Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mowing Down the Yard

I rushed home to get the yard cut.  During the summer, we get afternoon storms.  I thought I was going to get rained out.  The yard needed to be cut. Our HOA will send us a letter if we don't.  I hit some rain, but as I got home, it was gone.  We still need the rain.  The grass lucks thirsty.

Sausage Party Mix up

I read a story that brought me back to my days at the movie theater.  A theater showed a red band trailer for Sausage Party before a screening of Finding Dory.  Red Band is a trailer that has things that you would see in an R rated movie.  It could have language, nudity, and/or extreme violence.  When I was running a theater, we had the movie called Small Soldiers.  I had seen the movie before showing it.  It had toys killing people.  It's sort of like Gremlins with toys.  It was also PG-13.  I showed a preview to a new Halloween movie.  On the first day, a mother come out of the theater.  She was upset that we had that preview on the movie.  First of all, it was a green band movie.  Second of all, Small Soldiers was not a movie for small kids.  I think parents thought it was because it had toys in it.  When I put the preview on the movie, it was sort of an alert to the kind of film they were about to watch.  In the end, I took off the preview.  I don't think it was as bad as showing Sausage Party before Finding Dory.

My Two Cents

I got to do a survey last night.  I did not exactly know what it would be until I started it.  It turned out to be about news in Orlando.  They asked about our listening habits for the news.  Then, they played snippets of stations.  We had a cross section of people.  You had left leaning, center leaning and right leaning.  It was an interesting evening,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Kiersten did not go to see the movie last night.  She helped to get Elana to bed.  Elana was laying on Kiersten's stomach.  A short time later, she texted Angie to ask what she could do with Elana?  Angie told her not to move her because it would wake her.  So started sending pictures of herself to Angie.  Eventually, she figured out that she could move her over.

Annoying People

One of the reasons I hate paying for movies is that you always get stuck near some annoying person.  You could be the only person in the theater and that person will gravitate to you.  If that's going to happen, it might as well be free.  I can't say much about it.  At that point, I would say talking during the movie would be the only thing I should not have to hear.  It happens.  Last night, we had the most annoying duo sit near us.  It was like to teenage girls.  They talked like teenagers talk now a days.  In my time, it was called valley girl or valley dude talk.  When they speak they tend to drag sounds that do not need to be dragged.  They talked about Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, American Horror Story, etc.  I was so glad when the move started.

Tarzan Movie

Michelle and I went to see Tarzan, last night.  We enjoyed the movie.  It had fun parts and lots of acting.  Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz are great in anything they do.  Alexander Skarsgard was great as Tarzan.  As I look at the reviews, I guess others may not agree with me.  We had fun watching this film.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Are You one of the Priveleged?

So, I am in the movie line.  This person asked why am standing where I am st.  I'm like 60th in line.  I guess my response would be I don't have friends saving a place in the line.  One reason I hate sneaks.

Easy Riders

The other day, Angie was cleaning out the garage.  Kiersten and Michelle were helping with their sisters.  Kiersten went out and asked if she could drive her sisters on Angie's bike.  It's a three wheel with a basket.  They found a way to place Haley in the basket and drove her around.  After that, she brought Elana out for a drive, also.

Wheeling and Dealing

Elana was up bright and early.  I sat with her while I got my shoes on.  I tried putting a hat on her head.  She through it off.  Neither her, nor Haley will wear a hat.  Come to think of it, most of my girls will not wear a hat.  After that, she got down and started looking for Icees and strollers.  She found the wheelchair.  She was happy.  That is until she found out that there was no one to push her around.  It was time for me to go.

Movie Night: Tarzan

I got tickets for this movie the other day.  It looks like Michelle and I will be enjoying it.  Kiersten said no as soon as I mentioned it.  Michelle hadn't really seen anything, so she gave the preview a chance.  Halfway into it, she said she wanted to see it.  I had my doubts when I heard it was being made.  Between the 80's and 90's there were a couple of Tarzan movies.  I was not a big fan of those, even the Disney version was a let down.  I still can't figure out how Tarzan can go sliding around tree branches and not tear up his feet (Disney version).  I guess they had him do that to appeal to snowboarding kids.  This Tarzan looks good.  They have to great actors and a good director.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

From Stroller to Wheelchair

Elana talks about strollers all the time.  When you put her in one, she has a fit.  When I got home, I found Elana sitting in Kayla's old wheelchair.  She is happy.  I don't know if it will last long.  At least, she is not hitting hear head.

No Rush

I woke at my usual time morning.  I took a shower, go dressed and headed to the kitchen.  As I was headed there, so was Elana.  I ate my bowl of cereal.  I saw that I had about 20 minutes before I had to leave.  I sat down with her before rushing off.  She was making some noises, mainly asking for an Icee.  Angie walked into the room with Haley.  She thought I had already left.  

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Michelle's Food Fantasy

We were driving home yesterday.  Michelle saw a sign for $2.00 pulled pork tacos.  That got her onto ribs.  She said that she lived in a world like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  It would rain ribs.  When she was ready for one, she'd go out with her plate to eat.

So Much fo Refreshing

Michelle and I made it to the pool.  I wanted to cool off from the extreme heat.  I jumped in and it was hot.  It was a little cool on the top level.  We stayed for about an hour.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day with the Girls

Today was a fun day.  I got to spend it with most of my daughters.  One got to see Batman V Superman.  While they watched, I brought the others to the mall.  We window shopped.  Michelle discovered she wants to collect the Funko Pop toys.  We found two of them.  Then we went in search of food.  All and all, it was a good day.  Elana and Haley will be happy to get out of their car seats.

I Hear the Pool Calling My Name

After dropping off Kayla, it will be pool time.  I think Michelle and I might go for a dip.  It will depend on the weather.  If it does not storm.  Storms in the afternoon include lightning.

