Monday, February 29, 2016

Table for One

I rushed out of my house this morning and forgot to bring anything for lunch.  Maybe I was thinking one thing and realized I did not have anything at my desk.  I could run over to 7-11, but I am being lazy.  I guess I will eat some graham crackers.  I might make it until I get home.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Big Crash

Elana has been going non-stop today.  I have had to hold het, I brought her on two shopping trips, we went on the trampoline, and I do wished by giving her a bath.  One that she did not cry in.  We came in the room and she walked around once or twice.  Then, I did not hear her.  I looked and she is out cold.

Burger #2

I had grand plans for the second go around.  I wanted a certain kind of bun.  I had this great mixture of meats.  I think I had fixed the flavor issue.  After getting all the ingredients, I was tired.  Elana was not doing so well herself.  I tried to lay her down for a nap.  It did not work.  I got up to start.  The first thing I noticed was that the tolls would take 2.5 hours.  Out went the home made roll.  I went on to cutting the peppers and onions.  Then it was tome to grind.  I was grinding 4 types of meats into one.  When the burgers were cooking, I realized that I had missed one.  Overall, it was good.  I had one issue, the meat fell apart easily while cooking.  The missing ingredient would have helped that.  I think my burger is ready to enter into a contest.

In a Year's Time

Time flies when you are having fun.  That is the way the saying goes.  I'm having one hell of a year.  We brought two more children into our house.  I got a promotion and have hit five years at my job.  I love it.  The children have been a challenge.  Elana is definitely a handful.  I can see why she probably got fed the way she did in China.  She commands attention 24/7.  She'll let you know if she feels ignore.  The other day, Facebook showed a memory from a year ago.  I was thrilled to be at 10,000.  In a couple of weeks, I will be over 100,000.  I will continue to entertain.  It may not all be good, but I am trying to share an experience that not everyone gets to do.  Some people may think we are crazy.  As the children age, I do feel we have done something hood for this world.

A Nice Treat

A week ago, I froze about four bananas.  They were ripe and I did not have time for making bread.  I had seen a post where you could make ice cream with bananas and peanut butter.  Last night, I tried it.  One problem I had was grinding the bananas in the blender.  No, I did not break it again.  I needed liquid to get it to blend the mixture.  Instead of ice cream, we had a milkshake.  All I used was bananas, peanut butter, and milk.  It turned out really well.  In the future, I can make milkshakes.

The Big Sleepover!

It was a quiet night for us.  Kiersten and Michelle went to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday.  They each had to bring a movie.  I can only imagine how late they stayed up.  That means I might have some touchy daughters today.

New Burger

Last week, I tried to create a new burger.  It was good, but the meat was bland.  I'm going to try again.  One big mistake I made was putting the seasoning in the meat.  I need to put it on the outside.  I am also going to make my own rolls.  Stay tuned for the results.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yard Sale Fatique

The yard sale went off with a bang.  We got rid of some clothes. We donated the rest.  I had the luck of being with Elana all day.  At one point, we went on the trampoline.  There was a lot of static electricity.  Elana's hair was going everywhere.

Tempers Fly

I woke early to run.  When I walked outside, our neighbor was already setting up for the yard sale.  I hot back and woke Angie.  We started setting up.  Elana came out of the room.  At a certain point, the older girls woke.  They started assisting.  I came in to watch Haley, Elana, and Mia.  Elana has started her yelling.  She is also hitting her head.  I gave her some Advil.  I am hoping she will take a nap.  I can see the yard sale from the room.  Thete are a lot of cars.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Name Game

We belong to some Facebook pages where people can talk about their adoptions and ask questions of those that are adopting.  This person asked about naming your child.  When we first started this process, we were presented with this issue.  We always felt that an older child might take issue with a person changing their name.  It's also like changing their hairstyle.  We have always added an English name to our Chinese children. We left their middle name the name they were given in China. Kiersten was different.  We told her the name we planned to give her, but we call her by her Chinese name.  She likes to be called by both.  We would never have forced a name onto an older child.  Some of these people don't seem to care.  I guess they feel that they spent this Mich money, so they can do whatever they want.

Spring Cleaning

Tomorrow, we are going to have a yard sale.  Hopefully, we are going to get rid of a lot of things.  I will probably be watching the girls.  The older one's will assist Angie.  I just hope we get rid of things we have.  I think Angie is going to tell most to make an offer.  I don't care.  I'm to the point where I just want to get things out of the house.

Last Night and Movie Review

Angie and Kiersten went to see London has Fallen.  Both said it was a good movie.  Past that, I can not say much.  I liked the first one.  If you are into good popcorn action movies, it's probably a good movie to bet on or you can still see Deadpool.  The girls were a handful last night.  Elana screamed a little, but I had her hang out with Michelle.  I fed Mia and that went great.  Haley let me feed her and she laid in the pen while I read.

Idiot Drivers

I have written about idiot drivers in the past.  I live in a state where they are plentiful.  I had my share of slow drivers and one who seemed to have a hard time staying in his lane.  The prize for the biggest idiot goes to the person who stops at a greenlight in the middle lane and puts on his signal to turn left.  He's lucky I did not run into him.  I can't wait for self driving cars.  But, if idiots like that are programming them, we are all in trouble.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What has Happened to Russia?

