knees.  Who designs women's shorts, porn studios?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Working on Saturday

Not my regular job.  I got to do a shop.  I had to inquire about something and report on the service.  It was fun.  Hopefully, I pulled it off.

Relay Gold

So I see our women won gold.  My problem with that is after they did not qualify due to a bump, they gave them a chance to re run it by themselves to see if they could qualify.  Then they punished China.  They did not give them the chance to defend their qualifying.  I think if they are going to do that, they should have to run against the people who may be displaced.  It was not their fault the bump happened.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Make America Great

I sat through a Trump speech last night.  I had nothing better to do.  I was wondering if he would say something outrageous.  It did not happen.  I don't see why people think he would be a great president.  He promises that he will do everything.  He lacks the details that will make it happen.  If he majorly cuts taxes for the rich and increases everything to "help" people, where is the money going to come from.  He's talking about ridding the world of ISIS.  Sounds like he wants to send our troops into another war.  For African Americans, he talked about the Democrats taking their vote for granite.  He says he will do something for them.  What?  Maybe he could build Trump Towers in every state to house the unfortunate.  Why wait until he is president?  He could be doing these great charity things now.  Schooling?  He thinks charters are the way to go.  Basically, for profit education, like Trump University.  Finally, I kept wondering when he was going to announce the annual Purge, to Make America Great.  Maybe, he is waiting until he is elected.  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stop Right Now!

Elana was sitting on my lap last night.  I was shaking my leg.  I heard her say stop.  She says a lot of things.  Her latest is that she ask if she can eat things, like a car, car seat, a bed, etc.   I started doing it again.  She says "Stop right now!"  She probably was told that by mom.  She used it in the right context.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time Slows Down

Today is the first day I was able to leave at my normal time.  We will be in cleanup mode.  I'm meeting Angie and the girls at a restaurant.

Life in the 80's

I watched some more of Stranger Things.  It is like a flashback to the way things used to be.  At one point, the sheriff is looking for information on a facility.  Today, we'd pull out our phone and look it up.  He had to go to a library.  The librarian brought him to the cards by Dewey decimal to search for what he wanted.  Also, he had to look at microfiche for old news articles.  I remember using them once or twice.  The clothes are another thing.  If you have not watched it, check it out.

Stressing the Day Away

The last two days have been so stressful.  I have been going through the things I have been working on for the past couple of months.  This was my first renewal.  Errors are a part of it.  I've learned things for next year.  I also plan to try and up grade some worksheets that will hopefully cut out the errors.  I have worked really hard this renewal.  I look forward to acing the next one.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Brownshirts

It looks like Trump is recruiting his followers to stake out polling sites, "to look for cheaters".  My problem with that is will they also try to intimidate voters as well?  He is also lashing out at the media for reporting all the great things he says.  He tells his followers that it's all lies.  I wonder if he will tell them the sky is black?  Hope he doesn't offer Kool Aid at the end.

First Day Back

I got home to see how the girls survived their day.  I guess it wore them out.  Michelle and Kiersten were both asleep.  I had a hard time getting them up for dinner.  The only one it did not seem to affect was Mia.  She still had as much energy as she always does.  When the did wake, I found that they enjoyed their first day.  Hopefully, that will last through year.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Lazy Sunday

I had a day of rest.  I had hoped to get shopping done, but it was not to be.  Mia did not want to go shopping.  Angie and the older girls went for school supplies.  By the time they got back, it was too late for me to get out.  While they were gone, we had a big lightning storm.  It seems our wet pattern is starting to kick in.  It has not been that wet this summer.  The last two days have been humid.

First Day of School

The girls went back to school.  I got to see Mia before I left.  I hope they have a great day.  Since school is back in session, the traffic picked up.  Luckily, I missed any school buses.  I did not find the traffic too bad.  It also depends on when I get out of the house.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hands Clapping

Haley got her hearing aids.  Angie put them on her last night.  We were trying to tell if she could hear us.  While sitting on my lap, I snapped my fingers.  She seemed to grab for my hand.  I tried clapping behind her.  Then, she started clapping.  I'd clap twice and she would do it.  We still don't know what she hears, bit this is a good sign.  Next up a controlled hearing test.

Did You Say Something?

Mia brought a flashlight up to us last night.  She was asking why it was not working.  We told her that it had no batteries.  I told her to be careful and not to drop it.  She kept asking about the batteries.  We told her that we did not have any.  I asked Mia to put up the flashlight.  She turns to me and says "did you say something?"  Then, we started laughing.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hitting the Wall

Our renewals have ended.  Getting there was a marathon.  Last night, I felt like I had hit the wall.  I was tired from working so much.  Errors were starting to irritate me.  Today, I went in to finish up.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tearing Apart

I was driving into work this morning.  I-4 was busy as usual.  It's going to get worse when people go back to school..  I was nearing a big dirt moving truck.  I noticed all the wheels.  Then, I saw that one of those wheels was a rim.  The tire was shredded.  I hit the gas to get by him.  I guess they have that many wheels for situations like that.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Outrageous Things the Candidates Say

I'm sure Hillary says things that are outrageous.  I do remember the short circuit comment.  Trumps seems to top everyone with outrageous claims.  He is now calling Obama and Clinton the Founder and co-founder of ISIS.  The sad thing is, some people out there will think its true.  They won't take the time to see why or how it came about.  Remember, this is one of those things you can list if you are playing the political Pokemon game.  Don't forget about the 2nd Amendment comment!

The Tunnel Keeps Getting Longer

I rushed into work at 6 am.  I was going to get ahead.  Not today.  The system was busy.  I had to wait for IT to get in.  Luckily, someone came in at 7:30.  Then I had a phone meeting.  I am forcing myself to take a break to eat something.

Trying to get to the End of the Tunnel

It's early and I'm at work.  I plan to finish my work, if I can.  Our deadline is approaching.  I have a good amount of work to process.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am closing in on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Yesterday, I thought I was almost out of that tunnel, but we had a meeting and I learned there is another mile or so to go.  I will be happy to cut back on some of this overtime.  It has been a fun experience.

Many People are Saying . . .

So, I guess if you want to make claims that are not exactly true, all you have to do is cite Many People are Saying.  That way, when people look it up, they will find parts of what you said.  I guess then you can say it's true.  It would also give you license to say racist things and say it's not your belief, but Many People are saying it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pokemon Alternative

If you get bored with Pokemon Go, you could play a game with the election.  Watch the news and see which group Trump offends that day.  By election time, you can add up your groups.  If you bring in your friends, you can see who has the most on their list.

Monday, August 8, 2016


We were watching women's gymnastics.  Haley seem to find interest in watching.  She got right next to the t.v. to watch.  Next thing you know, she will be doing flips through the house.


