Monday, June 26, 2017

Entertaining my Daughter

I got to bond with Elana the whole day on Sunday.  She is not an easy child to entertain.  I found that she really likes swinging on the swings.  We did that for about an hour.  We had a humid, overcast day yesterday.  I promised we would go to the pool later.  I tried some gardening.  Started out okay, but she did not want to sit still.  She was in a wagon and got out.  Next thing I know, she is walking down the cul de sac with the wagon.  I had to follow her so that someone did not hit her.  I gave up on gardening.  Next, we went shopping.  I had to stop by the library.  DVD's tend to entertain her.  No not watching them.  She likes shaking the box.  At the store, I tried to put her in the cart.  No dice! I had to carry her in one arm and push a cart in the other.  As we were going home, she reiterated about going to the pool  We went over for about an hour.  She was scared at first, but then she was fine.  I had to tell her to stop drinking the pool water.  After the pool, she fell asleep.  That gave me time to cook.  After dinner, she was wound up.  I tried to get her to go back to sleep.  I think that happened around 11:00.  It was a fun day.
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