Saturday, April 30, 2016

Don't Touch the Router

I was trying to extend the wireless connection in the house.  I ordered an extender.  It came in the other day.  I got impatient.  I tried to connect it.  When I was done, the internet was down.  Yesterday, Angie had to fix it.  She said I am not allowed to touch the router.

No Emoji For You!

I told Mia that I was going to look for an Emoji shirt today.  She told me no, I could not get one.  I asked her why.  Her answer, because you can't!  She is the only one allowed to wear emojis.

Poop to Water

I got to visit a water treatment plant yesterday.  It was very informative.  Waste comes into the plant through pipes.  Because Florida is flat, lift stations help the process of moving it through the pipes.  Once there, it is pumped into a tank that separates the solids from the liquids.  For half of the waste, there is bacteria to break down the waste.  If it is truly a solid, then it gets sucked into a waste disposal can. The water moves to an area where chlorine is mixed with the water.  At this point, it can be used.  It is not for consumption, but it can be used on grass.  Then, it is stored until needed.  If too much is processed, then they send it to ponds nearby.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Water Treatment

I just got back from the field trip.  I got to see what happens to waste in our city.  It goes through a process to become recaptured water.  In the beginning, it stinks.  I'm glad we went in the morning.  Stay tuned, I will share more, but my phone is dead.

Field Trip

I get to go on a field trip.  A couple of the underwriters are going to a Water Treatment Plant.  It should be interesting.  As a rater, I saw plenty of them.  Now, I get to see one live.  I think it's going to be a hot day.   I just hope that it does not smell, that bad.

7th Child?

Audra is still available.  She is 6, now.  I wish we had the money to get her and that China would allow us.  If any rich benefactors want to make that happen, let me know.  If anyone wants to start a Go Fund Me for the cause. . .Just don't start one and keep the money.  I've seen a couple of stories, where people did that.  One last thing, before I sign off.  There are signs out there.  People can believe in them or not.  You can just call it a coincidence.  Audra is with another agency.  She has a new name and they posted a video.  In the video, she is shown doing sign language.  She has ear defects and that affects her hearing.  What is the name the new agency has assigned her?  Haley.  What a coincidence or sign.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hear and Now

Haley went to have her hearing checked.  We got good news.  She may be able to hear in a couple of months.  They still have some tests, but they want to fit her with a hearing aid.  From there, we will have to see.

A Semi-Quiet Night

I sat down with the three little ones last night.  Angie was busy with a project.  I made sure to feed and change diapers.  I kept them as happy as I could.  Elana was usually content walking around and doing circles.  Mia was finding toys to toss around the house.  Haley and I sat and watched Fear the Walking Dead.  Well, I watched.  Haley sat there and looked around.  That is, unless Elana started crawling around on her.  Those two seem to be gaining this sisterly friendship.  I think it is good to see.  When we drive in Angie's van, I will see Elana grabbing Haley's arm or leg.  She does it in a nice way.  I have even seen Elana crash near or on top of Haley.  It was a funny sight to see.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mia's Emoji Day!

Mia celebrated her birthday.  She did so with plenty of Emoji's.  Due Angie's hard work, she got the party she wanted.  She had cupcakes decorated with Emoji's.  Her sisters helped Angie to create Emoji things to put in the cupcakes.  Between Angie and the grandparents, Mia got plenty of Emoji themed things.  She got pillows, clothes, sleeping clothes and a balloon.  They all had Emoji's on them.  She loved it.  I made hamburgers.  She loves to say beef, when you ask her what she wants to eat.  She did not seem to thrilled with that.  It was a good day for her, thanks to Angie's hard work and organization.

Elana's Checkup

Her eyelids are doing good.  That is what the doctor said.  When I saw her yesterday, she was in a tired mood.  A tired Elana is not a fun Elana.  She wants to be held and she screams a lot.  She did go to bed pretty quickly last night.