At one time, I had a lot of views from Russia.  Now, nothing.  I hope I did not offend anyone.  I am only writing for your enjoyment.  I know, sometimes my opinions might offend, when I talk about politics.  I try not to go there.  I really don't feel affiliated to either party.  Keep ready.  If I do something that offends, let me know.  I'm wondering if the government cut off the link.  I should email Sarah Palin and have her look from Alaska to see if it is still there.

Back to Work and Movie Night, For Some

I'm back.  I am sitting at my desk ready to get my day started.  Tonight, Angie and the girls are going to see London has Fallen.  I will be hanging out with the three youngest.  Maybe, they will let me read a little.  I can always hope.

Youth Group Meeting

Kiersten and Michelle wanted to go to church last night for their youth group meeting.  I had to drive them there and wait.  It was a very windy night.   I rolled down the windows.  By the end, I was getting cold.  I also brought Elana.  She tends to like hanging out with me.  That way, Angie could get Haley and Mia ready for bed.  Elana did not cry or scream out.  She just kept jabbering.  She would say things I could understand, like daddy.  After an hour, the girls came out.  I was ready to get home and go to bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Howling Wind, Howling Child

After lunch, I tried to lay the children down for a nap.  Elana and Haley were having none of that.  At the same time, a storm is coming through the area.  We are getting blasts of wind and rain.  I guess it was inspiring Elana because she would not stop screaming.  Nap time is over.

Peaceful Elana

When Elana sits in a vehicle, she is not always calm or quiet.  As I type this, she is peacefully taking a nap.  Haley is fighting it.  I am waiting for Angie at an appointment.  I have Death of a Red Heroine by Qui Xiaolong to keep me busy.  I am almost done.  It has been a good book.

Corralling the Calves

After Angie went to her appointment, Haley woke up.  I fed her some oatmeal.  Elana used that time to scream and hit the window.  After the feeding, I decided to take them in a bedroom and shut the door.  That way, there was less space they could tear up.  Later, I can put Haley in a crib.  Elana will crash on the floor or futon.

Morning Anarchy

I am home today.  Elana is sitting here screaming her head off.  She woke shortly after we got Mia ready.  I just had to pick her up because she was hitting the window.  Haley is sitting in front of me trying to get my attention.  Hopefully, this will not be my whole day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Movie Review: Triple 9

I liked it, but it may not be for everyone.  I thought the actors did a great job.  They did under utilize a couple of good actors like Norman Reedus and Gal Gadot.  If you are going for Norman, his role is more of a cameo.  Another thing is that you have to suspend your disbelief.  If you think about the scenario, you wou wonder if that would really happen.

Fourth in Line

I'm sitting at the theater.  I am fourth in line.  It will not stay that way, but I will enjoy my place in line while it lasts.  By the time I make it in, it will be more like 50th.

Triple 9 Screening

Tonight is movie night.  I have a ticket to see Triple 9.  It looks like a good movie with great actors.  I am looking forward to this one.  I am not looking forward to the wait before entering.  They do not let us in until about 5 minutes before it starts.

The Return of the Cyclones!

It was a quiet day when I returned home from work.  The girls went out to play.  I started folding clothes and watching a movie.  I heard a sound outside.  Then, the door blew open and three little tornadoes spun through the house.  The destruction was crazy and it put off a bad smell.  After changing three or four diapers, I had to pick up the things the kids had thrown around.  Elana was clearly tired from her car trip.  Haley was quiet,  but still had the energy to throw things around.  Mia did her spins and jumped on Haley's walking toy.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Doctor's Visit

Elana a.d Mia got to see eye doctors.  Mia was first.  The did a checkup on her eyes.  They said if she complains of pain to bring her in.  If not, he wants to see her in six months.  The main doctor who wanted to see Elana was in surgery, so another doctor on the team saw her.  He gave some details about the surgery.  The plan to use some of her palate to create the eyelids.  They are not keeping her at the hospital, but want to see her the next day.

Dinner for Three

I had a good night with the girls.  I made them a burger creation.  I called it the Philly Cheesesteak Burger.  I did not put extra meat on a hamburger.  I ended up grounding it into the hamburger I had bought.  I fried up some onions and peppers and topped it with some cheese.  The girls said they liked it.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

White Men Can't Jump

I took the girls to shoot hoops.  I'm not much of a basketball player.  It really showed.  Michelle and I started a game of around the world.  It was going to be horse, but I forgot how to play.  I was pretty bad.  In the end, Kiersten ended up beating us.

A Day Without Samples is Like a Day Without Sunshine

I had to run to the store, so I decided we should do a run through of Sam's.  If you've been there, you know they do a lot of sampling.  That is until today.  We walked in and looked around.  There was only one person sampling oranges.  I was devastated.  I drowned my sorrows with a hot dog.  Michelle could not bring herself to eat, she went with the frozen yogurt.  At least they have a burger creation for dinner.

