Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From the Mouth of Tweens

I told Michelle about the Friday update.  She says hopefully they make it less boring than the first one.  She tells me the synopsis again with a twist.  It's about counselors that die one after another because Friday the 13th tricks them.

Friday Reboot

I mentioned Michelle's feeling about the original Friday the 13th.  I just read that they are going to go back to the origin of Jason.  Maybe they will make a movie she will watch.

A Movie Version of my Blog

In the past, I said that I would like Adam Sandler to do a version.  After seeing The Do Over, I would have to rethink that one.  I liked his older movies.  The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Blended are good movies.  That would be the spirit of how the tale should be told.  His latest movies are just okay.  I'm still trying to watch The Do Over.  I guess it's good it did not come out in theaters.

A Poof from the Past

I would have called this a Blast from the Past, but it did not go over that well.  I showed Michelle Friday the 13th yesterday.  Her first question was when was this made?  1980 or so.  Why do you still own it?  I liked it.

Halfway into the movie, she was snoring on the couch.  I asked her about it.  She said that it was boring.  Just one person after another being killed.  It did not impress her.

Tickle my Ribs

We made one of Michelle's favorites last night.  That is what she told us.  She also liked the shrimp the night before.  I made ribs.  I made up a rub using a variety of spices and brown sugar.  We had bought two sets of baby back ribs.  I had to put the brakes on her last night.  We had enough that we could save a set for tonight.  She was content, even though she stressed she was still hungry.

Water Torture

In the beginning, Elana has hated baths.  In China, I gave her a bath and you would think I was torturing her.  Over time, you'd think that she'd get used to it.  It has taken close to a year.  She is finally getting used to baths.  Haley on the other hand is like a fish out of water.  When I give her a bath, I get half the water.  That is from her splashing happily.  Her favorite part is when I pour water over her head to get the shampoo out.  She laughs and splashes along.  I think we will be trying the pool out soon.  It will be interesting to see how she reacts to that.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Buns in the Morning

I woke up with a test for cinnamon rolls.  I got out my bread machine and Kindle.  I looked up a recipe.  I made sure I had the ingredients.  It was time to combine.  Once the ingredients were in the machine, I set it to dough and left it alone.  An hour later, I rolled the dough and put on the butter, sugar and cinnamon.  It was time to rise.  I set it in a warm oven.  I think I picked a small cooking pan.  Once it had risen, it was filling the pan.  After cooking, it was coming out of the pan.  In the end, it was good.

Shrimp Scampi

I have been planning on making shrimp scampi for a couple of weeks. I put it off.  Kiersten can't eat seafood.  She has an allergy to it.  If you ask her, she'll say she does not have an allergy.  This weekend, she went camping with a friend.  It was the right day to make it.  I gathered my ingredients.  When it came to the wine, I had to open the bottle.  I do not drink wine, but I like to cook with it.  This bottle had a metal twist.  I twisted the wire top.  Once it was loose, I went to twist the cork.  It popped.  Wine shot out everywhere.  Besides that, the food came together.  Everyone liked it.  Michelle ate three plate fulls. Mia ate a plate, also.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Elana's Rest

Elana had some Benadryl and took a nap.  She slept while I watched a Tom Petty documentary.  When she woke, she was feeling better.  I went out to pull weeds.  She did not scream while I was gone.  Between the heat and thunderstorm, I did not stay out long.

Ready for the Rain

It is hot here.  I'm ready for the rain.  When it gets like this in Florida, you just want to stay inside.  I might try yard work.  I can do it under shelter.  Funny thing is, tourists flock down here to go to the parks during this time off year.  Those lines can last an hour or longer per ride.

Elana and Bug Bites

Elana is not having a good day.  She was bitten by mosquitoes.  She has scratched the bites raw.  We have given her some meds.  When we were in the car she kept screaming and hitting her head.

Garden Taking Shape

I added some plants to the planters.  In addition to the Chinese Cabbage, I added green pepper, tomatoes, and habenaro peppers.  We stopped by a local feed store to get the plants.  If I wanted to grow by seed, I should have started a couple of months ago.  Hopefully, the sun won't cook them on the vine.

