Saturday, November 30, 2019

Make Rape Safe Again!

It looks like Devos is making it safer on college campuses for sexual predators.  She is weakening all rules.  This even creates barriers to victims speaking up.  Maybe schools should do away with the Greek system.  I went to an open house for a fraternity.  All they talked about was parties and having sex.  Schools should warn female students not to attend parties do to risk of rape.  DeVos' defense is like Trump's sense of white supremacists at Charolettesville.   There are a few good rapists among the sexual predators at colleges.

Token Effort

Trump donated his measly pay as president to help the Opioid crisis.  His supporters point to this like he's some kind of God.  Don't forget how much of our taxes are going into his wallet.  All these trips to his golf courses are not free.  He charges everyone for everything.  If he was really this benevolent billionaire, he'd waive those fees, because you know, he's  rich and does not need the money.  Instead we see the opposite.  Trump not taking his salary is a smokescreen for his uneducated base.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday 2019

I did it.  My daughter and I went Black Friday shopping.  We started at WalMart.  Some sections were wall to wall people.  Outside of those sections, you could easily move around.  I found a couple of deals on movies.  One was a Blueray for Deadpool 1& 2.  The  R rated version of #2.  We have the pg13 travesty on digital.  Then, we drove over to Ross.  They were slow.  Today, I went out again.  More for Shopkick points.  I did find some deals.  As I get older, I notice that there was not much out there that I wanted.

I Don't Like the Smell of Pee in the Morning

Woke this morning with the smell of pee.  Diapers can only hold so much.  It does not help when they drink before bedtime.  When schools in, I usually catch it before they let the floodgates loose. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


You know every 90 or so days, I get a call f rut on vampires.  They beg me for blood.  They say it's to help others, but I have a sneaking suspicion that that might not be true.  Our vampires drive around in big red busses.  Upon entering, they get excited to see another victim, or donor as they call them.  They check my vitals and ask me questions about my blood.  Guess they do not want me to infect the brood.  Sometimes, they actually turn me away. I guess they don't want to kill they golden goose.  If I make it past that point, they have me get into a reclining position.  Without much warning, they stick me.  They draw until the point of passing out, might be exaggerating a little.  Then the pull out and shower me with food and drink.  They send me away, only to be summoned 90 days or so later.

Just Right!

Weather in Florida is just right!  I think we are in the low 80's with no humidity.  At night, it's been in the 60's to high 50's.  If only it could last. 

Dr. Sleep

Go see this movie!  I can't understand why movies are not doing that well.  This movie is a continuation of the Shining.  Stephen King wrote a real book.  This is not a money grab by studios.  If it were, it would be a new group staying at the hotel and being haunted/hunted.  Most likely, it would be a group of young adults like you see in CW shows.  This is not Dr. Sleep. 

Trump Knew About the Whistleblower Report!

It looks like Trump knew about the Whistleblower report before the house knew about it.  That explains his lame phone call to pretend that he did not want anything.  Also, his release of the Ukrainian aid.  Will his fanatic base and politicians care?  No.  They will still keep spouting the Russian talking points that it was Ukraine that was attacking Trump and not Russia going after Clinton.  This is just like Star Wars.  You have the Anikan/ Darth Vader being led around by the Emperor. 

War on Halloween!

Trump is amping up his radical base.  He wants them to believe that people are attacking traditional American holidays.  Last time I checked, people are not.  Even the war on Christmas was some read meat for religious radicals.  People were just being respectful to all religions when saying Happy Holidays.  Truth is, Christ would not be proud of what capitalists have done to celebrate his birthday.  Here's a guy who helped the poor and disabled.  I do not remember the part in the bible where his followers got in line on Black Friday to fight over "good" deals on a donkey or loaf of bread.  If these religious whackjobs really were as religious, as they say they are, they'd stop the capitalization of Christmas and go out on that day to help the poor and disabled, just like the real Jesus.  Not the Capitalist version of him. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

1917 Review

I got to see 1917 last night.  It was a very good movie.  From the beginning, it grabs you and takes you on a journey on a battlefield.  There is humor and lots of dramatic tension.