Old Time Rock and Roll

I feel like Tom Cruise from Risky Business.  I'm home alone, well not exactly.  I have Michelle and Kiersten.  So, there will be no dancing in my tighty whiteys.  I might do Zumba after I make dinner and before the walking dead.

Miami Bound, Again!

This time, it is Angie.  She is bringing Mia for an eye appointment and Elana for a pre-surgical visit.  In mid-March, they will be doing plastic surgery on her eyelids.

Fire, Fire Elana's Mouth Can Take the Fire!

We went to the girls favorite fast food restaurant: Panda Express.  We had free Firecracker Chicken coupons.  I ended up with them all.  They do not like spicy.  I decided to see what Elana thought.  I put some chicken in her mouth.  She ate it.  I ate some.  I needed a drink.  She wanted more chicken.  She did take some drinks, but she ate a bunch of the chicken.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jumpin'Jack Flash

Elana and I are sitting on the trampoline.  It is the one place that Elana can not tear up the house.  She is getting used to it.  She has bounced a little.  Earlier, she was going around the perimeter.  I think she was looking for a way out.  Now, she is sitting in my lap.  She can tell we are about to go in.  The sun is going down.

Work Emergency

I had brought Michelle, Kiersten, and Elana out this morning.  While we were out, I get a call from my boss.  She is going in to get something ready.  I told her if she needs help, let me know.  An hour or so later, I get the call.  I told her I was bringing the girls.  She said that was fine.  When I got there, I realized that she could not access some files I had created.  It was due to an upgrade we went through.  I got a PDF like program.  They did not get it.  I got some of the files into Excel.  That way, she could get into something.  The girls were behaved at first.  The longer it took, the less behaved they became. I was able to assist.

Haley's Exercise Regiment

Haley has been getting stronger every day.  She is standing more often.  If we put her in the play pen, she likes to do gymnastics.  She has started doinghead first flips.  Lately, she has been stretching her legs.  Her main goal is to escape.  I don't know how much longer the pen will be effective.

Mia's Emoji Surprise

Mia does not really watch movies.  I brought her to a Frozen sneak. Her sisters gave away her seat.  That upset. Her and I was asked to bring her into the lobby because of crying.  I think her school went to a movie.  Last night, I told her that they were making an Emoji film.  She was thrilled to hear that.  I asked if she would want to see it.  She said yes.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Elana's Day of Misery

Elana had to get two shots at the doctor.  Some might know how that affects a toddler.  Later in the day, she got a hold of some craft foam. She rubbed it all over the place.  Unfortunately, she got some in her eyes.  She was a little cranky when I got home.

Busy Day

I came in thinking today was going to be a slow day.  It has not.  I have hit the ground running.  People keep sending requests that I need to work on.  That is why I have not posted till the afternoon.  I'm still working.  I guess I will be having a working lunch.  Hopefully, the meeting they are having today will have leftovers.

Senior Moment

I had a taste for doughnuts this morning.  Wawa did not have what I wanted, so I went to Dunkin Donuts.  I ordered my doughnuts and I was looking at the price I was charged.  The girl had gave me a senior discount.  I'll take any discount, but really?  I'm only 43.  My kids have not aged me that much.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Now You See it Now You Don't

Haley struck again.  I took my eye off of her for a second.  When I look back, the pants and diaper is off.  I rushed to get it on her.  The damage was already done.  Her pants were wet.  I cleaned up everything and broke out the onesie.

No, I Did Not Wet My Pants!

I was enjoying some of my leftover Pho.  It was good.  I got sidetracked with some other things.  I went to grab my bowl.  It went all over me.  At least, it did not fall on my computer.  I have already wiped out one keyboard when my drink spilled on it.  Now, I have a big wet spot on my pants.  Good news is that I will be out of here by 3:30.  I just can't walk around for 1.5 hours.

Haley's Doctor Visit 2 18 2016

Haley does not have Cerebral Palsy.  That is what the neurologist believes.  What he thinks is that her mother might have had an illness during birth.  This could be affecting her hearing and inability to walk.  He wants to do further tests to rule things out.  He did say that her head was small.  Makes me wonder if her mom had Zika.

Who's Going to Pay?

Angie called me today.  One of the groups that is supposed to be paying for Kayla's care has decided that they do not want to pay until they are ordered to do so by a judge.  These groups can be a real pain.  This person says it would be cheaper for in home assistance.  Evidently, she has not read Kayla's file.  She would have seen that we've been there and done that.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Race Against Time

When I originally rented the car, I did not know when I was going to return.  I played it safe and went with dropping off the car the day after I returned.  We got done around 3:30 or so and we were closer than I started.  I hit the gas and got on the turnpike.  I passed the first gas station.  I felt the car was getting great mileage.  When the second one came up, I was getting a little nervous.  I did not want to run out of gas.  I put $10.  They were about .20 gallon higher than Orlando.  I also knew that they have a toll road markup.  I got to town an hour before they closed.  Work traffic was getting heavy.  I needed to stop and fill up the tank before returning.  At the same time, I really needed to go to the bathroom.  I was even eyeing an empty water bottle.  I did not need it.  I made it with about 30 minutes to spare.  I used the bathroom and pumped the gas.  I waited for the receipt.  Just my luck. No receipt.  I had to run in to get one.  I got back on the road and had 15 minutes.  The traffic was really heavy.  I was in one lane the everyone turning blocked the straight lane.  My phone starts to ring.  It's Angie.  Where am I?  They do not have after hours drop off and they were not going to wait on me.  By the time I pulled in, I had about 3 minutes till they closed.

