Friday, June 16, 2017

California Love

I do not know much about Tupac Shukar.  I did get to learn a little about his life last night.  I went to see All Eyez on Me.  I enjoyed it.  My expectations were not very high.  That is not because I had seen the preview or read reviews.  I just did not really follow his music at the time.  I knew of a song or two.  I had heard about the spat that led to his death.  That was it.  I will say the actor portraying Tupac was identical to the real man.  When you see it, you think it is him.  Another performance that really stood out to me was by Danai Gurira.  If you do not recognize the name, you might know her as Michonne on the Walking Dead.  She played Afeni Shakur.  I'd love to see her get a nomination, but who knows.  It's a little early for that.
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