Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The All Powerful

So in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Sith Lord returns.  Out of thin air, he creates hundreds of ships with planet killing guns.  If he was so powerful, why not use his dark powers to blow up a planet?  Why waste time coming up with ships with guns?  This plot point seems like something out of a Bond movie.  Then the bad guy goes on to tell the hero about his weapon.  If he were as powerful as he thought he was, why did he not see that Rey would not join him?  The more you think about this movie, the more questions it brings up.  Another point.  The resistance wants to go undetected when they go after Palpatine's ships.  What do they do?  They go low tech.  Horses in space on the surface of the ships.  Yes, I know, it's ridiculous to think of.  But, it does happen. 

We Love Rose, But . . .

So the writer of Star Wars says they love the character, but her story fell short because it did not match up with Carrie Fisher's scenes.  More like they listened to the trolls and decided to sideline her like Lucas did to Jar Jar.  They created other characters that were just a waste of time.  Maz Kanata?  What was the point of this character?  I guess she was the female Yoda.  My guess is the trolls did not like her, so they sidelined her also.  The thing about Rose is they could have used her for the C3PO scenes, instead of making Babu Frik.  That character was a real waste of time.  Not to mention Poe's old buddy played by Felicity.  I guess they needed to add some cute alien to sell toys.  I know this movie will not be inspiring my collection.  That is unless I get a real bargain. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Witcher

It looks like Netflix's The Witcher has taken the lead from Disney + The Mandolorian.  Guess Disney might want to speed up their productions if they want to keep up.  Eventually, people will realize that even though it is cheaper, they are not getting many new shows/movies.  I watched the first episode.  It is interesting.  It has a good cast. 

Friday, December 27, 2019

Dear Leader Trump Cut

Trump and his minions are making a big deal that he was cut from Home Alone 2 in Canada.  I wonder if it is made better, but I doubt it.  It was just the same movie in a different setting.  Maybe Disney+ should consider cutting him?  At least, they did not film in a Trump hotel. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Star Wars Further Thoughts

The more time after this movie, you come up with things to nit pick.  It was not a perfect movie.  I hope the future is better than this.  One thought, why do stormtroopers wear the costumes?  Menacing? Not for protection.  Even rocks can take them out.  I would be mad to wear all that and run around in a desert.  You'd think they'd give the outfits more of an upgrade, like they did with weapons.  Maybe force field for outfits?  They really opened a lot of questions.  They seep into it the more you think about it.  I like the Last Jedi because it did challenge your thinking.  No challenge on this one.  They just let the trolls dictate the script.  Surprised there was not another Jabba cameo or another Hut like character.  Still irritates me that they Jar Jar'd Rose.  She even seemed pleased to have a scene with Rey.  They cut that out.  The trolls will be happy or maybe not.  Still have diverse characters.  They will not like that. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Where is Kelly Marie Tran?

Rose was a big character in The Last Jedi.  But it upset fans to see a new diverse character.   They even harassed her off of social media.  Then, JJ Abrams came back.  You'd think he'd keep her as one of the main characters.  He did not.  He did the same as Lucas did with Jar Jar.  Pretty sad.  It also hurts the movie when a director does not challenge the viewers. 

Star Wars

Finally got to see it.  I loved it for what it was.  They did Jar Jar Binks Rose's character.  Cameos were okay.  If you do go, one reason to see it in IMAX is the prologue to Christopher Nolan's Tenet. Just like he did with the Dark Knight. 

Friday, December 20, 2019


Is anyone looking forward to this movie?  Not I.  It just looks weird.  Why did they go to the trouble of hiring all these A list actors?  All they had to do is just film a Broadway Production.  That's what it looks like.  A Broadway Production on film, with crappy CG.  Can you believe they actually used CG for fur?  I'll wait for the Dollar Tree to sell it. 

Canada is Asking for a Favor

Canada does not want Trump to enter into a trade agreement with China before they released some Canadian citizens.  I doubt that's going to happen.  Trump is a very childish person.  He is going to hold a grudge against Trudeau for talking behind his back.  I say, don't worry.  Just release the executive from Huawei.  They don't even need to talk to Trump, just do it.  Why do Trump's bidding?  He's only using the executive as a bargaining chip, and yes, Trump is that vile. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Putin has Given Moscow Mitch his Orders!

It looks like Putin is getting in on our politics.  It seems he finds the impeachment far fetched and has said the Senate will acquit.  Guess we now know why Moscow Mitch has said he will do just that!


It looks like Parnas got a million dollar loan.  First it was said to come from a Russian linked Ukrainian Oligarch, who is wanted in the US.  Now his lawyer claims it was a loan to the wife.  Uh Huh!  I really doubt that.  Of course, republicans ignore the elephant in the room. 


Trump has been impeached!  Will it go to Senate?  I hope not.  Why bother?  McConnell has said they will just acquit him.  That will not lead to any new information that should shed a light on what really happened.  They claim there are no witnesses and no evidence.  Trump controls both of them.  Release documents and let the gang of 4 testify.  If Senate Leader does not, do not send the articles to them.  He still got impeached. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The New Star Wars

It's coming.  Two or so days.  Reviews are already hitting the web.  It sounds mixed.  I still want to see it.  What happened?  It's not like they did not have a lot of time to make the movie.  I can't say anything because I have not seen it.  I did see that the Mandolorian leads into it with today's episode. 

Witnesses for Impeachment

It looks like Moscow Mitch and Graham have no problem supporting a criminal president.  Probably because they are getting money from the same area.  If we really want to know the truth, they would let 4 witnesses take the stand:  Perry, Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo.  Will they?  McConnell does not want them to.  He knows what the truth is.  He feels that the American people can no handle the truth.  So, they are manufacturing propaganda to distract people.  My favorite is that people say that no crime has been committed because they have no evidence and/or witnesses.  You mean the people Trump will not let testify?  If they can't testify, how do we know there is nothing there?   Because of who Trump is, I believe they have the answers.  Just look at Bolton.  He quit!  Why?  What was so bad that he decided he could no longer work for Trump?  Remember, Bolton is a hard core right wing diplomat. 

Robot Dogs

If you have watched Black Mirror, they have an episode where robot dogs are tracking down and killing people.  Now, a company is really creating dogs that look similar.  They do stipulate that police departments can not use them to harm others.  You know that it will happen.  I can see the military using them to help fight conflicts.  Be on the lookout, they are coming to your town.  Just like Drones. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Rigged Trial

It looks like Trump will get his rigged trial.  McConnell sounds like he may not bother with much.  He just wants to acquit him.  Hopefully, some senators will not go with that.  Even if they do not, it won't be much of a trial.  It will be an attack on Trump's enemies.  Republicans are not taking this seriously.  They will continue to let Trump commit crimes.  Democracy will die a little each day he is in office. 

Netflix Demise?

I keep reading headlines that Netflix has some serious competition from Disney and Apple.  I must be missing something.  They do not have much to offer.  Disney has a handful of new programming.  The rest is just a catalog of old movies.  Apple has even less.  What new stuff they have looks sub par compared to what they are spending on it.  See?  Really.  Blind forest dwellers having battles in the woods?   Sounds and looks like a Monty Python skit.  The Morning Show does not look that impressive, either.  Netflix is constantly putting out new movies and shows.  They are building quite a catalog of shows, worldwide.  When they spend the money, it looks like it.  It will be interesting to see how this battle goes down.  I still tune into Netflix.  Remember, Disney is Family fare.  You can only take so much of it.  I have teens that torture me with their shows. 