Pho Get About It

I have eaten Viatnamese a couple of times.  Usually, I get the sandwiches and or spring rolls.  Today, I decided to have something different. I tried a beef combo Pho. It came in a huge bowl with a side of vegetables.  I tossed in the bean sprouts, some green leaf vegetables, but I left out the hot peppers.

Emoji Mia Strikes Again!

Mia got a new pillow yesterday.  She took full advantage of that pillow.  She got the poop emoji pillow.  Last night, she would go up to someone and drop the pillow after saying she needed to go to the bathroom.  Then, her sisters became her target.  She would throw the pillow behind Elana and say she pooped and then Michelle would poop.

Last Day of Visits

Today is the last day of my visits.  We plan to see around seven members.  It will all depend on traffic.  That slowed us down yesterday.  Today is a clear day.  It is supposed to be warm.  I will be driving today.  I will be able to leave from our last visit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Good Samaritan

I was walking outside the hotel to meet my associate for dinner.  This woman calls to me.  She asks if I have a car.  I said yes, but I had left my key in the room.  She called to someone who was pulling out.  She asked if I could help hook up the cables.  I said sure.  Once hooked up, it did not start instantly.  My associate came up and helped out.  With his help, we were able to get the car started.

Lunch in South Beach

As we drove around to see members, we stopped in South Beach to get some lunch.  We ate at a Cuban restaurant.  I decided to get a Cuban sandwich.  They had multiple choices.  I was happy with my choice.  After lunch we walked over to the beach and a photo shoot was going on.

After the Storm

Driving around Miami, we got to see the aftermath of the storm.  There was some mild flooding and lots if branches down.  We also had to maneuver around some accidents.  A trash truck ran off of 95 from an overpass.  Then, I heard a semi was blown over.  It was blocking all lanes.

Time to Travel

I am getting ready to drive around South Florida and visit some of the members I serve as an Underwriter.  Hopefully, the rain will go away. It is still raining a little.

Woke Up to a Monson

I did my morning exercise and got back to my room.  The clouds were nice and dark.  Then the bottom fell out.  Rain was going sideways.  Now we are going to wait until it blows over before going out.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Haley' s Diagnosis

We will soon be getting information about what may be going on with Haley.  Angle got a call today and they want to see her on Thursday.  It was going to to be in April.  Whatever they discovered may be serious.

Nice Dinner

I went over to Outback for a strategy meeting.  We mapped out our visits for the members I work with.  Then, I got a tour of the area.  Now. I am trying to decide when I want to exercise in the gym.  I found out that Michelle got her braces.  They look good on her.  She'll have to get used to them.

Fort Lauderdale at Last!

After many hours on the road, I have made it.  There was lots of traffic, some rain and a few police.  I used an app to direct me to the hotel.  Believe me, I was happy to make it.  About an hour away, I started to have an urge to use the bathroom.  Of course, the signs for a rest area stopped showing.  At that point I started hitting rain.  I'm glad that I do not have to drive in Miami.  I can only imagine how it is.  Nearing my destination, you could see how the traffic was going to be.  I called Angus and Michelle is being fitted for her braces.

Candy on Hiatus

Today, Michelle will have to stop eating certain foods.  She is getting braces.  This will be hard for her, but I think she will survive.  Kiersten did.

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

My phone has the coordinates set.  My bags are in the rental.  I am ready to travel.  Angie wants me to accompany her to a doctor visit for Kiersten.  Then I will be off.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Crazy Day

The day started with computer shopping.  Angie needed a new computer.  It was my Valentine/Anniversary present.  Then, Kiersten and I went to the library and the store.  I was able to find some movies for the girls to watch on their day off.  We stopped by the store for my big dinner.  I made chicken fried steak.  On the way back home, we got to witness a motorcycle versus a minivan.  The guy on the bike lost.  Not only that, he wasn't wearing a helmet.  Bikers love their helmet freedom in Florida.  I don't think the ER's would agree with them.  We got my rental and I finished by packing.  I probably packed too much, but I'd rather have too much than not enough.

Elana's Day

I am wondering if Elana is getting sick.  She wants to be held more than usual.  She kept spitting out her lunch.  She keeps screaming.  I think we need to lay her down for a nap.

Supreme Decision

I was shocked when I saw that one of our Supreme Court Justices' had died.  I did know one thing, it will be hard for the President to get someone through the Senate.  That person will have to lean toward the center in their beliefs.  Now, the leader of the Senate says they will not consider any of the President's choices.  They think the next one should do it.  What if a Democrat wins? Are they going to shut everything down for four more years?  What if the power of the Senate shifts?  The American people should demand the money we have been paying these politicians to be returned.  If I didn't do my job, they would not keep paying me.

