Thursday, March 16, 2017

Parade of Idiots

I guess when Trump hires people, the best and the brightest do not come to mind.  I think it's because they refuse to be yes men and women.  That really hinders his hiring process.  It shows.  Just look at the people that are on TV.  They look like it is really hard to think for themselves.  So, they let Trump do the thinking.  Today, we get Mulvaney.  There's a real winner.  He thinks it's compassionate to take away food from the poor because it is not showing results.  Actually, it does.  It keeps healthcare costs down and makes sure Americans are not dying in the streets.  This guy speaks for the rich.  They don't want to be taxed to help humanity.  It's all about themselves and their families.  They paid a lot to buy this presidency, so they want to enjoy it.
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