Camping World

I woke to the news that the Citrus Bowl is going to become Camping World Stadium.  Then, I walked outside.  It smelled like a campsite.  According to Angie, they are doing controlled burns at the state park.  One of the downsides of living near a state park.  They burn off the brush.  It seems kind of weird to be doing it during some of our hotter weather.  I guess they know what they are doing.  It just makes going outside unbearable.  That is, unless you like the smell of a campsite fire.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


My mom wrote me.  She is hoping for Pecans this year.  They are coming from a tree she gave me about 15 or so years ago.  It started out a a sapling from my grandparents house in Texas.  I had planted in our NC yard.  When we decided to move to Florida, I dug it up and gave it back to my mom.  It has flourished since.  It has not produced many pecan.  My mom thinks this might be the year.  I told her that if any saplings appear I want 2 or 3 of them.  

A Lonely Place

When driving to work yesterday, I actually felt sorry for a person who broke down.  They were not off to the side of the road.  They were right in the middle of Interstate 4.  I would be scared of a situation like that.  What do you do?  You can't get out of the car.  Even if you could work on it, it would be dangerous to get out.  You just sit there and hope a road ranger or policeman drives up.  While sitting there, you pray someone does not hit you.

Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Official

This morning I attended the adoption of our daughter.  Haley is now officially a Fahey.  Angie had a lot of work to make it happen, but she got it done.  All I had to do was sign some papers.  She tends to the difficult parts of the adoption.  Now we are at six girls.  It's time to make more room.

Game of Thrones

I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the new season of Game of Thrones.  I thought that I wish the author would come out with his next book.  Then, they started to talk about the presidential race.  I thought that was a great segue way.  It got me wondering.  Do you think the RNC will sell Game of Thrones shirts at their convention this year?  I'm sure if they did, they would make a ton of money.  It's funny how each of their candidates seems to follow characters on the show.  I'm surprised that they are not suing the author for plagiarism of their party.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

He Lives

I see this on church signs around our area.  It got me thinking.  What would happen if a homeless person grew out their hair and beard and donned some robes to pan handle?  Do you think people would give more to that person?  Do you think they would have to add a sign that read: I died for your sins, spare a buck!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tiny House Big Open House

I guess a lot of people watch the shows.  We were lucky we found a parking spot.  There were four houses we could visit.  One was fully built.  The others were in different stages of the process.  The fully built one was nice.  It felt spacious.

Morning Pat on the Head

I woke early or late, as compared with my normal time. I went out in the living room.  When checking my mail, I felt someone patting my head.  To my surprise, Elana had woke without a sound.  I just wish she'd keep that up.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Going to Court

Monday, we go to court to adopt Haley.  It's been a long wait, but we can finally finish this part of the process.  After, Angie will apply for Social Security and whatever forms that need her new legal name.  For me, I am two blocks from the courthouse.  After court, I think Angie and her father are heading to Miami.  Elana has her followup next week.

Tiny Expectations!

Tomorrow, we go to the Tiny Open House.  I think most of us are looking forward to it.  I'm hoping for some ideas to do around the house.  It may help us gain more room.  I think Michelle is thinking about her future house.  I will get to see if they make me feel claustrophobic.

Blood Everywhere!

I had to use the bathroom last night.  Michelle and I were with the little ones.  Angie and Kiersten had a meeting.  I thought I had put up the dinner items.  I discovered I was wrong.  When I got back from the bathroom, I found Haley on the dinner table.  I was worried she would slip and fall.  I guess that it was good that she did not.  She had ketchup all over her arms and face.  Angie would have seen that and thought that it was blood.  I picked her up and hauled her to the bathroom.  She was happy.  She loves baths.  I was planning on giving her one last night.  I had to do a set of clothes in addition to the bath.

Security Stroller

Elana woke early.  I tried to be quiet.  It never seems to work.  This morning, she yelled out.  It did not last long.  She came into the living room and went straight to the stroller.  She was happy.  She even climbed into the chair.  She sort of screamed out when I left, but it might have been due to feeding.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Purple Rain

It was a sad day for the music world.  I was shocked when I found out.  Elana is standing in front of the TV.  They were playing Purple Rain.  Elana started singing it.