Sharing the Classics

I had the chance to watch a classic horror movie last night.  An American Werewolf in London came out in the 80's. I remember seeing it on HBO with my father.  The thing that really stands out in this film is the transformation scene.  The special effects created by Rick Baker are amazing.  Michelle got to see it.  What does she say? That looks fake.  I told her that it is better than the transformation scenes in the Twilight movies.  I think she enjoyed some of what she saw.  Next up, Friday the 13th.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

National Hamburger Day

Today, we will celebrate a creation that may not be good for you, but sure can taste great.  I love to try different burgers from different places.  On our last trip to China, we got to try a Chinese hamburger.  Michelle and I loved it.  If you are ever in China try to find one.

Could There be Room for Another?

Audra, as we call her, is still available.  I wish we could fly over to China and adopt her.  It is not that simple.  Would we consider it?  I think we would.  We would have to make room.  I think we are working on that.  I hope to get rid of a lot of things over the summer.  Our other issue is paying off the last few adoptions.  That is going to take time. If you'd like to help and you like what you read here, click on one of the advertisements on this blog.  Over time, I might earn a little to help pay down our debt.  It think you have to have many, many hits before they cut a check.  If we could achieve tgar goal, you might see blogs about us going back to get Audra.

Time For My Sister to go to Bed

Mia can be a funny girl.  She will say some funny things.  Last night, she came into the living room to tell us it was time for bed.  Not for her, it was time for me to put Elana to bed.  I asked if she wanted to go to bed.  She said no, just Elana.  I think she was upset that she had to share a toy with her.

I Scream for Icee

We have these cups that allow us to get free drinks from Racetrac.  It is a local gas station.  They do this promotion every year.  We gave been getting Icees for the kids to drink every once in a while.  Last night, Elanahad one in her hands.  She was so happy.  That is until Haley took the cup away for her.  She started to have a major breakdown about it.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Three Amigos

I have told you about our two smallest and their escapade in the bathroom.  Last night, they got Mia into the mix.  I think they realized that she can open doors.  I was reading a book in the living room.  I have been working on this book for a couple of months.  It's a good book, but try to read when you have 5 kids running through the house.  I wanted to finish it.  I was already on my third renewal.  At the beginning, they were with Kiersten.  At some point, I realized it was too quiet.  I went to check on them.  Someone was in the bathroom, with the door closed.  I knew it was not the little ones.  They do not bother to turn on lights.  Kiersten walks out.

                       "Where are your sisters?", I ask.
"Not with me, check mom's room", Kiersten replies.

I walk over to the door.  It is askew.  I know it was closed.  I walk into the room and it is like deer in the headlights.  It reminded me of the Farmers Insurance Stag Party commercial.  Elana was on the bed, Mia was in Haley's crib, and Haley was playing in the bath tube.  Luckily, she does not know how to turn on the water.  I'm guessing she would be sitting in a full bathtub.  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Delayed Tactics

I have some advice for adopting.  When you adopt from another country and your child is institutionalized, they are going to have some delays.  When you bring them home, they will .  At that point, they will be getting constant attention.  At an orphanage, they have to fight for that attention or do without.  Angie told me of a family that went to China to adopt.  They rejected the child on grounds that they had delays.  That is so unfortunate for the child.  Here comes these people, they tell the child here are you nee parents and they go and reject them.  Think about how that affects a child psychologically.  Pray for that child.  They will need it.

Mia's Language Skills

Mia's language skills have been improving.  She has been talking up a storm, lately.  She loves to question things.  Last night, I threw out a question to her.  I asked if she was ready for bed or ready to go to sleep.  She first answered like she usually does.  It is usually a third person answer like she is not ready for bed or something along those lines.  After that, she thought a minute and corrected herself.  She said I am not ready for bed.  The discussion may not have been exact, but it was the fact that she corrected what she said that I am trying to convey to you.  This is a major step forward.  As she says these things, Elana is also picking this up.  I can't wait until Haley gets her hearing aid.


I checked on the Chinese Cabbage.  I have many sprouts starting to form.  As for the parsley, I have no activity.  I have to keep up the watering.  We have not had rain for a week or so.  The dirt dries out really quickly on hot days.  I am also trying to keep the banana trees watered.  They love water.

Three Day Weekend and an Illness!

I woke with a bad headache this morning.  Right before a three day weekend.  If this continues, I will probably be resting over my weekend.  Then we go into renewals.  At that point, the rest of my summer will be dedicated to work.  It makes the days go by faster.  I don't get to be around my family as much.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sometimes, Free has a Cost

At work, if you don't want something, you just leave it in the breakroom.  I have tried some good things that way.  They would leave soda that had an expiration date.  When it goes past that date, it tends to lose it's carbonation.  It tastes sweeter.  They stopped that when someone complained.  Yesterday, I found some crackers.  I thought I had hit the jackpot.  That is until I tried one.  I got to see firsthand why they had been left.  It tasted awful.  When you see things that people are getting rid of, ask if it is worth it.