Richard Jewell

When this first happened, I felt sorry for the guy.  He really was a hero that day.  Things happened that should not have happened.  Potential suspects should not be plastered all over the news.  I don't know how they came up with that conclusion.  Part of me wanted to see this movie, but part did not.  It looks like a pass for me. Eastwood is a big supporter of Trump.  I feel this is his way of calling out what is happening to Trump by using Jewell.  Here we have a white male "hero", who is "wrongly" investigated by the FBI.  Then they use the media to push their cause.  We have an FBI agent and Media reporter sleeping together.  It's just really obvious what Eastwood is going for.  Jewell should be honored and remembered as a hero.  He did something that saved lives.  In no way should this be used to portray Trump as an innocent man being investigated, "wrongly" by the FBI and media.  Trump is a con artist.  He is being investigated because that is what the FBI does, it investigates criminal activity.  The media should be doing more investigation into all his criminal activities.  You can not tell me that Trump is that smart when it comes to crime. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Dossier

It looks like Barr is going to use the Dossier as a way to probe why the FBI looked into Trump.  He is playing up the fact that they did not find anything.  Of course, Justice has some lame ass rule that a sitting president can not be charged with crimes.  He leaves that out for the simple minded Trump base.  It just fires them up to think that he was spied on for no other reason than being Trump.  I feel the Dossier was credible.  Putin probably fed out misinformation to find out if any of his plan was leaking out.  You do remember that a bunch of officials from Russia seem to die in really mysterious ways.  Because Trump took over and was able to put in loyal people, he made sure that all investigations were half assed in his favor.  Just look at Barr.  Talk about being a loyal dog.  I bet if Trump told him to drop and roll over in the oval office, he'd do it. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Impeachment Fiasco

I'm worried that the Senate will turn this into an attack on Biden and ignore all crimes committed by Trump.  The House republicans have already spun a good tale to protect him.  They even have a wanted Ukrainian feeding them Russian propaganda.  They are eating it right up.  One member even said we should ignore all he has done because the economy is doing so well.  How about the farmers?  How about those people working for coal mines and rust belt jobs?  Seems like a lot of them are happy he is pushing religion and white supremacy.  I hope there are at least 20 Senators that will at least be objective.  Trump can't have blackmail material on all of them, like McConnell and Graham, could he?

Monday, December 9, 2019

Children Needing Families

I follow Bethel China on Facebook and Instagram.  This is a great organization.  They assist orphans with seeing disabilities.  Lately, kids are coming up on their 14th birthday.  When that happens, they age out.  They can not be adopted out.  I wish I were rich.  I would adopt them.  I hate to see children age out.  Especially, those with disabilities.  It's just another strike against them.  I hope they get some kind of training to live on their own.  I don't know how the system works in China.  If you want to adopt a child with a disability and give them a forever family, look up Bethel China and see how you can help.  If you can not adopt, maybe offer a donation that can assist. 

Near Accident

I'm going to work this morning.  I have to wait in traffic.  In front of me was one of those medium sized earth mover trucks.  Luckily, I gave him some distance.  I notice that the truck is rolling slowly towards me.  At first, I did not do anything, but it kept coming.  I laid down of the horn, cussing up a storm.  Of course, the windows were closed and my child is deaf.  He stops.  Then it happens again.  Inches from my car it stops again.  This time, the light changes.  If you know anything about these trucks, speed is not one of their virtues.  By the time he made it through, the light was orange.  I decided to wait for the next green light.  I did not want to be behind this idiot. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019


After many attempts, I finally watched Frozen. The first time, I had to leave the theater because my daughter was upset that her sisters had given away her seat.  I've had many chances to see it at hospital visits.  We even own the DVD. 

I found time yesterday.  I did have minimal distractions.  It was good.  Now, I wonder how long it will take to see the 2nd one?

Saturday, December 7, 2019


You know companies like Bain Capital?  They buy companies and supposedly make them more profitable.  If course, lots of people loose their jobs and those companies use the purchased company as a piggy bank.  Once the debt of the company is maxed out, they declare bankruptcy and sell off the parts.  Did you know they put little or no money to do so?  They get the company they are acquiring to borrow the money and then use that company as collateral.  After the financial crisis, they made a rule that people getting a mortgage have to put down more money.  Why not companies?

Friday, December 6, 2019

Watch What you Believe From Republicans

I was listening to an interview with a reporter who works with Ukraine.   He says that the information Giuliani and Trump are coming up with on Biden is suspect.  Seems like the source is a Putin loyalist and is wanted in the US.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Bond is Back

The new Bond trailer came out.  It's called No Time to Die.  The villain Blofeld returns.  It just shows a lot of action.  We'll have to wait later for a more coherent trailer.  It looks like an entertaining movie. 

Mechanizing the Middle Class

I find it ironic that the republicans and the rich have mechanized the middle class against the poor.  I see it everyday.  Look at comments for stories about taking away benefits.  They write things like if they stop buying alcohol and cigarettes that they would have money.  What about those that do not?  What about those with a disabled child at home that needs round the clock supervision?  The republicans and rich are sick people.  They envision a world where they pay no taxes, work people like slaves and do not pay them what they are worth.  All while claiming that they built something from scratch.  Yeah, maybe their grandparents or great grandparents.  Now they just make rules to stop people from doing the same thing. 

Mole in the House

It looks like phone records have tied Devin Nunes to Parnes and Giuliani.  I wonder if the House will put him under some kind of investigation.  I think they should to send a message to Trump that his cronies are being watched.  Sad thing is that Nunes is striking out against news agencies with lawsuits.  This is really unbecoming of a politician, unless you live in Russia. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

We are Paying for the Tariffs!

I heard a story the other day.  The reporter was asking people about the tariffs.  These people actually thought that China was paying for it.  Do you see how Trump has got these people believing this?  They probably think Mexico is paying for the wall!  They'll see soon enough when prices start going up.  Farmers are already feeling the affect.  Trump has you believing he is helping them out.  In actuality, its corporate welfare for rich corporations. 

Republican Doublespeak

Republicans always claim to help the lower classes and smaller businesses.  They come up with subsidies, but where does the money go?  It goes right to the top.  The big businesses and rich people that bought their services.  Yet people still believe what they say.  I just don't get it.  When George Orwell came up with 1984, he described what the republican party is. 

Giving Tuesday: Bethel China

Today is giving Tuesday.  I would like to suggest Bethel China.  I have 2 daughters who might have benefited from this program.  They take in blind and visually impaired orphans and give them the skills to take care of themselves.  In most orphanages, they are the children that will get overlooked because of their disabilities.  If your thinking of adopting, think about taking in a child with a visual disability.  Besides not being able to see, my daughters are like any normal child.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Movies that Made Us!

Netflix has a new series on called Movies that Made Us.  It has 4 episodes around: Dirty Dancing, Ghost Busters, Die Hard, and Home Alone.  I've watched them all.  I loved it.  I found out things about these movies that I did not know.  Did you know Dirty Dancing was financed by a low budget Video Cassette company?  Did you know that many actors turned down the role of John McClane in Die Hard?  If you get a chance to watch them, do so,   if you like these movies. 

Attacking British Trump

Looks like Trump Jr. is calling out the government of British Trump.  Sounds like British Trump is acting like American Trump by blaming past governments.  Haven't conservatives been in control for a while?  May was a conservative.  If they had problems with laws and rules, shouldn't they have brought them up for change?  Don't let idiot cloud your judgment.  Research before voting.  Remember, if conservatives have been in power for a certain amount of time, why does it take a terrorist attack to get them to do something?  At least Great Britain does not have an NRA.  Every massacre we have is protected by the gun lobby.  Nothing will happen and we will continue to have shootings. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Make Rape Safe Again!

It looks like Devos is making it safer on college campuses for sexual predators.  She is weakening all rules.  This even creates barriers to victims speaking up.  Maybe schools should do away with the Greek system.  I went to an open house for a fraternity.  All they talked about was parties and having sex.  Schools should warn female students not to attend parties do to risk of rape.  DeVos' defense is like Trump's sense of white supremacists at Charolettesville.   There are a few good rapists among the sexual predators at colleges.

Token Effort

Trump donated his measly pay as president to help the Opioid crisis.  His supporters point to this like he's some kind of God.  Don't forget how much of our taxes are going into his wallet.  All these trips to his golf courses are not free.  He charges everyone for everything.  If he was really this benevolent billionaire, he'd waive those fees, because you know, he's  rich and does not need the money.  Instead we see the opposite.  Trump not taking his salary is a smokescreen for his uneducated base.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday 2019

I did it.  My daughter and I went Black Friday shopping.  We started at WalMart.  Some sections were wall to wall people.  Outside of those sections, you could easily move around.  I found a couple of deals on movies.  One was a Blueray for Deadpool 1& 2.  The  R rated version of #2.  We have the pg13 travesty on digital.  Then, we drove over to Ross.  They were slow.  Today, I went out again.  More for Shopkick points.  I did find some deals.  As I get older, I notice that there was not much out there that I wanted.