Hot in Fla

It's a hot day.  My plants are probably cooking on the vine.  I try to keep them watered.  I have not been at home to help them.  I think I am going to change over to tropical trees and cacti.

Shopping with Teens

I am getting of an age where I hate shopping.  I hate it more with my teen daughters. They keep arguing or playing around.  One daughter brings up purchases from the past.  Remember when you bought Michelle something.  You owe me. I'm surprsed she doesn't say, remember that steak dinner when you were in your 20's, well you owe me.  The worst thing is that they have no concept of money.  They want evryryhing, no matter the cost.  Don't even bother to ask them to help.  That is like talking to an empty room.

New Florida Lesson

We've talked about gators and microscopic organisms.  Now, I want to talk beach safety.  The Atlantic side of Florida can be kind of dangerous.  During warm times, you have to watch out for dangers in the water and out of the water.  Sharks tend to like our beaches as much as everyone else does.  I think they like all the different food options.  If you see small fish in the shallow areas, I'd watch for sharks.  Another danger are vehicles.  Some beaches allow driving on the sand.  We stay away from those beaches.  To many people get run over by these vehicles.  Finally, if the clouds are black, that is not the best time for a selfie.  Lightning strikes can happen at any time.  They don't give much warning.

Friday, June 24, 2016

One Thing at a Time

I had the day off, since Haley had her test.  I had a couple of plans.  I thought they'd last the whole weekend.  I an happy ti sat most of it is completed.  I moved a dresser to Angie's craft area, cleaned up my Itunes. Cleared my bookshelf, made a run to Goodwill and rearranged some furniture in the kitchen.  I still have clothes to go through and a shelf to build.  Within the last two days, I sped up my laptop. I don't know if I will need a replacement.  I guess I will have to start my Mandarin lessons via the program we bought.  I need to see if the little ones messed up the headset.

It's A No Go

Haley had her hearing test.  As far as they could tell, sound does not make it from her ear to her brain.  Next up, she will be fitted for a hearing aid.  The final step will be a cochlear implant.  While this is going on, we will probably need to start learning sign language.

Independence Day Returns

Angie and I were working at the theater when the first Independence Day came out.  The film company encouraged us to do a promotion.  We took a kid's pool, painted it and attached it to the ceiling.  We were trying to replicate the scene where a ship hovers over the White House.  I can't. Remember if we made clouds or not.  The movie corporation was not impressed with the display.  The same could be said with the movie.  I found it over rated.  It looked like the movie corporation did not give them enough money to create aliens.  It was a big movie at the time.

Today, it returns to the big screen.  It looks like the got money for aliens.  Is it any good? One point of concern is when the film corporation does not have many previews and has a embargo on reviews. One of the original actors did not come back.  I'm sure it woll do well, but I won't be surprised if it's just okay. For me, the original was more about the special effects than story.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Can you Hear Me?

Angie takes Haley for a hearing test tomorrow.  At this point, I think they will be fitting her for a hearing aid.  I can't wait to see how she adjusts with a hearing aid.  I just hope it all goes well and as planned.

Angie told me that the hearing aid will be another visit.  It will just be a hearing test under meds.

Early to Work

I'm at work.  I left early because I have children in a sleepover and Elana was walking around early.  My hope was that if I left and she was not fully aeake, she might go back to sleep.  We'll see if that happens.

Hello Troll!

I got a Facebook friend request. It came from one of my aunts.  I can't remember if we were friends, so I accepted.  Then, I looked her up.  She had two pages.  One had posts and the other did not. I even noticed that the first post I read was about her account being hacked.  It didn't occurr to me until she messaged me.  It started with a how are you.  I'm fine, busy but fine.  Next thing I know she starts saying she's happy about the Powerball.  Red lights started going off in my head.  I unfriended the imposter.  If I stayed on the conversation, they would have offered me some of the money in exchange for information or something like that.  Beware the Troll!

Quiet Evening

Last night was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The girls were quiet.  I did wake around 11:00.  They were still up.  I told them that it was time go to bed.  If all sleepovers were like this, I'd have no problems.  I think this was the exception.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sleepover Dropoff Zone

It looks like Michelle's friend is sleeping over.  She was going to another friends house.  That friend could not have a sleepover.  Now they look toward our house.  The child's mother had already dropped her off.  We let it happen.

Stars Tend to Shine so Bright

Just found out the news about Michael Jackson.  If it's true, that is ridiculous.  Why did that information not come out when he was being investigated?  I think it shed light on the allegations.  Did the people investigating him become star struck?  That should make you think twice about letting kids hang around actors/musicians that like to have kids around.  I think that information should have been released and shown to a jury.  It goes back to my last gripe.  Why do we idolize these people?  They are like everyone else.  That means they can commit crimes and do other bad things.  

Our Team Won, Woo Hoo!

Why do people get so excited when a sports team wins a big game?  I used to like sports.  I guess I'd feel the same way.  I lost that appeal in the 90's.  Athletes are overpaid.  Owners are so cheap, but reap so much money.  They blackmail cities into buying them bigger and new stadiums.  When they win, do they agree to pay off more money than my tax dollars?  No, they beg for more corporate welfare.  The players only care about themselves.  They drive around in flashy cars and have huge entourages.  When they get older or are not as big as they one were, the entourage disappears.  I heard a story after the NBA championship.  You'd think the people of Cleveland won the lottery.  Will their lives be any better?  Will the team help eradicate poverty in the city?  I doubt it.  They might try to eradicate poverty for their lowest paid employees or players, but it will not be in spite of the owner and star players.  Heaven forbid that you ask a star to take a pay cut of a couple of million to help out the fellow team members.  They have generations of families to earn for.  Forget the here and now, they want to make sure that there is a dynasty with there name on it.  Getting back to my gripe.  What's the big deal when a team wins?  My life goes on.  There are still children living in poverty.  Some who are looking for forever families.  This win does not impact their life.