Not a King!

I looks like one federal judge does not think Trump is a king or even God sent.  It won't stand, they will appeal.  Trump will hope it hits his paid justices in the Supreme Court.  Once again they have ruled in his favor.  They have held up his tax return releases.  If they hear the case, they can wait till summer to rule on it.  Dragging this along.  He is truly the Teflon Don!

Monday, November 25, 2019

1917 Sneak

I am attending a sneak of 1917.  So far 3 people are in line to see it.  I'm  looking forward to it.  It's going to be presented in Dolby. The theater is similar to IMAX.  It has to be certified to have the Dolby name.  Also, there are recliners.

My Lai Massacre

Just imagine if this had happened under Cadet Bone Spurs?  He'd probably have the whole group who participated visit him at the White House, like a super bowl time.  He'd make Calley a General for his leadership.  I'm surprised Trump has not given him the Medal of Freedom. 

Registering as Representing Foreign Interests

So, I wonder if Guiliani has registered as a Foreign Agent?  If not, looks like Rudy might have some explaining to do.  I hope they federally indict him, but who knows.  Barr will not do anything to piss Dear Leader off.  Wonder if New York has any laws that he has broken? 

It looks like Devin Nunes is a Russian Operative.  He spews the Russian line that Ukraine tried to take down Trump.  He even went to Ukraine and met with people to try and get dirt on Biden, etc.  Wonder when he will be subpoenaed/  They should get him under oath to ask him questions about his involvement with this Ukrainian affair. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hanging with my Daughters

Sitting in the room watching AJR with my daughters.  Usually, Elana sings with their music.  Today, she's a little off. They do like the music. 

On a different note.  I placed a comment for Laurie Berkner on YouTube.  Elana loves her music.  I told her that in a comment.  I got a reply.  If you have children, check out her music.  All six have listened to her music.  One has even met her.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Wonder Girls, Where Are They Now?

I follow Lim on Instagram.  I asked her if she still sings or is she retired.  She liked my comment, but did not respond.  I know a couple have gone into acting.  Yubin is coming out with new music.  I wish they would put out more music, but KPop is similar to rap.  It seems to be a young person's game.  I know the guys have military service.  BTS has been told they will not be exempted.  Big Bang members are just getting discharged.  Then, there is all they go through to be a singer.  Not to mention the hate social media can bring into their lives.  I was following Sulli on Instagram for a couple of years.  I was saddened when I found out about her passing. 

Vaping Angel Moms

Trump likes to use the parents of kids who have been killed by immigrants.  Can't we say that moms that have lost children to Vaping are Angel Moms also?  Oh no, that won't do for Trump.  Between the companies that "donate" to republicans and the fact that other vapers would rebel against him.  Maybe, the House should enact a law that states Vaping can kill you and if you choose to go that route, you will be giving up the right to sue those companies.  But that would not be good.  Who would stop them from killing our fellow citizens?

Rigged Senate Hearing

The republicans claimed that the impeachment hearings by the Democrats was not a fair hearing.  First of all, it is a political procedure.  They do not need to offer the same luxuries to the person being impeached.  It is more about whether a law has been broken or rules via the constitution.  The republican house members claim that once it hits the senate, it will be run like a real hearing.  However, I hear that the senate republicans are meeting with the white house.  This is like a mobster meeting with the prosecutor before a trial.  No wonder Trump wants this hearing.  He feels, rightly so, that it is rigged in his favor.  Sad that senators might not sit there and take in the information and make a decision.  They are just going to say vote party. 

AJR Nominations?

Goes to show you why awards seasons suck.  Whether it's movies or music, it's all just a popularity contest.  I discovered AJR this year.  I would say their latest album is a masterpiece.  I can not come up with many albums that have as many good songs as the Neotheater album has.  Their live performance was a visual and audio delight.  The whole crowd loved it.  When it comes to nominees, they are blending too many categories.  What's the point of having a Rock category and placing a Rap artist in or when they add a folk group as best new Metal band.  That is the Grammy's.  I would just say, don't get you music by what these groups give awards to.  Listen to all and make up your own mind.  From the nominations, I did not see anything worth my time.  Just a popularity contest. 

