Saturday, January 14, 2017

Marco Rubio! Where is your Decency!

 Trump went after Lewis.  During the election, he called McCain a loser because he was captured.  At that time, Democrats stoop up for McCain, because he is a war hero and sacrificed for his country.  Here is John Lewis.  He was a part of the Freedom Riders.  He fought for the civil rights of African Americans.  Once those barriers came down, other minorities gained mote freedoms.  Freedoms that Marco Rubio is taking advantage of.  Where is his condemnation of Trump's remarks?  In fact, most of the GOP.  They are too concerned with the feelings of their thin skinned leader.  It is a sad day for our democracy when these politicians pick party over country.  As for Senator Rubio, I think Florida deserves a politician that thinks for himself and is not worried about the rank and file of their party.
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