A Typical Orlando Day

I am driving to work.  I am about to get onto I-4.  Interstate 4 for those not in the know.  An ambulance turns ahead of me with it's light flashing.  Then, I turn onto the entrance ramp and see a dreadful sight.  Traffic is not moving.  We have an accident up ahead.  I see a helicopter doing circles in the sky.  Its either a big accident that makes for great news or there is not much going on.  As I wait in line, a fire truck comes down the side of the road.  It turns out to be minor and the people taking care of it are quick and efficient. I might not be as early as I'd like, but I still have time to write a post or two.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Well Thought Our Strategy

Today, Taco Bell gave out free tacos.  When I got home, I loaded up the girls and we jumped in the car.  Within 5-10 miles of the house, we have three.  We went to each location and got three each.  We would have had four each, but Elana was asleep.  We save about $15.00.  I spent $2.00 on happy hour freezes.

Day of the Taco

After work, I plan to make a trip with 3 of my daughters.  I will take them to get their free Doritos Locos Taco.  I think Elana will be getting a Fiery taco.  She seems to like them.  I know Michelle and Kiersten like them.  Michelle loves Taco Bell period.  A day spent there is like a day in heaven.

Found Another New Show

Summers can be a real drag.  Usually, there is nothing on TV.  That is unless you watch the summer series or reality junk.  I went to On Demand to see if there was anything to watch.  I found something.   The Jim Gaffigan Show.  I thought I'd give it a chance.  I liked it.  Angie says that it was okay.  If you are looking for a fun show check it out.  Season 2 is about to begin.  It airs on TV Land.

A Small Irish Island

The other day, a friend posted a story about a small Irish island trying to woo people trying to escape a Trump Presidency.  It's called Inishturk.  Just looking at it, I think I would be interested in it.  Angie might find it a little too isolated.  I would love to move to the country of my families heritage.  I have Irish on both sides of my family.  I just wish I had the money to live off of.  My daughters would probably suffer from isolation.  If they did not have WiFi, I think they would go into major withdrawal.  If I did a move like that, how would we live.  I would just have to become a full time author.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Free Tacos June 21, 2016

I just read a story that between 2-6 pm, at Taco Bell, you can get a free Doritos Locos Taco.  I know my girls will be attending.  Three of them love Doritos Locos.  We just found out that Elana was a fan.  If you have a Taco Bell near by, stop by and get a taco.

Perfect Timing

I had Elana on my back, while we were at the mall.  I pulled out the camera, well, my phone.  I tried to do a selfie.  I caught Elana at just the right moment.  The picture is not the greatest.  I had some lights bleeding into the picture, but it was Elana waving at the camera that made this a decent picture.  Of course, she can't see the phone in my hand, but you'd think she was waving for the picture.

Morning Shuffle

I came into work with my new father's day toys.  I had to move some stuff around on the shelf.  I added a new Star Wars Pop, a Minion Pop, a Big Hero 6 Pop, and another Peanuts Pop.  I might have to rethink how I want to display them.  It is getting a little crowded.  Michelle informed me that I need to start buying her Harry Potter Pops.  I don't know if I should encourage my hobby on her.

Cleaning up the Massacre

When we got home yesterday, I volunteered to drag all the limbs to the curb.  It took me over an hour.  I probably had 20 trips back and forth dragging limbs.  Every once in awhile, I'd stop to pull weeds on the side of the house.  Once done, I pulled out the lawn mower and mowed the back yard.  There are still areas that need work, but it looks better.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hot Sauce Challenge

At lunch, Kiersten and Michelle challenged each other to eat the hottest sauce.  Whoever drank first would have to pay the other a dollar.  Michelle threw the chip in her mouth.  Kiersten chickened out.  Michelle looked as if smoke were coming out her nostrils and ears.  Then, she ran to the bathroom.  It was locked.  She came back to the table and started spitting up on her plate.  Kayla grabbed a chip, dipped it in the sauce, and ate it.  She just smiled.

Father's Day Meal

I have been spending the day with 5 out of 6 of my daughters.  We hung out at the mall, ao they could go shopping.  Then, it was off to Tijuana Flats.  They were giving fathers a taco and a beer.  So, I went with a soda.  I'm not much of a beer drinker.  It was filling.  Elana likes tortilla chips and black beans.  Kiersten shared some of her burrito.  It had chicken.  Elana ate the rest of that.  Haley tried the Spanish rice.  She did not like it.

A Visit to the Animal Kingdom

When I was younger, I used to live in Oceanside, California.  It was a fun place to live.  I was thrilled to hear they were doing a showed set in Oceanside.  The show is on TNT.  It is a crime drama.  I am hoping to see places I've been.  So far, they have shown the beach and pier.  If you get a chance, check it out.  It is an adult show.

Backyard Massacre 2016

Angie got a hold of hedge trimmers yesterday.  It's a day I have been fearing.  The last time she got a hold of trimmers, there were limbs everywhere.  The same happened yesterday.  Limbs were piled high.  Blood of the plants was oozing everywhere.  The only thing that stopped the blood letting was a nest of wasps.

Breakfast in Bed

Elana woke early.  I walked her into the living room.  She was okay in the beginning.  Then, the screaming began.  I fixed her two eggs.  She ate it all.  She is in search of an Icee.  I am holding her, so she doesn't tear up the house.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tired From My Day of Rest

I ended up in the yard pulling weeds.  I was cutting palm frawns.  I found that the Sago has two babies growing.  I will have to dig them up and replant them.  I also found that the banana plants have suckers growing.  I have to keep watering them.  They like lots of water.  After all that, I went looking for my new shoes.  I found that stores do not have much of a selection.  Maybe, I will loon on Amazon next time.