Going After Rivals

It seems that Trump's Quid Pro Quo is not doing what he hoped it would do.  Now, Graham has decided to help him out.  He is opening a Senate investigation into the Biden's.  Of course, it will all blow over after the election.  They hope the smear will hurt like Clinton's emails and Benghazi.  Of course, the republicans fail to note the cut funding for our embassy's, so they could not afford the adequate security.  I think Marco was a party to that one.  I wonder if Graham will open an investigation into whoever is the Democratic nominee?  Probably, he drank the Trump kool-aid and is now Trump's little attack dog!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Republicans are not taking this Seriously

Gym Jordan and Devin Nunes are really embarrassing themselves.  They are treating this impeachment as one big joke.  They constantly repeat Trump/Russia talking points.  Even when there is verification of what happened, they act like the transcript is all we have and if it is not on it, it did not happen.  The White House doctored and/or removed information from that transcript. Then you have the planted conversation after the investigation started.  I hope when the Impeachment goes to the Senate, they actually take it seriously, but I doubt it. 

Push Back Media

If you're in the media/news and you're going to report what people like Trump, Pompeo, Pence, Guiliani, and Perry say, please remind readers that what they say is NOT under oath.  If you are talking directly to said people, ask Would you like to say this under oath?  If not, I find Sondland and everyone else testifying more credible than any of these people. 

Trump's Planted Evidence

I loved the coverage yesterday.  Especially after Sondland said it was quid pro quo and everyone knew, Trump comes out with a piece of paper with words big enough for a first time reader to read.  He claims that this is an message or correspondence with Sondland.  It said he wanted nothing, No Quid Pro Quo and to tell the Ukraine President to do the right thing.  Wow, what a boy scout.  Only Trump probably never was one and very seldom does things by the rules/law.  The one thing he neglects to tell everyone is that this correspondence came out after he found out about the Whistleblowers allegation and the investigation.  Do you really think Donald Trump ever uses the words Quid Pro Quo?  I seriously doubt it.  For him it's doing business, shaking down a business client, etc.  But Quid Pro Quo?  He says this because it was in the report accusing him.  I think people should remember to ask Dear Leader, Why did you release this after the whistleblower allegation was known?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Frozen 2

This is the weekend Frozen 2 comes out.  They are already predicting that it will do over $200,000,000 on its first weekend.  Pretty good for an animated picture.  I hope it does well.  My daughter's love the film.  On a more depressing side, Terminator Dark Fate is hitting Dollar theaters this week. 

Sondland Drops a Bomb

It looks like Sondland decided he could no longer cover for Trump.  He also threw in Pence and Pompeo.  Of course, the republicans want to paint him as unreliable.  They keep having to change direction to fight what comes out.  Die Hard Trumpers don't care.  They'd break the law if they had the chance, so who cares if Trump does.  He stands for White Power, so he can do no wrong.  Remember that whole thing about Trump shooting someone and getting away with it, well to these people, he would get away with it.  The only thing he could do that would make them turn on him would be to open the borders to foreigners. 

Popcorn Day

Get the popcorn ready.  Today should be interesting in the impeachment hearings.  Although, Trump thought yesterday was a great day.  Didn't they basically lay out that he did what the Democrats laid out?  Sondaland has a mine field to walk through.  Because of his first testimony and coming back with new information after.  Now he has a bunch of people that have better memories than he.  Could he perjure himself for Trump?  I sure wouldn't.  Trump would throw his own kids under a bus to protect himself. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Never Trumper

Do you think Hitler had a Never Hitler campaign?  Probably.  Then when he would call them out, brownshirts and other fanatical Nazis would attack that person.  Guess this is what Trump is hoping for when he resorts to witness intimidation via his Hate Platform Twitter. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Trump Testify

Yeah right!  If he does, it would be more likely under the Senate than the House.  Reason being is the Mitch Mcconnell will ensure a softball questioning.  They would also block any serious questions from Democrats.  You can add this lie with He'll show his taxes after "audit".  Never happened and will never be released, unless the Supreme Court makes him. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Charlie's Angels

Another movie bombed this weekend.   If you are hoping to see Charlie's Angel's, better do it quick.  I don't see why they bothered making this movie. 


