Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Your Choice

The Trumpublicans are going to take away all access to healthcare.  They are going to feed a bunch of BS that we all have the choice to pick our own doctors.  What they are not going to tell you is that you better have the money to back up that choice.  If you don't, you will settle for doctors and services that charge a lot less.  The care might not be that good, but they don't care.  I'm surprised that they American People are so blind that they gave these idiots the power they have been craving.  Now they are going to dismantle everything.  Who wins?  The rich.  They are the only beneficiaries of republican plans.  They will use 1984 tactics to make everyone believe things are great.  Their propaganda networks will also tell you what to think and who to hate.  People, we have to start thinking for ourselves.  Stop letting politicians and right wing news organizations tell you how to think.  If it smells like shit, it is.  They will tell you its a rose.  In the end, when you have shit on your face, it is only you that is to blame for falling for their lies.  If you don't want that to happen, do the research.  Usually, it does not take much time.  Just like the hacking.  Who benefits from it?  Russia, the RNC and ultimately the Trump family.  There can be no other explanation.  Just look how happy Putin is.  He is never happy.  That should tell you something.
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