Friday, June 9, 2017

Win for Losing

Trump has declared victory.  I did not watch that hearing.  I would not say it was successful.  Not only that, but we do not know what was said behind closed doors.  Paul Ryan is trying the newcomer route.  He did not give Obama any leeway.  They attacked from his first day.  Trump is like a baby man.  We have to wait for him to learn how to crawl and then start walking.  I wonder how long he will be in diapers before the republicans find out he is a con artist.  I think it showed obstruction of justice and he knew it was illegal.  Why else would he hold meetings one on one?  He knew he could spin it my word versus his.  They are even trying to make him look like a disgruntled employee.  I did not see it.  I saw a man who was proud of the work he did for the FBI.  He knew his job could be cut at anytime.  He maneuvered a tough situation the best he could.  I hope in the future, someone else might bring him back.  I doubt that would happen.
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