One of Those Florida Downpours

We are sitting in the car waiting for the rain to slow down.  During the summer, the rain tends to come like this.  It will pour than move on. When it pours, it is torrential.

Creative Project

You've got to love websites like Pinterest.  We had an old bookcase.  It was either going to be given away or thrown away.  Angue and I saw a project on Pinterest.  You can take a book shelf and turn it into a toddler storage area.  That is what I did.  I found and old rod in the garage.  I removed a shelf and added the rod.  Now I can hang some of their clothes.  At the bottom, we can store shoes.  The top shelves are for daipers and wipes.  We gave a couple more of these shelves.  I might have to make one for each child.

A Day of Rest?

It should be a restful day.  I don't think it will be that way.  I will be making a donation delivery.  I'm even thinking about getting rid of some books.  When I was younger, I thought I could collect hardback books.  All I could think about was all the money I was going to make.  Fast forward to the present.  Books are not as popular as they once were.  There are not as many stores around.  Store's like Barnes and Noble even sell autographed books.  I have a couple that are autographed.  I think I tried selling one on Ebay.  I had no success.  Like I have written, collectibles exist to collect dust.

I also need to go in search of dress shoes.  My main issue here is that I do not want to pay a lot of money for them, but I want them to last.  I don't think I will be that lucky.  If I want them to last, I will have to pay more for them.  I am hoping for a find at a local clothes store.  I think my last pair was bought at this store and they lasted.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Bacteria and Swimming

My daughter got really sick from swimming and having a cut on her foot.  It could have killed her.  If you go into a freshwater swimming area, be careful.  Make sure you do not have any cuts.  If you do, you could be inviting a bacteria to enter your body.  It could be deadly.  I saw this story today.

Give it a read, it could save you from a painful illness or death.

Staying Awake

Have you ever had one of those days where you can't stay awake?  I went to bed early.  I know I woke a little early.  I feel really tired.  If I was constantly doing something, I would have no problem staying awake.  I have to rate a large policy.  I have to wait on the the computer to go through it.  We need a speed up button.

Unspoken Truth

Yesterday, I shared what most Floridians already know.  Be careful swimming in natural waterways.  On the way home, I heard a story that said just that.  I guess we are trying to get it out there.  If you come to Florida and swim in natural waterways, beware.  We have reptiles down here.  It does not matter if it is at a theme park or not.  I saw the waterway at Disney.  That is the kind of waterway I would be leery of in Florida.  Even thought it is Disney, they can not stop all wildlife from going in the waterways.  If you go to Disney, stick to the pools.  Just beware the perverts, they are harder to spot than reptiles.  Unfortunately, our parks attract a lot of those.

Glow in the Dark Shoes

I am back to my bright orange shoes.  It's Friday!  We are allowed to dress down.  This weekend, I will be looking for new work shoes.  I will go through what I have and get rid of the shoes that are falling apart.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hear You Coming

The shoes I am wearing are just temporary.  After today, I am ready to put them back up.  They squeak.  I guess it fits the clown/hobo theme I am going for.  I just need the makeup, wig, and read nose.  They are not very comfortable.  Hopefully, I will find something a little more comfortable.  I will have to soak my feet when I get home.

Driving around Work Today

After about 12:00, I will not be driving around downtown.  The President is coming to town.  Where ever he drives, they will be shutting down the roads.  Our roads are bad enough when it is a good day.  I wonder if the news crews will have the copters out?  I'm glad I have my earphones.  Getting back to the roads.  We don't know the route, only the area.  It is about a mile or two from my office.

Waterways in Florida

If you come down to Florida, take care in our waterways.  The only place I'd swim is a pool.  You can see into the water.  On the coast, you have to worry about sharks, jellyfish, and riptides.  In our freshwater areas, you have to worry about alligators, bacteria and amoebas.  I would add man made waterways to that list.  We just had a story about a child getting killed by a gator at a Disney resort.  They had a man made lagoon.  After the child was taken, they did a search and have found 5 gators so far.  I don't even know if they found the one that did it.

Inthe Mood for Italian

I watched Goodfellas the other day.  It put me in the mood for Italian.  It always happens when I see cooking in a film.  Some of the main characters were making meals.  Another movie that puts me in the mood to cook is Eat Drink Man Woman.  The main character cooks throughout the movie.  You might be surprised, but Ratatouille has even inspired me to cook.

Plan B and C

Yesterday, I was sitting in my office.  My boss came in to inquire about a report.  I was looking for it and telling him about my hobo shoes.  As I did, I was pointing out the pair I was wearing.  To my amazement, they were falling apart.  The leather was cracking and pulling away from the shoe.  I'm guessing it's not leather.  The pleather was pulling away from the shoe.

When I discovered that my hobo shoes were not going to work, I took another look at the plan B shoes.  Even more pleather had cracked.  It was time for plan C.  I looked under my bed and found a pair that I had bought at a store.  They are more like black work shoes.  I think they will do for today.  This weekend, I guess I will have to buy more work shoes.

Fix for the Hobo Shoes

I got home last night and remembered we had a shoe adhesive.  I thought it might fix my shoes.  I added plenty and held down the shoe.  It actually looked like it was going to work.  This morning I took a look at the shoes.  One had already pulled away from the sole.  It looked like plan B was up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hobo Shoes

This morning, I was half awake when I was dressing.  I put one shoe on with no problem.  The other shoe felt a little strange.  I looked down and my toe was peeking out of the shoe.  I looked like one of those classic movies that had hobo's in it.  The shoe was coming apart at the sole. I had to find another pair.    I crawled around under the bed to find another pair of shoes.  Although a little dusty, they were in good condition.

