Friday, May 26, 2017

The Great Negotiator?

Trump says he is so great at negotiating.  So far, I'm not impressed. Sure there have been deals, but it looks like for every deal he makes with someone, it is the Trump organization and his family that benefits.  Not only that, when you are negotiating, it is wise to know who and what you are negotiating with.  He calls out Germany yesterday. He claims that they sell too many cars in America.  That is not their fault.  They make a good product.  Most of their cars are more expensive.  When it comes to luxury, BMW and other brands are what people want.  I don't think people equate Cadillac with luxury.  The point I am getting at is that he will not be dealing with Germany alone.  Germany is part of the EU.  You deal with them as a whole.  If he does not know this, than he has not done the studying needed to negotiate.  Not only that, but he keeps pissing off a close Allie.
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