Started watching Mandolorian on Disney+.  So far I like it.  I wish they would just dump the whole season.  Guess Netflix has me trained.  It looks like an interesting show.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Netflix is Financing Beverly Hills Cop 4

It looks like Paramount needed some co financing from Netflix to get Beverly Hills Cop 4 made.  I think that is a good thing.  If Paramount paid for it, they'd try to reduce it into a PG-13 film with up and coming young actors in the lead.  Hopefully, this will insure a better movie.  Hoping it's a lot better than #3.  Maybe, instead of trying to compete with Wesley Snipes as an action hero, he can hire him as the villain or some other character.  He's already in Coming to America 2. 

AJR Neotheater Part 2

It looks like AJR had a successful tour for their current album.  Tomorrow, they are announcing a continuation to that tour.  If you get a chance to see them, do it.  You will not be disappointed.  If you have not heard their music, check out Youtube or Spotify.  By the time I attended their concert, I felt well versed in AJR's music.  Funny thing is, everyone I tell about them have not heard of them. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Impeachment Hearings Begin

Today, the hearings begin.  Should be entertaining.  On one side you will have thoughtful questions trying to drill down what transpired.  The other side will ask stupid questions about how much they hate Trump and crazy conspiracy theories created by right wing crack pots.  Gym Jordan, yeah the guy who ignored athletes being raped by a coach, will be part of the team.  Not because he's good at questioning, but because he's one of Trump's loyal defenders.  Pretty sad. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Walking, Talking Ethics Violation

Adam Schiff has told the GOP that outing the Whistleblower could violate Ethics rules.  Has he not seen who they are supporting?  Trump breaks those rules everyday and they do nothing about it.  Trump will push them to do it.  Someone like Gym Jordan or Devin Nunes will rise to the occasion.  Those two are his must ardent lackeys.  Gaetz also. 

Miller's a Racist?

Looks like email from Miller, Trump's immigration administrator, have come out.  Low and behold, he's a racist.  Remember when he claimed Jews can not be racist?  Looks like he proved himself wrong.  Why couldn't a Jew be racist?  Anyone can hate any group in this world.  What will come of this?  Nothing!  Trump will give him a raise!

Terminator Dark Fate

I went to see Terminator.  I loved it.  It had the feel of the original movies.  I would say I do not know why people don't like it.  Maybe, it's getting old.  Maybe, people do not like the strong female leads.  If you watch Cameron's movies, you know he has strong female characters.  Maybe, people did not like the political jab with the immigrant storyline.  Who knows?  It was well worth the money I paid for it. 

Disney +

Today's the big day!  Guess Disney should have consulted Netfilx and/or Amazon.  Looks like it's already down.  I just looked and it said to come back later.  This morning I was able to see their offerings.  It's a niche market.  Mainly family fair.  I don't think Netflix has much to worry about.  As an adult, I don't think I will spend all my time on Disney.  Netflix has a better offering to a grander group of people. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Thin Skinned Trump

It looks like baby Trump is as thin skinned as the real one.  Hoping to get cheers from rabid fans, Trump went to the deep south.  So did his effigy.  One of his crazy supporters decided to slash it with a knife.  The idiots are raising money for his court costs, etc.  Surprised Trump is not chipping in.


Another movie has come out.  The media is declaring that it will be a bomb, since it is past the first week.  These people do not understand about timing.  This weekend was Veterans day weekend.  One studio did plan a release correctly.  That studio came out with the mediocre Midway.  This is coming from the guy that did Independence Day and the Day After.  Great visuals with awful dialogue.  People are eating it up.  Hope it was not to say they were being patriotic.  It looked as bad as Pearl Harbor.  As for Doctor Sleep, they should have released it before Halloween.  Terminator should have been released in the summer.   