Icee Icee!

Elana has gotten into icee's.  Her sisters shared one with her and now all she can talk about it icee's.  Angie told me that she had been asking for one all day.  So, I stopped and got one to share with her.  As soon as she got the cup in her hands, she would not let it go.  She did display some manners.  She thanked me for the icee.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Today's post reminded me of a great movie from my youth.  It was called Hear No Evil, See No Evil.  It starred Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.  I will have to watch that one again.  One is blind and the other is deaf.  The get tangled up in a murder mystery.  I just watch the preview.  Kevin Spacey was in the film.  From what I can remember as a teen, it was a funny movie.

The Master has Returned!

I am a big fan of horror movies.  I love the stuff from the late 70's to the mid to late 80's.  From there, it just took a nosedive.  Today, I read some amazing news.  John Carpenter is returning to Halloween.  I think he is going to oversee it as a producer/music arrangement.  He is probably going to guide the story.  He is teaming up with Blumhouse Productions.  They have been successfully releasing low budget horror movies that have scares and actually make money.  They say it should come out next year.  Keep your fingers crossed that this works.  We may see some more creators come back to projects they created.

The Deaf Leading the Blind

So, you've heard of the blind leading the blind.  Well, in our house it is the deaf leading the blind.  Haley love water.  For obvious reasons, she is drawn to the bathroom.  We have been cracking down on the girls to close the bathroom door when they are done using it.  I can't say it has been successful.  Yesterday, Angie was looking for Haley and Elana.  She turned the corner to see Elana standing lookout while Haley happily played in the toilet water.  From what it sounds like, Haley enlisted Elana to be her lookout.  That failed miserably.  Elana should be more of a listen out than a lookout.  Haley would be a better lookout than a listen out.  Angie got them cleaned up and closed the door.  Just like a magnet, Haley was drawn right back to the bathroom.  Little did she know, she was being watched.  Angie wanted to know how she had got in the bathroom.  Haley managed to prop herself up to the door know and hang on it until it opened.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Tiny Inspiration

I have been watching a lot of Tiny House shows.  I mainly watch it for inspiration.  I want to shrink down what we have in the house to give us more room.  We got a pallet a couple of weeks ago.  I did not know what to do with it.  I wanted to use it for something, but I did not know what.  When it comes to these kind of projects, I am a better idea person than a person who actually does something.  You can just Angie about that.  She does not like me using any of the tools.  I got an idea of what to do from Tiny House Nation.  They showed a planter that they built from a pallet.  I tried to build one.  It looked good, until I tried to place it in the ground.  The first problem I came up on was that when they built our house, they dumped their garbage in the back yard and covered it with dirt.  When I dig a hole, I always seem to hit hard surfaces.  I finally found a place to put the planter.  I came upon another issue.  The top level was only accessible by ladder.  I thought I could pound it down with a hammer.  They did not work.  Finally, I cut it in half.  It looks pretty good.  I have told the girls that they can paint it.  I did place dirt in half of the planter.  I sowed some seeds.  I will have to see if it works.  Tune in, I will post pictures.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Mia is learning to question things.  This weekend, we were questioned about everything.  Why did this happen?  Where is this toy?  When are we going?  If she does not like the answer, she will ask it again and again.  She loves to start by getting our attention.  She will yell Mom! and then go into her question.  Elana will be right behind her saying the same things.  She is like Mia's mouth piece.  It's good to see them getting along.

Age of Apocalypse

As you might have seen, X-Men: Apocalypse is coming out soon.  But this post is not about that.  It is about Angry Birds leading the Box Office totals this weekend.  Because of this, we can expect more video game inspired movies.  It will be like the 90's.  We had Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat and Wing Commander.  I'm sure there was more, but none are really worth remembering.  Now, we have a Tetris movie in the works.  Warcraft is coming out next month.  I just hope they learned from the 90's and at least tried to tell a better story.  Places like Netflix and Amazon are looking better to find mind with a real story.  What is coming out in theaters is more about special effects than story or acting.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Bad Trend

I looked at the box office numbers online.  They only had Friday's numbers.  Angry Birds was the top film.  This could a harbinger for the future.  With the success of that film, we will be inundated with video game adapted films.  I read they are already adapting Tetris into a movie.  How can you make Tetris into a film?  If you get a chance to see a movie, go see Neighbors 2 or Captain America.  U think the damage gas been done.  Even Nintendo is talking about financing their own adaptations.  Ready for Super Mario Brothers remake?

