Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why Bother with Ethics?

The House republicans have decided to weaken a congressional watchdog.  Who came up with this great idea?  Some of the same people who were investigated.  If bank robbers had power, they could get together and create a law to oversee all bank robberies.  Only they will be able to deem it worth investigating.  You should send a message to Paul Ryan and congratulate him on a start to the next downfall of our country.  If you do, use #Pathetic.  Just think, this is only the beginning.  Wait until they gut all other rules and role us back to the 50's.  This is what Making America Great Again means.  They are going back to a time where the rich could get rich with no questions or laws governing their actions.  This will probably be the most corrupt time in American History.  Once it is all over, I hope those that pushed us in this direction go to jail.
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