It looked like yesterday was going to be a wet one.  We live in Florida.  It was gone by later in the day. It was windy.  It sort of felt like pre-fall.  I was able to get the yard mowed and get some errands done.

Driving in, I hear we may be getting some rain.  I guess we will have to see how fast it builds  and moves toward us.  It is forming in the Gulf.  They say it is slow moving.

Mea Culpa

Trump endorsed his fellow Republicans this week.  Did anyone see it?  If you did, did you feel it was heartfelt?  He sat there and read off the endorsements from a prepared speech.  It felt like he was being forced to do it.  Like a child who has been scolded, he grudgingly did what he was told to do.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016


We are visiting Kayla.  It was warm out, but there was a breeze.  The clouds were out.  A couple of drops fell.  We decided to bring the kids to the car.  Before we made it, it started pouring.  Now, we are in the vehicle


We are visiting Kayla.  It was warm out, but there was a breeze.  The clouds were out.  A couple of drops fell.  We decided to bring the kids to the car.  Before we made it, it started pouring.  Now, we are in the vehicle.  It keeps raining and the slows down.  Guess no yard work today.


I hate it when you are looking forward to a movie and reviews come out.  I was looking forward to Suicide Squad.  Then the reviews hit.  I still want to see it, but less now.  Oh well!

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Did you see the US team clothing?  Next time, they will probably have the athletes in jumpsuits with many sponsor's logos on them, like NASCAR.  I know that Polo is an American company, but I'd question where the clothes are made.  I guess that company was the highest bidder.


Trump is now claiming he did not throw the baby out.  He said everyone was joking around and he kindly asked her to take out the baby.  He says the media is spinning what happened.  Look for the video and make up your own mind.  Unless someone doctored the video, I don't see where the spin is.  Now his followers will attack anyone who says he did.

The Start of the Olympics

I watched some of the opening of the Olympics.  I liked what I saw.  I just wish I could have watched it comment free.  That goes for the whole Olympics.  Our commentators are really annoying.  I think when I watch some of the events, I might turn down the volume.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Leave the Towel at Home

I have to come in on Saturday.  Hopefully, the air will be on.  It is really hard to work when sweat keeps getting into your eyes.  Not only that, but the computers don't seem to like the heat either.  I think we may have one or two more Saturdays to go.  It depends what we accomplish over the next couple of days.

Let the Countdown Begin!

The girls are getting ready to go back to school.  Michelle will be attending Middle School for the first time.  She found out that she will be in advanced classes.  Kiersten will probably continue in advanced classes.  I'm proud of both of them.  I hope they can maintain the grades.  I took one advanced class in high school.  I only lasted a couple of months before returning to regular geometry.  Mia is looking forward to returning to school.  I asked if I could bring her to the bus.  She said no because you don't want to.  I am hoping that Elana and Haley get into school also.  The have their evaluations in September.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Birds and Bees

So, my older daughters are not big fans of changing diapers.  I told them last night to remember this when they go out with boys.  Some things can lead to babies.  If you don't like helping with your sisters, just imagine if it was your child.  They both yelled that they were too young to hear this.  I hear teens say it all the time.  I wish I had a baby.  They don't think of all the responsibility that comes with that baby.

Mia's Comedy

Last night, I was giving Mia a hard time.  She sleeps with Angie.  I asked what side of the bed I could sleep on.  She replied The bunk bed.  That is in Kiersten's room.  Two nights ago, she was asking if a toy was made in China?  I asked her where she came from.  She replied Amazon.  What about Elana? Amazon.  Haley?  No where.  I asked again.  Amazon.

Family Night Out

The day started with Elana screaming a lot.  We planned to go out.  By the time I got home, I did not know if she would make it.  We tried.  When we got to the restaurant, she sat on my lap.  We all ordered.  Mia and Elana split a kid's meal.  I fed them, with Elana on my lap.  It was the first time we ate out that Elana did not expect me to stand most of the meal.  Both she and Mia ate a pretty good amount of food.  We did discover one thing, it is really expensive for a family our size to eat out a medium size restaurant.  The two oldest are now eating adult meals.  I don't think we will be going out like that too often.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Doctor Visit

What's the point of setting up an appointment?  I did and I'm still waiting 40 minutes after my appointment time.  They should just tell people come in and we'll try to see you.  I have to compete with drug reps.

After about 2 hours or so, I finally got out of the office.  It was not like there was a lot of things to do.  They did mention colonoscopy.  I asked how old you had to be to do that.  I was praying for 50 or older.  The doctor said around 50.

Sleep with the Peon's?

Well, it's Olympic time again.  Once again, our basketball team is not staying with the regular athletes.  They are getting a cruise ship paid by a sponsor.  I miss the old days when they did not let professional athletes in the Olympics.  Now, it's not even worth watching basketball.  You already know the NBA is going to win. The only chance another team has is if they decide not to try that hard or let the back end of the bench play, if there is such a thing.  I hope security keeps the masses away from the players.  I'd hate for someone to touch them.

Baby Tossing

It's that time of year where politicians hold babies and kiss them for their parents.  I guess Trump is going to start a new tradition: Baby Tossing.  If the baby offends him, toss it out!.  How dare that baby cry when this great leader speaks!  What are they thinking?  They must be taught respect.  Those parents should dress the babies in Trump suits, with Trump shades and Trump pacifiers.  All made in third world countries of course!  How do you expect Trump to maximize his profits if he has to Sacrifice dollars to do so?  What are you Communist?   If they want more money, they need start their own business!

There was a story in the paper about a baby crying at a Trump event.  At first, he assured the mother it was okay.  He loved babies.  Two minutes later, he tells security to remove them. Then he turns to his mob and says did the mother really believe he liked crying babies while he speaks.  Wouldn't you like to be that mother?  I wonder if that was an honer for her to be thrown out by Trump?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Heat is On

I guess they did not think we got enough of the heat yesterday.  They ran a test of the generator for an hour.  It knocked off the air.  We got to enjoy some more hot air.  I guess we have to be prepared.  It is hurricane season.  They have some forming.  I don't think it will hit us.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Throwing in the Towel

Today was hot.  Our air was off for half the day.  On top of that, my computer decided to keep rebooting.  It happened about 4 times, before it finally stopped.  At one point, I told my supervisor that I was going to strip down to my shorts.  She said I needed to put a warning on the door.  The air came on in the afternoon.

Stranger Things

If you have Netflix, you have to check out this show.  It is a show similar to the X-files meets some of the best Eighties films.  Films like The Explorers, ET, The Goonies, etc.  The soundtrack sounds like something out of a John Carpenter film.  It has some actors from the Eighties, like Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine.  I have watched one episode.  I am hooked.  I am looking forward to the rest of the show.