Hot Day in Orlando

Our Saturday was spent shopping. Michelle and Kiersten have been invited to birthday parties.  It took most of the day to find things.  We went to an oultlet center in the tourist area.  If you ever come to Orlando and go to an outlet shop,  you will find that you are not the only one.  Everytime we go down there, it is packed.  Parking takes a lot of patience and driving around.  We walked around to a couple of the shops.  We always like to stop by the Disney shop.  Since our daughters are getting older, we had to stop at one of the teenage clothes shops.  Trips like this wear down the little ones.  Elana usually expects me to carry her.  By the time we left, it was nearing late afternoon.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Decent Movies for the Summer

They released the trailer for Star Trek Beyond.  It looks pretty good.  It has lots of action.  They also released a trailer for the the Purge: Election Year. That looks as good as the last one.  I like how they run with Donald Trump's Make America Great.  They tag it Keeping America Great.  If you get a chance to see the previews, give it a view.

A Nice Day for a Swim

The tadpoles were happily swimming in the bucket.  They are eating the algae.  I need to check the ones in the back.  They will have to move.  If not the bucket, I will bring them to a nearby park.

Old Style Television Animation

Next movie in my marathon is Spawn.  During the 90's the did a movie version of Spawn.  It was New Line's version of Batman.  The only problem is that Spawn was an adult comic book.  Leave it to Hollywood to water down a comic book made for adults.  The movie I watched was from HBO.  They actually created an animated version of the comic book.  The biggest problem I had with it is the animation. You'd think HBO would put some money into the production.  It looks like the same animation that straight to video movies use.  I really could not get passed that.  If you want to see Spawn, look for the comic books or wait for the movie.  The creator hopes with the success of Deadpool, he will be able to bring an R rated Spawn to theaters(live action, I hope).

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flashback Movie Marathon

I have started to go through the movies we own.  I am going to watch them and decide what needs to go. First up was House Party.  I first saw this when I was in college.  I believe it was in 1991.  I started college by attending East Carolina University.  They would play a movie a week.  House Party was one of the titles.  I was curious to see it.  I enjoyed the movie.  I watched the movie again.  It was good.  To me, the best part is Robin Harris.  He played the father of one of the main characters.  He brought a sense if realism to a working father trying to raise a son on his own.  Unfortunately, he died shortly after this film was released.  If you have not seen this movie it is worth a see.  As for keeping it, I think I will be giving it away or selling.

Babies Everywhere!

You know we have a thing for adoption.  Now we have a bunch of new babies at the house.  They are not the human kind.  The tadpoles have hatched.  They were everywhere in the water bucket.  I need to check the back yard.  I may have to transfer some of them.

Life in the Slow Lane

Heading to work, the radio came on with an alert.  Accident on I-4.  The accident was right where I get off.  I had plenty of time to avoid it.  I took another back road.  I avoided I-4 and the back road I used yesterday.  At least, I made it with more breathing room.  Yesterday, I was ten minutes late.  I was able to make back that time due to rain.  When it was time to leave, it started to shower.  I waited about 30 minutes before leaving.  It sounds like today might be a repeat of that.  They say it is not the start of the rainy season, but I guess it's a sneak peak.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

You've Lost that Loving Feeling

The other night, Angie was kept from sleep by amorous frogs.  Well, they were chirping like crazy.  Why would I say amorous?  I found the product of their activity in a water pool the kids play in.  We had over 100 tadpole eggs floating on the water.  Last night, it was quiet.  I told Angie that they had finished their courtship.

Better Late Than Never

As you can see, my posts are late today.  I try to do them in the morning, but I live in Orlando.  One accident can shut down this city.  We had one.  I was lucky not to get in Interstate 4.  The back roads do not flow that well.  When I got in, I had to hit the ground running.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Sense of Accomplishment

I have been working on multiple projects over the last month or two.  It has kept me really busy.  Today, I am most of the way through one of those projects.  I hope that I will not have to change it again.  I have already had to change it 2 or 3 times to meets the requirements.  Next up, I have to go back to the project I started this weekend.  We have renewals coming quickly.