I Don't Like the Smell of Pee in the Morning

Woke this morning with the smell of pee.  Diapers can only hold so much.  It does not help when they drink before bedtime.  When schools in, I usually catch it before they let the floodgates loose. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


You know every 90 or so days, I get a call f rut on vampires.  They beg me for blood.  They say it's to help others, but I have a sneaking suspicion that that might not be true.  Our vampires drive around in big red busses.  Upon entering, they get excited to see another victim, or donor as they call them.  They check my vitals and ask me questions about my blood.  Guess they do not want me to infect the brood.  Sometimes, they actually turn me away. I guess they don't want to kill they golden goose.  If I make it past that point, they have me get into a reclining position.  Without much warning, they stick me.  They draw until the point of passing out, might be exaggerating a little.  Then the pull out and shower me with food and drink.  They send me away, only to be summoned 90 days or so later.

Just Right!

Weather in Florida is just right!  I think we are in the low 80's with no humidity.  At night, it's been in the 60's to high 50's.  If only it could last. 

Dr. Sleep

Go see this movie!  I can't understand why movies are not doing that well.  This movie is a continuation of the Shining.  Stephen King wrote a real book.  This is not a money grab by studios.  If it were, it would be a new group staying at the hotel and being haunted/hunted.  Most likely, it would be a group of young adults like you see in CW shows.  This is not Dr. Sleep. 

Trump Knew About the Whistleblower Report!

It looks like Trump knew about the Whistleblower report before the house knew about it.  That explains his lame phone call to pretend that he did not want anything.  Also, his release of the Ukrainian aid.  Will his fanatic base and politicians care?  No.  They will still keep spouting the Russian talking points that it was Ukraine that was attacking Trump and not Russia going after Clinton.  This is just like Star Wars.  You have the Anikan/ Darth Vader being led around by the Emperor. 

War on Halloween!

Trump is amping up his radical base.  He wants them to believe that people are attacking traditional American holidays.  Last time I checked, people are not.  Even the war on Christmas was some read meat for religious radicals.  People were just being respectful to all religions when saying Happy Holidays.  Truth is, Christ would not be proud of what capitalists have done to celebrate his birthday.  Here's a guy who helped the poor and disabled.  I do not remember the part in the bible where his followers got in line on Black Friday to fight over "good" deals on a donkey or loaf of bread.  If these religious whackjobs really were as religious, as they say they are, they'd stop the capitalization of Christmas and go out on that day to help the poor and disabled, just like the real Jesus.  Not the Capitalist version of him. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

1917 Review

I got to see 1917 last night.  It was a very good movie.  From the beginning, it grabs you and takes you on a journey on a battlefield.  There is humor and lots of dramatic tension.

Not a King!

I looks like one federal judge does not think Trump is a king or even God sent.  It won't stand, they will appeal.  Trump will hope it hits his paid justices in the Supreme Court.  Once again they have ruled in his favor.  They have held up his tax return releases.  If they hear the case, they can wait till summer to rule on it.  Dragging this along.  He is truly the Teflon Don!

Monday, November 25, 2019

1917 Sneak

I am attending a sneak of 1917.  So far 3 people are in line to see it.  I'm  looking forward to it.  It's going to be presented in Dolby. The theater is similar to IMAX.  It has to be certified to have the Dolby name.  Also, there are recliners.

My Lai Massacre

Just imagine if this had happened under Cadet Bone Spurs?  He'd probably have the whole group who participated visit him at the White House, like a super bowl time.  He'd make Calley a General for his leadership.  I'm surprised Trump has not given him the Medal of Freedom. 

Registering as Representing Foreign Interests

So, I wonder if Guiliani has registered as a Foreign Agent?  If not, looks like Rudy might have some explaining to do.  I hope they federally indict him, but who knows.  Barr will not do anything to piss Dear Leader off.  Wonder if New York has any laws that he has broken? 

It looks like Devin Nunes is a Russian Operative.  He spews the Russian line that Ukraine tried to take down Trump.  He even went to Ukraine and met with people to try and get dirt on Biden, etc.  Wonder when he will be subpoenaed/  They should get him under oath to ask him questions about his involvement with this Ukrainian affair. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hanging with my Daughters

Sitting in the room watching AJR with my daughters.  Usually, Elana sings with their music.  Today, she's a little off. They do like the music. 

On a different note.  I placed a comment for Laurie Berkner on YouTube.  Elana loves her music.  I told her that in a comment.  I got a reply.  If you have children, check out her music.  All six have listened to her music.  One has even met her.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Wonder Girls, Where Are They Now?

I follow Lim on Instagram.  I asked her if she still sings or is she retired.  She liked my comment, but did not respond.  I know a couple have gone into acting.  Yubin is coming out with new music.  I wish they would put out more music, but KPop is similar to rap.  It seems to be a young person's game.  I know the guys have military service.  BTS has been told they will not be exempted.  Big Bang members are just getting discharged.  Then, there is all they go through to be a singer.  Not to mention the hate social media can bring into their lives.  I was following Sulli on Instagram for a couple of years.  I was saddened when I found out about her passing. 

Vaping Angel Moms

Trump likes to use the parents of kids who have been killed by immigrants.  Can't we say that moms that have lost children to Vaping are Angel Moms also?  Oh no, that won't do for Trump.  Between the companies that "donate" to republicans and the fact that other vapers would rebel against him.  Maybe, the House should enact a law that states Vaping can kill you and if you choose to go that route, you will be giving up the right to sue those companies.  But that would not be good.  Who would stop them from killing our fellow citizens?

Rigged Senate Hearing

The republicans claimed that the impeachment hearings by the Democrats was not a fair hearing.  First of all, it is a political procedure.  They do not need to offer the same luxuries to the person being impeached.  It is more about whether a law has been broken or rules via the constitution.  The republican house members claim that once it hits the senate, it will be run like a real hearing.  However, I hear that the senate republicans are meeting with the white house.  This is like a mobster meeting with the prosecutor before a trial.  No wonder Trump wants this hearing.  He feels, rightly so, that it is rigged in his favor.  Sad that senators might not sit there and take in the information and make a decision.  They are just going to say vote party. 

AJR Nominations?

Goes to show you why awards seasons suck.  Whether it's movies or music, it's all just a popularity contest.  I discovered AJR this year.  I would say their latest album is a masterpiece.  I can not come up with many albums that have as many good songs as the Neotheater album has.  Their live performance was a visual and audio delight.  The whole crowd loved it.  When it comes to nominees, they are blending too many categories.  What's the point of having a Rock category and placing a Rap artist in or when they add a folk group as best new Metal band.  That is the Grammy's.  I would just say, don't get you music by what these groups give awards to.  Listen to all and make up your own mind.  From the nominations, I did not see anything worth my time.  Just a popularity contest. 

Going After Rivals

It seems that Trump's Quid Pro Quo is not doing what he hoped it would do.  Now, Graham has decided to help him out.  He is opening a Senate investigation into the Biden's.  Of course, it will all blow over after the election.  They hope the smear will hurt like Clinton's emails and Benghazi.  Of course, the republicans fail to note the cut funding for our embassy's, so they could not afford the adequate security.  I think Marco was a party to that one.  I wonder if Graham will open an investigation into whoever is the Democratic nominee?  Probably, he drank the Trump kool-aid and is now Trump's little attack dog!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Republicans are not taking this Seriously

Gym Jordan and Devin Nunes are really embarrassing themselves.  They are treating this impeachment as one big joke.  They constantly repeat Trump/Russia talking points.  Even when there is verification of what happened, they act like the transcript is all we have and if it is not on it, it did not happen.  The White House doctored and/or removed information from that transcript. Then you have the planted conversation after the investigation started.  I hope when the Impeachment goes to the Senate, they actually take it seriously, but I doubt it. 

