Friday, March 31, 2017

Ghost in the Shell

This finally came out.  I have the original Anime it is based on.  I might just sit down and watch it.  I saw a review that said it was visually stunning, but nothing else.  I just read that Warner Brothers is offering Akira to the Director of Get Out.  I would probably pass on it, if I were him.  Stick with the original.  Visually, it would probably be cool to do.  It's not really original.  They will probably whitewash the film.  The creator of the Ghost in the Machine anime said that it is okay to do.  My issue is why not cast Asian actors in a film set in Asia.  Ghost even kept the Japanese names for white actors.  If my daughters were fans, they would be upset.  They would not see people that represent Asia and wonder why.
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