Hiding Among the Toys

I watched ET the other day.  That is a great scene where the mother goes looking for something in the kids room.  When she goes into the closet, she sees all the toys and stuffed animals.  ET is one of those that she sees.  He is as still as the toys.  Last night, I was walking into our great room.  We have a big toy chest.  We keep a lot of the stuffed animals and toys in it.  It is more of a deck storage chest, but it works great for the toys.  There was one addition I had not seen before.  Mia was right in the middle of them.  Angie showed me a picture where she had done it earlier in the day.

The Frogs are Back

We had a good rain last night.  Because of that rain, the frogs were out celebrating.  Angie says they were chirping all night.  I did not hear them.  I wonder if they left any eggs in our water bucket?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Korean Movie

I have been watching movies on Netflix.  I found some old movies to re-watch and some that are new to me.  I wrote about one the other day, Memories of the Sword.  When I looked up the actors, I found that one had been in a movie called Monster.  I started watching that one last night.  I want to continue with it.  It looks dark.

No Movies for You

I have not been to the theater in  a couple of weeks.  I am either too busy or the movies they give passes for don't look that great.  I had hoped to bring the girls to Angry Birds.  I did not care to see it, but I know they would enjoy it.  The bike event fell on the same day.  I gave my passes away.  I found out that he did not get to see it either.  They actually checked ID's.  I have been doing this for years and never been checked.  He told me that they did not have a huge crowd.  It kind of surprises me.  They should be checking ID's for movies like Captain America.


I got home to a quiet house.  Well, at least Elana was quiet.  She was walking around.  She did get a hold of a Slurpee/freeze drink I have brought home.  After that, she crashed.  That was around 6:30 to 7:00.  She slept for the rest of the night.  She did wake early, but she had slept for a longer time than usual.  I had to give Haley a bath, again.  She had decided to take a dip in the "pool".  We said something to her sisters, but they just blamed Mia for opening the door.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pulling out my Remaining Hair

Don't you hate it when you are working on a project and you keep having to repeat things to get it right.  That is what I am going through.  I though I was done, but this one thing has to be coded one way or the other.  It would be easy if it were just the one way and not the other.  I have to determine if it meets a certain qualification.  I am ready to be done with this one.  I don't have much hair to pull.

3D Poster (With Picture of poster)

Friday the 13th was uneventful.  I had me thinking about older movies.  I was a big fan of the Friday the 13th series. When the third movie came out, I had found a 3D poster in a horror magazine.  I ordered it.  Waiting on it was like the kid from A Christmas Story.  He had this great anticipation for a BB Gun.  The poster was really nice.  I wish I still had it.  When we left California, the poster did not make it.  Such is life.  I found this on Ebay.  I think it looked a little like this.

Went Down To the Wire

I finished my project from the weekend.  It went to the last minute.  Every couple of entries, the computer would lose contact with my work computer.  It took multiple tries to get reestablished.  Then, I had a very cranky 3 year old.  At one point, she broke a glass on the shelf.  It was a very tedious day.  In addition to that, I still have clothes to clean, dishes to run, and certain groceries to pick up.  The weekend does not stop just because I bring work home with me.  I used to do this with my other job.  I don't miss it.  I'd rather work from work.  With Elana, I just wanted to hold her to calm her down.  I had to get the work done.  She would have wanted me to stand.  I should get a stand that I can put a laptop on.  That way, I can hold her, while standing and work.  I don't have to do this often.  Not only that, Angie would not like me to do it.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Memories of tge Sword

I saw an amazing movie on Netflix the other day.  It is called Memories of the Sword.  It is the story of a girl who is raisedto take revenge for the death of her father.  When I watch films like this, I like reading the subtitles.  I will even turn up the volume to listen to the dialogue.  I hate dubbing.  I watched a Jackie Chan movie that was dubbed.  Jackie Chan's voice was not even his.  The person sounded ridiculous.  If you get a chance, it is worth your time.  It has the actor from I Saw the Devil, which is another great film.  It is kind of dark.