Push Back Media

If you're in the media/news and you're going to report what people like Trump, Pompeo, Pence, Guiliani, and Perry say, please remind readers that what they say is NOT under oath.  If you are talking directly to said people, ask Would you like to say this under oath?  If not, I find Sondland and everyone else testifying more credible than any of these people. 

Trump's Planted Evidence

I loved the coverage yesterday.  Especially after Sondland said it was quid pro quo and everyone knew, Trump comes out with a piece of paper with words big enough for a first time reader to read.  He claims that this is an message or correspondence with Sondland.  It said he wanted nothing, No Quid Pro Quo and to tell the Ukraine President to do the right thing.  Wow, what a boy scout.  Only Trump probably never was one and very seldom does things by the rules/law.  The one thing he neglects to tell everyone is that this correspondence came out after he found out about the Whistleblowers allegation and the investigation.  Do you really think Donald Trump ever uses the words Quid Pro Quo?  I seriously doubt it.  For him it's doing business, shaking down a business client, etc.  But Quid Pro Quo?  He says this because it was in the report accusing him.  I think people should remember to ask Dear Leader, Why did you release this after the whistleblower allegation was known?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Frozen 2

This is the weekend Frozen 2 comes out.  They are already predicting that it will do over $200,000,000 on its first weekend.  Pretty good for an animated picture.  I hope it does well.  My daughter's love the film.  On a more depressing side, Terminator Dark Fate is hitting Dollar theaters this week. 

Sondland Drops a Bomb

It looks like Sondland decided he could no longer cover for Trump.  He also threw in Pence and Pompeo.  Of course, the republicans want to paint him as unreliable.  They keep having to change direction to fight what comes out.  Die Hard Trumpers don't care.  They'd break the law if they had the chance, so who cares if Trump does.  He stands for White Power, so he can do no wrong.  Remember that whole thing about Trump shooting someone and getting away with it, well to these people, he would get away with it.  The only thing he could do that would make them turn on him would be to open the borders to foreigners. 

Popcorn Day

Get the popcorn ready.  Today should be interesting in the impeachment hearings.  Although, Trump thought yesterday was a great day.  Didn't they basically lay out that he did what the Democrats laid out?  Sondaland has a mine field to walk through.  Because of his first testimony and coming back with new information after.  Now he has a bunch of people that have better memories than he.  Could he perjure himself for Trump?  I sure wouldn't.  Trump would throw his own kids under a bus to protect himself. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Never Trumper

Do you think Hitler had a Never Hitler campaign?  Probably.  Then when he would call them out, brownshirts and other fanatical Nazis would attack that person.  Guess this is what Trump is hoping for when he resorts to witness intimidation via his Hate Platform Twitter. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Trump Testify

Yeah right!  If he does, it would be more likely under the Senate than the House.  Reason being is the Mitch Mcconnell will ensure a softball questioning.  They would also block any serious questions from Democrats.  You can add this lie with He'll show his taxes after "audit".  Never happened and will never be released, unless the Supreme Court makes him. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Charlie's Angels

Another movie bombed this weekend.   If you are hoping to see Charlie's Angel's, better do it quick.  I don't see why they bothered making this movie. 


Started watching Mandolorian on Disney+.  So far I like it.  I wish they would just dump the whole season.  Guess Netflix has me trained.  It looks like an interesting show.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Netflix is Financing Beverly Hills Cop 4

It looks like Paramount needed some co financing from Netflix to get Beverly Hills Cop 4 made.  I think that is a good thing.  If Paramount paid for it, they'd try to reduce it into a PG-13 film with up and coming young actors in the lead.  Hopefully, this will insure a better movie.  Hoping it's a lot better than #3.  Maybe, instead of trying to compete with Wesley Snipes as an action hero, he can hire him as the villain or some other character.  He's already in Coming to America 2. 

AJR Neotheater Part 2

It looks like AJR had a successful tour for their current album.  Tomorrow, they are announcing a continuation to that tour.  If you get a chance to see them, do it.  You will not be disappointed.  If you have not heard their music, check out Youtube or Spotify.  By the time I attended their concert, I felt well versed in AJR's music.  Funny thing is, everyone I tell about them have not heard of them. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Impeachment Hearings Begin

Today, the hearings begin.  Should be entertaining.  On one side you will have thoughtful questions trying to drill down what transpired.  The other side will ask stupid questions about how much they hate Trump and crazy conspiracy theories created by right wing crack pots.  Gym Jordan, yeah the guy who ignored athletes being raped by a coach, will be part of the team.  Not because he's good at questioning, but because he's one of Trump's loyal defenders.  Pretty sad. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Walking, Talking Ethics Violation

Adam Schiff has told the GOP that outing the Whistleblower could violate Ethics rules.  Has he not seen who they are supporting?  Trump breaks those rules everyday and they do nothing about it.  Trump will push them to do it.  Someone like Gym Jordan or Devin Nunes will rise to the occasion.  Those two are his must ardent lackeys.  Gaetz also. 

Miller's a Racist?

Looks like email from Miller, Trump's immigration administrator, have come out.  Low and behold, he's a racist.  Remember when he claimed Jews can not be racist?  Looks like he proved himself wrong.  Why couldn't a Jew be racist?  Anyone can hate any group in this world.  What will come of this?  Nothing!  Trump will give him a raise!

Terminator Dark Fate

I went to see Terminator.  I loved it.  It had the feel of the original movies.  I would say I do not know why people don't like it.  Maybe, it's getting old.  Maybe, people do not like the strong female leads.  If you watch Cameron's movies, you know he has strong female characters.  Maybe, people did not like the political jab with the immigrant storyline.  Who knows?  It was well worth the money I paid for it. 

Disney +

Today's the big day!  Guess Disney should have consulted Netfilx and/or Amazon.  Looks like it's already down.  I just looked and it said to come back later.  This morning I was able to see their offerings.  It's a niche market.  Mainly family fair.  I don't think Netflix has much to worry about.  As an adult, I don't think I will spend all my time on Disney.  Netflix has a better offering to a grander group of people. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Thin Skinned Trump

It looks like baby Trump is as thin skinned as the real one.  Hoping to get cheers from rabid fans, Trump went to the deep south.  So did his effigy.  One of his crazy supporters decided to slash it with a knife.  The idiots are raising money for his court costs, etc.  Surprised Trump is not chipping in.


Another movie has come out.  The media is declaring that it will be a bomb, since it is past the first week.  These people do not understand about timing.  This weekend was Veterans day weekend.  One studio did plan a release correctly.  That studio came out with the mediocre Midway.  This is coming from the guy that did Independence Day and the Day After.  Great visuals with awful dialogue.  People are eating it up.  Hope it was not to say they were being patriotic.  It looked as bad as Pearl Harbor.  As for Doctor Sleep, they should have released it before Halloween.  Terminator should have been released in the summer.   

Go See AJR in Concert!

I took my daughter's to their first concert.  We got to see AJR in Tampa for their Neotheater tour.  It was one of the best I've  seen.  I know I said that about Babymetal, but they rank up there.  Just like Babymetal, they have a well choreographed show.  It has humor, songs and great visuals.  Although it skewed young, they have songs that appeal to all.  If they come to your town or country, go see them.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Trump's Personal Lawyer Declined

I heard Barr, our Attorney General (Trump's personal Lawyer) declined to go on TV to say he did nothing illegal.  That is a shock since he has done everything else, like investigating Trump's enemies and going after TV News anchors.  Wonder if Barr has a line of criminality that he refuses to cross?  Shocking in our current political atmosphere!  Seems like the main qualification to be a Republican is to be a criminal and be loyal to Trump and not the Constitution! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Don't you love it when a CEO screws up and gets let go.  But, before leaving, they shower them with cash and stocks for their failure?  Why do they treat the bottom rung of the ladder differently?  Seems that when a cashier is fired, they should get a couple of weeks pay and some shares of the company.  This even includes when they knowingly break the rules, like the McDonald's CEO who had a relationship with a coworker.  He broke the rules, but nothing is happening to him, except losing his position.  They made his life comfortable with cash and stocks. 