Fishing for Views

We were out running errands.  Angie got a text or alert that a seafood restaurant was celebrating a year in business.  We decided to check it out.  We drove to one restaurant in Apopka.  It was not the restaurant we were looking for.  She looked at the address again.  It was closer to our house.  We headed home.  As you got closer, you could see the bounce house.  We parked and headed to the tables they had set out.  They were still setting up.  It was hot out.  At least, they had shade to offer.  Once they started, we lined up.  The two eldest did not want any.  That's not correct.  One can not eat seafood, due to allergies and the other did not want any.  I did find that surprising.  She likes seafood.  I think she was holding out for Taco Bell.  They gave us crabs, grits, potatoes, shrimps and wings.  It was really good.  Haley even found something to eat.  She does not eat solid foods that often.  She liked a crab fried rice that had made.  Overall, it was a fun outing.  Yes, the girls still got their Taco Bell.

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Kiersten tried the loft.  She hates it.  Besides that, the ladder was not that easy for her to maneuver.  I have started to dismantle the bunk.  It is pretty easy to do.  I just had to take out some screws.  Now comes the fun part.  I have to lift the bed off the lower part.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Working in a Sauna

Friday, the air only worked intermittently.  Today, I am not surprised to find it not working in my office.  If feels like a sauna.  All I need is a towel and a ladle and water.  I will have to check my weight to see if I was able to sweat any off.  On the plus side, I did get to wear shorts today.

Two More Weeks

I am at work again.  It's Saturday.  It's that time of the year.  We are entering crunch time.  I will be here a lot until the work is done.  Elana has already forgotten about me.  I tried to hold her and she would have none of that.  I think it is due to the time she spent away from me.  I look forward to mid August.  It will be time to rest again.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Shtick it to Me!

We went to a Chinese fast food place for dinner.  This is not the place you would expect a comedy show.  The woman behind the counter looked like she had worked a full day.  When I came time for me to order, I ordered the Bourbon Chicken.  She said Sorry Sir, we do not have bourbon chicken today. I asked of honey chicken.  She looks up and says we do not have that today, sir.  I guess I had a look on my face.  She broke into laughter.  She was just joking, she wanted to see what I'd say.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why Reply?

I belong to a site on Facebook for people who went to South Oceanside Elementary School.  I was hoping one day, someone will write on it and I will remember going to school with that person.  When I left in the 80's, I lost all touch with any of them.  The other day, someone posted about a principal and the 4th and 5th grade.  I remember that guy.  I posted to ask what year and said he drove a Corvette.  You know what, I got no reply.  Why do people post things and don't reply?  This happens when we sell things online, also.  People inquire about it and then nothing.  Is it just a fun thing to do?   Are they just looking for certain replies?   I just don't understand.

It's Thursday, I Think!

I figure if I write it, I will remember the tomorrow is Friday.  That way, I can dress down at work.  The way things are going, I will be here on Saturday.  We are getting down to crunch time.  I think there is only about two weeks left.  There is much more to do.  At the same time, the girls have to start preparing.  School is around the corner.  I think I am looking forward to that.  It will give my girls something to do.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Late Night Chess with my Daughters

I woke up last night.  I heard what I thought was the news.  I was thinking "no, it's not time to wake!".  I got up to check my phone and it was 11:00.  My daughters were still up.  I made my move.  I went and told them to go to bed.  Kiersten folded.  Michelle countered my move.  She sat there and said no.  I sat there looking at the board.  What move will I make?  I countered her move by going into the great room and unplugging a device.  I go back and say "Check".  Time for bed.  She looks at me and says what are you talking about, still looking at the Internet.  I grab my phone and go back to see what I had unplugged.  It was some device Angie uses to enhance phone service.  I plugged it back in.  I found the router and unplugged in.  I go back and say Check Mate!  She was not happy.  She put down her computer and goes to the living room.  She still has a device.  I sit for a couple of minutes.  Finally, I plug it back in and go to bed.  I don't know if she found that I had plugged it in.  At least it was quiet. If she were not so mad at me, she would have replied "Well played father!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rain with a Chance of Sun

I was driving home today.  The sun was right in my eyes.  Then, all of a sudden, rain starts falling.  I can't even see the clouds because of the sun.  Only in Florida.

Haley's Progress

Haley is being fitted for hearing aids.  This is the next step she has to go through.  They don't know if she will be able to hear.  She has to try because of insurance.  After this, they will decide if she will be a candidate of a cochlear implant.  Over the last month, she has put on weight.  She is no longer the frail child, she once was.  She is very active.  She loves to get into things.  She also seems to like dolls.  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Safari Gone Wrong

I was reading some news the other day from China.  They had a story about a person getting out of their car and being attacked by a Tiger.  We went on a safari in Harbin.  Our bus was decked out in barbed wire and plates to cover the wheels.  I had no desire to leave the vehicle.  I guess my main concern would be like something out of a horror movie.  Last bus goes through.  It breaks down and everyone leaves the park.  Sort of like Jurassic Park with Tigers.

Mr. Robot Season 1

I finished season one of Mr. Robot.  It is a great show.  This is a show that does not follow a traditional storyline.  It has twists.  I think you will be rewarded if you want to watch a show that is not as predictable as most shows are.  I am looking forward to season 2, but I wonder where will it go?  Next up:  Stranger Things on Netflix.

Crazy for the Heat!

I went into the yard to pull weeds yesterday.  I pushed myself to do so.  If I don't, I won't do it.  It was hot.  The sun was blaring down.  I did manage to fill a trash bag.  I still have weeds to pull.  Then, I want to add some more plants and a sprinkler.  I just have to keep the motivation up.  I wish I could motivate my daughters into helping.


I got to see Kayla yesterday.  She informed me that she was going to see the new Ghostbusters.  I asked if I could and she said no.  After working in the yard, I sat down and watched the original Ghostbusters.  It's a great movie.  Unlike these people that are getting mad, I feel it can be built upon.  I can't wait to see the new one.  I think the women will add another dimension to this story.  To me, there is room for more Ghostbusters.  What did people want? The older comedians walking around with canes or a group of new male Ghostbusters.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

X-Men Review

I know it is late.  The movie is about to come out on DVD.  I just want to throw my two cents into the ring.  The movie is a worthy entry to the past titles.  There is action, drama, and humor.  If you see the movie, you will know the humor when you see it.  It's not a blink and you will miss it moment.  They slowed it down, so you would catch it.  The villain was great.  It's funny how this entry came out on an election year.  The villain uses anger and fear to get people to follow him.  Sound familiar?  If you are like me and not seen this entry, go out and see it.  You won't be disappointed.  It's funny, they even comment about how the third movie in a trilogy usually is a let down.  This is the third of a second X-men trilogy.  Remember the third of the first trilogy?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Out With the Girls

X-Men has made it to the budget theater.  I asked Michelle and Kiersten if they wanted to go.  One said yes, the other said if she gets popcorn.