Happy Valetine's Day 2016

Have a great Valentine's Day wherever you are.  I plan to have a home made dinner that everyone will enjoy.  Angie will be getting a new and updated computer.  The children will be getting some gifts from us.

Elana's Up Again

Elan woke around two.  I changed her and tried to get her back to bed.  She thought it was time to roam.  She ended up falling asleep at the door.  When I picked her up, she was cold.  I covered her up on the bed.  She stayed covered for the rest of the night

Saturday, February 13, 2016

I Survived My Visit to Chipolte!

It was my first visit to Chipolte.  I had always wanted to try it, but never got around to it.  After people started getting sick, Angie would not go near the place.  My opportunity came in the form of a free burrito.  I gladly took them up on their offer to visit.  It has been a couple of hours later and I am still doing fine.

Michelle is a Deadpool Fan

Michelle survived this awful adult film.  Actually it was a great film.  Not for young children, but if teens have seen Kick-Ass, then this will be no problem.  I would describe it as Robocop meets Kick-Ass.  By all means go see the movie.  I heard lots of laughter.  Stay until the very end.  You will no be disappointed.  I told Michelle that she should not be into these kind of movies.  I said she should be watching Kung Fu Panda 3 and things geared towards kids.  She said that wasn't her.

Not the Only Bad Parent

In the theater about to see Deadpool.  Michelle is with me.  She is a lot older then some of the children that are coming in.  Luckily, she also looks older than she is.  The theater is almost sold out.  As you might recall, this is the same Michelle who claims not to be a nerd. Her definition of a nerd is someone into comics.

A Run in the Dark

I woke at 5:30 this morning.  I forced myself out of bed.  I want to exercise, but half of my mind wants to fight that urge.  I know that once U do, I will not continue.  Once I get outside, I get into the mood.  I have been running for a minute and walk for two.  I usually can tell when the minute is up.  The backs of my legs start burning.  I feel better when I do it.  Hopefully, I will make this my morning habit.  Surviving the summer will be the hard part.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Haley's Magic Act

Haley is now doing something every kid has probably done.  I know Kayla and Mia have done it.  She is taking off her diaper.  Then, she pees.  She has done it in her crib, she has done it in the baby pen.  She even pooped and played with that.    Yesterday, she was in her pen.  She had a onesie on. I thought that would stop her. I was wrong.  I left the room for a second.  When I came back. She was standing there.  A sly smile on her face.  I looked at her. Then, I looked down.  In front of her was her diaper. She still wearing her onesie.  At that point I realised that she had pulled the diaper through her leg opening.

Deadpool is Next

On Sunday, I plan to go see Deadpool.  Word is that this is a funny and violent movie.  It is getting great reviews.  I look forward to seeing it.

The World Crumbles Around You

You take a day off and the whole world crumbles around you.  It was a non-eventful day for me.  I spent it with my daughters and went out to lunch.  When I get back to work, you'd think I was off for a week.  It will be nice to get caught up and back where I was before the day off.  I have the next three work days after today, away from my office.  I will be going down south to meet my members.  I just hope it is quiet when I return.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kayla's Eye Appointment

They did some tests on her eyes.  The doctor says that it is a problem with her drusen.  Over time it can calcify and create deposits that can affect her vision.  They said that one in 50 can have this issue.  It might also be hereditary.  We know very little of her parents health history.

Marathon: A Race to the Finish

Kayla is still getting her eyes checked.  I am entertaining Elana and Haley.  There nothing on television.  I could find a DVD to watch.  I am just being lazy.  I did find a Walking Dead marathon.    I can't wait until Sunday.  The new mid season episodes start airing.

Morning Feeding

Elana was first up.  I fed her a cookie.  Pop Tart to you and me.  Haley woke a little later.  Her breakfast usually consists of oatmeal.  Usually, Angie feeds them because I am at work.  Kayla had an eye appointment and I already had the day off.  It's funny when someone feeds Haley.  You give her a spoonful and wait for her to swallow.  If she catches you not saying attention, she will start waving her hands or laughing and acting crazy.  If that doesn't do it, she will resort to crying.

Morning Wake Up

I woke this morning and it was cold.  They were saying it was 28 outside.  My mind was trying to decide if I wanted to exercise.  I do this a lot when I start getting into this routine.  I think it's my procrastination flaring up again.  I made myself get up and get dressed.  When the cool air hit me, it was a shot of energy.  I ran/walked for 30 minutes.  Then I had to defrost for about 20 minutes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kayla's Appointment

Kayla has an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow.  They felt it was an emergency.  I just hope her people get her there.

Haley's Day

Haley went to the hospital to get a test done.  Angie had purposely kept her up to make her sleepy for today.  I believe it was a CT scan.  Now we wait.

They are Courting Kiersten

With great grades comes great responsibility.  Honor groups are sending applications for Kiersten to join.  First it was the Beta Society, now it's the Honor Society.  She wants none of it.  I am trying to convince her that these look good on applications for college.  All she can think about is acting.  Hopefully, someone can talk sense into her.  She won't listen to me.  I am proud of her accomplishments.

