Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hacking Didn't Help

Trump is kind of naive.  He keeps claiming that the hacking did not get him elected.  But it did.  They released emails from his opponent.  Then he crafted a narrative that want around those emails.  He could say they rigged her primary election because the emailed showed that favoritism that they had for Hillary.  He could say they cheated and an email backed it up.  It helped to create the doubt that Hillary and the DNC were not trustworthy.  I bet if you saw the emails from the RNC, they would show even more corruption.  They would show how they like to jerry rig electoral maps in their favor.  We had a district that was a straight line from Jacksonville to Orlando.  Sure it was for a democratic politician, but it also made sure certain votes would not cause problems for republicans.  Florida has been in republican control for many years.  Getting back to emails, I'm sure their emails would show that relationship with the donors.  They would try to encourage people to vote their way, but not releasing that they really only work for the ultra rich.  You don't need emails for that.  Look at their policies.  They all benefit rich people.  Just remember that when you see Paul Ryan and his cronies laughing.  They are laughing at the middle class and poor of our country.
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