Friday, January 13, 2017

Hello Democrats!

Are you there?  I think the Democrats are still busy sulking and pointing fingers about why Hillary lost.  We have a dictator loyal to Russia about to take control of our country.  We have a congress and sentate that are acting like kids in a candy store.  Why?   Because they are about to make their handlers very happy.  It will also set our country back about 100 years.  Women will have to go to back corners for abortions, sick people will be dying in the streets, and the handicap will have no one to assist them.  Stank up for our country!  I want to see protests.  I want to see politicians besides Sanders and Warren on the news or making news.  Pelosi, if you were too weak to handle the fight, then whey did you take the lead of the Congress minority?  Stop whining about the election, it is over!  Nothing will change that, unless you can prove that Trump was part of the conspiracy.  Even then, the RNC will want to move Pence in.
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