Monday, June 5, 2017

Low Cost Air Travel

I do not fly much, since China.  No time and definitely not enough money.  This spur of the moment trip caused me to look at low cost air travel.  I found out that Allegiant flies into RDU, Raleigh Durham Airport.  The only catch was that they do not fly back on Sunday.  I looked to Frontier.  They did not fly in on Friday, but come back on Sunday.  We decided to do both.  I looked at the others, but they wanted $300 + per person, due to short notice.  Not the above airlines.  We were able to book for about $60 a person.  We did not have to pay for carryon.  We only used a booksack each.  Anything more and you had to pay.  We also did not pick seats, you have to pay extra.  No, they do  not charge to breath air or use the bathroom.  I know an airlines out of Ireland was considering a bathroom charge.  I found the trip to be great.  We got great service.  We did not buy any snacks.  No more free peanuts or cookies.  On Frontier, certain seats do not recline.  I did not have someone in my lap.  It was only a 1.5 hour trip.  If you're in America and need to fly at a small fee, consider these airlines.  I was not disappointed.  I will consider them in the future.
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