Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Say Nyet!

Oops, when I wrote the title I was thinking the 80's meets Trump/Russia.  Trump came out with a big Opioid announcement the other day.  He wants to arrest users and dealers and throw them in his for profit jails.  By dealers, does he means the Big Pharma reps who push this crap on doctors to prescribe?  Or is he going after the executives that hook patients so that they need more?  He also thinks it's about educating youths that drugs are bad.  Where have we heard that one?  Oh you, Reagan's Just say No!  From what I have seen, it looks like adults are abusing the opioids.  I doubt he and Sessions will go after Big Pharma.  They supply too much money to the GOP.  They will vilify low level drug dealers and kingpins from Mexico.  Just remember, the real gateway drugs are the prescription pain meds.  One last thing, I know about addiction to prescription meds.  My father was a prescription addict.  He never kicked his addiction.  His addiction was to less powerful drugs than the ones they offer nowadays.  Throwing addicts in jail is not going to stop the problem.
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