Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria Strike

So Trump went and did it.  He did it without Congress, which goes against the Constitution.  He also warned Russia ahead of time.  They probably warned Assad.  It makes you wonder.  The strikes were more symbolic than anything.  One theory I read on Twitter brings up interesting facts.  Why would Assad launch a chemical attack now?  The rebels are weakened and they have to answer to Putin.  It does not seem they would gain anything.  As I said, the rebels are weakened, so I doubt they would do it.  ISIS is in the same boat.  Although this is something they would do, they have no problem taking credit for their attacks.  It seems the only players to gain from this is Trump and Putin.  Trump's numbers are low.  An attack like this could bolster his numbers.  Putin can rattle his saber and maybe "get America" to a table to negotiate a truce, like dropping the sanctions.  I hope they decide to investigate.
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