What A Day!

I have been busy with an Excel project.  Next thing I know, I'm getting a bunch of important requests.  The Excel project is already taxing.  I had to stop to do the other things.  Maybe, tomorrow will be a quieter day.

Sleeping Routine

Elana is pretty much back to her old self.  When we go to be, I usually will lay her on my chest.  If she is really tired, she will fall asleep.  If she still has some energy or it is too bright, then she gets on the floor and walks around.  Eventually, she will come back to the bed and crash.  Usually, it's on my legs.  At that point, I put her on the inner part of the bed.  That way, she does not roll off the bed.  She does not move much in her sleep.  When she does, she usually will put her hand or foot out to see if I am still in the bed.

On Second Thought

I was talking to Angie last night.  It seems that the doctor was not the best person to be giving information about Haley.  She said everything was matter of fact, with no real concern.  Here is a doctor giving a health update that might include death and it's like they are telling her that it's nothing, really.  Once the blood work comes in, she is going to seek another doctors opinion.  Is there anything we can do?  Which type of the 40 Leukodystophies is it?  What is the life expectancy?  She seems like she is improving every day with us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pain in the Neck

I called to see if Angie had brought Haley for her blood tests.  She had not.  Instead, she had to bring Michelle to the doctor to have her neck checked out.  Michelle strained her neck jumping on the trampoline.  This morning, she could not move it.  The doctor has advised her not to jump or do any strenuous activity.  Elana goes back to see the eye doctor in Miami, next week.   Busy time for the Fahey kids.

Sucker Punch

At dinner, I noticed Angie was upset.  I asked what was wrong.  Haley went to the doctor.  The doctor thinks she might have Leukodystrophy.  From the MRI, it shows that she might have some brain damage.  She has an absence of White Brain Matter.  She is going in for some blood work this morning.  All we can do is wait.  It does not look good.  When you look at her, you see her making progress and getting stronger.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Customer Appreciation?

Today, we were invited to a customer appreciation dinner at the car dealership.  We thought that was a great idea.  That is until Angie talked to the dealership.  They said it was for adults only.  That contradicts what the first person told her.  I sent a text to the guy who sold me the car.  He said the kids were welcome, but that they would be bored.  That's not what the person yesterday told us.  I sent him a reply that they said the kids could not come.  Either way, I don't think we are going.  I'm not going by myself.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Case of the Mondays!

I took the day off.  Angie had appointments to go to.  I watched Elana and Haley.  I had hoped to clean, but today was a holding day for Elana.  She did let me watch a movie.  I drifted in and out of it.  When Kiersten and Michelle got home, they asked to go to Rebounderz. It's a trampoline place.  They were giving 30 minutes free for A's and B's.  I brought Elana with us.  She still wanted to be held.  Eventually, she took a nap.

Tiny House, Big Excitement

We were talking about the tiny house open house last night.  When Michelle heard is, she got excited.  She is really looking forward to seeing them.  Kiersten was not as excited.  She plans on sleeping over at a friend's house.

Doctor, Doctor

We just got done visiting the orthopedic doctor for Kiersten.  He said that her MRI for her leg looked good.  They did an X-ray of her knee.  It turned out good.  At least, her leg is not getting worse.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mommy, Where Did You Get Me?

Mia likes to say crazy things.  She is our little comedian. Today, she asked about where we got her.  She asked Angie this question:  "Mommy, did you buy me from Amazon?"  I asked her if mommy got her on a gold box special?  She said yes.