Could this be the End of Moscow Mitch?

It looks like Moscow Mitch's state has decided to elect a Democrat for Governor.  Of course, the Republican is not giving in, but we are talking 5,000 some votes.  Guess he'll call Georgia to see how to get rid of votes.  He was highly supported by Trump.  Hope Trump stumps for Moscow Mitch!  Maybe his constituents will see he is just a tool of Trump's. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mexico is Safe!????

Trump and his evil minions have told everyone that Mexico is safe for immigrants to wait for hearings.  Now, some white Mormons have been killed and it does not sound so safe.  But, what about the immigrants who are waiting?  You can't tell me they have been left alone.  I wish the media would report these stories as much as the white Mormons.  I guess if their skin was any other color, we would not be hearing about it, especially from Trump.  If enough did die, I'm sure like Saudi Arabia knows, Trump can be persuaded to forget about it!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Is Our President That Stupid?

In an answer, Yes.  He's attacking California, again.  He complains that they are not doing enough to fight forest fires.  What's his solution?  He thinks they need to rake the forests.  He's one of those climate deniers.  He's against anything that hurts his rich and polluting donors.  I hope California totally votes out all the Trump loving Republicans. 

Parasite Redux!

I came into work today.  A person I work with told me he and his wife went to see Parasite.  They loved it.  He is not the type of person to go after foreign language films.  I thought it was cool to actually talk to someone else who had seen the movie.  Hope the word keeps getting out there.  Go see Parasite!  You will not be disappointed. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Conservative Reviews

Looks like a new trend is happening under the Trump regime.  Reviews are not looking at the story or the acting.  They are looking for "political" messages.  I just read a review of Terminator, where they are upset that women are the heroes of the story.  Gone is the Male testosterone  and they are offended.  They are changing up perceptions of the story line.  It's not the same old story.  Another thing is that these idiots have not really watched Cameron's movies.  His movies tend to have women that do not stand idly by, while a man saves the day.  Beware of these reviews.  You might be missing out on good movies to be stuck with crappy conservative films.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Normalizing Criminal Activity

The Republicans are trying to normalize Trump's criminal activity.  They blow it off, they say it's about one thing, when it is clear what he is going after.  Remember, he's been there for about 3 full years.  Why open an investigation into Ukraine and the 2016 election?  It has more to do with smearing his rival and his family.  This is the same tactic he pulled with Clinton and her emails.  Now he and his family use their own email accounts for US business.  We have no records about it.  What a crock!  Too bad none of the republicans have a backbone to call it out. 

Going Wide!

Parasite is getting added to more screens.  Go see this movie.  In our area, only 1 theater had it.  That theater is known for art house movies.  Now an AMC theater in our area has picked it up.  Hopefully, that is happening around the country.  Now if they would only book The Irishman.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Another Hot Halloween!

I have to bring children Trick or Treating.  Yeah!  It is supposed to be in the 90's today.  That means as night falls, the mosquitoes will also be trick or treating.  We'll be left with the tricks while they treat themselves to blood.  Might be a quick night of canvassing the neighborhood. 

Buying Votes!

It looks like Trump is paying politicians to support him through impeachment!  So much for impartial jurors in the Senate and House.  I guess they don't see how bad this looks.  I know if I were in their position, I would decline until the hearings are done.  I would know that if I took money from him and his PAC and voted on not impeaching, it would look like he paid for my support.  Guess it does not concern Trump.  He's used to paying people for support. 

Go See Parasite!!!

This movie is amazing.  It has comedy, thrills, etc.  Even if you have to read subtitles, it is well worth the price of admission.  Do Not Wait for the American Remake!  It does not need a remake.  I wish Hollywood would stop making remakes of great movies, especially those from other countries.  Case in Point: The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.  As much as I like David Fincher, I wish he had not wasted his time on a remake.  The original stands on it's own and introduced us to some great actors and a great director.  By all means, help make Parasite a huge success!   Also, don't try to find out much about the movie.  It would ruin the experience.  Go no further than the preview!

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Parasite is finally opening in Orlando.  Get this, here is a movie that won Cannes and is getting great reviews.  It is only playing in 1 theater in Orlando.  Theaters would rather show 2 or 3 screens of Maleficent than show a well reviewed movie.  If it comes to your town, go see Parasite. 

Look at the Shiny Light!

Republicans are trying to identify the whistleblower.  But they are suspiciously quiet about the reason for the investigation.  Even if they could prove some kind of bias, what would it matter.  His own officials are spilling the beans that Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate a political rival.  Republicans have to be some of the dumbest people on earth or maybe just the greediest.  Yesterday they had their storm the castle routine.  Only think missing was the pitchforks and torches.  It turns out most had permission to be there.  They were just making a spectacle for the news.   

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Graham and Trump's Money Men

I wonder if the Two Ukrainian stooges that were arrested for funneling money to republicans are tied to Lindsey Graham?  I had heard in the past that the material Trump blackmails him with has to do with foreign money.  Here we have two guys, who are in debt, spreading lots of money to republicans.  Where'd the money come from? Russia?  Probably. 

T3 Reviews

The reviews are coming out for the new Terminator movie.  I don't want to read them, but it seems like they are hard to ignore.  If anything, they will bring down my expectation.  I will probably enjoy it. 

Florida Embarrassment

Matt Gaetz is doing his best Nazi soldiering for Trump.  Trump gives an order and he blindly obeys.  He's threatened witnesses against Trump.  He's always running conspiracy theories on Trump's State Run News (Fox).  Now he's broken out the torches and pitchforks and gathered the elderly White Republicans to storm a closed door Impeachment inquiry.  This guy is truly a joke. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hollywood Irony!

I was passing a magazine in a store and it had a story about an actor's son and his drug problems.  What is it with Hollywood?  It seems everytime one of them or their family has an issue, they have to share.  It usually revolves around them and some sort of comeback or project.  My personal fave is the actors/actresses that gain lots of weight and then run to Weight Watchers or some other program to cash in on their weight loss.  Then, they gain the weight back and do it again.  Any magazines out their? I have a story about a normal person who was a drug addict and what it did to his life.  Any weight companies wanting to pay me to lose weight using their program, let me know. 

The Final Trailer

Kind of a let down.  I guess we should all be happy that there is still limited information. When we see Star Wars, there will be new things to see.  Tickets are selling at a mad pace.  I'll wait for the smoke to clear, maybe. 

Make Russia Great Again

Looks like Trump is achieving one of Putin's goals for him.  He is singlehandedly  making Russia pertinent again.  By abandoning our allies, he has set Putin up as leader of Syria.  At the same time, he has also set his sights on a NATO member that he allowed to attack our allies against ISIS.  You know his base won't care.  The racists are happy because he is kicking out minorities.  Religious groups are happy because he is putting them in charge of our social lives.  The rich are happy because he is taking our funding for all kinds of programs, especially healthcare and schools.  Companies are happy because they can pollute without barriers or having to clean up their messes. 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Star Wars Final Trailer

I was hoping to see the trailer today.  They are making people tune into football to see it.  It does not really seem like the crowd that goes to Star Wars movies.  Maybe they are going for the parents of children that are dragged by them to see it?  I'll wait for tomorrow.  Lost interest in football years ago. 

We Did it, Get over it! Oh wait a minute! We did not do it!

The idiot chief of staff said crimes are committed all the time in the White House.  Then, he realized that his fellow republicans don't admit to actually trading favors.  He had to come back and say My Bad.  I did not really mean what I said.  It's pretty obvious what they did.  They fired a diplomat, with held aid money appropriated by Congress, then had a wink wink phone exchange without spelling out that they would not get the money unless they helped Trump dig up dirt.  I'm sure Giuliani's people were doing more talking behind the scenes.  But who knows!  He can't seem to keep his big mouth shut.  He's just like the chief of staff.  Maybe, it's a Trump strategy.  Don't admit to something, blame your rivals, ignore it, accept that you did it, and then say the media is out to get you. 