Rage Tickets

I just checked their ticket prices.  They have tickets in the lawn for $13.00.  That brings me back to my youth.  We used to go to an amphitheater in town and their prices would range from $10 to $20 in the lawn.  Concerts in Orlando seem to be in the $25 to $100 range.  That is to see lip syncing musicians.  I think they should offer a discount if they are not actually singing.  I can see musicians lip sync on Youtube any day for free.  

Clothes Rotation

If you have multiple kids, then you know how hand me downs work.  Mia is growing out of certain sizes.  Those sizes are being moved down to Elana, who is shedding a certain size to Haley.  It's a pretty efficient system, until you child becomes more aware of what she is wearing.  That hits in the pre teen stages of life.  Michelle and Kiersten are not longer accepting hand me downs.  They'll look, but don't expect them to take anything.  

Big Girl Tub

I moved the baby tub out of the regular tub.  I was hoping it might cut down on the splashing.  It's not fun getting a bath, while giving a bath.  I had Haley go first.  She is our water child.  As soon as she got in, she went to splash.  This time it did not make it far. The baby tub seemed to amplify her splashes.  Not this time.  I think I am going to like this.  She did slide around more than usual.  I think once she gets used to it, she will like it.  Elana was a little more cautious than Haley.  She did not slide around as much, but it was a little more difficult to wash her feet and legs.  She did not cry once she was in the bath.  She did let out a whimper when I added some water, but that was it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hands Clapping

I love horror movies.  It is fun to watch them in the dark.  Sometimes, situations in the movie can occur.  I was watching Ringu.  It is the movie they based The Ring on.  If you don't know the story, it is about people who watch a video.  Seven days later, they die.  After watching the video, the phone rings.  During the movie, a person watches the movie.  Then, my phone rang.  It scared me.  Last night, it was The Conjuring. In the movie, the kids play hide and clap.  The kids hide and the person who is it, can use the clapping to find them.  As the movie goes on, the mother plays the same game with her youngest.  It starts to get tense.  She asks for a clap.  I get a clap right in my ear. I freaked out.  Haley had come next to me and clapped.  Her timing was perfect.  Not if you are prone to heart attacks.

Time to Tighten Up

We are now sitting at thae orthodontist.  Michelle has to get her tracks tightened.  She is worried they are going to give her rubber bands.  I'll be happy if we can get through this without the little onesmrlting down.

Beware the Sticky Fingers

We stopped by a store after breakfast.  It was Michelle, Elana, Haley and I.  This store was a tourist store.  Michelle wanted to walk through it.  She found a hat Mia would love.  It is a poop emoji hat.  I sent it to Angie to find out if we should give it to her.  It was on sale, so Angie said to get it.  It went up to the countrmer and paid.  When we got to the car, Michelle noticed Haley had a Frozen doll.  The only problem is rmthat she did not go in carrying one.  Michelle ran it back inside and apologized.  Now, we will have to watch Haley's hands.

Central Intelligence

Angie and the girls loved the movie.  They said it was funny with lots of action.  I will probably have to wait to see it.  They are already talking about teaming up Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in a Jumanji remake.

The Original Conjuring

The Flaming Kid was okay.  It was an early movie of Matt Dillon's.  Besides that, not really interesting.  I switched over to The Conjuring.  It was a really good movie.  Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga really show a connection as the Warren's.  I hope they get a chance to do a third movie.  If James Wan is not directing, I hope he leaves it in capable hands.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Watching a Movie

I am watching a movie, but not Central Intelligence.  I am watching The Flamingo Kid.  I found it at the Dollar Tree.  I saw it when I was younger.  So far, I am wondering why I liked it.

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

My daughter is doing a lot better.  She did go swimming.  At least, it was in a pool.  She seems to be getting stronger every day.  He teenage attitude has returned.  I don't know if the last part is all that great.  Life with teenagers.

Monday Movie Night

I have tickets for a sneak.  That movie is Central Intelligence.  I hope to see it, but I am giving Angie the option of turning it down.  If she wants to see it, it is all hers.  The girls want to see it also.  It looks like a fun movie.  Stay tuned.  I will say whether it was enjoyed or not.

Showing My Age

My daughter actually watched a movie from the times when I was younger.  That is a surprise.  She finds a lot of my movies boring or out of date for her sensibilities.  The movie in question was The Truman Show.  That is not a movie I could have suggested to her.  She would have rolled her eyes.  I did mention Adventures in Babysitting.  She watched that one.  The only reason she watched it was because Disney is doing a remake for their channel.  I will probably have to watch it a million times this summer.  I did with High School Musical.

We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

I was going try and write our the music from Jaws.  You know, Dunnn Dun.  But I could not figure out how it would look right.  The title is from the movie.  If you have not seen this movie, it is a classic.  I really need to show my daughters.  They would probably say it is boring.

Both days we went to the pool, people were freaking out because of some wildlife in the pool.  My daughters were not swimming with a fin on their heads.  Although, Kayla would love to do something like that.  A frog was in the pool.  It was funny to see grown ups freaking out a bout this little frog.  One guy wanted to bash it with a ball.  Another person, would not even come near the pool.

The thing that got me was the family with a toddler not wearing a diaper.  My daughters had swim diapers on.  I guess they thought it would be okay.  What if he had peed in the pool or worse pooped?  That would have been something to stay away from.

One last thing, the frog in question would fit in the palm of my hand.  It was not very big.  I doubt it was going to pull anyone under.

Stranger Things

I saw a great preview the other day.  It reminded me of some of the great movies from the 80's.  It is called Stranger Things.  It even has stars from 80's movies.  Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine are in it.  Check out the preview.  I think I will be streaming this when Netflix releases it.