Screaming Eagle

Elana has been screaming a lot more than usual.  I tried giving her food.  She did not want much.  I took her for a ride.  She screamed when I was not holding her.  We gave her some children's Tylenol.  It seems to be working.  She is in the back without screams.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dinner with the Little Ones

Michelle and Kiersten were invited to a friends house.  Angie and I took the opportunity to go out.  Of course, it's not like an adult meal type of go out.  We just didn't have to buy 4 adult meals.  Those to are not going to be satisfied with a kids meal.  I want to try a burger with honey jalapeno bacon and siracha sauce.  I chickened out.  I went with the Bourbon Bacon burger.  Angie got one of the breakfast slams.  When you go out with little ones, there is a time window.  You know one of them is going to blow.  Elana is our usual suspect.  She did not disappoint.  I fed her, but she started spitting it out.  I had a head start.  I got up and started walking with the stroller.  I saw a side of the restaurant that was not being used.  We did laps around the tables.  Then, Angie got my attention.  Haley was trying to pull the hair of the customers next to us. I had to grad her, also.  I finally gave up and brought them to the car.  The waitress did commend us.

Hold Your Tongue

When you adopt you may hear comments about your children.  Whether you adopt or give birth to a child with special needs, you will hear comments.  We we through a lot of that with Kayla's behaviors.  Now we have children that have more obvious special needs.  I'm sure people make comments.  I get children asking about Elana all the time.  We were at Sam's today.  Elana was getting tired and screamed out.  I was passing some woman and heard her make a comment about Elana's eyes.  It was not directed at me.  I just walked by.  I'm sure worse is said.  Maybe I should have stopped and educated her.  I would say she has a happy life with a loving family.

Getting Back on Track

Elana is still recuperating from her surgery.  We are weening her off the Pediasure.  This morning, I fed her some oatmeal.  She ate the whole thing.  I did try pop tarts first, but she spit it out.  She is not ready for that.  It's that or she is tired of them.

Down Will Fall Baby Cradle and All

I have been growing papaya's for over a year.  The tree is getting taller every day.  I have to pull out the ladder to get to most of the ripe ones.  Last night, I got a little lazy.  I thought I could climb the tree.  It's not got a lot of low lying branches.  There was one that looked really strong.  I got up. It was looking promising.  My fingers were within inches of the fruit.  Then, I fell to the ground.  The branch snapped from the base of the tree.  I grabbed a shovel and put it in the dirt.  I am hoping for a miracle.  I doubt that the branch will sprout roots.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tiny House Open House

I was looking on the internet about tiny houses.  I think they are neat to look at.  I don't know if I could live in one, but as the children leave, it might be an alternative.  I found a sight that was linked to Orlando.  They are advertising an open house next weekend.  I think we might stop by and take a look.  Michelle says she wants to go.  She was watching an episode the other day.  She says that she could see herself in one when she gets older.  The way house prices are, that might be all she could afford in the beginning.

Mr. Magoo Goes Driving

I rushed out of the house this morning.  Halfway to work, I realized I forgot my glasses.  Things are only a little blurry.  I do have a spare set of glasses in my desk.  I will be pulling them out.  I was still able to see the bad drivers and construction on my way to work.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

There's a Lump in the Bed!

I put a small pillow next to Elana this morning.  I was hoping to fool her that I was still nearby.  When I got out of the shower, there was no one waiting for me.  By the time I left, I did not hear any screaming.  I think it might have worked.  I will not find out until I ask Angie what time she woke up.

Talked to Angie.  She woke as soon as I left.  I guess she heard the door chime when I opened the door.

Why Vote?

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about Trump.  He actually has a valid point.  You're welcome to re read that line.  Yes he does make a point.  They talked to a person who is a delegate.  They asked about the primaries and popular vote.  He said they don't matter.  The delegates can vote for whoever they want.  The Democrats have the same problem.  Even before this race really started heating up, Clinton had a major support from "Super" delegates.  Their votes are worth more than regular delegates.  Why do both parties want to rig the system?  By this, what is the point of voting if the parties are going to elect whoever they want?  I did hear one interview, a couple of months ago, and the person being interviewed said that we don't have a right to complain if we didn't vote.  If I want to be able to complain about the outcome, I have to vote?  Luckily, as of this writing, I did vote in the primary.  I do find that logic to be ridiculous.  I can see why people don't, when it seems that the vote won't count anyway.  I guess to keep my right to complain, I will vote in the main election.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Visiting Hours

