Thursday, May 25, 2017

Life as an Action Movie

I think Trump sees life like an action movie.  There are clear cut good guys and bad guys.  All we have to do to stop them is blow them up.  There is not building up people's lives to change situations.  You're either a bad guy or good guy.  At NATO, he criticized countries for not paying their "fair" share.  What is he hoping they will turn to us for their military needs?  He says NATO will be stronger if they do.  How?  They will shoot and kill people.  Innocents will die and spur on more people to seek revenge.  It's an endless cycle.  It also helps groups that preach hate to gain more members.  Poverty seems to be the biggest problem.  People are willing to give up their lives to get money for their families.  They need to think of different ways to fight terrorism.  It is not like an action movie.  But, look who are president is.  The guy can barely say anthing without using one of 5 or 6 adjectives to describe things.
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