Friday, February 3, 2017

GOP Shady Votes

DeVos is up for Education Secretary.  She has no experience, but she has lots of money.  She has even admitted to paying for the position.  On the hearins, the GOP made sure to limit her questioning.  From that, people should have seen how bad a pick she is.  Two of the GOP Senators have said they will not vote for her.  Pressure is mounting.  They passed her through committee along party lines.  This morning, they held an early vote at 6:30 to vote her to the final vote.  Why so early?  I guess they did not want senators hearing about all the calls they are getting.  Even another School Choice Billionaire is speaking out against her.  Will the GOP listen? No.  I don't think they care.  They want her because her family donates so much money for their influence and they want her to dismantle public education as we know it.  The final vote is on Tuesday, unless they change that to some off the wall time that only GOP Senators know about.  I tell you, this is the most crooked political year of my life.
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