Haley's Appointment

Today, Haley is going in for some neurological tests or visit.  It was a last minute booking.  Hopefully, they will be able to give her a diagnosis.  She has been fine since Friday, just a little worn out.  Last night, she was scooting around.  

Car Rental

On Monday, I have to go down south towards Miami for my job.  I get to meet the members I underwrite.  I look forward to it.  Yesterday, I got news that I have to rent a car.  I've done it before.  Not with my employer.  Luckily, they could set it all up.  Now, I have to pick up the car on Sunday and drop it off on Thursday.  Before that, all I had to do was check out the company car and return it the day I return to work.  Oh well!  What can you do?

One Car

When you are driving, accidents can ruin your day.  Whether you are in the accident or if you are behind it somewhere.  This morning was slow on I4.  Why?  One car accident.  I don't even know if it was an accident.  All I saw was a SUV sitting off to the left.  The vehicle had a police car behind it.  Maybe the person was having a hear attack.  All I know is the fire department had been deployed and an ambulance.  They were behind me.  I'm just glad I got ahead of that before they closed off more lanes.  The way the traffic was moving, you'd think it was a big accident.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kayla the Day After

Kayla had a great birthday.  The day after, the group home called Angie to let her know that she had an eye appointment.  It believe it was a routine checkup.  They found something.  She had limited vision in one of her eyes.  They believe it is some kind of bulge or tumor.  It could have been caused by head trauma.  She tends to bang her head when she would get mad.  I don't know if it was recent.  Now another appointment needs to be set up.  Hopefully it will not be serious, but she could lose her sight in that eye.  Keep her in your prayers.  She needs all the help she can get.

Buy one Get one Movie!

I got two tickets to Deadpool last night.  If you have a Best Buy near you, visit it.  They have blurays on sale that include $8 off a ticket.  It's like a buy one get one.  Michelle has claimed the other ticket.  On one hand it probably is not appropriate, but on the other hand, my dad took me to movies like this.  I loved it.  Why deprive my daughter?  I might go see it on Sunday.  If I do, I will let you know if it is worth the money.

New Year's Dinner

We ate at the Panda.  Panda Express that is.  My children loved it.  Elana ate half my meal.  I was eating orange chicken.  She had not problem eating it.  She did not care for the rice, though.  Michelle and Angie ate the same.  From what I can tell, Kiersten also ate some orange chicken.  She did not get rice.  She got the noodles.  Mia had teriyaki chicken.  She liked hers also.   We had a good meal.  I'd rather eat authentic Chinese, but I would have to pay for a ticket to China to get it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

All Samples Were Not Made for Your Enjoyment

I went over to the mall, while I waited for Angie.  I walked through the food court looking for samples.  I was rewarded with some good offerings.  Then Idrove over to Whole Foods.  I have never really shopped there.  We had one ope close to us.  The store was nice and clean.  I noticed they had sample stations.  The first was a kind of orange.  It looked like someone had sucked out the juice and put it back in the container.  I declined.  Next up, cheese.  I didn't really want any.  I walked towards meats.  I found some chips.  I could try that.  I grabbed a couple and ate one.  It was really spicy.  I looked for something to cool it down.  They had no drink samples.  I did find some bread.  It did not cool it down much.  Finally, I found some ginger candy.  You'd think candy=sweet.  I guess they should have said =spicy. I started chewing.  The fire built up in my mouth again.  I'm looking forward to getting a drink.

Off to the Panda

For special Chinese New Year celebration, we are going to Panda Express.  I know it's not authentic.  But it is reasonable.  Some of the buffets tend to increase their prices during the holiday.  The group we used to belong to was having a get together.

Happy Chinese New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!  We are taking everyone to Panda Express.  The girls love their orange chicken. We plan to give out some red envelopes, also.

Kayla's New Home

We went over to Kayla's group home to celebrate her birthday.  She was totally surprised.  She got to show us her dance moves.  She got to play with her sisters.  We ate some pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream.  She got to show her room off to her sisters.  Kayla had a really great party.  The house she is in is clean and it looks like they will take good care of her.  We got to meet her room mates.  They seem nice.  It is better than the ones she left.  Only time will tell.  


It did not sound like I missed much last night.  Even the commercials sounded a little off.  The only commercials I would have liked would have been the movie previews.  Those made it online pretty fast.  I thought The Jungle Book looked impressive.  Besides that one, I had already seen the others.  There was nothing new for me.  On NPR, they even commented about the weirdness of some of the commercials.  Like I said, they money went into paying for the spot.  Next year, someone should create a website and encourage advertisers and fans to switch over to watch funny commercials that do not cost over 5 Million to show.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl

My super bowl dish for this Sunday was a stir fry.  It had cabbage, carrots, green peppers, about a cup of ham cut up and an onion.  I should have made rice, but I was feeling a little lazy.  My toughest food critic, Michelle, loved it.  I hope you were not disappointed because I did not talk about the game.  Not a big fan of pro sports.  As rates climb, it only seems that pharmaceuticals can afford commercials.  Erectile Disfunction is not really much fun to hear about.  I doubt they will ever add comedy to their pitches.