I Got Burned

Yesterday was a good day.  It was hot out, but we made the best of it.  I helped Angie go through things.  I brought out the clothes to go through.  Then, I went through my own clothes.  I managed to get some more things to give away.  Once done, we ran to the store and got Elana's Icee.  She was thrilled.  At this point, the girls wanted to go to the pool.  We got everyone ready.  I put suntan lotion on the girls and myself.  I thought I was smart.  I kept on the shirt I was wearing.  I felt that if I had on the shirt, it would block the rays of the sun.  It was not a cotton shirt.  It was a runners shirt.  One of  those light breathable shirts.  The pool was fun.  Elana seem to get into swimming more than Haley.  The only issue I had was with the older girls.  They kept throwing water in their faces or tossing them around.  I kept reminding them that they were not toys.  When we got home, I expected them to fall asleep.  It did catch up to Elana.  Haley had other plans.  The pool did not affect her.

This morning, I woke up and felt a little pain.  When I took off my top, I discovered that the shirt idea was not a good one.  Evidently, the sun goes right through a shirt like that.  My back looked like a complexion you see in our tourist corridor.  It was bright red.  Next time I use a shirt, it will be one that is thicker and I will also put on lotion.  

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Deja Pool!

We went back to the pool.  Angie went with us.  Elana and Haley enjoyed it again.  Elana wanted to get in the water more this time.  Haley seemed less active.  Hopefully, they will get some sleep.

Hot Day in Orlando

We are weeding through clothes and things.  I will probably make many runs to donate.  Elana would be happy.  She can get her Icee.  We might got to the pool.  We'll have to see.   I don't want anyone getting burned.

In a War Zone

Looks like Orlando is making a name for it self.  First we have a nationally recognized singer get shot.  Now we have mass shooting at a nightclub.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

First Time in the Pool

Today, we finally got Elana and Haley to the pool.  They loved it.  I knew Haley would love it.  Elana hated baths.  Over time, she has calmed down.  Michelle carried Elana on the pool.  I had Haley.  Haley reacted the way I thought she would.  She splashed.  She even wanted me to let go.  What did she do when she went under?  She wanted to do it again.  Elana was not as adventurous.  She held on, but she was not scared.  We let them stay for about an hour.  As soon as we got home, they fell asleep.  Good day!

Daritos Locos

Elana has a new favorite, besides the Icee she would not let go off.  Angie had me pick up Michelle from a sleepover.  Angie wanted me to get gas for the lawnmower.  At the gas station, Elana got hold of an Icee.  Returning home, Michelle had me go by Taco Bell.  I ordered Kiersten a taco.  It was supposed to be without cheese.  As they said in Lethal Weapon 3, they screw you in the drive through.  I walked in, but same thing. Kiersten would not eat it.  I tried Elana.  She ate it.  She still would not relinquish the Icee cup.

Eggs in One basket

Elana can be a picky eater.  It is hit and miss on what she will eat. Lately, all she asks for is Icee's.  We have found something she likes: sceambled eggs.  She loves them.  She screams if we are not feeding her fast enough.

A Funny Sight

I was driving to work and I saw a display for a lawyer.  It showed a couple exclaiming how they won the law lottery.  The woman on the billboard had a cow lick.  It was like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.  The cow lick turned out to be a bird.

Friday, June 10, 2016

2nd Time the Charm

I went to another location of the burger joint I visited earlier this week.  I actually got more fries.  Even though they were busy, I felt they were more attentive to serving their customers.  They were packed.  Next time, I really need to go before rush hour.

A Movie for the Weekend

If you are looking for a good movie to watch, check out the Conjuring 2.  It will give you some scares and when you get home, you might want to check out the real story behind the one in the movie.  I did.  I found some interesting things.  One of these days, I'd like to go visit Connecticut and visit Warren's Occult Museum.  It is in Monroe, CT.  They have the doll that they based the movie Annabelle on.  You can even go to Youtube and hear the real recordings of the girl involved in the Enfield Poltergeist.  I found over footage from other hauntings.  It looked real, but so much can be done with video nowadays.

A Great Deal

On my way home, I had to stop by the library.  It's funny how the library has become the video store's of the past.  I had to turn my movie back in.  While there, I looked for more movies.  There was nothing.  I looked at the for sale rack.  Between books they are getting rid of and things that people donate, you can find some good deals.  I found four books by Dennis Lehane.  He is the writer of Shutter Island, Mystic River, and Gone Baby Gone.  The four books I found follow the detectives from Gone Baby Gone.  I also found a Blu-ray with a double feature.  What did all of this cost me, under $3.  I would have paid more.  The money goes back into the library, but that was the cost.  If you were wondering, they were all in good condition.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

One Foot Out the Door

I was just getting ready to walkout the door. My fellow coworker asked me about a computer issue. When I inquired about it, they asked if I could join them.  No problem.  It's raining anyway.

Heavy Traffic (People, Not Cars)

The other day, one of my Facebook friends was talking about there daughter.  She happened to come from the same province as my daughter.  I started to look it up on the internet.  I was met with lots of stories about baby trafficking.  One story talked about how the children were 3 months old when transferred to the orphanage.  We adopted one of our children at a young age. She was around 9 months or so.  There is no way of finding out if there is a family out there that might be concerned.  For us, that is.  I looked and it costs money to do these kind of searches.  I put my place in the families shoes and it scares me.  What if that were my daughter?  I wish we had money.  If my daughter would like to know her roots, I'd like to help her.  I would be scared about what would happen if we found that family.  Maybe it is something I can research further.  I am attaching a story I found online.

20 Minutes of Action

I don't know if you heard about the rape case where the man got a lenient sentence and his father went on about not ruining his life over 20 minutes of action.  What if he had killed someone?  Would he have given the same speech?  I think it is ridiculous when these people stand behind their children when they commit heinous crimes.  I have all daughters.  If it would have been one of my girls, I would have wanted him to go to jail and rot.  For some reason, in US society, we don't have much problem with sex crimes.  Especially when it comes to college.  We just blame the victim and honor the perpetrator.  I hope I can educate my daughters before they leave the house.