Working Through the Weekend

I volunteered to assist with a project over the weekend.  It is a really simple project.  All I a doing is downloading a bunch of schedules.  I have managed to get to the halfway mark.  Now, I have one day to finish.  Have you ever tried to do computer work with children in the house?  It is not fun.  In the past, I did it everyday.  I had to stop to play referee to the girls.  Today, I will be doing that and having little ones crawling on the table to get to the computer.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Three for the Money

Today, the girls got an amazing gift.  Kayla Kiersten, and Michelle got new bikes.  It was courtesy of the Sheriff department, Chick fil a, and FDOT.  at first it was just going to be Kayla and Michelle.  We found out that they had extras.  Kiersten was offered one.  Not only did they get a bike, but they got a helmet, a lock and a kid's meal.  I wish it could have been fun for all, but the little ones had to wait in the hot sun.  Elana seems to be under the weather.  She is crying more than usual.

A Look Back in Horror

I tried to watch a horror movie last night.  It was Pumpkinhead 2.  I think I only made it a half and hour or so.  The script was awful.  It was the same set up of most direct to DVD or cassette movies.  Cardboard characters littered the movie.  All there to be killed by the evil monster.  I switched over to Hellraiser 2.  That kept my attention.  It had a better story and acting.  I need to go through the DVD's I own.  I need to weed out the bad movies.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Papaya Season is Over

Today is a day for unlucky tales.  Last night, I noticed a whole in the papaya I had laid on the counter.  Then, Angie saw the maggots.  I grabbed the ones on the counter and tossed them.  Later, I saw a few I had missed.  They were green.  I decided to cut one open. Sure enough, there was a baby maggot.  I have givem up on the fruit.  The fly has won.  Maybe, when thongs cool down, they will die off.

A Dip in the Pool

I went to check on Haley last night. When I found her, she was wet.  I looked up and saw the bathroom door wide open.  I have asked the girls to keep it closed.  Who left the door open?, I ask.  Neither of them did it it.  I know I didn't do it.  I told Kiersten and Michelle to remember to close the door.  Whoever leaves it open will be responsible for cleaning the mess.  Haley likes to play in water.  Specifically, she goes right for the toilet.  She splashes and has a good old time.  Unfortunately, she gets water on the floor, the counter, the toilet paper and herself.

Friday the 13th!

It's Friday the 13th.  I told Angie I could do a marathon with the girls.  She will not allow me to show the movies to them.  I remember when I was young.  I loved these movies.  They might have given my nightmares, but it was worth it.  I watch some of them now and wonder what scared me.  The later movies just should have not been made.  It could have ended with the fourth movie.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

High on Sugar

Haley was crawling around the house.  She is a quick child.  You have to keep up with her.  Last night, Angie found her in Michelle's room.  She was chewing on a pixie stick.  Michelle says she ate all the candy.  Haley got something out of it.  She was supercharged last night.  Angie says she kept trying to stand, fall over and laugh hysterically.  It's a shame I missed that one.

Echo in the House

Elana is starting to copy everything she hears.  Well, mainly key words.  On TV, if she hers someone say hello, she will say hello.  She loves to copy Mia.  Mia likes to sing songs.  They tend to be current pop tunes that her older sisters play for her.  We hear a lot of whips and Nae Nae's.  This morning Angie was talking and Elana would keep repeating words that she would say on the phone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Air Traffic

I had a noisy day yesterday.  Someone called in a bomb threat at our local courthouse.  Next thing I know, I have three or four helicopters hovering above my office.  Firetrucks and police cars driving through the area with their sirens on.  They even blocked off some of the roads.  They had to evacuate the courthouse.  This is a 20-30 story building.  When you go there, you have to go through a metal detector.  It is similar to air travel security.  Eventually, the copters disappeared.  They did leave me a headache.  No bombs were found.

If you Don't Have Something Nice to Say. . .

I was reading about Baby Metal.  They had just played at the Carolina Rebellion.  Some fans started to bad mouth them on social media.  What happened to the days when if you did not have something nice to say, you should just keep it to yourself.  I guess these people thought that they looked good to some of the other rockers like Rob Zombie.  He stood up for the group.  He called the negative people out on their comments.  My thought is what if these were your daughters and this was their dream.  I think it is great that they started as this obscure rock group in Japan and have morphed into a group that is playing venues world wide.  They are living a dream that most groups do not attain.  Not only that, but they are attracting people world wide to listen to rock music.  Keep on rocking Baby Metal!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

For Love of a Daughter(s)

It's lunchtime in FL.  I was checking the news.  I saw something that makes me appreciate adopting my daughters.  A girl in another country was whipped after it was discovered that her father had raped her.  Why?  They said that she had enticed him in his drunken state.  I wonder if he had raped a tree, would they have cut it down or burned it?  I can not believe the stuff I see in the news.  It gets me mad when courts or society blame the rape  the victim for the act.