Hot and Cold Orlando

It is one of those days in Orlando.  Walking around outside it is cold.  There is a wind blowing.  In the sun, it is warmer.  In your car, it is like a greenhouse.  I finally took off my jacket.

Celebrate Another Day of Life

This morning, we are gathering things to get ready to celebrate Kayla' s 15th birthday.  Angie made her cupcakes last night.  She is putting the finishing touches on it.  I have helped get the girls dressed.  Her sisters took care of the gifts.  Her house is going to take her out, so we can come in to get ready for her party.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Poo in the Hand is Worth One in the Tub

I had just given Elana a bath and walked in to the living room.  I noticed the smell of poop.  I knew it wasn't Elana.  I was holding her.  I had just passed Mia.  I went to Haley.  First thing I noticed was no diaper.  Then, I saw her hands.  They were brown.  I grabbed her and ran her to the bathroom.  I gave her a quick and thorough bath.  She had even got some in her hair.  When I wad done, I dried her and went in search of a diaper.  I ran into Angie, who was cleaning up the poop.

Male Ego

I remember when Home Improvement was on TV.  Tim Taylor would create devices to do manly things.  I think all males do this in some way. You can ask Angie.  I have messed up my share of devices.  One time, I thought I could wash a pet pillow in the washer machine.  It gave Angus a reason to buy a new one.  Today, she was making Haley' s oatmeal.  It was rock hard.  She had bought it a t Sam's. I started counseling it with a knife.  Then, I got a brilliant idea.  Use the blender.  Now we have to order a new cutting part for the blender.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Congratulations Kiersten!

I am proud of Kiersten.  She has been invited to join the BETA club.  They only invite students that have a GPA of 3.7 and over I think.  Hopefully, she will join.  It will look good on her educational record.

Haley Emergency!

Haley visited the Emergency room today.  She had a seizure this morning.  They did a check on her.  They could not find a visible reason for it.  They told Angie to visit a neurological doctor and see if the can do an MRI.  While at the hospital, she had to convince Elana not to scream.  

Hail Caesar! Other Person's Reveiw

I was driving into work this morning.  I was listening to NPR.  They had their film critic give his review of Hail, Caesar!  He said it was classic Coen Brothers.  He explained that the movie is a spoof on the Hollywood studio system of the 50's.  He compared it to Oh, Brother Where Art Thou!  this makes me want to see the movie even more.  If you get a chance and you like the Coen Brother's movies, go see it.  It sounds like you will not be disappointed.

A Nip in the Air

I was lucky to wake up this morning.  I turned off my alarm yesterday.  My body has an internal alarm.  I usually wake by 5:00 everyday.  I got dressed to go for a walk.  I stepped outside and turned right around.  I got a light jacket.  I was still in shorts, but my legs were not that cold.  I decided not to try and run this morning.  I will gradually try to add that to my routine.  This morning was strictly for walking.  I felt good after doing it.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Try to Give Blood: Denied!!!

At work, they are having a blood drive.  I am going to give it another try.  I hope they will let me give.  Supposedly, my blood is always in need.  We will see.  I just know that I will have them take my blood pressure before getting my finger pricked.

I went in to give my blood.  I asked them not to prick my finger until I had passed the pulse test.  It has to be under 100 bps.  My blood pressure was fine.  Pulse was not.  I was at 115.  She had me wait 5 minutes.  Second total 110.  No blood was given.

Haley's Doctor Visit

Haley went to the doctor the other day.  Their specialty was Orthopedics.  He took a look at her and said she was fine.  He was able to rule out Spina Bifida.  He said that she did not have an orthopedic issue.  He thinks it might be a brain issue.

On a lighter side, she is really starting to get up more often.  Hopefully, she will build up her leg strength.

A Walk in the Dark

I woke at 4:30am to exercise.  I had these great plans of running a certain distance and back.  I warmed up.  I was off to start my run.  At this point, you can cue the Rocky music or the Karate Kid music.  I was feeling confident.  The road was just a few steps more.  I was pumped.  The Ipod was blaring my music, at a reasonable volume.  I crossed the street and it was like a gun at the starting line.  I was jogging at a brisk pace.  My breathing was okay.  About a minute or two later, the Rocky music had faded.  Beck's Loser had replaced it.  I was having issues with my leg muscles.  They were probably sore from the hour of Zumba I did last night.  I still managed to get my exercise.  I will do more when I get home.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Visiting China Through other People's Posts

I see Facebook posts from others that are going through the adoption process.  It is funny to see the kind of places they encourage others to go to.  Also, they tend to travel by cab.  We did it once, but the subway was better and more economical.  I saw one the other day and they were naming all these food places.  Not one of them was a Chinese restaurant.  I'm going to fly all the way to China to experience Mexican food or a Subway?  They all seem to praise Lucy's in Guangzhou.  I liked the food, but they were expensive.  When I go back, I want to go to the Uighur restaurant we found.  Not only is the food good, but they have reasonable prices.  I did see one person who gave a detailed instruction on how to use the subway in Guangzhou.  They missed some of the more scenic spots you can get to.  Guess they did not read Trip Advisor.  If you are in Guangzhou, check out the Canton Tower.

