Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump's Taxes Leaked! (Probably By Trump)

Trump's taxes came out.  Sort of.  If you ask me, it looks as if Trump cherry picked two pages that made him look good and sent them to a reporter.  Then, right before it hit the air, he had the White House counter it by releasing a version of his taxes.  In addition, he threw in that the news networks were illegally releasing his returns.  See, it serves him in two ways.  It shows he did pay some tax, but could have gotten away with paying as little as 3% on $150,000,000.  This was due to the AMT.  Second, it gave him a way to attack the media to show how "low" they will go to attack him.  People should demand to see more.  This year, he will not escape scrutiny.  Presidents are under a mandatory audit.
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