Go See AJR in Concert!

I took my daughter's to their first concert.  We got to see AJR in Tampa for their Neotheater tour.  It was one of the best I've  seen.  I know I said that about Babymetal, but they rank up there.  Just like Babymetal, they have a well choreographed show.  It has humor, songs and great visuals.  Although it skewed young, they have songs that appeal to all.  If they come to your town or country, go see them.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Trump's Personal Lawyer Declined

I heard Barr, our Attorney General (Trump's personal Lawyer) declined to go on TV to say he did nothing illegal.  That is a shock since he has done everything else, like investigating Trump's enemies and going after TV News anchors.  Wonder if Barr has a line of criminality that he refuses to cross?  Shocking in our current political atmosphere!  Seems like the main qualification to be a Republican is to be a criminal and be loyal to Trump and not the Constitution! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Don't you love it when a CEO screws up and gets let go.  But, before leaving, they shower them with cash and stocks for their failure?  Why do they treat the bottom rung of the ladder differently?  Seems that when a cashier is fired, they should get a couple of weeks pay and some shares of the company.  This even includes when they knowingly break the rules, like the McDonald's CEO who had a relationship with a coworker.  He broke the rules, but nothing is happening to him, except losing his position.  They made his life comfortable with cash and stocks. 

Could this be the End of Moscow Mitch?

It looks like Moscow Mitch's state has decided to elect a Democrat for Governor.  Of course, the Republican is not giving in, but we are talking 5,000 some votes.  Guess he'll call Georgia to see how to get rid of votes.  He was highly supported by Trump.  Hope Trump stumps for Moscow Mitch!  Maybe his constituents will see he is just a tool of Trump's. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mexico is Safe!????

Trump and his evil minions have told everyone that Mexico is safe for immigrants to wait for hearings.  Now, some white Mormons have been killed and it does not sound so safe.  But, what about the immigrants who are waiting?  You can't tell me they have been left alone.  I wish the media would report these stories as much as the white Mormons.  I guess if their skin was any other color, we would not be hearing about it, especially from Trump.  If enough did die, I'm sure like Saudi Arabia knows, Trump can be persuaded to forget about it!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Is Our President That Stupid?

In an answer, Yes.  He's attacking California, again.  He complains that they are not doing enough to fight forest fires.  What's his solution?  He thinks they need to rake the forests.  He's one of those climate deniers.  He's against anything that hurts his rich and polluting donors.  I hope California totally votes out all the Trump loving Republicans. 

Parasite Redux!

I came into work today.  A person I work with told me he and his wife went to see Parasite.  They loved it.  He is not the type of person to go after foreign language films.  I thought it was cool to actually talk to someone else who had seen the movie.  Hope the word keeps getting out there.  Go see Parasite!  You will not be disappointed. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Conservative Reviews

Looks like a new trend is happening under the Trump regime.  Reviews are not looking at the story or the acting.  They are looking for "political" messages.  I just read a review of Terminator, where they are upset that women are the heroes of the story.  Gone is the Male testosterone  and they are offended.  They are changing up perceptions of the story line.  It's not the same old story.  Another thing is that these idiots have not really watched Cameron's movies.  His movies tend to have women that do not stand idly by, while a man saves the day.  Beware of these reviews.  You might be missing out on good movies to be stuck with crappy conservative films.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Normalizing Criminal Activity

The Republicans are trying to normalize Trump's criminal activity.  They blow it off, they say it's about one thing, when it is clear what he is going after.  Remember, he's been there for about 3 full years.  Why open an investigation into Ukraine and the 2016 election?  It has more to do with smearing his rival and his family.  This is the same tactic he pulled with Clinton and her emails.  Now he and his family use their own email accounts for US business.  We have no records about it.  What a crock!  Too bad none of the republicans have a backbone to call it out. 

Going Wide!

Parasite is getting added to more screens.  Go see this movie.  In our area, only 1 theater had it.  That theater is known for art house movies.  Now an AMC theater in our area has picked it up.  Hopefully, that is happening around the country.  Now if they would only book The Irishman.