Monday, January 16, 2017

A Day in the Twitter Trenches

You'd think this would be a quiet day.  It being Martin Luther King Day and all.  The GOP thought they'd use his memory to get people to support a racist misogynist.  I would go back and forth on things.  Rubio finally spoke up for John Lewis.  Although he said he did not like him calling Trump Illegitimate.  U see his point.  John Lewis heard about intel we are not privy to.  They are still investigating.  But our FBI leader pulled a Hoover to get Trump elected.  His department in New York may have done their part also.  To me, that man, Trump, is illegitimate.  He and his cronies are going to do serious damage to this country.  In the end, they will be richer and we will be a third world country dominated by Putin.
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