Found an Extra Work Day

I went into work this morning.  We are starting to get into crunch time and the system had a hiccup.  I'm sure there will be a few more days like this.

Not a Paid Reviewer

The other day, I saw a story that studios or game companies were paying social media people for their reviews.  As you probably can tell or not, I do not get paid.  I say what I think.  Even if I don't like a movie, someone may like that type of movie.  As for games, I can't review them.  I don't play most games until they are a relic.  You can be assured that what I say has not been paid for.  I don't think they would pay me for my reviews.  If they wanted to give free tickets, I'd go for that.  It won't change what I say.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dude, Where'd my Day Go?

I woke this morning.  I got my work clothes and got dressed.  As I am talking to Angie, I tell her I might have to work Saturday.  She says, Tomorrow?  No, I say.  Tomorrow is Thursday.  She says, no it's Friday.  I take out my phone.  Sure enough, it's Friday.  I am not dressed down.  Oh well!


Angie and the girls returned.  Kiersten brought in Elana.  She was content, until she put her down.  I grabbed her and let her know I was there.  She wanted me to stand.  I stood for about a half hour or so.  Then, Kiersten need a sheet for her bed.  I gave Elana to her.  By that time, Elana was getting comfortable being home.

Kiersten got to see her bed.  Now, she wants me to bring it from a loft to a single bed.  She says she does not like it.  I am hoping that she tries it and decides to keep it a loft.

Michelle seemed happy to be back.  She was not happy with the pasta I had in the fridge.  She asked if she could have some.  I said sure.  It had been in the freezer for awhile.  I just wanted to use it up.  She took one bite and she did not want more.  She said it tasted like it had been in the freezer.  I said it had.  I finished it.  It tasted fine to me.

Mia was happy to see all her toys.  Haley started crawling around and got into things.  Everything got back to normal pretty quick.

In a Blink of an Eye

That is how quickly the house went from clean to not so clean.  I am hoping Angie and the girls will be able to build upon what I have done.  It will mean getting rid of things.  The little ones have already started going into things and tossing them on the floor.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

RNC Update

No I did not watch it.  I was asleep by 9:00.  I did watch the news this morning.  Our Governor and AG spoke.  Please look at the Governor of Florida and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.  Do they not resemble each other?  They think like each other, also.  The AG made it because she backed off a lawsuit against Trump University.  He even gave her a large donation to her re election fund.

The Return

I get to see my family today.  They are returning from their vacation.  I hope the little ones do not have as much to mess up the house.  They are children, they will find something.  My older daughters have about three weeks and they go back to school.  I can't wait.  I'd rather see them do homework than play on their devices.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Free Food!

This week our local Chick Fil A is doing a school drive.  Bring in some supplies and get a biscuit.  I love this time of year.  Usually, I try to go every day.  It started Monday and today is my first day going.  I have the rest of this week and next.

A Relaxing Night

After the storms, the climate outside was nice.  I went for a walk after dinner.  If the weather stays this way, I might try to do this more often.  I also watched two more episodes of Mr. Robot.  It's a really good show.  I finished with a chapter from the book I am reading.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rain All the Way Home

I got wet.  It was that way all the way home.  Sometimes it was hard, sometimes slow.  Traffic stayed slow.  Glad to be home.

Timed Wrong

I am about to leave.  Outside, I hear thunder.  Hopefully, I will be in the car before it begins to pour.

Christian Rap?

When you think of rap or hip hop, you probably do not add Christian to that thought.  I was at the dentist the other day and that is what I heard.  They tend to play a Christian station.  They were playing a Christian rap song.  I guess you can rap to anything.  In Korea, they rap.

Another Long Night

No one in the house.  It was quiet.  I turned on the TV and nothing was on.  For humor, I watched some of the convention.  Every time you hear these people speak it's like The Village of the Damned.  They all have the same speech to give.  They must pass out the speaking notes at the front door.  "Remember when mentioning Hillary, you must say 'Crooked Hillary'!"  You can only watch so much of that.  When you look at the convention, you can see why they are The Grand OLD Party.  I wonder if there is an age limit to get in?  No one under 55, unless accompanied by someone who is 75.

I finally settled on Mr. Robot.  I watched two more episodes.  It is an interesting show.  It is not for kids.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Running Out of Time

Sunday was my last day of mass cleaning.  Angie and the girls will be coming home soon.  Hopefully, I have the house at a level where Angie can get ahead.  I went through more boxes, moved exercise equipment and did my final organization.  Now I only have one or two things to put up or get rid of.  Next weekend, I will probably focus on the center garden, if possible.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


One of the projects I worked on was to wash a pillow pet.  You have to wash them on delicate and the air dry.  I put it out in the sun.  I checked on it, later in the day.  After returning from my errands, I sat down to read.  While doing so, I heard the rain start.  I was thinking that we are finally getting rain.  Then I jumped up and ran outside.  I had forgotten about the pillow pet.  So much for sun drying.

Hit the Ground Running

Yesterday was a full work day.  After a bowl of cereal, I started housework. I wanted to get some last minute things done before everyone returned.  I cleaned clothes, the floors, the bathrooms and went through some boxes.  When I was done, it was afternoon.  I went to get some food and run an errand.  By the time I got home, all the work had caught up to my body.  It was time to rest.  I still have a couple of things to do, but I am a little closer to the finish line.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Mowing Down the Heat

I got home yesterday and it was not cloudy.  I changed and got outside to mow the yard.  As usual, it was hot.  It had to be down.  Recent rain had spurred some growth. When I finished, I turned on some sprinklers to see if I could fix them.  I found two that were broken.  One was at the sprinkler itself.  All I had to do was unscrew it and put in a new one.  I tried on the second one.  The whole thing came up.  By that I mean the base it screws into.  To fix it, I will have to cut away the piping and replace the corner base that was damaged.  I dug the hole to prepare, but a storm was heading my way.  Once inside, I found that I need to buy some piping to fix it.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Version of Pokemon Go

I have been reading about Pokemon Go.  I don't think I will be joining in the search.  It sounds like it is getting people to get out of their houses and walk.  People are even interacting.  Unfortunately, criminals are taking advantage of preoccupied searchers.  Businesses should contact Nintendo about placing them in their establishments.  Maybe they can sell drinks to them if they are thirsty.  My version on Pokemon Go is this blog.  Everyday, I check to see if any new countries have visited.  I also see if any have dropped off.   The other day, I have someone from Mauritius like at the site.  Yesterday, it was the Dominican Republic.  I wish the site listed all visitors, even states, but it does not.  Only top viewers.

Mr. Robot

I was sitting at home trying to find something to watch.  I didn't want a movie.  I looked at shows that were available.  I found Mr. Robot.  I've heard about it due to winning some awards.  I thought I'd give it a chance.  I like it.  It's about a hacker who tries to do good by society.  It's sort of like Dexter.  He even saves his hacks on a disk, like Dexter saved blood samples of his victims.  I am looking forward to seeing more of this show.