I got a visit from Angie and two of my six children.  Elana and Haley stopped by.  Angie had to get some papers notarized.  Elana was quiet until she heard me.  Angie quickly gave her some keys to play with.  Haley was as quiet as she usually is.  Some of my coworkers got to see the girls.  I would have brought them around, but I could see Elana screaming.

Training Day

I get to train today.  It won't be like Denzel Washington, though.  It's just some programs I work with.  I'm the "expert" in using it.  I think that expert would be more defined as one of the few who uses it on a daily basis.  My coworkers are either not a fan of it or have not had much to do with it.  I don't mind one on one training.  We'll see later on down the road.  I trained some people in the past and they were a bad reflection on me.  I did not teach them to sit on the phone and sleep at their desk.

If It's not One Thing. . .

I watched the news this morning.  Sure enough, there was an accident.  I went the back way.  It was smooth sailing.  That is until I got close to work.  I saw a sign merging lanes and orange work barrels.  As I was about to take my turn, I noticed my road was closed.  I looked down the road and there was a big hole in the road.  I had to take an alternate.  That road was congested.  I can't wait for all this construction to be done.

Doing Laps

Arriving home yesterday, I discovered Elana being her usual self and Haley falling asleep.  Elana was having none of that.  She kept bothering her.  I decided to take both of them on the trampoline.  At first, Elana was not thrilled by this decision.  She kept screaming.  Haley just wanted to go to sleep.  I would pick her up and she'd fall back down.  It's like she can shut down her whole body.  I pick her up and she melts away.  Eventually, she started to play around and smile.  She would try and stand.  I would gently let her fall back.  Elana stopped crying and started running on the sides.  I don't know if she was exercising or looking for a way out.  After about 7-8 times around, she found the opening.  At this point, it was time to go in.  They had fun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Somebody, Please Turn the Siren Off!

I woke at my usual time.  I stumbled into the shower.  When I came out, I was greeted by Elana.  She bipassed Angie to come to me.  I got dressed and brought her out.  I fixed her some food and fed her.  Then, I went to fix my breakfast.  That is when her siren went off.  She screamed until I left.  She probably did it a little longer.  I tried to assist, but I still have to leave by a certain time.

I Know How King Kong Feels

I am sitting here in my office trying to get work done.  All I can hear is noise from outside.  I look and there is two or three helicopters circling.  I go on the news station via the Internet.  I find that a water main has ruptured. Our area is under a boil water warning.  The copters left after about a half hour.  I guess they got the footage they needed.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday to You

Got home to hang out with the kids.  Elana screamed some.  When I picked her up, she started singing.  The tune was Happy Birthday.  I asked if Angie had been singing it to her.  She said no.  She had probably heard it from Mia's Ipod.

Happy Birthday to You

Got home to hang out with the kids.  Elana screamed some.  When I picked her up, she started singing.  The tune was Happy Birthday.  I asked if Angie had been singing it to her.  She said no.  She had probably heard it from Mia's Ipod.

Happy Birthday to You

Got home to hang out with the kids.  Elana screamed some.  When I picked her up, she started singing.  The tune was Happy Birthday.  I asked if Angie had been singing it to her.  She said no.  She had probably heard it from Mia's Ipod.

A Few of My Favorite Things

I've been told that I have a favorite.  If you read this enough, you might be able to guess who it is.  I guess they were right.  I never really thought about it.  She cries, I pick her up.  I guess she does it so much that it is automatic for me.  If you look through the eyes of the others, I could see where they would come to that conclusion.  I should have thought about all of this as we adopted more children.  I sailed through it.  Now I have 6 and out of that 6, one demands more attention.  If I say anything about it, it is a lame excuse.  How dare I not have time for each and every one of them.  I will have to work harder to show all equal attention.