Legendary Viewing

I watched the movie Legend last night.  I really wanted to see it.  It is about the Krays.  They were twin mobsters in England.  Tom Hardy played both of them.  I thought he did a great job.  If you have not seen the Revenant, you need to.  Tom Hardy is in it opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.  Both did an amazing job.  As for Legend, Tom Hardy did a great job.  The story was slow.  I found myself looking at the internet at times.  It was an interesting story,.

School's Out!

I relish this time of the year.  I-4 becomes less congested.  School buses are off the road.  Life is good.  That is except I have daughters that think they have to stay up late.  This year we will probably see more friends over or they will want to go to their houses.  I am hoping we can talk Michelle into virtual school for the summer.  I don't mean a full load, just a class.  For me, it means renewals.  That means lots of work and maybe some after hour working.

For those who may not have caught it, School's Out is the title of an Alice Cooper Song.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

When's a Large a Small

A burger joint in our area had a deal for fries.  They are selling small, medium, or large for $1.00.  I had a taste for them.  I stopped by.  I ordered a large.  They normally charge $2.59.  We used to buy large and share.  I opened the bag.  What I saw was a taste.  I would not be able to share those fries.  Their commercial got me in the door.  I won't be going back.

Sleeping in Her Own Bed

When I got home, I discovered my daughter had returned.  She was back to her old ways.  She was hanging out in her room, probably Face timing her friends.  I welcomed her back.  She does have to go back to see a doctor, who will monitor her.  They want to make sure the bacteria goes away and does not flare up.  I'm glad she is back home.  This type of infection can be really scary.

Colin's Last Gasp

During the film, I heard the rain hitting the theater roof.  As I left, I had to avoid standing water and a heavy down pour.  This morning was a nice Florida morning.  It will be interesting to see how quickly the next storm forms.  It may be a busy year for tropical storms and hurricanes.

The Conjuring 2

I went straight to the theater after work.  It was located at an AMC theater that is located in a mall.  I had not been to this mall in a long time.  It was looking pretty empty.  I thought I could waste time by looking at the stores.  It didn't take long to go straight to the theater.  This theater actually printed a ticket off.  This does not happen during sneaks.  They would not let me go into the theater.  I sat out in the lobby and read.  Eventually, they let us in.  That was even before a theater rep had appeared.  Security did stop in.  They could not understand why we were in the theater.  I said that they let us in.  It makes more sense, when it is first come first serve, to let the people in.  That would stop cutting in line and all the things that make standing in line miserable.

The movie started promptly at 7:00.  It was really good.  My teeth hurt from clenching them the whole movie.  There were many scares.  It was a fun tale to watch, especially if you like to jump out of your seat.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Movie Drought . . .Ended, For Now

It has been awhile since I have mentioned a movie.  Tonight, I get to see a new one.  Colin help usher in a new movie to go with our tropical rain.  I will be seeing The Conjuring 2.  I am looking forward to this one.  I don't remember if I saw the first one.  I like the movies James Wan directs.  I think this will be a good one.

Still Coming Home?

We are still waiting on news about my daughter.  They say they are going to release her, but it is going at a slow pace.  Angie says that they have removed some of the needles and tubes.  I know she wants to come home.  She was actually hoping to go to school tomorrow.  She probably wants to see everyone on the last day of school.

Calm After the Storm

I got a call that there were accidents this morning.  I was safely sitting at my desk.  Now we are back to blue and white skies  There is a breeze.  If it is anything like a hurricane, then once it passes it will get really hot and humid.  Then, we will be back to our afternoon thunderstorms.

Shoe is on the Other Foot

I was playing a game on the PS3.  I'm not the greatest gamer.  My era of games is Atari and early Nintendo.  As I was playing, Michelle was making comments about how bad I was doing.  I was play the Easy mode.  I would hate to see the hard mode.

My Drive Into Work in a Tropical Storm (Video)

Here is a video of my drive in.  

Prophets of Rage Tour

I love it.  Rage Against the Machine is back as Prophets of Rage.  They are going on tour.  They will be raising awareness during this political season.  I love the name of the tour Make America Rage Again Tour.  They are actually coming close to Orlando.  But, it has been a long time since I have seen a concert.  I don't know if Angie will want to go.  Check it out.  Maybe they are coming to your area.

Coming Home?

Today, we should find out if our daughter will be coming home.  The hospital has been paving the wsy for her return. They have some odds and ends to complete before that happens.  Then, she will be monitored to make sure the illness does not return.

From the Middle

It has been a rainy night.  It should be fun getting out in the road.  I think I will leave a little early.  I will have to check road reports.  People do not fare well in any kind of weather in Orlando.  At least, the plats are getting some rain.  The rain has brought out the frogs.  They have been chirping all night.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Storm Hits

On the way home, Colin hit our area.  The winds blew and the rain poured.  I did get wet going in and out of the car.  Luckily, there were no accidents.


I was going to start this blog with the title of 666.  I realized that it was 16.  Maybe it's close enough for those that believe in the power of 666.  Today is shaping up to be an okay day.  We are getting hit with tropical weather.  In our terms, that means wind and rain in bands.  I think another is about to hit.  One daughter received awards from school, while my other daughter got an award from the hospital.  I don't know what for.  Maybe for being a model patient.  I know the people who visited her seemed to take a liking.  We are hoping that she will get out soon.  They are still trying to find out what kind of bacteria caused the infection.

What a Depressing Day!

We have a tropical depression in the gulf.  They say we are going to get a lot of storms today.  That will bring a lot of accidents.  At work, I have to catch up on my emails.  Lots to do.  Hopefully, my daughter will be released soon.  I know she can't wait to get out of the hospital.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Feel like Cinderella

I've washed the floors, cleaned the dishes, washed the clothes, but I still need to fold and put them up.  Next up, grocery shopping.  It is a typical Florida day.  Hot and wet (humid).

