Sunday, March 26, 2017

Huge Protest

Russia had a huge protest today.  It was historical.  Opposition leader Navalny was arrested.  He told to crowds to continue on.  These people are brave.  I think they are tired of all the killing and want to change their leaders.  That would be bad for Trump, but I don't think he will have time to think about that.  He has Flynn to worry about.  His other minions are planning on testifying, but it will not be under oath.  If so, it will be worthless.  Under oath, that is a different story.  Flynn can contradict what they say.  We can't expect anything from the GOP.  They are still standing  by their man.  Once this all collapses, they should go down with the ship.  We should probably organize with Russians and hold a protest that covers multiple continents and countries.
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