Thursday, January 5, 2017


So after my Tweetfest with a moron, I have some takeaways.  First, it always seems that when you disagree with a Trumpublican, they always say that you need to get a job and stop looking for handouts.  Are they so stupid as to think that people who disagree do not work and are looking for handouts?  I have a job.  I still don't care for Trump.  He's a Racist and a Traitor to our country. What for?  So he can line his own pockets.  Another thing is Defending Muslims makes you Anti-Semitic?  I guess it's like their thought that all Muslims are terrorists.  One guy brought up the Muslims, like they all need to go.  I said are you going to put them in a camp?  I told him he was a good Nazi.  I thought that was a compliment to someone like him.  Then another chimed in that it was disgraceful that I was comparing Muslims to Jews.  140 characters tends to limit what you could say.  I meant internment camps, because that is how we things in the US.  Who knows, Hitler started that way and it escalated to concentration camps.  Listening to Trumpublicans, they would probably have no issues with killing Muslims.  Finally, when you argue with one of these idiots, it will deescalate pretty quickly and they will start calling you names like Libtard and other stupid names that they heard on their propaganda news networks or radio shows.  Just tell them to keep following the Party line and maybe Trump will pick you to be a part of his secret police.  
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