Monday, February 6, 2017

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the vote for DeVos.  Hopefully, she will be voted down.  No Republicans have come forward other than Collins and Murkowski.  To me, they are probably the only to with a  backbone in that party.  You either have the colluders like Ryan and McConnell or you have the ones like Rubio who will never cross his party.  I thought the point was to listen to your constituents and put country before party.  These current politicians are Party First all the way.  If you are rich, then you have their ear.  It does not matter where you live.  If you have no money, you can only talk to your state reps.  Does that make sense?  Let's hope for a miracle.  They are having a big rally in Washington DC between 4-7 to protest DeVos.
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