Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Child Number 2

It looks like Miller has started his Final Solution.  Jailing kids was not enough.  Now they are starting to die.  How is this?  You'd think a country as rich as ours would make sure to keep prisoners healthy and safe.  We are not Russia or North Korea, yet.  Hope some heads roll on this one.  Hope the families are compensated. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Death of a Child

At the border or boarder (As Trump spells it), a child died.  They say it's because of dehydration.  Who knows?  Hopefully, they will do an autopsy.  I think our government should make if a felony for Border Patrol agents to dump jugs of waters in the desert.  They have footage of them doing just that.  Not only that, they should be more responsive to the needs of those they arrest.  She was a child!  These Nazis could care less! 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Waste of Food

I recently went on a cruise.  I'll write another post later about the cruise.  The one thing I wanted to bring up was food waste.  First of all, the cruise lines have employees from around the world.  A lot come from third world countries.  The money they make goes back to families.  I was noticing that at the buffets and even dinners, lots of food was wasted.  People just grab and grab.  They don't care how much they waste.  It's probably because they paid a lot for the cruise.  I was thinking it's really sad to see so much wastage and the people that have to dump that food probably see that much food as a luxury.  Day in and day out, they have to toss food.  I wish cruise lines would find ways to curb some of that wastage.  Encourage people to grab only the food they can eat.  In dinner halls, only allow one meal at a time.  I don't think they are really worrying about it.  If they could cut down on wastage, it will save them money.  They would have more food to go around and they will not have to pay as much to dispose of the food waste.  These companies should be thinking of green opportunities.  It may cost a little up front, but it may save lots in the end. 

Florida Chill

I woke up this morning and there was a chill in the air.  I had to bundle up.  That only happens on occasion in Florida.  By the weekend, I'll be back in shorts.  There was even a bit of frost on the roof of my car.  Today, my daughter did not want to get shoes or a jacket on.  She can be a stubborn child.  I think it gets worse if she is coming down with something.