Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sing or Jail

It seems that republicans are getting mad at Trump's entertainment picks for the inauguration.  Some actually think that they should be required to sing.  Last time I checked, this is America.  I don't think they are turning Trump down because he is republican.  It's more because of the vile comments he made towards women, minorities (take your pick), disabled, etc.  That really does not leave a lot of people who were not offended or singled out.  He could fall back on country music.  Some might not take offense to him.  White supremacist groups have rock and metal bands.  They might want to play.  I don't see forcing anyone to sing for a president.  It is kind of funny.  JLO was paid a lot of money to sing for a dictator or authoritarian president.  Guess Trump couldn't hit her asking price.
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