Running on Empty

I took Kiersten and Michelle when I ran errands.  Before leaving, I started a ham in a crock pot.  Then we had at least 4 stops ahead of us.  I had to go by the library.  The girls looked for some movies to rent.  I had stuff to return.  Chipolte had sent me a thing for free chips and guacamole.  We had a little snack.  Wal-Mart and Sam's were on the list.  I had to get some items that I could not get a Aldi.  Before Aldi, I remembered I wanted a movie a Big Lots.  It is called Predestination, I think.  It's a time travel movie with Ethan Hawke.  Finally, I had to get some groceries at Aldi.  By the time we got home, the ham was ready.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Getting Used to Her Environment

After her successful day of playing in water, I decided to give Elana a bath.  It was not much fun at first.  I was very gentle.  Now, I am just sitting here.  I want her to get used to it.  I want her to like bath time.  She is happy just hitting the water.

The Girl Who hates Baths

Elana hates baths. Every time she has one, she cries.  I am always gentle, but it still freaks her out.  I was amazed yesterday, when she found a bucket of water and started to play in it.  (It was clean water).  She played in it for over an hour.  At that point, it was time to dry her and change her clothes.

The Die Hard Deja Vu!

In Die Hard 2, John McClane's character says how can the same thing happen to the same guy.  Well, that happened yesterday.  Michelle fell into the water two times when she was being lowered into the water.  She had fun, though.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Up the Stream

Kiersten and Michelle are attending their friends birthday party.  In her back yard is a river.  They have paddle boats.  The girls got to do it.  Michelle was getting in and the boat tipped over.  Luckily, it was shallow.  It was just a little mucky.  She said it smelled like dead fish.

Saturday Traffic

We are going to the girls friend's birthday party.  I75 was jam packed with cars.  Angie said that timeshare people leave on Saturdays.  We got lucky, we found an alternate way there.

Language Lessons

At work, I got a lesson on Excel.  When I saw some of the things it could do, my head exploded. It was like a commercial they run in America.  These people find this new web site.  When the do, they are so overwhelmed the tops of their heads explode into a purple smoke.  That was me.  I even had to backward engineer steps so that I could take notes.  I hope to complete this project and learn more about Excel.  It can do some amazing things.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Fat Lip

I'm here with 3 of the youngest.  Angie has Michelle and Kiersten.  Elana has been screaming.  I've done my best to calm her down.  She started to be calm.  She has been walking around climbing the chair.  I am sitting between her and the kitchen.  She jumped on the chair and her heel hit me in the face.  I think it is starting to swell.  Life with rambunctious children.

Saturday Trip

Tomorrow, the girls have been invited to a birthday party.  It is a friend of theirs that was also adopted from China.  They used to live near us.  We found out that they have move towards the Gulf side of Florida.  I think the girls are looking forward to visiting.  They have not seen our new additions to the family.  They knew we were going to get Elana.  Now we have her and Haley.  All her family could say is I don't know how you do it.

MY Age is Catching Up with Me

I am in need of Advil.  My body if feeling the after effects of a 5K.  I feel okay, but my legs are sore.  I wish I could run more of these, but my shins tend to hurt when I do.  Being a professional runner would be out of the question.

Making the Cut

I survived the 5K last night.  I actually was 5th for the men in our team.  I found that hard to believe, but I guess we did not have many runners. I was not able to run most of the course.  It is really hard to run with that many people.  You have walkers, slow runners, and the fast runners. They do not mix that well.  I'm always worried I'm going to run into someone or hurt myself trying to avoid hitting someone.  The first stretch of the course is on bricks.  It is not the most comfortable thing to run on.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

17,000 and Counting

I'm at the 5k.  There are 17,000 people.  Running with this many people is going to be fun.  It is not for the claustrophobic.  I plan on breaking away from the slow people.

I Can See Clearly Now. . .