Summer Right Around the Corner

We're heating up in Florida.  The temperature is nearing 90.  Time to stay inside.  That is good for me.  It will motivate me to clean inside.  I do have outdoor projects.  I'm not much for the heat.  I guess that is why I do not really try to do gardens.  In Florida, you have to time your garden just right.  If it is too late, the plants are still maturing when it gets hot.  If fruit or vegetable grow, they get backed in the sun or rotted with our afternoon showers.  As for work, we are nearing our busiest time of the year.  I will be doing it as an Underwriter.  I'm up for the challenge.  I know the girls are looking forward to summer.  They will hang out at the pool. Michelle has the summer to prepare for Middle School.  I think she might be going the virtual route.  I hope she can do it.  I don't know which direction I would go if I had the same opportunity.  I kind of liked having a teacher to motivate me.  Some teachers were not that great.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Bathroom from Hell

Has anyone seen the movie Desperado, with Antonio Banderas?  There is a scene at a bar, where a drug transaction goes down.  To get there, they have to go through the most vile looking toilet stall.  People would take one look and say, "I would never use that!".  I had an experience like that.  It was at a store that will remain nameless.  We had stopped by after lunch.  I really had to go.  I rushed into it.  I got worried when I got in the bathroom.  There was a plastic bag on the urinal.  I went to the first stall.  It was filled with toilet paper.  I mean filled as in if flushed it would overflow.  I went to the next one.  There was a roll of toilet paper on the ground.  One was on the handicap railing.  The dispenser was damaged.  It was not as bad as the last one, but my bowels did not care.  I did not bother to tell anyone.  This is the kind of store where they could care less.

Back to Work

I had a long weekend.  It is now time to go back to work.  My fingers are sore from the yard work.  I think we got some things done this week.  Soon our garage will be more open.  The girls will like that.  We have a Foosball table they can play with.  I also have a dart board.  I look forward to getting rid of more things.  After all that, I hope to keep things coming in to a minimum.  

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!  We spent it with all the girls.  We did a little shopping and the went out to eat.  I think everyone had fun. When we got home, I helped by mowing the lawn and picking up the weeds I pulled.  I will finish by washing two out of three of our smallest.  I would do Mia, but she does not allow me to give her a bath.

Pest, Caught in the Act

I decided to pull down most of the papayas from the tree.  I am hoping they will ripen in the house.  As I was pulling them down, I saw the pest causing the problem.  It was a green and yellow striped wasp.  I had read that it was a type of wasp that injected the papayas with its offspring.  I hope it will work, but it can't be worse then what I've already gone through.

Staging a Scene

I was walking by the kid's toy box the other day.  One of the animals looked like it was falling off.  So, I put animals around it.  It looked as if they were forcing it off.  I took a picture.  Then, I placed one of Mia's Emoji pillows.  It was the instigator.  The next day, I added two more Emoji pillows: the poop and the one with teeth. Mia says it is the eating Emoji.  When Mia found out, she said I can't do that.

Work My Fingers to the Bone

I was assisting Angie with an outdoor project.  While she did her thing, I pulled weeds.  It was not fun.  I hate weeds. Some had these sticky things.  I cleared around the banana plants, the papaya tree, and the blueberries.  You might be envisioning these big plants with lots of fruit, but the only plant giving lots of fruit would be the papaya.  Those have been tainted with maggots.  I hope to give the others lots of care.  Hopefully, I can get them to grow.  I'd really like a blueberry patch.  By the end, my fingers were bleeding and my body was sore.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Give Elana a Snickers

I woke to Elana screaming.  I reminded me of the Snickers commercials.  In the commercials, they have a person turn into another person.  When their friends notice, they tell them to eat a candy bar, Snickers, and they return to their normal selves.  Elana becomes Sam Kinosin.  She will rant and rave, until she is fed.  If you have not seen his act, look him up on Youtube or watch Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield. He plays a history teacher, I think.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Nap Time

I put Haley in the playpen.  She was asleep within minutes. Elana usually sleeps on the chair I was laying on. She climbed on to my kegs and fell asleep.  Now. They are both waking.  I did find some classic John Hughes films on TV.

Outside Activity

Elana, Haley, and I are on the trampoline.  I felt they needed some outdoor activity.  Elana is running laps and staring at the sun.  Haley  practicing standing and falling with grace.

