Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another day of Stupidity!

I've read some articles about the stupidity the GOP has been spewing.  McConnell said during a town hall "The Winners make Policy and the loses. . " What a way to win voters.  Spicey said that if you are worried about the ACA, you no longer need to protest.  Everything will be fine.  They want to give us choices, but have not way of helping us pay for care.  The rich will be healthier than ever.  Trump finally, sort of, acknowledged the bomb threats that have been happening to Jewish Centers.  Now he wants applause.  The Anne Frank House said too little too late.  They want more to be said and done.  But remember, he has a Jewish daughter and Son in Law.  I guess if he has an African American issue, he will point to Carson and say "Look I hired one!"
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