I called Angie.  Elana is having a bad day.  Her head has been bothering her.  Angie said that she has noticed that her eyelids have opened more.  She could be going through pain from that or even from allergies.  It's hard to tell.  She keeps hitting her head and screaming.  I wish she could tell us what is going on.

Kid in a Candy Store

I was looking at the web.  Low and behold the trailer for Star Wars Rogue One has been released.  It is an amazing trailer.  If you have not seen it, look it up.  Make sure it was added today.  Youtube has some that fans created months ago.

Surviving a 5K

Tonight, I am attending an annual 5K that our business joins every year.  Many corporations in Orlando join in.  The first year I did it, I ran.  Then I thought I should walk.  I found that you can not walk at this.  The walkers are extremely slow.  They usually are 6 wide.  They make it really difficult to pass.  The following year, I ran.  I started more towards the back of the pack.  Although I was not fast, I was not as slow as the walkers.  Yesterday, we had a meeting about it.  I asked "What do we do if the Walkers attack us?".  One person just stared at me.  The person next to her asked the person "do you watch the Walking Dead?".  Answer No.  If you don't, the zombies on the show are referred to as Walkers.

So Much for the Sound of Silence

Elana woke early.  Angie came from the front of the house carrying Elana.  She was holding her while trying to get Mia's medicines ready.  I got some cans of food and fed her.  At that point, she wanted me to hold her.  Every once in awhile letting out a screech.  6:30 came quick.  I tried to set her down.  It did not matter.  She started to scream.  I heard her doing it all the way to the car.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Writing in a New Language

I recently took a class in Excel.  I have found that I like what it can do.  I have been creating worksheets to help at work. I got to show my bosses what I have done.  I think they like what I have created.  I can't wait to learn more.  Excel can do some great things.

Audra Still Available

I got news that Audra is still available.  I wish we could adopt her.  We can't adopt all the children that need a family.  If you know someone who is adopting an older child from China, let them know.  If you want to help her financially, donate to her page at Reece's Rainbow.  It does not look like anyone has donated.  Angie keeps talking to people about her.  No one has actually made that leap.

The Sound of Silence

I woke this morning and was extremely quiet.  I did not want to wake Elana.  I got ready and when I stepped out of the room, Elana was laying on the floor.  She looked like a little speed bump.  She did not scream.  I gave her food, changed her diaper and she stayed calm.  Hopefully, she is going to calm down the screaming.  We'll have to see if it continues.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Feeding the Machine

Haley has been trying to point out to Angie that she is ready to eat.  She keeps finding plastic spoons and forks and pretending to eat.  On Sunday, Angie let her feed herself.  She ate some, but most ended up on her body.  Last night, she tried again.  This time, I think all the food made it to her body.  She was still hungry later in the night.  It will be nice if she figures that she is supposed to put the food in her mouth.

Shot in the Dark

I woke at my usual time this morning.  I went to turn off my phone alarm.  When I went to unplug it, I fell between the wall and dresser.  So much for getting out of the room quietly.  I had to fit my hand in between to get the phone.  I could touch the phone, but I could not grasp it.  At the same time, I hear Elana stirring.  Finally, I go from underneath and grab the phone.  The damage was already done.  When I see Angie, I tell her to expect Elana.  Shortly after, you hear a yell from the front of the house.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Game of Parody

At lunch, I went through the usual computer things.  It didn't take long to get bored. I turned to SNL on Youtube.  I watched several of the skits.  Peter Dinklage was very funny.  I loved the Naked and Alone Skit and the Space Pants skit.  Check it out.

Another Day in Hell

Living in Orlando, I make it a point to turn on the news.  I do this to listen for the traffic.  Sure enough, there was activity on I-4.  It was right where I was going.  I had to take the back roads.  You know, I'm not the only one who tunes in.  Half way to work and I realized that I had to get gas.  I thought I could do it after work, but I have a secret shop to do.  I can't think of many gas stations in the area.  I made it on time, with time to spare.  If I did not, there would be no posting until lunch.  Have a great day!