Better Late Than Never

I went for my physical last year. My doctor gave me the usual order of blood work.  Then, we got busy at work.  I meant to get it done.  Now, I am running out of medicine.  My doctor will not give me a refill, until I come in.  I wish I did not have to take it.  What is the point of putting a person on a medicine that they will never get off of, but forcing them to come in multiple times a year.  I will have to go in, so I decided to get the blood work done.  Next up, going in for a physical.  I have to call it that to get insurance to pat for it.  If not, I have some huge office visit to pay for.  I really wish we had universal health, not the system we have.  The said thing is that people don't even look for cures anymore.  Our system would say that you make more money by putting a person on a drug versus eradicating it.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May the Fourth Awakens!

The Fourth was a good day for all.  Kiersten received treats for wearing a Star Wars shirt.  For dinner, we went to a restaurant that was doing a Fourth celebration.  They gave away Star Wars items.  Our youngest two won toys.  In the end, they gave the rest of the girls a prize.  They were not really into Star Wars.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the 4th Be With You!

Today is Star Wars day.  Kiersten actually asked to borrow a couple of my Star Wars tshirts.  She is  a girl after my own heart.  She found out that if they wear a shirt today, they can get some kind of treat.  We also found out that a restaurant is giving away a free ice cream treat if that kids are dressed up.  Have a great 4th and remember to say "And also with you", if someone says May the 4th be with you!

6 Kids, Sounds Familiar

Angie and I got the opportunity to do a marketing session for a local restaurant.  She went in the morning and I went in the afternoon.  When I went in, we started to introduce ourselves and how often we eat at the establishment.  I mentioned that we had 6 kids and they like to eat there.  The moderator said that that was a coincidence.  She went on to say a person earlier had 6.  Then it dawn on her that I was married to that person.  She said that Angie was the talk of the office.  They wanted to know the ages of the children.  I told them.  It was fun.  If you ever get a chance to do something life this, do it.  I will never pass up the opportunity to try new things and give an opinion.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Another Donation

I was able to get rid of more things.  I plan to make another delivery to a charitable organization.  Angie will be happy to get a plastic cabinet I have been using.  Next up, clear out my closet.

Papaya Pests

I got some fruit down from the tree.  I thought they were perfectly ripe.  I was worried that the bugs or critters would get to them.  I started to cut into the fruit and all these maggots came out.  I cut into more.  Only one was not infested.  I checked the fridge.  There were maggots in the tray.  It was like that scene from Poltergeist.  I have to start getting them while they are green or figure how to wrap them.

My Day

I stayed at home to assist Angie.  She has a lot going on.  I'll watch the little ones and continue looking for ways to shrink the amount of our stuff.  I have two more donation boxes.

Monday, May 2, 2016

I Scream for Ice Cream

What do you do with a child that screams all the time?  Everyone says it's me.  What did I do?  I just pick her up to calm her down.  I guess that is her ploy.  I don't know what to do to stop her.  If you have advice, please feel free to share.  I don't know what to do.

You Have to Break Eggs to Make an Omlette

You have probably read that I constantly am cleaning my house.  It is a complicated matter.  Angie and I have to coordinate our cleaning.  Someone has to watch the smallest of the brood.  When one is watching, the other can do something.  We also are trying to think one step ahead of Elana and Haley.  Both have their bad habits.  Haley loves to scoot her butt into the kitchen and grab utensils. We got a container that should thwart her plans.  Some of those same containers have stopped her and Elana from tossing things from a shelf in the kitchen.  Next up will be the counters.  I am still trying to go through things to get rid of them.  It was a long weekend.  I might have time during the week.  I am taking time off to burn time and to assist at home.  

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ikea Day 2

We came back to Ikea.  We had stopped by yesterday to look and eat.  Today, they were doing a morning giveaway.  The first 100 people got envelopes.  We got ice cream. We did find some things to get our house more child friendly.

Tiny House Tips Storage

I was trying to think of a way to store my clothes.  One thing they talk about in a Tiny House is that storage is at a premium.  Even in a big house, space is taken for granted.  With a family as big as ours, space is needed.  I was thinking about beds.  There is so much wasted space.  Not to mention all the dust that collects underneath.  It got me thinking about a dresser under the bed.  Hoe?  We don't really have the money to create or buy premade.  I happen to be in the room and saw a solution.  Suitcases.  We store them in the attic.  We only use them when travelling.  I found that I can put clothes in them and slide them under the bed.  It works perfectly.