Survived the Torture

I survived.  It was painful.  Even though it was a cleaning, he still poked and prodded with sharp instruments.  At one point, all I could taste is blood.  Just when I thought it was over, he pulled out the pokers and started again.  To finish, they told me I need another crown.  The woman at the front desk was trying to convince me that $600 + was a great deal because I had insurance.  I didn't think so.  I have to decide whether to go through with it or not.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Let the Torture Begin

I'm not a big fan of dental visits.  Now I sit and wait for a checkup.  I hope for a quick check and cleaning.  I hope that the don't find anything.  In the past, it always seems like they find a tooth that needs a crown.  Insurance does not pay much for them.

Under Pressure

Today is a day for the song Under Pressure, by Queen and David Bowie.  My job can be stressful.  Some take stress differently.  I just look at the situation and try to fix it or find out why it turned out a certain way.  That might mean reading between the lines.  When you work with computers and programs, they are not always perfect.  Then you have to come up with evidence to convince others.  I think it's time all take a drink of some calming tea and take a breath.

Lunch for Today

As I was driving home last night, I stopped by another location and was able to get a sandwich for lunch.  After I put in my order, the line grew.  Luckily, I made it early.  I tried to stop at one more location.  When I pulled into the driveway, I saw the line in the restaurant.  It was looped around the dining area.  I was happy with my one sandwich.  It was not worth the wait.  A storm was building and I wanted to get home before it hit.

My Day with K

I went to pick up my daughter after work.  We went to Chick Fil A for the Cow Appreciation Day.  She got to dress up and get a sandwich.  After, I bought her an ice cream.  It was a fun outing.  I am hoping we can do a movie in the future.  We have not done a movie outing in a long time.  She gets to go a lot with her group.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Day From Hell

I am trying to find a needle in the haystack.  It happens from time to time.  It is always  a big spreadsheet with lots of numbers.  There is not one number off.  I have had to go back and forth trying to whittle down to the cause.  I hope I can get this done by the time I have to leave.

The Infiltrator

I saw the movie.  It was good.  It was a little deja vu from other undercover drug movies.  For people that have not seen many of those, it is worth a watch.  I had also been watching Narcos on Netflix.  That is the story from a detective and Escobar's point of view.  This movie was one of the many side bust they did on there way to bring down his cartel.

Breakfast is Served

I got my cow outfit on and headed to Chick Fil A.  I have a shirt with black shoe polish spots from last year.  I have the hat they gave us.  I went in and just ordered a sandwich.  After I left there, I went to another up the road.  Now I have breakfast and lunch.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Movie Night is On!

Stayed late at work.  The theater is on the way home.  I decifrd to give it a chance.  Now, I am sitting in a good seat and did not have to wait three hours.

Cow Appreciation Day

Tomorrow is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A.  I might have to visit a couple of locations.  I am trying to meet up with my daughter, so she can experience it also.  If you have one near by, don't forget to get some cow apparel on and stop by.  It's worth a free sandwich.

Movie Day?

I have a ticket for the Infiltrator.  I don't know if I want to see it.  I have seen a couple of movies about Escobar and a TV show on Netflix.  I think I will be a repeat of a twice told storyline.  I like Bryan Cranston as an actor.  I will have to decide.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


I love this movie. I read that some of the cast will be at Comic Con in San Diego. I'd love to see that.  I put the movie last night.  It still made me jump.  I am looking forward to the sequel the District 9 director is planning.  It is supposed to be a direct sequel to Aliens.  Not only that, we have Ridley Scott's sequel to Prometheus that will tie into Alien.


I woke this morning wondering where to begin.  Due to heat, I decided to work in the garage.  I cleaned one section.  Then I grabbed a hoe and started doing the edging.  After a couple of minutes, I realized this was going to take too long.  I grabbed the weed whacker.  I trimmed the edging.  Since we do not have a blower, I had to sweep up the debris.  Now, I am cooling down.  Too much heat. At least the HOA will be happy.


I went out to survey the lawn.  Everything is getting cooked by the extreme heat we have had.  I turned on the water to help some of the plants out.  Just a trickle.  On Sundays, they seem to lower the pressure or it's just everyone watering at the same time.  The news had good weather news.  Our high has moved.  This might increase our chances of rain.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Whar to Do?

I woke up and jumped into cleaning.  I moved things around.  I cleaned a closet out and realized that everything had to go back.  It will eventually go into a storage container.  Now, I am going through boxes.  I just don't know where things are going to go.

Friday, July 8, 2016

What Died in my Car?

I was driving in my car after work.  It is hot out there.  I caught a smell of something.  It smelled as if something was rotting.  I ignored it.  Later, I smelled the aroma again.  I looked in the back.  I found what was.  I had brought a banana smoothie to work.  By the time I arrived, I was done.  That was Wednesday.

Another Quiet Weekend?

I plan on more house work.  I know I have to attend to the yard.  I was thinking about doing that tonight.  It depends on storms.  I hope to get to some of the rooms I did not get to last week end.  I have to get myself motivated.  During the week, I have not been doing much.

Organizing a Meeting

I had a meeting this morning.  It was probably the second one that I have organized.  I had to moderate the meeting.  It's a step outside of my comfort zone.  It was only a few people and I made it through it.  I was not that nervous.  Maybe I can do it for a bigger group in the future.  I'm not rushing.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A New Way to Promote Florida

With the release of Ghostbusters and the green slime on our coastline, I've thought how our state can promote it. We invite people to visit the coast to see the slime.  "Cone to Florida where we've been slimed! Also, check out Ghostbusters!"  Then, they can educate people that this kind if slime is hazardous and ways to stop it from it.


The movie was good.  I found it to be a cautionary tale for teens infatuated with dares on the Internet.  I know my girls would have enjoyed the movie.  It is the tale of a girl who is encouraged into joining this website as a player.  At first, the dares are simple.  They become more sinister as the movie goes on.  Once in, the girl discovers it is not that easy to get out.

Dark Sky

I got out of the movie around 8:30.  It was dark out.  I rushed to my car before it started raining.  Driving home, there was rain, lightning, thunder and idiots.  People were driving slow or they were just making stupid decisions.  I was glad to get home in one piece.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Taco Bell Wins

I settled for Taco Bell.  I hope my stomach forgives me.  It tasted good, but I feel my stomach rumbling.  Now, I am sweating outside the theater.

Hanging Out Before the Movie

Tonight, the are giving out numbers.  I don't have to stay at the theater.  It is hot out there.  I'm sitting at the mall.  I'm trying to decide if I want to get something to eat.