Pretzel Logic

I had to entertain some of Michelle's friends last night.  We agreed to watch them for their mother.  I was going to make a Chinese meal, but I changed that to hot dogs.  Not just normal dogs.  I wanted to make pretzel dogs.  I found a recipe and started to make it.  When you cook, you should always read the recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients. I did, but I ran into another problem.  The recipe called for 10 cups of flour.  I should have halved the recipe.  I did  not think of that.  That is until I tried putting 10 cups of flour in the bread maker.  I think it can only do about 5 at the most.  I got in 5 cups and let it run.  When it ended, all I had was a sticky mess.  I did not give up.  I kept putting flour into the sticky mixture, until it stopped being sticky.  Then, I took some olive oil and poured a little on the dough turned it to cover and covered it with a towel.  It ended up raising.  It turned out to be really good.  I wrapped the hot dogs in dough.  I gave them a bath and put them in the oven.  I still had plenty of dough left over.  I made some regular pretzels.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lady and the Trampoline

I got my shopping done.  I put some dough in the breadmaker.  I thought that Elana and Haley needed to get out.  I brought them on the trampoline.  There is static energy so we have to be careful or the results will be shocking.  Elana is running around, but Haley is not.  I don't think she has been on this much.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Light it up Blue

I was looking at Facebook.  I found that today is National Autism Awareness day.  I know how it is to live with someone who has Autism.  She is a really great person.  She loves her sisters. I hope one day, they find a cure or even a cause.  So, try to support Autism Speaks.

Routine Morning

We woke up and got the girls ready.  We drove to our usual Saturday appointment.  We had one unexpected surprise.  We picked up Kayla for a visit.  I think she had fun for the time she was with us.  Elana is back to screaming.  She screamed in the store.  I am now sitting here while she screams at the top of her lungs.  Holding did not help.  She might be hungry and maybe eve a little tired.

Routine Morning

We woke up and got the girls ready.  We drove to our usual Saturday appointment.  We had one unexpected surprise.  We picked up Kayla for a visit.  I think she had fun for the time she was with us.  Elana is back to screaming.  She screamed in the store.  I am now sitting here while she screams at the top of her lungs.  Holding did not help.  She might be hungry and maybe eve a little tired.

Emergency 911

I entertained the girls before bed.  I worked with Haley.  I was hoping to strengthen her legs and tire her out before sleep.  She did pretty good.  We even worked on moving around on this wheeled thing she can sit on.  After an hour or two, I brought Elana to bed.  Around 10, I noticed red lights coming through the window.  It was an ambulance.  Haley had fallen out of her crib and hit her head.  At first, she was not moving.  She started moving.  They said she looked okay.  This morning, she seems like her usual self.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Were Adopting Again! Say it is not So!

Well, you thought it could not happen.  We are taking the plunge again.  What will this be, #7?  I have lost track.  I'm not supposed to display information about the adoption.  I did not think Angie would allow us to adopt a child of this age again.
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Have you ever had one of those days where your head is feeling fuzzy.  I have been having those a lot.  It's due to the pollen in the air.  I had heard this was going to be a bad year for allergies.  Getting this feeling fit well with the song called Spirits by The Strumbellas.  If you have not heard it, give it a try.  I think they are listed as Folk, but I'd say Folk/Rock.  I sort of get a Killers vibe from them.

Getting Better All The Time

Elana had her followup meeting with her doctor.  He said she is progressing the way she is supposed to.  She has discharge in one eye.  We need to use her eye meds three times a day.  He plans to keep the rings between her eyelids and eyeballs in as long as they will stay.  He does not want them to fuse.  He also noticed where her eye had swollen from a bug bite.  He said she is looking good and he wants to see her in a month.

Last night, she was a little touchy.  I think it was due to being sleepy.  She screamed a lot at first.  She finally calmed down.