Busy Day Ahead

I have lots to do today.  I want to get some things done before I have to go back to work. We are about to start renewals.  I have two days of emails two catch up on.  Well, it has been a draining week.  I'm just glad my daughter is on the road to recovery.

Tropical Weather

I was writing about the heat.  Now, tropical storms are starting to build in the gulf.  It looks like we are about to get a soaking. At least, it does not have time to become a hurricane.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Baking on the Vine

Growing things in Florida during summer is pretty much impossible.  I came home from the hospital and checked on the things I have been growing.  They are all withering on the vine.  I like to grow things, but it gets too hot in the summer.

One Year Ago . . .

This day last year,we were headed to China to adopt Elana. If you ever visit China, I'd advise to visit during cooler times.  It gets hot in the summer.  Depending where you go, they might not have or might not run the air conditioning.  In Harbin, it started out nice, but it got hotter each day we were there.  They did run the air one day, but it did not continue past that day. If you are there during the summer, seek ou ice cream bars.  We loved them.

Dinner at the Hospital

Dinner was better than I expected. They had lots of choices.  Michelle would have loved the taco salad bar.  I ended up with burger and fries.  It was under $6.00.  It was good.  I have to watch out the next time I go for ketchup.  I ended up with barbecue sauce.

At the Hospital

I spent the night at the hospital.  I was giving Angie a break.  My daughter is already asking that mom return. She needs help from a female.  She also says I snore. This morning, the nurse walked in when I was using the bathroom.  I will do whatever my daughter wants.  I am just trying to help.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Bang Your Head

Elana was kind of touchy today. She kept having bouts of screaming.  At one point, she started banging her head against the counter.  Angie has planned for an MRI to see if something is causing her head to bother her.  If not, I might have to introduce her to heavy metal.

Special Needs Adoption

We have adopted 5 special needs children.  We love every one of them.  If you are going to adopt a special needs child, just be aware that they gave needs that go beyond a healthy child.  Angie stays at home, so she can devote her attention to those needs. We have been reading about a bunch of disruptions.  It seems the people were unaware if what special needs meant.  I guess they thought God told them to adopt, but China lied when they dud not disclose everything.  When we have gone in to each if these adoptions, we always knew that they were special needs and that there might be more than what was disclosed.  If you are single with your oen children, it's probably not a good idea to adopt a special needs child.

Whitest Guys in the Room

Watching the news.  They are talking about Trump and his endorsements.  It's funny.  When they show the republicans getting together, they generally white makes.  Every once in awhile, you will see a token female.  You could probably do a drinking game by watching Fox and taking a drink every time a token female or minority talks to or about the upcoming election.  The only problem would be if you expect to get drunk.  You'd probably only get a mild buzz.

A Scary Couple of Days

It has been a couple of days.  One of my daughters went to the ER and was admitted.  The reason, she was going into septic shock.  How did she get to this point?  She got a sore/cut on her leg and went swimming in one of Florida's fresh water springs.  I am posting this as sort of a word of warning.  If you come to Florida and go swimming in our fresh waterways, be careful.  There are many things in that water to watch out for.  Some you can see and some are microscopic.  When it gets warmer, you have to worry about bacteria and amoebas.  In fresh water, alligators are a big concern.  If you wander into the wrong area, you do so at your own risk.  We gave had people lose an arm to an alligator.  Getting back to my daughter.  She had a rough first night, but she seems to be getting better.  If you have cuts and go swimming, stick to the pools.  At least, there are chemicals to neutralize the bacteria.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day of Therapy

Elana was first.  Then, Haley.  For Haley, they actually worked with her to see what she would do.  They got a bunch of things to work on.  Now it will go to the doctor to sign off on it.  Elana stood off to the side. At times, she tried to gain attention through screaming.

Appointments withethe Littles

Elana had an appointment with a blind services group in Orlando.  When I got there, there was no where to park.  I called and found something close by.  The appointment was just filling out papers.  Haley has an appointment 3 hours later.  I am sitting in the food court of a half abandoned mall.  I don't mean there are no people.  I mean that only half the mall has stores.

Day with the Littles

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I an staying home with Elana and Haley today.  If you pray, please say a prayer for someone close to me.  It is going to be a long day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lost in Hong Kong

I saw a great movie on Netflix, last night.  It is called Lost in Hong Kong.  It is the third movie in a trilogy directed by Xu Zheng.  He also stars in the movie.  It is a movie about a man going through a mid life crisis.  I have only seen Lost in Thailand, the second of the three movies.  That one is about a man on a business trip who gets mixed up in a bunch of funny setups.  The first movie is Lost on Journey.  Netflix did not have that movie available.  Both of the later Lost movies are huge box office hits in China.

Add More Fun?

I read that Rogue One a Star Wars movie is going back for reshoots.  According to rumors, it is going back because execs do not feel it is fun enough.  It is a story about how the rebels got the plans for the death star.  In doing so, they all died or all but one.  It sounds like the Dirty Dozen.  They report it is too much like a war movie.  Where is the fun in a suicide mission?  I hope they are not going to add a Jar Jar Binks like character or some cute and obnoxious kid to the cast.  If they do mess it up, hopefully, they will allow a director's cut.

Late Day

When I went out this morning, Elana was not feeling well.  Her head was bothering her.  She was sitting in Angie's lap, until she sensed my presence.  It was time to shift.  I was happy to hold her, but I knew it was not going to be nice when it was time to move.  I was able to hand her over without too much crying.  It also put me out a little later than I like.  I heard I-4 was having slow downs.  It was off to the back roads.  At least I made it on time.