Monday, February 6, 2017

Wake up France!

We got to visit France many years ago.  It was amazing.  We loved the food, the sites and the people.  We were lost and even though there was a language barrier, we were able to get help.  We had always heard how people in France were rude.  That is not true.  I think it has to do with how you talk to someone.  Some from America go places expecting everyone to know English.  We did not expect that.  We only ran into one rude person.  It seemed he was having a bad day at the airport.  He took it out on the customers.  

Please wake up!  Le Pen is just like Trump, if not worse.  She and Trump are joining with Putin.  Do you think that will make the world safer?  Wrong.  I think they want to form a new USSR.  Tell your family and friends to vote no for her and pick a better politician.  You do not want to become like the US.  We are fighting Trump with everything we have, but he has the GOP in his pocket.  They want draconian laws passed that favor the rich.  Until Ryan and McConnell get those, they will continue to coddle Trump and Putin.  
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