Create Footage for a Preview

We saw Zombieland 2.  We liked it.  My only letdown was that they show most of the movie in the trailers.  I wish Hollywood would film footage not in a comedy movie.  Have it give a feel for what people are about to see.  Create something that will bring people in, not just outtakes.  Surely, it can not be that hard to write an extra scene that gives the essence of the film, and don't call me Shirley.  😁

Friday, October 18, 2019

Zombieland 2

Can't wait for tomorrow.  Got my tickets for Zombieland 2.  I was going to take my girls to a park, but Hurricane season refuses to end.  We have a tropical storm approaching Florida.  That means wind and rain.  It also could spur off tornadoes. Perfect weather for a movie, as long as the power does not cut off or glitch. 

Intense Competition

It looks like people should be worrying more about movie theaters than Netflix going under.  The other day, it was announced that a comedy by Melissa McCarthy and her husband has been pulled from release in theaters so it can go on HBO Max.  Enough movies do that, what are theaters going to do?  The new players are not going to force Netflix to change.  Netflix is already pushing into uncharted territory, while Disney, Apple, etc. will just be starting.  I hope theaters have a plan, but they look like AT&T before they decided to enter the Wireless market.  They bet that phones with wires had plenty of time.  They were wrong. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Falling Apart?

Looks like Trump's people are turning on him.  Guess it's because they know if it were him, Trump would throw them under the bus and back up over them.  Of course, it looks like Senators and Congress members have not learned that lesson.  Maybe one day. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Kpop Love it or Leave it!

I was reading more about Sulli and her death.  It's sad.  What I find really troubling is what it takes to become a Kpop star.  They have grueling schedules.  Training is non stop.  They have weight check ins.  If you're not the right weight, they shame you.  If you are lucky enough to make it, you have pressures from the entertainment industries and then the fans.  They really go after people on social networks.  I just think it would be a miserable life.  Some say it's the trade in for becoming famous.  They can keep it.  These men and women lose their teen years.  For what?  Fame?  How much money goes to the person over the agency?  I think I have a better understanding why groups tend to be short lived.  People like Psy are rare. 

Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit is hitting some screens Friday.  If you are lucky enough to have a screening, go see it.  The director is amazing at what he does.  His comedies are funny, without feeling like you've seen them before.  Orlando does not get it until early November.  Sad, seeing some of the movies coming out, the mass marketed movies. 

Streaming Wars

Business sites keep predicting the death of Netflix.  I have a hard time believing that the new ones entering the market will do a lot of damage.  Sure, they might inflict a wound, but Netflix is ahead of them.  They have data that can be used to create shows people want to see.  Can Disney, Apple, etc. create enough new shows to force people to change their habits?  I doubt it.  Netflix appeals to certain groups.  Disney will go after Marvel, Disney, and Lucasfilm fans.  Will that translate into everyone subscribing?  I seriously doubt it. 


The family, who's son was hit by the diplomat's wife in England, visited Trump recently.  Like the crappy reality show he lives, Trump announced that he had the person next door.  Why would they want to talk to her?  They came hoping to have her extradited back to face the courts.  According to her lawyer, she will never go back to there.  Maybe they will get lucky and she'll travel to somewhere England can get to her.  I guess she thought she'd apologize and say my bad, no hard feelings.  Remember, Trump only has the best people under him. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Parasite is Coming!

If you have a chance, check out the preview for Parasite.

When it comes out, go see it!  We need to show Hollywood that people will go see good movies that revolve around comic books.  I for one will see it when it comes out.  It will be the second time that I will see a Korean film in the theater, subtitles and all.  Bong Joon Ho is an amazing director.  His past movies are worth watching.  Snowpiercer and Okja are probably the easiest to find.  His Korean films are really good.  Mother, The Host, Memories of Murder, and Barking Dogs Never Bite are a few, that I have actually seen. 


I read that a Korean idol was found dead recently.  I actually happened to follow her on Instagram.  From what I read in the news post is that she had been cyberbullied in the past.  I wish these social platforms would censure content like that.  People should not have the right to say mean things to people on line.  If you don't have something nice to say than STFU!  What happened to that golden rule?  I know in our day in age, people like Trump make hate great again.  If you see mean comments on line, report them.  Maybe if enough people do that, the will take control.  If you follow someone and you see it, stand up for them.  It's like the bully at the playground.  Show that person you follow that people can not do this.  I know it will not stop it, but it's a really sad sight to see.  I for one am glad I quit Twitter.  I try to be careful about what I post on Facebook and Instagram. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Typical Trump

Trump is building up a backlog of debt.  For every city he holds one of his Nazi Hate Rallies, he is leaving them holding security bills.  I think they should not provide it.  He needs protection, get him to pay for a private company.  I'd cite the backlog of debt.  By the end, he'll declare bankruptcy on his campaign and use that benefit for his own finances.  Once a con artist, always a con artist!

The Kurds Failed to Help us During the Civil War!

Idiot Trump has a new outrageous claim that his stupid followers will mimic.  He claims the Kurds did not help us during WWII and that is why he is abandoning them.  Did Putin tell him this or was it has great and unmatched wisdom?  Surprised he did not say the Civil War, Viet Nam or the American Revolution.  This guy is something else. 

Criminal Idiots

Seems that two criminal idiots linked to Trump and his lawyer have been arrested as they tried to flee the US with one way tickets.  Ooops!  Sounds like the Watergate Burglars.  Trump is already claiming not to know him, even though they funneled lots of money to his reelection campaign. Next thing you know, he'll claim they might be coffee boys.  Hope they flip before Barr gets to them! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hurricane Season Nears the End

The ending of hurricane season is approaching.  We are getting rain.  Usually in October, things starts to dry out.  The last weeks of September were dry.  My grass was feeling pain.  I'm sure our HOA was ready to fine us for mother nature.  If these idiots lived up north, they'd fine people for trees going from green to dead.  They'd probably also keep a count of leaves in the yard.  Do you think they make people shovel the snow off of their grass year round?  I would guess yes.  People that run HOA's are just that anal. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Joker Revisited

Saw the Joker this Weekend.  It's a good movie.  Definitely not for kids.  It's a character study.  A man with a disability who is deprived of assistance, while having his whole life turned inside out.  I don't see where it could cause violence.  Did Taxi Driver in the day?  John Wick has 10 times as many killings.  Why are we not worried that it could not inspire violence?  It's not your typical comic book movie.  I like it for that reason.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Trump News Network

Trump says he wants to create his own network.  I guess he's following in the footsteps of North Korea and Russia.  They both have networks that put out propaganda news.  I thought Fox was his Propaganda Arm?  Guess their coverage has deviated from total devotion. 

Write Your Republican Politicians

Everyone should write their politicians and ask why they are supporting crimes committed by the president.  You know if the shoe were on the other foot, they would be raising hell.  Just imagine if Obama had pressured another country to look into his rivals?  Republican leadership would freeze all government activities to Impeach and arrest him.  Now that a rich, White, "Republican" is doing it, nothing.  They look the other way.  They come up with talking points that mimic the idiot that runs our country.  I wrote my idiot senator and pointed out he supports a government similar to Castro's and Rubio runs on the fact that he is anti Castro. 

Advice Not Asked For

So, it seems Sen Rick Scott is giving advice to Hong Kong Leaders.  He tells her to respect the will of the people.  Rick Scott!  He's Trumps biggest lapdog.  He only fights for Trump things.  That is when he is not lining his own pockets.  Why else would a Thieving Millionaire pay to be Governor of Florida and then spend his ill gotten millions to be Senator?  This is the same guy who stole money from Medicare and then bailed from his hospital with a golden parachute.  Sad thing is, the people he is supposed to protect are the ones he steals from.  To top that off, they support him!  Talk about your irony. 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Twitter and Trump

Read a story that a lot of Trump's followers are Twitter bots (not really people).  Twitter is refusing to do anything about it.  To me Twitter is becoming a propaganda tool for Authoritarians and crackpots.  It's all about the money and likes.  Hate rules the day.  Even if it comes from a bot.  I'm glad I quit the platform.  I still feel urges to go back and make comments, but I do not.  I will not go back to that platform.  I feel it accomplishes nothing.  It does feed into hate and derision. 

