Thursday, January 5, 2017

War on Women!!!!!

You might wan to look for the Speaker Ryan post.  He and his male congressmen want to get rid of planned parenthood.  Besides the abortions, they give low income women a doctor to see for female care.  Federal money that goes to them can not be used for abortion.  But with that jackass smirk he announced they plan to shut it down.  I have daughters.  I take this personal.  We are not rich.  Health services are getting hard to come by.  If you don't feel this is an attack on women, go about your business.  If you do, give him a piece of your mind.  Do you really want a bunch of middle age to old white guys telling you how to take care of your health?  I just don't understand their fascination with getting rid of women's healthcare and benefits.  Maybe they should target EDS.  Most of them probably use that benefit.
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