I have a movie tonight.  It's called Nerve.  It looks interesting.  I'll have to see.  I've seen a similar movie on Netflix.  The only difference was that the contest was from a phone call.  This one starts as a Truth or Dare on the computer, without the truth.  I guess the social community dictates what the contestant does.

An Icee for a Phone

I was talking to Angie yesterday.  She put Elana on the phone.  She said things like she usually says.  She asked if she was okay.  She talked about hyper diapers.  That's her way of saying she is wet.  She got into her favorite subject Icees.  Before I was finished, she was taking off from Angie with her phone.  Angie thought she was trying to trade her phone for an Icee.

Running on Empty

You could say that is my week.  I am so tired, I am running on empty.  When I started my car this morning, I was running on empty.  The light was on.  I did not know how much gas I had left.  I held my breath all the way to the gas station.  I was wondering how I was going to get gas to my car if it ran out.  Luckily, I made it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I went to bed around 9:00.  All I could here was firecrackers going off.  Mixed in, it sounded like mother nature was putting on a show also.  I could swear I heard some more deep sounding booms.  I drifted off around 10:00.  I don't know how long the fireworks went off for.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Isn't it Refreshing

I was driving in the car.  I heard a commercial for a soft drink.  They claimed it was so refreshing.  I had just had one.  Halfway through it, I wanted water.  I don't know what happened to that refreshing felling.  The only thing I felt was thirst.

Out of the House

I decided to venture out into the world.  It is hot out here.  I came to one of our tourist zones.  I did find a deal at the Disney store.  As the day goes by, more people fill into this establishment.  I'm ready to go back home.  I have a shop to do before I can leave.  Word of warning, if you come to Orlando and your complexion is pasty white, lather up in suntan lotion before you go out.  Our sun is brutal.  Your complexion can go from white to lobster red.

Visiting the Grandparents

When I was younger, visiting the grandparents meant going to Connecticut. My grand parents lived in the Town of Chester.  As a child, I did not appreciate as much as I would now.  To my younger self, it was a boring little town.  If I had a device, it would have been a Walkman.

Fast forward to today.  My daughters are visiting the grandparents. They have their Kindles and Ipods.  From what I hear, they are just sitting around playing on the devices.  Angie even took them away for a time.

Feeling the Work

Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning the garage.  Then I moved to the bedroom.  Now, I am feeling the pain.  I think today may be a day of rest. I have so much to do.  It really helps when your children are out of the house.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Three Day Break

This is our big break until renewals are done.  I have spent my time cleaning.  Today, I tackled the garage.  I wanted to clean off some tables and move a fridge.  It was in the center and I wanted it against the wall.  Although it was hot, I managed to accomplish one side.  Next week, I think I will go after the other.

Repurposing the Bunk

Kiersten has been asking me to clear off the top bunk of her bed.  That meant relocating the posters.  I have been putting it off.  This weekend, I had plenty of time.  I started by moving the posters.  Then, I had to find the parts to the upper bunk.  As I looked at the bunk, I realized I could change it into a loft.  I removed the bottom railing.  I found the rails and ladder.  After adding, I realized that the ladder had to attach to the bottom rail.  I went into the garage and looked for inspiration.  I found a board that I could cut and attach to the bed.  I actually had to use the table saw and drill.  Once attached, it looked good.  I even got on the top bunk.  It seems sturdy.  I hope Kiersten is surprised.  She will have things to go through, though.

Weeding Out the Posters

When I worked on Kiersten's room, I broke down and started weeding out posters.  There are a lot of them.  When I saved them, I thought that people would want to buy them.  Once I posted on Ebay, all I heard was crickets.  I tried to sell them to raise money for our adoptions.  Still, no takers.  I felt it is time to get rid of those that won't sell.  Now the garbage can is full.  I still have a lot of posters.  I hope that some will sell.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Work Night

After I ate, I decided to work in one of my daughter's rooms.  She want to sleep on the top bunk. To do that, I have to move my posters.  Before moving them, I took a look at some of my mass quantity posters.  I decided it was time to throw them away.  I have tried selling them and had no takers.  Then, I went back and forth with armloads of posters.  Once done, I moved the mattress and took apart some of the bottom bunk.  I am trying to make a loft.  Next up, I need to move the stuff under the bed and add th ladder.  I might need to create something to assist with that, if it depends on thr bottom railing.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Holiday Driving in Orlando

For some, holiday driving means less people on the road.  If you live in a tourist zone, you know that means more people.  We can be hit and miss in Orlando.  The tourist zone is to the west of where I live and work.  All it takes is one accident and I-4 can become a mess.  This morning, I had time to turn on the news.  I saw two accidents.  I-4 was not moving.  I took the back roads.  I am hoping this afternoon is lighter.  That might not happen.  NASCAR is having races in Daytona.  It will depend on the time of the races and our afternoon storms.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mowing Down the Yard

I rushed home to get the yard cut.  During the summer, we get afternoon storms.  I thought I was going to get rained out.  The yard needed to be cut. Our HOA will send us a letter if we don't.  I hit some rain, but as I got home, it was gone.  We still need the rain.  The grass lucks thirsty.

Sausage Party Mix up

I read a story that brought me back to my days at the movie theater.  A theater showed a red band trailer for Sausage Party before a screening of Finding Dory.  Red Band is a trailer that has things that you would see in an R rated movie.  It could have language, nudity, and/or extreme violence.  When I was running a theater, we had the movie called Small Soldiers.  I had seen the movie before showing it.  It had toys killing people.  It's sort of like Gremlins with toys.  It was also PG-13.  I showed a preview to a new Halloween movie.  On the first day, a mother come out of the theater.  She was upset that we had that preview on the movie.  First of all, it was a green band movie.  Second of all, Small Soldiers was not a movie for small kids.  I think parents thought it was because it had toys in it.  When I put the preview on the movie, it was sort of an alert to the kind of film they were about to watch.  In the end, I took off the preview.  I don't think it was as bad as showing Sausage Party before Finding Dory.

My Two Cents

I got to do a survey last night.  I did not exactly know what it would be until I started it.  It turned out to be about news in Orlando.  They asked about our listening habits for the news.  Then, they played snippets of stations.  We had a cross section of people.  You had left leaning, center leaning and right leaning.  It was an interesting evening,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Kiersten did not go to see the movie last night.  She helped to get Elana to bed.  Elana was laying on Kiersten's stomach.  A short time later, she texted Angie to ask what she could do with Elana?  Angie told her not to move her because it would wake her.  So started sending pictures of herself to Angie.  Eventually, she figured out that she could move her over.

