Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump Conspiracy

Have you ever watched Conspiracy Theory?  Well if you have not, it is about a man that writes a paper that releases conspiracy theories.  One day he gets one right.  Then the government goes after him.  I have a conspiracy theory.

It's about a man named Donald.  He travelled the world with his business.  Russia happened to be a spot on his itinerary.  He liked the women.  He might have brought some to his hotel.  The government of Russia might have set that meeting up.  He did things that a married man could be blackmailed for.  It was saved till later use.  The head of the country liked to collect dirt he can use against powerful and influencial people.  One day, this Don he ran for President of a country.  That ruler in Russia saw an oppurtunity.  He gave him a deal he could not refuse.  That man agreed to do his bidding in a speech.  He called on Russia to hack his opponent.  They did.  Next thing you know, Wikileaks is releasing those emails.  Don, he starts crafting his run around that information.  His people and his daughter kept in touch with the boss in Russia.  At the same time, an ex MI6 agent was hired to dig up dirt on the Teflon Don.  Low and behold, that agent got a lot more than just funny dealings.  This could jepordize world order.  He sends that information to the US intelligence and media.  Media can't verify the information, so they set on it.  Intelligence can not do anything because they have a mole in the government.  If they did, it would tip their hand.  Later, in the election, Comey comes along and announces an opening in the email investigation.  Why?  Is he part of the conspiracy or was he strong armed by Trump and his associates. As time progressed, this Don became President.  He really showed an affection for a Russian leader.  People started to wonder if 1 +1 = 2.  He denied it.  The leader denied it.  Then, a publication comes out.  It is the report from the MI6 agent.  People find the details unbeleivable and lurid, but there is truth there.  People demand an investigation.  At that time, the intelligence services briefed people.  Some had clearence for stuff most can not hear.  It is revealed that they knew about it, but could not jepordize their mole and they reveal a server that they were watching.  No one can say anything.  Next thing you know, a person who talks to Trump's man dies of a heart attack.  Then, that leader starts rounding up people in their cyber division.  They claim to the world that they are being arrested for hacking of our election.  That is done to placate our government.  But they are charging them with treason.  It looks like loose ends are being taken care of.  Now that Don is going to meet that leader.  He will give him what he demands.  He also wants to use him to destroy the world order as we know it.  If you found this interesting, thanks.  There is speculation in there.  I'm not privy to anything but the news.
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