Friday, July 19, 2019

Upcoming Movies

This weekend, the San Diego Comic Con is going on.  They are already releasing great upcoming projects.  They released a trailer for the Top Gun sequel.  It looks good.  They released a trailer for the Creepshow series appearing on Shudder.  They announced more information about Terminator: Dark Fate.  Edward Furlong is also coming back as John Connor.  Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot dropped a trailer.  They find out Hollywood wants to reboot the movie they tried to stop in the first Jay and Silent Bob movie. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ghostbusters 2

Remember Ghostbusters 2?  It may have been a disappointing sequel, but I think it was predicting the future.  We had an ooze or plasma that caused people to hate.  If you think about it, that ooze is social media.  I used to do Twitter.  I stopped after offending someone with sarcasm.  I was wrong.  I decided I needed a break.  Guess what?  I feel better.  I still use Facebook and Instagram.  I am trying to stick to certain things.  No more offensive comments.  Generally, I try to stick to family and movies.  I wish I have a bigger platform to write from.  My 6 or so people might share this.  I'd even go into the President's racism, but why bother?  I care, but I can not make a difference.  Just remember, the people he is trying to keep out are either running from danger or hunger or they just want a better life in a country that touts itself as the richest nation in the world.