Annoying People

One of the reasons I hate paying for movies is that you always get stuck near some annoying person.  You could be the only person in the theater and that person will gravitate to you.  If that's going to happen, it might as well be free.  I can't say much about it.  At that point, I would say talking during the movie would be the only thing I should not have to hear.  It happens.  Last night, we had the most annoying duo sit near us.  It was like to teenage girls.  They talked like teenagers talk now a days.  In my time, it was called valley girl or valley dude talk.  When they speak they tend to drag sounds that do not need to be dragged.  They talked about Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, American Horror Story, etc.  I was so glad when the move started.

Tarzan Movie

Michelle and I went to see Tarzan, last night.  We enjoyed the movie.  It had fun parts and lots of acting.  Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz are great in anything they do.  Alexander Skarsgard was great as Tarzan.  As I look at the reviews, I guess others may not agree with me.  We had fun watching this film.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are You one of the Priveleged?

So, I am in the movie line.  This person asked why am standing where I am st.  I'm like 60th in line.  I guess my response would be I don't have friends saving a place in the line.  One reason I hate sneaks.

Easy Riders

The other day, Angie was cleaning out the garage.  Kiersten and Michelle were helping with their sisters.  Kiersten went out and asked if she could drive her sisters on Angie's bike.  It's a three wheel with a basket.  They found a way to place Haley in the basket and drove her around.  After that, she brought Elana out for a drive, also.

Wheeling and Dealing

Elana was up bright and early.  I sat with her while I got my shoes on.  I tried putting a hat on her head.  She through it off.  Neither her, nor Haley will wear a hat.  Come to think of it, most of my girls will not wear a hat.  After that, she got down and started looking for Icees and strollers.  She found the wheelchair.  She was happy.  That is until she found out that there was no one to push her around.  It was time for me to go.

Movie Night: Tarzan

I got tickets for this movie the other day.  It looks like Michelle and I will be enjoying it.  Kiersten said no as soon as I mentioned it.  Michelle hadn't really seen anything, so she gave the preview a chance.  Halfway into it, she said she wanted to see it.  I had my doubts when I heard it was being made.  Between the 80's and 90's there were a couple of Tarzan movies.  I was not a big fan of those, even the Disney version was a let down.  I still can't figure out how Tarzan can go sliding around tree branches and not tear up his feet (Disney version).  I guess they had him do that to appeal to snowboarding kids.  This Tarzan looks good.  They have to great actors and a good director.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

From Stroller to Wheelchair

Elana talks about strollers all the time.  When you put her in one, she has a fit.  When I got home, I found Elana sitting in Kayla's old wheelchair.  She is happy.  I don't know if it will last long.  At least, she is not hitting hear head.

No Rush

I woke at my usual time morning.  I took a shower, go dressed and headed to the kitchen.  As I was headed there, so was Elana.  I ate my bowl of cereal.  I saw that I had about 20 minutes before I had to leave.  I sat down with her before rushing off.  She was making some noises, mainly asking for an Icee.  Angie walked into the room with Haley.  She thought I had already left.  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Michelle's Food Fantasy

We were driving home yesterday.  Michelle saw a sign for $2.00 pulled pork tacos.  That got her onto ribs.  She said that she lived in a world like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  It would rain ribs.  When she was ready for one, she'd go out with her plate to eat.

So Much fo Refreshing

Michelle and I made it to the pool.  I wanted to cool off from the extreme heat.  I jumped in and it was hot.  It was a little cool on the top level.  We stayed for about an hour.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day with the Girls

Today was a fun day.  I got to spend it with most of my daughters.  One got to see Batman V Superman.  While they watched, I brought the others to the mall.  We window shopped.  Michelle discovered she wants to collect the Funko Pop toys.  We found two of them.  Then we went in search of food.  All and all, it was a good day.  Elana and Haley will be happy to get out of their car seats.

I Hear the Pool Calling My Name

After dropping off Kayla, it will be pool time.  I think Michelle and I might go for a dip.  It will depend on the weather.  If it does not storm.  Storms in the afternoon include lightning.

Hot in Fla

It's a hot day.  My plants are probably cooking on the vine.  I try to keep them watered.  I have not been at home to help them.  I think I am going to change over to tropical trees and cacti.

Shopping with Teens

I am getting of an age where I hate shopping.  I hate it more with my teen daughters. They keep arguing or playing around.  One daughter brings up purchases from the past.  Remember when you bought Michelle something.  You owe me. I'm surprsed she doesn't say, remember that steak dinner when you were in your 20's, well you owe me.  The worst thing is that they have no concept of money.  They want evryryhing, no matter the cost.  Don't even bother to ask them to help.  That is like talking to an empty room.

New Florida Lesson

We've talked about gators and microscopic organisms.  Now, I want to talk beach safety.  The Atlantic side of Florida can be kind of dangerous.  During warm times, you have to watch out for dangers in the water and out of the water.  Sharks tend to like our beaches as much as everyone else does.  I think they like all the different food options.  If you see small fish in the shallow areas, I'd watch for sharks.  Another danger are vehicles.  Some beaches allow driving on the sand.  We stay away from those beaches.  To many people get run over by these vehicles.  Finally, if the clouds are black, that is not the best time for a selfie.  Lightning strikes can happen at any time.  They don't give much warning.

Friday, June 24, 2016

One Thing at a Time

I had the day off, since Haley had her test.  I had a couple of plans.  I thought they'd last the whole weekend.  I an happy ti sat most of it is completed.  I moved a dresser to Angie's craft area, cleaned up my Itunes. Cleared my bookshelf, made a run to Goodwill and rearranged some furniture in the kitchen.  I still have clothes to go through and a shelf to build.  Within the last two days, I sped up my laptop. I don't know if I will need a replacement.  I guess I will have to start my Mandarin lessons via the program we bought.  I need to see if the little ones messed up the headset.

It's A No Go

Haley had her hearing test.  As far as they could tell, sound does not make it from her ear to her brain.  Next up, she will be fitted for a hearing aid.  The final step will be a cochlear implant.  While this is going on, we will probably need to start learning sign language.

Independence Day Returns

Angie and I were working at the theater when the first Independence Day came out.  The film company encouraged us to do a promotion.  We took a kid's pool, painted it and attached it to the ceiling.  We were trying to replicate the scene where a ship hovers over the White House.  I can't. Remember if we made clouds or not.  The movie corporation was not impressed with the display.  The same could be said with the movie.  I found it over rated.  It looked like the movie corporation did not give them enough money to create aliens.  It was a big movie at the time.

Today, it returns to the big screen.  It looks like the got money for aliens.  Is it any good? One point of concern is when the film corporation does not have many previews and has a embargo on reviews. One of the original actors did not come back.  I'm sure it woll do well, but I won't be surprised if it's just okay. For me, the original was more about the special effects than story.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Can you Hear Me?

Angie takes Haley for a hearing test tomorrow.  At this point, I think they will be fitting her for a hearing aid.  I can't wait to see how she adjusts with a hearing aid.  I just hope it all goes well and as planned.

