Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I would consider it more of a planned dud.  Dear Leader said he was going to release special insight that only he has about the hacking.  The CIA had nothing on this.  Two days later, his buddy Hannity flies to see another confidant to interview him.  That Confidant: Julian Assange.  He has not reason to lie, wink wink.  Maybe Trump will throw in a pardon for his patriotic work for him.  Getting back to the lame interview, we have two flunkies talking about how great Trump is and that the Democrats are trying to delegitimize his win.  Then he drops it.  The source is not Russian.  That should end it all.  We can all accept the authoritarian rule of Trump and his minions.  We all can praise him for making rich people more money without the fear of persecution.  Stay tuned, he will announce the Annual Purge in the coming days!
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