The Joker

Is this movie a social commentary on the sad state of affairs for lonely white men in our society?  Ones that feel that preferential treatment is given to minorities and women?  The more the director keeps talking about it, the more it seems that way.  Next up, Trump defending it as an inspirational movie.  I will have to judge it myself, if I decide to go. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall the Tease

Shortly after experiencing fall, the hear returned.  That is one of the issues of living in Florida.  The cold never remains.  The humidity has decreased some, but the sun still beats down.  The mosquitoes love it.  Dawn and Dusk literally sucks. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall.  It actually feels like it.  Yes, it's still hot.  The humidity was missing from the air.  Also, we had a breeze.  I went for a walk today.  My legs are feeling it.  I'm glad to start up again.  Summer is bad for weight gain.  We still have Tropical Storms out there.  Can't wait for November.  Hopefully, are season is winding down.  With weather patterns changing, who knows. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fall Sneak Preview

We are getting a cool down in Florida.  As close as you can get.  Yes, we still have tropical storms forming.  At least this weekend, we get to taste some cooler weather.  Going outside during the dawn and dusk is miserable.  Cool or not, the mosquitoes are outrageous.  I tried rolling my windows down last night.  5 mosquitoes flew in and started attacking. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Show Syndication

In this day of Streaming and Streaming outlets, are shows getting the value they deserve?  Case in point:  Friends is being pulled from Netflix for the WB Streamer.  Was that show put up for bid for those rights or is WB just taking it in?  What will that mean to the creators and actors involved?  Will they get more money per stream shown?  I bet this becomes an issues.  I think the companies like Universal and Warners are not paying more than say a Netflix or Amazon might pay for those rights.  Personally, I could care less.  I'd rather see new content.  A streaming war is coming. 

The Border

I just finished watching The Border with Jack Nicholson.  It is a movie that could be remade or even continued.  The movie itself stands the test of time.  Only that cartels control the flow of people and drugs.  The danger level is a whole lot higher.  I think a good movie with a message could be made.  Look at the people that work on the border.  All are not honest brokers.  They work with people that are.  Some treat the people like humans and some treat them like garbage.  I think a powerful story could be told similar to the movie that came out in the 80's.  I will not be writing it.  Hopefully some enterprising writer/producer will see this and be inspired. 

Movie Industry

Universal is coming out with a streaming network.  All the major studios and some Cable networks are coming out with one.  I wonder, how is the Theater industry to survive.  Yes, they have upgraded.  Is this too little, too late?  What are they going to show if the creators are only concerned about their own streaming content?  I don't know if you noticed, but the summer box office was very slim.  I did not even really see many movies.  It seems studios do not like to counter program or even compete against big titles.  Theaters still have not noticed that most movies make their money in the first two weeks.  After that, another big movie comes out.  Word of mouth is a lot quicker than in my younger years.  People are posting their thoughts instantly online.  Maybe theater companies need to work with the streaming networks or like all industries dealing with future technology they will become obsolete.  Sad as it is, my home viewing is comparable.  Why go to a theater? 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Babymetal in Concert

It's been awhile.  I would say I have been busy, but I think it is also laziness.  Of course, when you put something out there and get no responses, it lacks motivation.  When I was getting hundreds of views, I still did not get responses.  Oh well!

Recently, I got the opportunity to see Babymetal in Concert.  It was amazing.  They have really grown as a musical group.  The show is like a very choreographed endeavor.  They pull it off.  I would pay to see them again.  My only complaint was that is was short.  Maybe, they are leaving us wanting more.  Next up, Arena tours.  They will be appearing at the Forum in LA. 

They also introduced me to Avatar.  They are a music group, not the movie.  They have a sound that is as interesting as Babymetal's.  My 6 year old even sings their song Hail the Apocalypse.  She is also requesting Babymetal.  If they are coming to your town, check them out.  You will not be disappointed.  You can even watch live clips on Youtube. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Blue Thunder

I've written about seeing movies in my youth.  Blue Thunder was one of those that stuck with me.  I miss this kind of movie.  Hollywood has been too busy with mega movies.  They could easily do a sequel to this movie.  It could point a spot light on immigration and our police state.  The story could revolve around a power hungry president who wants to militarize our police forces.  He decides to restart the Blue Thunder program with updated helicopters.  They could set it in San Diego.  Instead of one helicopter, have two.  At first the main character goes along with it, until they use force against helpless people, of which the President blows off and encourages. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Upcoming Movies

This weekend, the San Diego Comic Con is going on.  They are already releasing great upcoming projects.  They released a trailer for the Top Gun sequel.  It looks good.  They released a trailer for the Creepshow series appearing on Shudder.  They announced more information about Terminator: Dark Fate.  Edward Furlong is also coming back as John Connor.  Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot dropped a trailer.  They find out Hollywood wants to reboot the movie they tried to stop in the first Jay and Silent Bob movie. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ghostbusters 2

Remember Ghostbusters 2?  It may have been a disappointing sequel, but I think it was predicting the future.  We had an ooze or plasma that caused people to hate.  If you think about it, that ooze is social media.  I used to do Twitter.  I stopped after offending someone with sarcasm.  I was wrong.  I decided I needed a break.  Guess what?  I feel better.  I still use Facebook and Instagram.  I am trying to stick to certain things.  No more offensive comments.  Generally, I try to stick to family and movies.  I wish I have a bigger platform to write from.  My 6 or so people might share this.  I'd even go into the President's racism, but why bother?  I care, but I can not make a difference.  Just remember, the people he is trying to keep out are either running from danger or hunger or they just want a better life in a country that touts itself as the richest nation in the world. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Busch Gardens Tampa

I brought my daughters to a coaster theme park.  Tampa during the summer is like being on the surface of the sun.  It's hot.  It was not bad in the park.  We had a breeze and there were some shady spots.  Unlike Disney, we did not have to wait over an hour for each ride.  One thing I don't like are fast passes.  When they started they were free.  Now, every park charges for them.  Disney even gives it's rich customers the option of buying extreme passes.  I found that to be sad.  At one time, Disney allowed handicapped patrons and families to go straight to the top of the line.  They rich screwed the handicapped.  How?  They would hire a handicapped person to be a part of their family.  It got out because the rich have to gloat about how they get away with everything.  So, who did Disney punish?  The handicapped.  I guess they hated the idea of a handicapped person making money from their disability.  They sure made it up to the rich.  They just need to spend more money to get perks they think they deserve.  People like my daughters suffer.  They were limited to one fast pass every hour or two.  They have fast passes at Busch Gardens, but it was not an overwhelming amount of people.  I'm not wasting money on them.  To me, fast passes are like baggage fees airlines charge you.  The park was fun.  I did not ride as many as I would have when I was younger.  Motion sickness comes on quickly depending on the ride. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Movie Weekend

I got to catch up on some movies and streaming this weekend.  Finally saw The Quiet Place.  Great movie.  I really loved what the director came up with.  Can't wait to see what he does next.  I saw Bohemian Rhapsody.  Another well acted film, with great music.  Unlike Rocketman, the actor lip synced.  Next was Hotel Artemis.  Great cast and a fun film.  Finally, I saw Cold Pursuit.  If you think it is like Neesom's other movies, they add some twists to the formula. I also watched Black Mirror Season 5 and started Good Omens.  Both were great. 

