Friday, January 13, 2017

Write Your Politicians!

We need to write and or call your politicians.  You need to let them know that you put them in office and you can take them out.  Right now, I see two groups that they are working for the rich and the party.  They could care less about the people.  They want to take away things that protect us and even help us.  Why?   Because the rich have to pay their share.  Not only that, but our current government is aligning itself with Russia.  I think our countries should remain separate.  They are even trying to turn the tide in Germany and France.  Please, flood the lines.  Get your call/message out there.  If we remain silent, they win.  We may not have the money the rich do, but we have the votes.  Another thing you can do is to boycott.  Go after Trump and his "Empire".  Don't stay at the hotel or resorts.  Don't buy the clothes.  Every dollar you give him makes him that much more powerful.
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