Waiting on Gadot

I went to the park last night to pick up some pointers about running 5k's.  My workplace had sent out an email about it.  They said they do it every Tuesday until April.  I wanted to give it a try.  I showed up at the park and went to their meeting place.  I waited.  A little after 6, I decided to take a walk around the park.  After one time around, I jogged around.  After that, I felt it was time to go.  Guess I will just have to look up pointers on the internet and run around the house.

Movie Ticket Drought

I am going through another drought for movie tickets.  It's sad when even Zoolander 2 runs out of tickets before I can get a set.  We need an El Nino for Florida to bring a flood of tickets and screenings.  It is sad when they only do one showing of Hail Caesar!  I guess the film company believes that they do not need word of mouth to make it a success.  If I lived in NC, I would have a bunch of tickets.  I have been able to get my mom tickets for most of the movies.  I just got her Deadpool last night.  Our tickets disappeared real quick.

Promotional Materials

When I worked in a movie theater, it was always fun to get promotional materials.  Shirts were always great to get.  Half the time, they did not do much with them.  They might have the name of the movie and maybe a tag line.  I loved getting posters.  Now I am finding that there are not a whole lot of people that share that feeling.  I can't give away some of my posters.  I was looking at Facebook yesterday and one of my sites was giving away a jacket for Concussion. Some movies do not need promotional things like shirts or jackets.  I would not want one of them.  It said Concussion  Do it for the Players.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Emoji Kisses

Mia's new pillow is an emoji puckering up to kiss.  Mia was doing just that last night.  She was kissing her pillow.  I guess when the Emoji movie comes out, I might have at least one child who will want to see it.

Chinese New Year 2016

As Chinese New Year approaches, I keep seeing stories about it from the Chinese websites I follow.  One thing is that everyone seems to travel during the Spring Festival.  For some, it is there only chance to see their family.  If you get a chance, see the movie Last Train Home.  You will see what I am talking about.

When we went to get Mia, we were there right before they started taking down decorations.  Kayla loved it.  I have pictures of her with some of the displays.  When it comes to adoption, they discourage people from going during this time period.  It would be really hard to find transportation.

Fresh Off the Boat Returns!

Tonight, Fresh Off the Boat returns.  If you have not seen this show, watch it.  It is a very entertaining show.  ABC even moved it to the 8:00 slot.  To me, that is showing some confidence in the show.  If you do not know what it is about, it is about an Asian family living in Orlando during the 90's.  Of course, when we watch it, we don't see Orlando locations all that often.  It is filmed in California.  You'd think with Disney being here, they would shoot it here.

No Caesar!

They never gave out tickets.  What a shame!  I think I will watch a Cohen brothers movie and try to give a review.  The movie I found was on Amazon Prime.  It is The Ladykillers.  It has Tom Hanks.  I saw it when it came out in the movies.  It was a really fun movie.  Tonight, I train for a 5k.

The Price of Blood

I am going to try and give again.  I signed up for a drive at work.  Hopefully, I can get through the screening.  If I do, I can get a movie ticket.  I just hope I can control my pulse.  That has been my worse enemy.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Pillow!

Guess what came in the mail today?  Another emoji pillow.  Mia has about 4-5of these.  She'll probably get more.  😘  This is today's pillow.

Emoji Mia the Pillow Girl!

We went to Wal-Mart yesterday.  Mia saw Emoji pillows.  Angie had already ordered her a Poop pillow.  She saw some that she liked.  She even asked mom in a very considerate way if she could get another.  In the end, she got a devil pillow.  I think she has 3-4 now.  She did say I could get one.  She said it had to be the Angry Emoji pillow.

Movie Denial!

I was hoping to go to Hail Caesar! tomorrow.  It looks like that will not happen.  I will be going to a running thing my work is doing, though.  They never gave out any tickets.  It is kind of surprising.  The last Cohen Brother film I went to was in a small theater with a few other fans.  I guess George Clooney brings out the fans.  I still want to see the movie.  I guess I should give blood.  They won't take it from me due to my pulse rate.

Lunch at 7-11: Here and There

On Friday, I went over to 7-11 for lunch.  You can get a hot dog and a drink for $2.00.  It was filling.  I ended up getting taquitos and some kind of chicken thing.  They were good, but a little spicy.  It made me miss going to 7-11 in China.  They have steamed buns and other meals.  I'd rather have a steamed bun with Bar B Que meat in it than a hot dog or taquito.  Maybe, I should write 7-11 a suggestion.  

Morning Wake Up

I want to start waking early, so that I can exercise.  Today, I had hoped that my body would wake me by 4.  When I did wake, it was 5.  It looks like I am going to have to set my alarm for 4 if I want to wake.

I got dressed and gathered my things.  Out of the bedroom wanders Elana.  No screaming.  Just walked towards the kitchen.  At this point, I have to keep quiet.  If she hears me, she will start screaming.  Before I left, I woke Michelle to have her watch Elana when Angie brought Mia out to her bus.