Angie told me that the hearing aid will be another visit.  It will just be a hearing test under meds.

Early to Work

I'm at work.  I left early because I have children in a sleepover and Elana was walking around early.  My hope was that if I left and she was not fully aeake, she might go back to sleep.  We'll see if that happens.

Hello Troll!

I got a Facebook friend request. It came from one of my aunts.  I can't remember if we were friends, so I accepted.  Then, I looked her up.  She had two pages.  One had posts and the other did not. I even noticed that the first post I read was about her account being hacked.  It didn't occurr to me until she messaged me.  It started with a how are you.  I'm fine, busy but fine.  Next thing I know she starts saying she's happy about the Powerball.  Red lights started going off in my head.  I unfriended the imposter.  If I stayed on the conversation, they would have offered me some of the money in exchange for information or something like that.  Beware the Troll!

Quiet Evening

Last night was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The girls were quiet.  I did wake around 11:00.  They were still up.  I told them that it was time go to bed.  If all sleepovers were like this, I'd have no problems.  I think this was the exception.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sleepover Dropoff Zone

It looks like Michelle's friend is sleeping over.  She was going to another friends house.  That friend could not have a sleepover.  Now they look toward our house.  The child's mother had already dropped her off.  We let it happen.

Stars Tend to Shine so Bright

Just found out the news about Michael Jackson.  If it's true, that is ridiculous.  Why did that information not come out when he was being investigated?  I think it shed light on the allegations.  Did the people investigating him become star struck?  That should make you think twice about letting kids hang around actors/musicians that like to have kids around.  I think that information should have been released and shown to a jury.  It goes back to my last gripe.  Why do we idolize these people?  They are like everyone else.  That means they can commit crimes and do other bad things.  

Our Team Won, Woo Hoo!

Why do people get so excited when a sports team wins a big game?  I used to like sports.  I guess I'd feel the same way.  I lost that appeal in the 90's.  Athletes are overpaid.  Owners are so cheap, but reap so much money.  They blackmail cities into buying them bigger and new stadiums.  When they win, do they agree to pay off more money than my tax dollars?  No, they beg for more corporate welfare.  The players only care about themselves.  They drive around in flashy cars and have huge entourages.  When they get older or are not as big as they one were, the entourage disappears.  I heard a story after the NBA championship.  You'd think the people of Cleveland won the lottery.  Will their lives be any better?  Will the team help eradicate poverty in the city?  I doubt it.  They might try to eradicate poverty for their lowest paid employees or players, but it will not be in spite of the owner and star players.  Heaven forbid that you ask a star to take a pay cut of a couple of million to help out the fellow team members.  They have generations of families to earn for.  Forget the here and now, they want to make sure that there is a dynasty with there name on it.  Getting back to my gripe.  What's the big deal when a team wins?  My life goes on.  There are still children living in poverty.  Some who are looking for forever families.  This win does not impact their life.

A Typical Orlando Day

I am driving to work.  I am about to get onto I-4.  Interstate 4 for those not in the know.  An ambulance turns ahead of me with it's light flashing.  Then, I turn onto the entrance ramp and see a dreadful sight.  Traffic is not moving.  We have an accident up ahead.  I see a helicopter doing circles in the sky.  Its either a big accident that makes for great news or there is not much going on.  As I wait in line, a fire truck comes down the side of the road.  It turns out to be minor and the people taking care of it are quick and efficient. I might not be as early as I'd like, but I still have time to write a post or two.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Well Thought Our Strategy

Today, Taco Bell gave out free tacos.  When I got home, I loaded up the girls and we jumped in the car.  Within 5-10 miles of the house, we have three.  We went to each location and got three each.  We would have had four each, but Elana was asleep.  We save about $15.00.  I spent $2.00 on happy hour freezes.

Day of the Taco

After work, I plan to make a trip with 3 of my daughters.  I will take them to get their free Doritos Locos Taco.  I think Elana will be getting a Fiery taco.  She seems to like them.  I know Michelle and Kiersten like them.  Michelle loves Taco Bell period.  A day spent there is like a day in heaven.

Found Another New Show

Summers can be a real drag.  Usually, there is nothing on TV.  That is unless you watch the summer series or reality junk.  I went to On Demand to see if there was anything to watch.  I found something.   The Jim Gaffigan Show.  I thought I'd give it a chance.  I liked it.  Angie says that it was okay.  If you are looking for a fun show check it out.  Season 2 is about to begin.  It airs on TV Land.

A Small Irish Island

The other day, a friend posted a story about a small Irish island trying to woo people trying to escape a Trump Presidency.  It's called Inishturk.  Just looking at it, I think I would be interested in it.  Angie might find it a little too isolated.  I would love to move to the country of my families heritage.  I have Irish on both sides of my family.  I just wish I had the money to live off of.  My daughters would probably suffer from isolation.  If they did not have WiFi, I think they would go into major withdrawal.  If I did a move like that, how would we live.  I would just have to become a full time author.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Free Tacos June 21, 2016

I just read a story that between 2-6 pm, at Taco Bell, you can get a free Doritos Locos Taco.  I know my girls will be attending.  Three of them love Doritos Locos.  We just found out that Elana was a fan.  If you have a Taco Bell near by, stop by and get a taco.

Perfect Timing

I had Elana on my back, while we were at the mall.  I pulled out the camera, well, my phone.  I tried to do a selfie.  I caught Elana at just the right moment.  The picture is not the greatest.  I had some lights bleeding into the picture, but it was Elana waving at the camera that made this a decent picture.  Of course, she can't see the phone in my hand, but you'd think she was waving for the picture.

Morning Shuffle

I came into work with my new father's day toys.  I had to move some stuff around on the shelf.  I added a new Star Wars Pop, a Minion Pop, a Big Hero 6 Pop, and another Peanuts Pop.  I might have to rethink how I want to display them.  It is getting a little crowded.  Michelle informed me that I need to start buying her Harry Potter Pops.  I don't know if I should encourage my hobby on her.

Cleaning up the Massacre

When we got home yesterday, I volunteered to drag all the limbs to the curb.  It took me over an hour.  I probably had 20 trips back and forth dragging limbs.  Every once in awhile, I'd stop to pull weeds on the side of the house.  Once done, I pulled out the lawn mower and mowed the back yard.  There are still areas that need work, but it looks better.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hot Sauce Challenge

At lunch, Kiersten and Michelle challenged each other to eat the hottest sauce.  Whoever drank first would have to pay the other a dollar.  Michelle threw the chip in her mouth.  Kiersten chickened out.  Michelle looked as if smoke were coming out her nostrils and ears.  Then, she ran to the bathroom.  It was locked.  She came back to the table and started spitting up on her plate.  Kayla grabbed a chip, dipped it in the sauce, and ate it.  She just smiled.