Bear of a Day

Friday I had a new experience.  I was driving to work.  I was near a state park.  They have deer crossing signs, but no bear.  I wonder why.  Yogi got out and was trying to make his way back to the park before the ranger noticed him missing.  He would have made it if my car did not try to put a stop to that.  Luckily, he did not die, as far as I know.  I was driving and out of the corner of my right I, I see something moving really fast.  I slammed on the breaks.  Next thing I know, the bear is flying into the air and lands on his side.  He flips up and runs off.  No blood, only a dent in my bumper and whatever other issues the mechanics find.  I call it a him because only a male would be dumb enough to try and beat a car.  My girls thought that was funny.  I also said that it did not have an Iphone in its paw, so it could not be a girl.  I lost any points with them after that comment. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Banned From Movies

My daughter has banned me from seeing any movies this summer.  I can only go if she gets to go.  I don't know if I could make it through the summer without seeing any movies.  My stress time is coming up and they relieve some of that stress.  I might have to compromise with her.  Plus if I went and she does not find out. . .😀

Cultural Revolution

I'm reading a book called My Name is Number 4 by Ting-Xing Ye.  It's very interesting.  It's a part of history that my public schools did not delve into.  You do see some parallels to what our current situation in America.  Only our government is made up of the rich.  They are using the poor to take down any and all critics of themselves.  He did state he loved the uneducated.  It's a scary thought.  They also mix in Religion and white supremacy. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

X-Men: Dark Pheonix

Is it really as bad as they say?  No.  I watched it yesterday.  I found it to be very entertaining.  Sure there is some repetition, but what do you expect.  I don't really know the comics, so I can not comment on storylines.  You can only do so much.  This was a vast improvement over X-Men: The Last Stand.  Most movies would be a better than that entry.  Give it a chance.  Maybe keep your expectations low. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

International Adoptions

Well it seems our racist president is trying hard to keep out all people.  Evidently they are trying to curb adoptions from other countries.  They are taking away tools that we used to find our daughter's.  If it had not been for these tools, we would not have adopted them.  It sickens me to think what would have happened if that had not happened.  Our country has opportunities that others may not offer.  Somehow I think we were guided to do this.  I love my daughters.  I feel sorry for those that might miss out on a forever family because of what?   Are people scared my blind daughter is going to take away their jobs?  Their "benefits"?  Or maybe we have a group of rich elites that run this country that want to keep every dollar they get.  I don't mean earn.  Some don't even have to work for it.  It is just given to them.  A lot of them make their money of the backs of hard working people.  Those same rich elites want the working class and poor to pay for services that serve all. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Diehard Fans?

I really get tired of supposed Die hard fans of a series.  With social media, it makes things worse. The Terminator trailer came out yesterday.  People are already complaining about it.  We won't see the movie until November.  You'd think people would be happy that Cameron is involved.  That is what has been missing over the last 3 sequels.  Cameron had no involvement.  I don't even think the directors/writers even tried to consult him.  I'm looking forward to it.  I will reserve judgment.  Maybe this is one reason I quit Twitter.  It fuels negativity.   

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Terminator is Back!

They released the trailer for Terminator Dark Fate.  It is the direct sequel to Judgment Day, #2.  It looks really good.  Cameron is involved with this.  Hamilton and Arnold are back.  The direction of the story has changed.  It's going to be interesting to see how they pull this off.  I hope it is successful.  The end of the year is going to be good for Film buffs/geeks.  November is Terminator and December is Star Wars. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Avengers: Endgame!

It's out!  By the looks of it, you will not have a hard time finding tickets.  That is if you have a little flexibility.  It sounds like they saved the best for last.  Last, for some actors/actresses.  My kids have already been bothering me about it. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Instant Family

If you ever wanted to know what Fostering is like in a sanitized way, check out Instant Family.  It comes close to what it can be like.  They do not go into heavy detail on the abuses kids can suffer from their original parents.  Also, I don't know how other states do it, but in Florida, we did not have an event to go pick out children.  You get a phone call when the child is taken into state custody.  They also keep information to a limited basis.  If you don't ask, they won't tell.  Their goal is to place the child(ren).  Parents can play games when it comes to reunification.  Some could care less about how that affects their child.  I did think it does shine a more realistic view of the system. 

Friday, April 5, 2019


I hear Shazam is really good.  To me, it looks like Big meets Superman.  I hear it does not take itself too serious.  It even pokes fun at DC.  Hopefully, one day, I will see it. 

Twitter Feed

Today, I went through my Twitter Feed and deleted all my posts.  I don't see the point in keeping them there.  Look what has happened to past people that have.  All it takes is one post to offend someone.  I can get really sarcastic.  I'm better off not having a history.  There are apps that will delete your history. is the app I am using.  Seems to have worked. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Alita Battle Angel

It looks like there may be a sequel.  I hope so.  It made enough money to qualify.  It will all be up to Disney and Cameron.  Hopefully, they will do it.  I liked the movie. 

Sarcasm Not Accepted

I ran into trouble on Twitter.  I used sarcasm to someone I did not really know.  It failed miserably.  If you are ever in that situation, don't do it.  Most of the time, my sarcasm is for politicians and there stupidity.  This person let me know real quick that it is not acceptable to do.  Before I even made a friend, I lost them as someone I will follow.  In the future, I will get to know someone before I try to kid around. 

Captain Marvel

Took the girls to see this movie.  It was great.  Some have complained about its feminist nature.  That's ridiculous.  It was a fun movie.  Yes, it is inspiring to girls.  What is wrong with that?  It's not like they have a lot of super heroes to look up to.  Now they just need to work on POC super heroes.   

Friday, March 1, 2019

I Heard you Painted Houses

I started reading this book.  It will be a motion picture in the fall brought to us by Netflix.  It is about the man who says he knew what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.  So far, it has been a very interesting book.  I think the movie will be amazing.  They are calling it The Irishman.  It has some major star power. 

Crazy Week!

It's been one crazy week.  Did you watch the Cohen hearing?  Now all they have to do is verify his information.  Get ready for more hearings.  Sounds like the Trump spawn may be making an appearance.  Now we have the security clearance being given to a person who should not have one because daddy says he should.  When will this nightmare end?  Republicans keep doing the See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil!  I hope they go down with this ship. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Bone Spurs Makes it to Vietnam!

Cadet Bonespurs could not go during his younger years, but Trump has finally made it to Vietnam.  Probably there to secure buildings in his name and patents for his daughter.  Oh yeah, and give away the farm to North Korea and claim it a great deal! 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Doth Protest Too Much?

Trump attacked Spike Lee saying he made a racist comment.  Spike never mentioned Trump or his followers.  He just said that 2020 is coming and to pick love over hate and Do the Right Thing!  Doesn't sound anywhere near the true racism of Donald J Trump!  If you have not seen BlackkKlannsman, you really need to! 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Next Week?

Should be a fun week.  Maybe a bad one for Trump.  It depends.  Barr might hide Mueller's report or might release it.  Guessing on the former.  Why else would he solicit the job.  Cohen will testify to how much of a criminal Trump really is.  Trump may finally make it to Vietnam, if his bone spurs do not act up.  My guess is that they will.  He'll want to stay home to find out what is going to happen. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Crazy News Day

Yesterday was a crazy news day!  Is there anything legal the Trump Administration does?  Now it comes out they are try to bypass Congress to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.  Why?  Is this the bonus for ignoring MBS's murder?  I hope they put a stop to this.  It sounds like Jared was once again involved. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Alita:Battle Angel

Yesterday, I took my daughters to Alita.  It was a great movie.  It had lots of action in a fast moving story.  It comes from a collaboration of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez.  Please find the time to go see this one. 

Lego 2

I got to see the second Lego movie.  I loved it.  It was fun for children and adults.  They even have a couple of catch tunes.  Actually one of the songs is called Catchy Song.  The second movie is similar to the first, but from another point of view. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Jail Time for Junior

I can't wait for the day that Mueller indicts Donald Trump Jr.  He is a vile person.  Just look at his Twitter feed.  I think Mueller is holding off because Jr might be part of the endgame.  Trump to overlook his coffee boys, but when it comes to family? 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Choose Your Own Adventure

Netflix and Black Mirror released a choose your own adventure movie.  It was fun to watch.  As fun as Black Mirror can be.  It has a real interesting twist.  Check it out.  Supposedly, you have over 1,000,000 outcomes.  It only has 5 endings. 

Happy New Year 2019!

It has been a busy holiday season.  When you have 6 kids, it tends to be that way.  The kids were actually happy with their gifts.  It was a fun time.  I tell you, they can run you ragged.  The teens?  People warned me, but did I listen.  Enjoy your kids when they are young.  They do grow up and the teen age years can be trying.