Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Short Story

You may or may not know how a Tweet works.  It shares information, but is limited to 140 characters.  So everytime President Idiot tweets, they are writing full stories.  A lot of what they write is filler.  He does not say much.  They have to guess what he is trying to convey.  The sad thing is they are not going after real stories, like why does he love Putin so much?  Why Taiwan? If you are a journalist and are reading this, do your job!  I'm betting there is a big story ready to come out.  We are talking Watergate level.  You just have to prove it.  I would, but I am a lonely blogger trying to get a message out.  You have the resources.  Use them or just turn to Teen Vogue.  They seem to be taking up your slack.
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